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You knew it: Controller redesign next week

Coming straight from the "You knew it was coming" file here at PS3 Fanboy, UK-based site T3 is stating that the final controller for Sony's next-gen system will be revealed at their pre-E3 conference on Monday. The current controller, which has been compared to super heroes and fruit, was received with plenty a 'GASP!' and 'What the?!' when revealed last year. Considering that the PS2 has, arguably, the greatest controller in console gaming, hopefully Sony will adopt a "don't fix what ain't broke" strategy.

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1. "arguably, the greatest controller in console gaming"

I disagree wholeheartedly with that assertion. I find it difficult to use the ps2 controller because it has the joysticks on the same level. I much prefer the Xbox, (and now 360) style of having skewed joysticks, feels much more natural. Plus I think the general consensus in the industry at the moment is that the 360's controller is just about the greatest controller in console gaming...

..arguably indeed...


Posted at 6:37PM on May 5th 2006 by Eric

2. If it doesn't meet my requirements then it's still broke, if not broke, aged.

o Wireless - without lag
o At least two analogue triggers
o Left analogue stick in the correct position
o Connection for a headset
o Light, robust and snug fitting

Posted at 6:46PM on May 5th 2006 by Tehkan

3. "Considering that the PS2 has, arguably, the greatest controller in console gaming, "

Eric beat me to it, and said some of what I was going to say.

The PS2 controller seems great...if you didn't play much Xbox or Gamecube. At first, I had bought a PS2 to GC/XBox controller adapter because I was afraid. The adapter didn't work out that well, so I had to adjust.

However, after playing several games on the Xbox and GC, going back to the PS2 dualshock design sucked. The analog sticks have horrible response, and their location is no longer suited for most of the new games that come out.

I'm crossing my fingers that they at least move the left analog stick. Personally, I never really cared about the "boomerang" aspect. I was more pissed about the same-old analog stick placement.

You have to admit though, that the PS1 and PS2 controllers have the best d-pad. Ever.

Posted at 6:56PM on May 5th 2006 by SuicideNinja

4. Tehkan,

You won't need a connection for a headset in the controller. You know that 7 "controller" support via Bluetooth for the PS3? one of those could be a Bluetooth headset you know.

If you ask me, that's more important than the "other" "blu"e feature of the console...

Posted at 6:58PM on May 5th 2006 by SuicideNinja

5. Well of course they're going to say the PS2's controller was the best in gaming history, the site is called PS3 fanboy, what do you
I disagree completley. The Xbox's (redesigned, S-type
controller) is the best. Analog sticks on the same level = euueuck!
And no triggers? This adds much more to shooter games, the shoulder buttons felt dull.

Posted at 7:37PM on May 5th 2006 by Fear

6. I agree with the statement, the PS2 is the best design so far. The problem with the gamcube controller is that the handles on each side are oddly shaped, and the triggers are huge and have way too much play in them (nor can they be pushed all that quickly). Dont even get me started on the analog sticks on that thing, and buttons being different sizes and shapes. The original xbox controller had unconfortable face buttons, being small and rounded instead of a flat surface made for an unconfortable playing experience. Putting dents in you thumb because you were pressing bean shaped buttons is not fun. Not to mention the size and the less than stellar d-pad.

The PS2 controller is the most confortable in my hand, although it could the analog sticks could stand to be placed wider apart, and have a flatter or concave surface, to allow for greater control. My brother owns a 360 and the controller is good, but has its own issues. The analog sticks dont provide enough resistance to me, which means you have to be even more gentle to do precise stuff. Also is a bit chunky.

Posted at 8:17PM on May 5th 2006 by bobeotm

7. I like the ps3 controller. It looks much more comfortable than the current ps2 one. but if it is redesigned, you can expect a few things form it
1.wireless blue tooth
2.the ablitly to turn on the console from the controller (the 360 and the wii controllers can do this)
3. a button to bring up the PS hub(like the 360) as well as some motion sensing functionality (like the wii)
because we all know and love sony for the ablity to use the compitions good ideas and give them a fancy names.

Posted at 8:51PM on May 5th 2006 by ozymandias

8. Yea the xbox controller (s-Only) was a good controller for fps games and such, but good lord have any of you tried playing a fighting game(note you have to be good in a fighting game not just, "yea i can do a Hadoken in street fighter!") it's like getting a$$ raped by sandpaper coated SHOryuken! the triggers are crap, and then i got my 360 and tried playing some games with it but the D-pad is pure crap on the 360, i love the button setup of the ps controller but i love the analog setup on the xbox, i hope they just combine them both kind of like what MS did with the dreamcast controller, and please don't tell me you didn't notice the xbox controller is a rip of the DC controller. Hey anywho i like me the D-pad and fighting games rag all you want

Posted at 9:40PM on May 5th 2006 by MR.X

9. "because we all know and love sony for the ablity to use the compitions good ideas and give them a fancy names."

Hilarious. But how do you expect ideas to be improved if competitors try to invent the wheel over and over again?

Anyway. If the ps3 controller should contain motionsensors technology everyone would think it was an blatant rip off based on hype. The Wii controler has not been proven to work well yet. Im sure it will but copying such untested tech is usually a bad idea. Thats the advantage the inovators get, a head start.

So I highly doubdt that the ps3 controller will mimic the Wii. It will most probobly be a cosmetical and ergonomical make-over, loosing the banana shape and improving the button placement. Its a good thing they took the hint.

Posted at 10:28PM on May 5th 2006 by Fan

10. im a Playstation fanboy til the end but even i have 2 admit that the 360 controller is great. the ergonomics are almost perfect the way it fits into ur hands (it is a little on the clunky side though). but i still love the good old dualshock as well. im not a big fan of the offset analog sticks it feels very comfortable 2 me when they are even and i dont really like trigger buttons (maybe cause i dont play FPS's that much).

i didnt really have 2 big a problem with the batarang controller design except that it looked like it would b kind of small in my hands and maybe being "as natural as holding a steering wheel" wasnt the best idea either (i prefer the gangsta lean myself, no 10 an 2 for me. lol)

im not really expecting it 2 be changed 2 terribly much now cause if they change it 2 much and people still dont like it then it might b 2 late 2 change it again. maybe just change the shape a little to get away from the boomerang look and add some functionality but thats about it. i think people, 4 the most part, had already accepted the batarang the way it was.

Posted at 11:29PM on May 5th 2006 by B1gC72

11. Before I say anything, let me preface it with "I'm a Sony Hateboy." Now maybe you will understand how serious I am about this.

I think the batarang controller could have worked just fine. I played with the Xbox "Wideye" controller. Slightly bigger like the "Duke", but ergonomic like they are suggesting with the old PS3 design. It was quite comfortable (and it had wireless, no lag, AND Xbox Live headset, something that was hard to come by in those days). I think Sony shouldn't have been so allergic to bad feedback. Once you put that surprisingly well designed controller in your hands, I'm sure many naysayers would have breathed a sigh of relief, as would their carpal tunnels. But it was enough against the status quo, something Sony has to symbolically stand for right now to remain competitive, that the feedback came the way it did.

Posted at 11:40PM on May 5th 2006 by Edge of Blade

12. different strokes for different folks people. like a bunch of 3rd graders in here.

i personally hate the 360 controller. i have large fingers, and trying to kick the triggers was damn near impossible without mashing two at once. the original xbox controller was decent.... no problems with it. it was kind of large, but you got used to it. i still prefer the controller, and more specifically... the logitech wireless, for the ps2.

i havent held the ps3 controller, so i have no clue what the one shown would be like. it looks ok to me though. but, i wont know it til i pick it up for the first time... much like whatever is going to be released monday.

Posted at 11:55PM on May 5th 2006 by microdot

13. well lets see, Nintendo invents analog control and rumble features with the N64 controller, and Sony releases the DualShock. Which (shockingly enough) includes analog control and (gasp) a rumble feature! GBA/GCN connectivity? I just stumbled upon a "new" technology in my BestBuy flyer called "SystemSync" or something like that. If the new controller doesn't include some sort of motion sensing I'll be completely shocked. Ripping of Nintendo has worked in the past, and it's about to work again. From Nintendo it's a gimic, thats why they tried so hard to tell everyone it's a revolution, so that it isn't Sony's revolution for once.

Posted at 1:27AM on May 6th 2006 by Nik

14. I bet you that there new controller will be a total rip-off of the XBOX S-type or the XBOX 360 controller.

Posted at 3:29AM on May 6th 2006 by Hamilton

15. I really have to say... I don't CARE where they get the ideas for the new controller design from. All I care about is the controller's capabilities and how it feels to use it. They could "rip off" anybody and as long as I get a quality controller out of it, I'm happy.

Posted at 4:16AM on May 6th 2006 by Eric

16. Ain't the Wii every Nintendo gamer's wet dream? With the WiiMote, Mario will actually JUMP HIGHER when you thrust your controller in the air!!!

Posted at 4:45AM on May 6th 2006 by T-bone

17. Saying that Sony "ripped off" Nintendo because they included technology similar to others that were already on the market has no merit whatsoever. If so, doesn't that mean that Nintendo was "ripping off" Atari when they invented a 'wired' controller for the NES or maybe Microsoft "ripped off" Sega when they allowed you to connect a microphone to your controller? Improving on an already existing product is just another form of inventing as long as you follow the proper rules and channels, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.
Almost every manufactorer has done so to keep up with the competition.

As far as my opinion on the past controllers go, I guess it depends on your flavor. I do find the Ps2 controller to be very comfortable. Each of the buttons have either a smooth, soft surface, or are ergonomically shaped. I can't remember getting a single blister while playing any game on my Ps2. I can always get to any button easly while playing. Even the Start and Select buttons. I even find it possible to sometimes play while eating/drinking. Only in certain situations like when I am unable to pause. Its also the best controller that I have used for racing games, fighting games, and rpg/adventure games. With FPS's though I would rather use the Xbox controller series, and I do think that is because of the analogue placement. As far as GC goes I love the systems but I think the controller isn't even the best for some first party games and exclusives (Super Smash Bros. comes to mind). Im really looking forward to what Sony has in store. Lets just hope they really do improve on the idea. Nothing too 'invative' or weird like Wii(mote), but one can never turn down a good upgrade.

Posted at 5:09AM on May 6th 2006 by Da'Cheez

18. As a Sony fanboy, it's easy for me to say that the DualShock2 is one of the best controllers in existance.

- The xbox controller was HUGE!
- The Xbox-S controller as better, but still had SIX face buttons
- The gamecube controller... wtf...

But the 360 controller is THE best controller ever. All the attributes of the DualShock2 in terms of comfort, and I have fallen for the triggers. The position of the analog sticks does not bother me that much, but if I had to choose, I'd put the min a DualShock-style position.

Posted at 5:23AM on May 6th 2006 by dinnyHoon

19. Sony, please give us shoulder-mounted analog throttle controls for racing games!

Posted at 8:42AM on May 6th 2006 by Galley

20. I dont really like trigger buttons.

Posted at 8:43AM on May 6th 2006 by timmy

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