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PS3 pad loses DualShock name and vibration but picks up Wii-esque motion detection and wireless connectivity

Revised PS3 pad rear-view shot
In a shocking turn of events, the PS3 controller has gone from banamerang to wireless DualShock 3, except without the DualShock name and vibration.

If you take a good look at the back of the new control pad (see the close-up above), you'll notice that the DualShock 2 brand name imprinted on the old controller has now been supplanted by a row of LED lights to show which input has been set, either wirelessly or via the wired USB recharge port. Sony's now the only name in-line for PS3 controllers either on the pad or in the press releases (see "the new PS3 controller").

According to the Sony press release linked, dumping rumble support allowed the hardware manufacturer to incorporate a "six-axis sensing system" for "X-Y-Z, pitch, roll, yaw, and lateral motion detection" into its new controllers, as the vibration purportedly interfered with the new motion sensor. Adding Bluetooth wireless connectivity and rechargeable batteries charged by USB made up some, but not all, of the lost electronic innards, as the new control pad now weighs less than its PS2 predecessor.

We can't help but wonder whether even a smidgen of this loss of controller functionality was prompted by the ongoing force-feedback patent lawsuit from Immersion or not. Whatever the case may be (and however the court case turns out), we are fascinated with the old-school update to the standard bundled PS3 controller -- and how well the new interface adopts the best features of the Wii-mote and the 360 pad (including that branded Guide-like button smack in the middle of the thing). The L2 and R2 shoulder buttons resemble analog triggers even more now that they appear to jut out further from the hard controller casing. Could we have the beginnings of 360-style shoulder buttons here? Hopefully we'll have more to report on these possibilities and more before the end of the week.

[Via Joystiq]

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21. SonyGuy:

You don't have to buy the system when it first comes out. Wait until the price goes down. People like me are going to purchase the system no matter the cost and drive down the price for people like you who will really be affected by the cost. Yes, 600 bucks is a lot of money, but people whinning about the price isn't going to bring it down.

For goodness sakes, the thing has a blu-ray player in it. Show me a blu-ray player for 600 bucks, a sony blu-ray player!!! With players in the $1000 range, people will buy this as a player alone. Does the Wii or 360 have HD anything?

I remember when the PS2 came out, everyone was like "300 bucks, that thing will never sell! Parents won't buy their kids a $300 system"....LMFAO

BTW, I know this is PS3Fanboy, but that Wii(even though the name is gay) looks frakin awesome! I bet it has some great launch titles too! Looks like I'll have to spend over a grand for X-mas!!!

Posted at 12:04AM on May 10th 2006 by bignerd 0 stars

22. I was gonna buy a PS3 but after seeing how dismall it is. I will buy a 360 now. At least I know what games are coming out and it has rumble. Not to mention cheaper, way cheaper.

Why Sony, why??!! This is the worst console of the 3 now. What a let down.

Fire your marketing. They lost the battle for you before it began.

MS pulled a netscape manouver on Sony.

Posted at 1:04PM on May 10th 2006 by PS3 is a COMPLETE let down. 0 stars

23. Bignerd:

I dont care about having a Blu-ray player! I just want to play games, it is a GAMING system. The xbox and PS2 played DVDs but most people I know still have a stand alone DVD player because they are much higher quality. When they have to cram all the other technology into the PS3 to play games you cant hardly expect that it will play movies with the same quality as a standalone unit??? Not to mention anyone who buys the cheaper unit will be screwed with any bluray movies that come out with the copy protection enabled. They will be watching at 720p if that!

Posted at 4:54PM on May 10th 2006 by SonyGuy 0 stars

24. you know im not even upset about the loss of the rumble feature for a few reasons...

1) with this lawsuit, i knew something drastic was gonna change on the vibration, so i guess i was kinda prepared for that.

2) i play with a third party Pelican wireless control anyway (Afterglow Wireless, i love that control with its offset R2/L2 buttons and small form factor. i highly recomend to anyone BTW.) that doesnt have vibration so im used to not having vibration that much anymore since ive been using this control for a year or two now.

but i am kinda weirded out by the motion sensing thing. i dont think its that i dont like the idea, i just think im just in shock cause i didnt see it coming at all. i seriously didnt think Sony would do anything like that with the ripoff accusations that would follow. i really think that that kind of play should stay over at Nintendo. im just praying that there will be an option to turn the motion sensing off if i dont like it, it would be perfectly fine with me following that.

Posted at 12:32AM on May 11th 2006 by B1gC72 0 stars

25. what was wrong with the sleek rumble featured boomarang ps3 controller i was looking forward to that and because of this shit which sounds like the same technoligy of a n64 controller. i lost intrest of the ps3

Posted at 5:06AM on May 13th 2006 by Aamir123 0 stars

26. When I play monopoly with my little sister(12 years old) she never know when to quit even when she's obviously lost.

Why is it that all fanboys for any system never acknowledges a loss?

PS3 controller is such a loss. And for all you on engadget's controller duel saying that It's the lawsuit and not the technical reason for Dual Shock's absence, please stop.

If Sony lost the law suit, that means they ARE the losers in that lawsuit, therefore they f***ed up.

it runs crappy, but hey that's a beta - people...
that's right. it's a beta, and Wii is a beta too. but Wii's controller works better. that's a loss. therefore they f***ed up.

Even the developers didn't know about the Motion Sensing technology until a couple of weeks ago. They f***ed up.

besides the analog sticks, the design is essentially the same as playstation 1. This to me means the design team at sony is getting paid too much or not enough. They f***ed up.

While even the original XBOX controller have had pressure sensitive triggers(for gas and break in driving games, i mean this is a nice feature. no argument) and PS2 didn't until the PS3? that was a loss. they had f***ed up.

More people rushing to Wii's E3 booth than PS3? and XBOX360's booth came in second in attendence with PS3 in last place? That is a loss. They f***ed up.

while XBOX has enjoyed a well received LIVE following and PS3 is now starting up in online space? They're late to the party. They f***ed up.

I have a PS2(love it with all its faults) and an XBOX360. Although I do enjoy my XBOX360 more now days, I recognize it's faults. I don't defend hog wash.

XBOX360 freezes sometimes. Yes. You guessed it. They f***ed up.

XBOX360 can't download and play games at the same time. Yes. I know that. They f***ed up.

While Microsoft has put out Sidewinder Motion(with Motion Sensing Technology) in 1999, they didn't include this feature in XBOX360. They f***ing didn't see it coming.

XBOX360 overheats. I know this. They f***ed up.

acknowledge what's true.

The controller to most people who've reviewed them didn't approve. And if majority rules, then that means the controller sucks.

They f***ed up period.

Posted at 4:17AM on May 14th 2006 by K MAN 0 stars

27. I think that they should have made vibration on the joystick.In madden when you get hit, you wont fell any vibration.To me that will fell weird.they have 6 months and some weeks,to make vibration on the joystick.make it happen please for the fans.

Posted at 2:24PM on May 14th 2006 by gta1227 0 stars

28. Sony Guy:

If you don't want anything the PS3 has to offer(i.e. blu-ray, wifi, and card slots, why don't you just get a xbox360...They are basically the same system minus the sony editions. Don't get mad, just buy something else. When you can afford a PS3, then buy one if you want it. I know you cannot afford would because you would not be bashing the system so harshly.

I want a damn mercedes, but I can't afford it, but why would I bash the company for pricing the car so high. So what, the PS3 is freakin expensive... DON'T BUY IT! But I promise you that the system sells in high volume... Sure the wii may outsell it(especially if they are only 200 bucks), but the PS3 will sell!!

I mean I just don't understand the complaining. If the one doesn't work for you, buy the other

Posted at 2:28AM on May 16th 2006 by bignerd 0 stars

29. "boots
Im not going to flame im just going to point out how i was right less than a week ago.

Bluetooth was something we knew already.

"2.PShub "live" button"
3.motion sensing "Wii" functionality
You said "If Sony copies the "LIVE" button and gyroscopic features, that will be hilarious." I thought so too... at the time. now it just seems sad."

Yeah, I thought it would be hilarious. I thought the stakes of it were high, but didn't know how right I was. I don't think it's sad... it's good to have some competition. That forces Microsoft and Nintendo to keep innovating and so on, and viceversa. It's not like Sony is the only "copier" or "liar" here... Microsoft is worse in that aspect.

What I hate is that people fail to realize sony's innovations, either in general (such as HDTV, 3.5 disks, CDs, Blu-ray tech, among other things)or for videogaming, such as the beginning of augmented reality in games, the first DVD playing console, "full backwards compatibility", double shoulder buttons, double analogue sticks, and rechargeability through the console, if I don't forget other things.

Posted at 1:17PM on May 16th 2006 by boots (former bd) 2 stars

30. i just realised something.

i can't put a ps3 in my car. (or at least play all games that will come out for the system flawlessly)

think about this, i have a g-tech preformance meter in my car. it uses basic algebra/physics the known weight of my car and a THREE AXIS ACCELEROMETER to calculate power and quarter mile times. the same forces at work may also interfear with a ps3 controller.

imagine playing madden in the back seat in an auto installed video entertainment system with the car stoppped at a red light. just as you are about to finish the winning touchdown of the game the light turns green, the driver accelerates forward and the controller thinks your lunging forward to do a dive, and you do, 2 yards from the end zone.

just a thought. a little thing to make you go "Huuuuuummmmm"

Posted at 4:18AM on Jun 11th 2006 by alienclay 0 stars

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