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Warhawk patch 1.2 to fix tank glitch, add integrated Store, rumble support

Not only is Incognito hard at work on Warhawk 1.1, they're working on another future patch, 1.2. This revision will finally take care of that dreaded "tank" glitch, which according to the also affected turrets and Warhawks. Additionally, the patch will include a new integrated Store interface, so you can download upcoming Booster Packs from within the game.

The 1.2 update also adds rumble support for DualShock 3 controllers. Of course, this will be a moot point for most -- the controllers won't be commercially available in the US this year anyways.

So when is this magical update supposed to appear? In December. Until then, we'll have to patiently wait for patch 1.1.

Dylan Jobe discusses Warhawk 1.1 patch

If you've been keeping an eye on the PlayStation.Blog you will have noticed that Dylan Jobe has recently posted up a nice piece of news regarding Warhawk. Several pieces, actually. To begin with, Warhawk version 1.1 is on its way and will arrive sometime before the end of October (that's this month, by the way). The update doesn't add anything to the gameplay but, instead, is mostly focused on stability and glitch fixing and will work alongside recent stability fixes on the server side. This is great for those of us who still suffer from weird stats errors (we get rank increases almost every time we login) or who still can't make it onto ranked servers. The full patch list can be found after the jump.

The second big announcement involved new Warhawk police - called Arbiters - who will be overlooking the leaderboards and who will be joining games in order to maintain the Warhawk peace. With guns. They have a wide array of punishments at their disposal including kicking, banning and sending harshly worded emails to you and your parents. So if any of you are sneaky cheaters then you'd best watch out - the Arbiters are after you.

Finally, Jobe mentions an announcement regarding update v1.2 coming soon. This will probably be the December expansion we've been hearing so much little about. We'll keep you posted.

Continue reading Dylan Jobe discusses Warhawk 1.1 patch

New Motorstorm patch details revealed

It seems like September is Motorstorm month this year. A patch today prepares the game for the upcoming Coyote Revenge update and vehicle packs out in the coming weeks. A community editor for the official European PlayStation forum has revealed the patch list (novel idea, right Sony?) and we, in turn, are revealing it to you. Find it below.

  • Vehicle Select enhancement – your last-used vehicle in each class will now be presented as the default choice during vehicle selection.
  • Assigned player colours are now displayed in the lobby to make keeping track of your friends and rivals easier during online races and Eliminator matches.
  • Further Player-Stat Improvements.
  • Purchasers of 'Coyote Revenge' can now race this track in Online and Time Attack.
  • Purchasers of Eliminator Mode will find results from this mode also contribute to their Fame Ranking.
  • Track Exploits for Grizzly and Raingod Mesa have been addressed.
  • Headset support – An occasional firewall conflict with headset communications has been resolved.
  • Headset support – voice comms output now available exclusively through headset.
  • Many other improvements and tweaks throughout the game.

Resistance map packs available; Global servers up

After numerous delays the Resistance: Fall of Man update is finally here. While the full patch notes are too long for us to put here, you will see them before you get updating. In order to update the game, simply load up the online multiplayer menu. The game will then offer to update (you have to do so in order to play online). Once this is done, you will be able to play against any other players anywhere in the world. You may also notice that the online multiplayer has changed. There is a new "purchase" button. From here you can buy the two new maps.

Interestingly, the game is able to access the PSN Store directly, switching from the Resistance purchase menu to the store checkout seamlessly. As well as this, there is now an option in the online multiplayer menu to access your friends list without leaving the game. This allows you to do anything you can do from the friends list section of the XMB, including messaging. While this can only be reached from the menu, so no in-match access, it is still one step closer to our dreams of having in-game XMB access.

So get updating. The wait is finally over!

Motorstorm 1.2 patch now available in North America

European players have had a chance to play with the 1.2 Motorstorm update for nearly a week. Now, North American players can join in on the action. The major addition? A new Time Attack mode. Stability issues have also been addressed, including glitches with boost, SD text cut-off, online performance and surround sound glitches. The update also allows for up to 50 friends in the game's buddy list.

Remember to update the game before downloading the new game mode from the Store. To update the game, simply launch Motorstorm on your PS3 system. You will be prompted to download the update.

[Via IGN]

Motorstorm patch delayed; Sony bummed

We told you it was due out today, and as far as we knew we were telling the truth. Unfortunately there's been a hiccup with the upcoming Motorstorm patch. Felice Standifer, the Senior US Producer for Motorstorm, has updated the Playstation.Blog to say that there's a bug that could prevent connection with the PlayStation Network. Not something that would be very popular in an update containing a new Time Attack mode, which allows the up- and downloading of time "ghosts" to race against.

Needless to say, Sony are bummed that they haven't been able to deliver the patch on time. We're asked to bear with them until the product is fully ready, which is fine by us. We know it's a cliche but we would much rather wait for all the kinks to be removed than to be given a broken patch.

Resistance downloadable content pushed back a week

Remember that Resistance: Fall of Man patch we told you about? The one which was due out before the end of May? Well it won't be. Unfortunately CVG is reporting that we'll have to wait another week before we get our hands on the new maps and other goodies.

It turns out that, while the content is all finished, tested and ready to go, SCEA is stalling in order to make sure the global servers are "locked in and ready." So if you're angry and want to start blaming someone then blame Sony, not Insomniac. It's disappointing, we know, but a week isn't all that long to wait. It's probably for the best that they get everything completely ready, rather than unveiling new servers which break within the first hour.

June 7th is the day to keep in mind for the release. Remember to tell your loved ones not to get worried if they don't see you for a day or two. We know you'll want to hide yourself away and show off your Chimera fragging prowess to people all over the world, now that you're able. Or Human fragging prowess, if you're that way inclined. Actually, we thought that a nice way to celebrate the new global servers might be to have you guys come kick our asses. Add our PSN ID to your friendslist - PSFanboy - and look out for us on Saturday the 9th of June from 1PM EST onwards.

Resistance patch on its way - new maps and worldwide servers

In a recent visit to Insomniac, Gamespy were able to play on some new maps for Resistance: Fall of Man. Whilst there they got their hands on the details for the upcoming patch which should be out before the end of the month. Be sure to check out the full hands on preview for the maps, Westmorland and Camborne, over at Gamespy.

The patch itself will contain some much-requested features from the Resistance community. Obviously, the full patch notes are unobtainable right now, but Gamespy have revealed a couple of more noteworthy additions. First and foremost, the currently regional servers are being opened up to allow worldwide play. So for those of us who imported a console to find that you could only play against people on the other side of the world, this comes as a welcome development. The patch will also allow you to access your PSN buddy list from inside the game, include a 'tell-the-teacher' feature in the mute menu and make enemies and allies easier to differentiate in online mode.

Sounds jam packed full of goodness to us. It should be out before the end of May in the US and Japan, with a European release shortly after that. Check out Gamespy's full account of their visit to Insomniac for more info.

Motorstorm patch coming in June - new game mode included

IGN have revealed that everyone's favourite PS3 off-road racer, Motorstorm, will be getting a new downloadable patch on the 7th of June. What will this include, you ask? Read on.

The main attraction of the patch is an all new Time Attack mode, which allows you to race against your best times. Not only that, but the very fastest times will be put on the online leaderboard for others to download and race against. In fact, it has been said that you will be able to race against up to seven of these best-time-ghosts. Is this the first proper implementation of Harrison's hilariously dubbed Game 3.0?

Other updates and fixes include improved online stability, a fix for the boost exploit and an upgraded buddy list that now has room for up to 50 friends. If you've got them. For a full list of fixes, check out the breakdown over at IGN.


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