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Fanboy poll: Tell us what you're waiting for!

We've been officially christened for all you gamers out there and now we want to know what you think! Check out the poll below and tell us what turns you on for the PlayStation 3. Maybe you're holding out for something a little more than just the badass games coming our way (or maybe not). So let us know! Feel free to leave a comment or fill us in if we left something out.

[Thanks to all you fans who joined in on this]

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1. Maybe hardware and graphic, but what can I see on TV? :) But that's easily to do better graphic, so I hope Sony will satisfy our needs

Posted at 2:36PM on Mar 29th 2006 by Johnny

2. Yeah, I'm personally throwing my vote at the free online gaming. In a close second it would just be the games.

Posted at 2:45PM on Mar 29th 2006 by adamsb

3. Hey, it's all about the games, my friend... it's all about the games. =)

Posted at 2:49PM on Mar 29th 2006 by Dan Choi

4. Other because I wish there was a catagory called "All of the above!"

Posted at 2:49PM on Mar 29th 2006 by Murphy


Posted at 2:49PM on Mar 29th 2006 by marcin

6. Metal Gear Solid 4.

Posted at 3:25PM on Mar 29th 2006 by TsunamiPepper

7. Agreed #6.

Metal Gear Solid 4.

Posted at 3:26PM on Mar 29th 2006 by Dahk

8. Not a damn thing.

Xbox 360 has vastly more graphical potential than the PS3's souped up Nvidia 7800 gtx, thanks to it's unified shader architecture. (The PS3 gpu basically is a 7800 with more memory, 256 MB more to be exact, and a faster clockspeed.) If you think I'm joking check out the HD trailer for Crysis.

Blu-ray is going to have some serious loading times. It's going to be more expensive and the only thing significant about it is HD movies.

The controller is going to be more of the same. End of story.

The whole free online gaming scheme is going to have a catch. It will not be a thoroughly implemented as Xbox Live.

And the games are the same games you played on the PS1-PS2 except with better graphics.

Posted at 3:29PM on Mar 29th 2006 by LongshotX

9. yeah i just hope that this wont become an obsolite system within 2 years like every other one

Posted at 3:36PM on Mar 29th 2006 by jeremy

10. OTHER: i got all hyped up because of the TECH DEMOS, seeing what it is capable of is just mind blowing, all the physics.. for me the next generation is physics & lighting.

Posted at 3:43PM on Mar 29th 2006 by MaRio

11. I have a bunch of PS2 games I want to play, therefor Im moast hyped f?he backwardscompatibility.

Posted at 4:00PM on Mar 29th 2006 by Bebopin

12. I would be extremely pleased if PS3 were able to replace my computer.

Posted at 4:16PM on Mar 29th 2006 by NergiZed

13. This is gonna be sooooooo fast

Posted at 4:42PM on Mar 29th 2006 by onjdamo

14. I don't know if i'm the only one but the thing that excites me the most it: "the price"

Posted at 4:44PM on Mar 29th 2006 by mcheddadi

15. Gran Turismo baby!

Posted at 5:16PM on Mar 29th 2006 by HondaRacer

16. Free online gaming

I wanna play GT 5/Vision/Online or whatever it's gonna be called, against like 16 people. That would rock.

Miss the excitement of the good olde days in the arcade playing against 8 people in racing games like Final Lap, Virtua Racing, and Daytona USA.

Hope they can bring Gran Turismo online properly with the PS3.

Posted at 5:33PM on Mar 29th 2006 by SleepyBum

17. The PS3 is definitely a powerhouse. Out of the three consoles (360, Rev, and PS3), PlayStation 3 was my second choice for various reasons. I would consider myself more of a Ninty fangirl, but the only question I ask myself about the PS3 is why I should pay for power I'll never use? Other than that, I don't find free online game all too impressive if you compare it to the other next-gen consoles, but I am looking forward to digital distribution. As far as games, I would again have to go with Nintendo, as with most passionate gamers. Although storage of Blu-ray discs are impressive, I find it is not the best feature and the use of them will only spread the format as the PS2 did with DVDs. What I'm looking forward to the most with the PS3 (over the 360), what's worth the wait, is 1080p support and the dual-screen support, which adds 3D potential. I'm also looking for Japanese support, which should be stronger with the PS3.

Posted at 6:05PM on Mar 29th 2006 by rVidia

18. this wasnt mentioned in the options, but i guess this falls into the "games" category...
but i want some better innovation with the game play, back in the old NES days, it was either side scroller, or directly above view, and you moved up,left,right, the 2nd gen consoles, we finally saw 3D worlds, and with that came better game i personally want from this PS3 is something to stand by, other than a pretty PS2 game, or reinvenion of a PS1 game (altho im sure everyone loves the fact of FF7 gracing the PS3, i know i am, hope they bring FF8 and FF9 as well) i want to see something new and something remarkable done with all this new bigger/better hardware and technology. i may seem like im doubting/bashing the PS3, but i am sure as hell a hardcore believe in Sony and what they do. I know i wont be disappointed in the graphics department, but i hope that wont be the only thing.

Posted at 6:21PM on Mar 29th 2006 by Zeik

19. My system will include Dual 60" (minimum) 1080p plasma/lcd (sed when released) screens. As such, I am looking forward to playing Armored Core 4 online in style.

Posted at 6:25PM on Mar 29th 2006 by Pharoah

20. Other:
I'm hoping beyond hope for 'tivo' like performance - with that hard-drive, being able to d/l information from either the TV or a computer on the wireless network and using my PSP to download what I'd like to see with ease.

If this is done - Sony will have a HUGE winner on their hands... HUGE!!!

Posted at 6:29PM on Mar 29th 2006 by Kurosh

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