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European PSN updates for September 6th

It's that time of the week again. No real surprises here, ThreeSpeech pretty much hit the nail on the head a few days ago and called out almost exactly what was coming out on the PSN Store today. The only things they missed were the Gran Turismo 5 and Invasion trailers. Here's the full release list:
  • Motorstorm Coyote Revenge VIP Pass (£3.99)
  • Gran Turismo 5 Prologue trailer (Free)
  • Lair Launch trailer (Free)
  • Heavenly Sword Making-of episode 4 (Free)
  • Heavenly Sword Anime episode 4 (Free)
The Coyote Revenge Pass gamepack includes:
  • Coyote Revenge - mauled into a completely new experience; more technical, new routes and more skillful rivals to battle against
  • New Tickets - to get the most out of Coyote Revenge try to master these Revenge Weekend tickets; they cover all difficulty stages and completion will earn a nice surprise.
  • 2 New Vehicles - a pair of special Revenge Weekend machines, chosen for your delectation.
  • Eliminator Mode - played online yet? In this brand new online multiplayer mode being last is a REALLY bad idea; if you can't hack the pace, the consequences can be quite explosive ...

New Motorstorm patch details revealed

It seems like September is Motorstorm month this year. A patch today prepares the game for the upcoming Coyote Revenge update and vehicle packs out in the coming weeks. A community editor for the official European PlayStation forum has revealed the patch list (novel idea, right Sony?) and we, in turn, are revealing it to you. Find it below.

  • Vehicle Select enhancement – your last-used vehicle in each class will now be presented as the default choice during vehicle selection.
  • Assigned player colours are now displayed in the lobby to make keeping track of your friends and rivals easier during online races and Eliminator matches.
  • Further Player-Stat Improvements.
  • Purchasers of 'Coyote Revenge' can now race this track in Online and Time Attack.
  • Purchasers of Eliminator Mode will find results from this mode also contribute to their Fame Ranking.
  • Track Exploits for Grizzly and Raingod Mesa have been addressed.
  • Headset support – An occasional firewall conflict with headset communications has been resolved.
  • Headset support – voice comms output now available exclusively through headset.
  • Many other improvements and tweaks throughout the game.

id admits Motorstorm inspirations for Rage

Think id's upcoming Rage looks a lot like Motorstorm? Well, the similarities are intentional. In an interview with Shacknews, id's Todd Hollenshead and Tim Willits talks about incorporating elements of Motorstorm into their genre-mixing FPS game. "There's obviously the first person shooting, then there are the driving games that are more arcadey. For me, I'm not a big Ridge Racer fan. The driving isn't going to be like that, it's going to be more like Motorstorm, more like Burnout. I really want people, when they play the game, to say, 'You know, it wasn't what I expected from id, but I had a great time doing it.'"

We're intrigued by id's upcoming shooter -- if only because it's a huge departure for them. We're anxiously waiting for more.

[Thanks, Joe!]

SCEA announces immediate availability of 80GB PS3

SCEA has announced that the new 80GB PS3 with the MotorStorm pack-in is available immediately from brick-and-mortar stores as well as online merchants. For $599, you get a the new downloadable-content friendly 80GB PS3 as well as a 'free' copy of MotorStorm, one of the most popular online games on the PS3. From the sounds of it, you also get a slightly more accurate Sixaxis controller as well (wonder if that will make Super Rub-a-Dub any easier to control).

The release of the new PS3 now puts North America back into the 'dual-sku' position that we we thought we had finally escaped from. At least this time around, we have two fantastic options as opposed to one fantastic option and a crappy gimped option. Plus, considering the 60GB PS3 has a limited life-span we can expect to go back to $599 single-SKU in the future. Hopefully, Sony will listen to their consumers and realize that as much as we like a single-SKUs, we also like $499 PS3s.

Full Press Release after jump.

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80GB PS3 available for pre-order from EBGames

EBGames is now offering the 80GB PlayStation 3 for preorder with the free limited edition pack-in copy of Motorstorm and the now-standard-but-still-cool five free Blu-ray movies included as well. As previously mentioned the new top-end SKU will run you $599, for 20 GB more storage space and one of the top selling PS3 games. Not exactly the hottest deal ever, but better than a kick in the crotch.

The new PS3 start shipping out tomorrow, though EBGames does warn of a 1-2 day turnaround time for initial deliveries so expect some delays. Anybody actually interested in getting this? Or are you all waiting for the expected price drop as well?

Confirmed: $100 price drop, new 80GB PS3 coming August

The PS3 is now $499, effective immediately. In addition, a new SKU will come out in August, ringing in at $599. It will include the previously exclusive-to-Korea 80GB PS3, as well as the full retail version of Motorstorm.

While it is interesting that Sony is moving back to two SKUs, the new $599 package doesn't sound particularly enticing. Motorstorm is a fantastic game and the extra 20 GB is nice, but paying an extra $100 for it seems a bit expensive. How does it tickle your fancy?

[Thanks Myke C!]

Sega Rally Revo was developed on the PS3 first -- and later ported to other systems

Though the PlayStation 3 is constantly maligned as being overly difficult to program for, it seems that more and more developers are coming out in support of it. Recently, Gamepro had a hands-on with Sega's Rally Revo and found out that the off-road racer was developed on the PS3 first -- and then ported over to other systems. This is in contrast to what Microsoft has recently said, but inline with Sega's previous efforts.

What this means for PS3 owners is that our version of Rally Revo will actually arrive on-time and with solid performance, something a bit of a rarity recently. According to GamePro, "the PS3 version had no visible "jaggies"...and believe us, we looked for them."

Between this, the just-released MotorStorm add-ons, and the upcoming DiRT, it seems like a good year to be an off-road enthusiast on the PS3. Which mud-flinger are you most excited for? You sticking with the classic MotorStorm madness or upgrading to some sexy DiRT and/or Rally Revo?

PS1 games return in this week's Store update

The Motorstorm update isn't the only thing available in today's PS Store update. Two new PS1 classics are returning to the PS3. Check out this week's update:
  • Motorstorm Time Attack (free): Remember to update your game to version 1.2 before downloading this free expansion!
  • Hot Shots Golf 2 ($5.99)
  • Coolboarders ($5.99)
  • The Heartbreak Kid movie trailer (free)
Both Hot Shots Golf 2 and Coolboarders were previously available on the Store, until they mysteriously disappeared. Now, these games will be playable on both your PS3 and PSP systems. PSP Fanboy reviewed the games: Hot Shots Golf 2 came recommended, but Coolboarders did not, earning a dismal 3/10 score.

European PSN releases for June 15th

Are you ready for this? We feel like, for the first time, we are relaying some good news to all the Europeans out there. Read on to see what your PSN Store now contains.
  • Rampart game (£1.99)
  • Joust game (£1.99)
  • Motorstorm Time Attack Mode (free)
  • Lair trailer (free)
  • Haze trailer (free)
  • Super Stardust HD trailer (free)
  • The Darkness story trailer (free)
  • An interview with Paul Hollywood video (free)
Where to start! Yes, the games are Midway rehashes (and you know how we feel about those) but, really, it's the thought that counts. Sony are finally pulling their collective finger out and releasing some decent content to the European market. As a quick aside, we can't stop watching that Haze trailer. Honestly. It's on repeat in the background at this very moment.

But what of the Motorstorm Time Attack Mode? We only just got done telling you that it has been delayed, which it has. In America, at least. For those of you about to download it, take heed. There are reports of problems occuring unless you do things in the proper order. Load Motorstorm and update to version 1.2 in the online menu, then download the Time Attack Mode and install.

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Motorstorm patch delayed; Sony bummed

We told you it was due out today, and as far as we knew we were telling the truth. Unfortunately there's been a hiccup with the upcoming Motorstorm patch. Felice Standifer, the Senior US Producer for Motorstorm, has updated the Playstation.Blog to say that there's a bug that could prevent connection with the PlayStation Network. Not something that would be very popular in an update containing a new Time Attack mode, which allows the up- and downloading of time "ghosts" to race against.

Needless to say, Sony are bummed that they haven't been able to deliver the patch on time. We're asked to bear with them until the product is fully ready, which is fine by us. We know it's a cliche but we would much rather wait for all the kinks to be removed than to be given a broken patch.

Dates for upcoming European PSN releases and Motorstorm patch

The European PSN Store is a bit of a tragic tale, as we're sure you've noticed. According to Three Speech, however, that's about to change with two new games available to download before the end of the month. None of that Midway rehash rubbish, either. These are full, specially made for PSN, titles. Ok, I've kept you in suspense long enough, check out the list below.

Not too shabby, eh? While our US cousins have had Calling All Cars for a month now, Super Stardust HD should be a worldwide release. If you're as impatient for these games as we are then you might also like to know that this coming friday, the 15th, sees the release of the highly anticipated Motorstorm patch.

Looks like Sony are finally pulling their finger out with their PSN releases. Let's just hope it continues beyond the end of June.

Sony nominated: best new IP, innovation, publishing hero

Welcome to the Develop Conference & Expo in the UK! They've just announced their nominations for the Develop Industry Excellence Awards, and while there were nominations for all sorts of games and platforms, Sony stood tall and took pride in getting enough nominations with PS3 software that we at PS3 Fanboy have to feel a sense of pride for the company whose product is our namesake. We'll let you know where Sony and its studios got the nod below.

  • For Creativity, Evolution Studios' MotorStorm got a nomination.
  • For Visual Arts, both Evolution Studios' MotorStorm and SCEE Studio Liverpool's F1 Championship Edition got nominations.
  • Sony itself got nominated for being a "Publishing Hero" which we will assume means they have some kind of special power of publishing. Heroes are cool.
  • F1 Championship Edition got mentioned for being among the best in the use of online capabilities.
  • Super Rub-a-Dub got a mention for innovation, as well.

So, good job, Sony! Seems you've got a knack for making fun, innovative, and creative racing games. And floating duck games that get universally panned by critics, but secretly enjoyed by some. With these credentials tucked under their belt, will Sony have an equally praised performance at E3 next month? We'll have to wait and see, but don't be surprised if some new games show up as winners in categories much like these.

GameSpot's MotorStorm tournament finale today at 7:00 PM EST

Gamespot's MotorStorm tournament is wrapping up today, with the top 10 racers competing in one last competition of their off-road racing skills. The event is starting at 7:00 PM EST, with the top player pulling in $1,000 worth of prizes and a whole lotta geek cred.

Personally, I'll be watching and taking notes. I need some help clearing those last tickets in MotorStorm - the AI is just plain evil!

Motorstorm patch coming in June - new game mode included

IGN have revealed that everyone's favourite PS3 off-road racer, Motorstorm, will be getting a new downloadable patch on the 7th of June. What will this include, you ask? Read on.

The main attraction of the patch is an all new Time Attack mode, which allows you to race against your best times. Not only that, but the very fastest times will be put on the online leaderboard for others to download and race against. In fact, it has been said that you will be able to race against up to seven of these best-time-ghosts. Is this the first proper implementation of Harrison's hilariously dubbed Game 3.0?

Other updates and fixes include improved online stability, a fix for the boost exploit and an upgraded buddy list that now has room for up to 50 friends. If you've got them. For a full list of fixes, check out the breakdown over at IGN.

MotorStorm dev talks SPU usage and 'cooperative rendering'

Scott Kirkland, the Technical Director behind MotorStorm, sat down with Beyond3D recently to talk about some of the more technical details of developing the intense off-road racer. They cover a pretty wide range of topics, from Evolution's contributions in developing the Havok 4.5 physics middleware, to culling unseen vertices in order to increase rendering performance. Here are a couple highlights:

On SPU usage:
"MotorStorm only uses between 15 and 20 percent of available SPU resource, so we're aiming to achieve a 5 fold increase in SPU performance, which should allow us to do some awesome stuff!"

On using the SPUs and RSX for cooperative rendering:
"The leap in performance provided by [the SPUs] gives us the bandwidth to significantly reduce RSX time spent processing vertices that don't contribute to the final scene. The favoured approach is to use SPUs to generate minimal scene/instance specific index and vertex buffers from compressed data."

It is a fantastic read, and well worth checking out. It gets EXTREMELY technical at a couple points, so don't feel bad if your brain catches on fire. I set off the fire alarm twice.

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