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Brothers in Arms 3 magazine scans impress

Some media scans have emerged showing off another display of what the Unreal Engine 3 can do. Brothers in Arms 3 is going to be making its rounds to the major next-gen consoles, including the PS3, probably around February of next year. The photo-realism leaves a lot to be anticipated, so give them a view and see how you like it (sorry if they're a little grainy).

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1. Isn't that scan from May's Xbox magazine? lol

Posted at 12:56AM on Apr 10th 2006 by Adam

2. Wow, looking good!

But, sadly, I doubt we'll be seeing 32 players online on anywere but the PC.

Posted at 2:48AM on Apr 10th 2006 by Eric

3. Yea they'll look the same graphically most likely, the ps3 for sure isn't more powerful than the 360 is. It has advantages on the 360 and the 360 also has advantage on the ps3.

Posted at 3:59AM on Apr 10th 2006 by Resort

4. Either way it should look the same on both we'll get down to the nitty gritty of which is graphically superior when both are out ;)

Posted at 4:05AM on Apr 10th 2006 by LapTop

5. "Yea they'll look the same graphically most likely, the ps3 for sure isn't more powerful than the 360 is. It has advantages on the 360 and the 360 also has advantage on the ps3."

Well its headed for the Revolution also... Does that mean that the Revolution is as powerful as the 360 too? Or is everyone here just speculating out of their ass?

IMO the game needs 32 player online gaming or the PC version will be the best. There is no reason that the console version should not support 32 players. Especially since PS3 online will support external servers. Make it happen.

Posted at 9:46AM on Apr 11th 2006 by Fan


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