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PS3 could debut in Europe for 500 euros, says SCEE exec

La PlayStation Trois! French gamers must be familiar with that combination by now, and if a certain Sony executive gets his way, the PS3 could be appearing in Europe for as low as 500 euros this fall.

Apparently George Fornay (president of Sony Computer Entertainment France and vice president of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe) confirmed to Generation Europe 1, in French, that the PS3 could be priced around the 500 euro mark, most likely between 499 euros and 599 euros. For the unfiltered French audio, try the Play button near the middle of Europe 1's podcast page here.

Such an estimated figure may include Europe's Value Added Tax (VAT), so the final price range in the States might well be lower than the current U.S. currency equivalent of roughly $600-$725 for those many euros. Of course, who's to say whether Mr. Fornay was simply speculating on a local podcast or whether he actually exhibited loose lips before the French press?

[Thanks, Fan; also via Joystiq]

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1. Don't forget that consoles are always more expensive in Euros. If Sony launches in America above 500 (even with an included hard drive), they'll be shooting themselves in the foot. 500 should be the sweet spot, taxes excluded.

Also, the games shouldn't cost more than 59.99, because 59.99 is already too expensive.

Posted at 2:01PM on Apr 5th 2006 by boots

2. Hear that sound? That's the sound of my already dimished interest in the PS3 going right out the window.

Sheesh, the 360 was already too much at $399 for the premium, then Sony does THIS to us? What do they think gamers are made of, money?

Posted at 3:11PM on Apr 5th 2006 by SuiXide

3. Yeah, but if the games are how Sony says they will look, then I think I'm still on board.

Who knows, might wait for a price drop or two.

Then again, Sony could just be trying to make us believe it will cost a million bucks, and then when it launches for a buck, we'll all be, OMG!! What a good deal. Just like the psp. Who's to say?

Posted at 4:12PM on Apr 5th 2006 by Geof

4. priced a blu-ray player recently? they will be released at a price point of $999. thats just a player... nothing more. with the ps3... you get an entire gaming system, PLUS a top quality bluray player, and save several hundred, or possibly even half.

i'd like to see it as cheap as possible.. but have no problems dishing out $500 or $600 for it.

Posted at 7:06PM on Apr 5th 2006 by Microdot

5. I don't really need a blu-ray player right now. I didn't ask for a hd-disc player. I want a new video game system to replace my old PS2, and that's what I'm prepared to pay for.

Asking me to pay a whole lot extra for blu-ray, why would would I do that when I could have an as good current generation system and then buy a noname chinese-made blu-ray player for $100-150 after a year or two??! I don't need hd right now. Sure, soon maybe, the technology seems cool, but I'm not a typical tech first-adapter just because I want to upgrade my ps2. Sony must know they f*cked up this time.

Posted at 8:35PM on Apr 5th 2006 by marcus

6. Well, I do want a console, but I don't want a crippled attempt of a console stuck with 9 GB on a disk forever. Blu-ray might make for some great games.

I know someone will mention that games might not take a whole Blu-ray, but for the sake of the argument bare with me. I think tools for development are becoming so advanced (and outsourced to several companies), that content creation won't become so much of a problem (time-wise/money-wise) in the near future.

Oh, and if you say we can disregard FMV, a great game is a mix of many great things, not "either.. or...".

"The getaway" wouldn't be possible without Blu-ray. Neither Final Fantasy XIII. And that's just a few examples. Oh, and while blu-ray discs will be more expensive than DVD, blu-ray will also reduce costs of worldwide distribution, thanks to the fact that you can store every version of thegame on a single disc (every language), and that every PS3 will be compatible with games from the whole world.

Besides, if it's too expensive, just wait for the next price drop. Don't you spend a lot more money in games than that anyway?

Posted at 11:01PM on Apr 5th 2006 by boots

7. Did anyone read/listen to the actual quote.

"on parlait de lecteur Blu Ray a 1000 euros et plus. Donc elle sera extr?ment bon march?uand au regard de cet aspect. Quand on regarde l'aspect jeu, aujourd'hui c'est vrai que les consoles de jeu avaient plut?n prix bien en dessous de 500 euros. Je dirais, que nous serons dans cette fourchette"

He is saying that a Blu ray player will cost 1000 euros or more and that a game console costs well below 500 euros. He mention that the PS3 will be within that area.

So the PS3 will be priced anywhere between "well below 500" to "1000 or more".

Posted at 1:50AM on Apr 6th 2006 by w00gy

8. This information is wrong ;-)

See my blog , Georges Fornay didn't say the PS3 will cost 500 $ bue she will cost beetween less of 500 $ and 1000 $

Posted at 6:24AM on Apr 6th 2006 by kingplayer

9. It will not be a top of the line Blue ray player simply because Sony cannot affored to alienate their partners buy undercutting them in the price competition. It will be a crippled blue ray player simply because they need to allow the more expensive BR players to fill a "Top Quality Spot."

On the Other hand since it is a Blue Ray player it will cost much more than say a 360 because of this feature. Figure around $650 is my guess.

Posted at 12:04AM on Apr 7th 2006 by Galls

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