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Could Solid Snake have been a Plissken clone?

It's never been a secret that Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid series was inspired by Kurt Russell's Snake and his exploits trying to escape a few cities, but we never really knew how close those similarities are until now. Aint it Cool News recently won an eBay auction for a previously unreleased and unapproved Escape from L.A. script. The site posted pieces of the script, and it's pretty amazing reading it as you can imagine several parts that could have easily have fit into a Metal Gear game.

Not only does the script describe several characters with super-human abilities, it also reveals that the movie's antagonist clones Snake in an attempt to create the world's most elite soldiers. Yeah shocking, right? Well, he also plans on "removing certain genetic limitations, and retaining the benefit of the memories and experiences of the original subject."

After this revelation, it's interesting to think just how closely the Metal Gear series could have followed Escape from L.A. if this script had been given the green light.

[via Level Up]

Konami assures fans Metal Gear continues, with Kojima

Hideo Kojima loves to tease us. When he wrapped up Metal Gear Solid 3, he said he was done with the franchise -- leaving it in the capable hands of his dev team, while he oversees production from a much farther position than usual. Yet, he returned to the helm to navigate Metal Gear Solid 4 into next-gen seas. He said this would be his last, along with the final title with Solid Snake. However, Konami thinks otherwise.

Konami's marketing VP Anthony Crouts sang a different tune, assuring us Kojima is " ... never going to let go of Metal Gear Solid-trust me. [Snake's] a big character, so as a franchise I think he'll always hold it near and dear to his heart ... In one capacity or another, he will always be involved in the Metal Gear franchise." We personally think both Crouts and Kojima are correct -- Kojima will stick around for more Metal Gear, but will take a backseat to the development. We do think this is the final story for the Solid Snake arc, though. He's getting old, fast. Literally.

No more Metal Gear Solid 4 trailers

Did you know that there have been nine trailers for Metal Gear Solid 4 already? And that game's not even coming out until 2008. Why does Kojima Productions love making such over-the-top presentations? Ryan Payton explains to MTV: "Making epic trailers of our upcoming titles has been a tradition of our studio ever since we unveiled the original Metal Gear Solid at E3 in 1997 ... I think that really set the stage for what has become an integral part of our studio's approach to making games."

Trailers are a vital part of the Metal Gear tradition. Trailers for Metal Gear Solid 2 single-handedly proved the power of the PS2 back in its infancy and became one of the must-have games for the platform. Such heritage means that the team at Kojima must meet constantly high expectations. "I think we're afraid to disappoint people who expect us to make big splashes at every show." In addition, Payton notes, "Trailers are a great way to remind people of one of our studio's strengths - cinematic gaming."

Of course, creating trailers is time-consuming, and now that the game is drawing near its release, the team at Kojima Productions has to focus. Could this mean the end of Metal Gear Solid 4 trailers? Most likely. "TGS 2007 could be the last trailer for "MGS4." The pressure is really on to finish work on the game, and we have decided not to be sidetracked by any more promotional work." Read the complete interview here.

TGS hands-on: Metal Gear Solid 4

Imagine yourself, surrounded by hundreds, nay thousands of people, bustling about. A constant murmur rings in the background, as the sounds of endless explosions, gunfire, and bouncy anime music intertwine in a cacophony of disarray. Finally, come to the grasp that you must navigate a complex game in a language which you are completely unfamiliar with. It was under these extraneous circumstances that we've come to play Metal Gear Solid 4 on the Tokyo Game Show floor, having survived the hours-long wait for a brief time with Hideo Kojima's latest.

Simply thrown into the game was a daunting challenge, one that borders on insurmountable. Once again, Snake has an incredible variety of moves at his disposal -- and he must use them in order to survive the challenges at hand. Metal Gear Solid 4 is far from the most intuitive game we've played, and unguided play didn't lead to much success in the battlefield. It's clear that, in spite of its warlike setting, the game remains true to its "tactical espionage" roots. Stealth is highly rewarded, and bravado will usually lead to some trialling battles that undoubtedly end in death. For example, a tank will be able to gun down Old Snake in all but a few seconds: sneaking past the tank, and the troops that support it, is essential for mere survival. Navigating through the environments felt natural, and the context-sensitive icons that appear at the bottom of the screen are certainly a refreshing addition. Snake will be able to walk, crouch and crawl with relative ease, and with the improved camera, navigating the environment has become far easier. The box and barrel, in which Snake can hide, both appear in the TGS demo, and give Snake a few options in remaining hidden in the environment.

But, it's not like Snake will be helpless in the face of combat. Old Snake still has access to his CQC moves, and when faced with enemies one on one, they'll likely face a quick death. The gunplay has been improved, though. The game's over the shoulder mode feels natural, allowing Snake to move and shoot at the same time. The targeting reticule is surprisingly intelligent, indicating when objects and walls get in the course of your shot. Although some may be able to play MGS4 as a quasi-FPS game, the number of enemies will make that a daunting challenge.

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TGS07: The MGS4 english trailer and gameplay footage

Though GameVideos may be suffering from the weight of the internet battering against its front door, the video site does have the new Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer from Tokyo Game Show, both in regular (embedded above) and HD. There is also new gameplay footage, which we have embedded after the break.

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Yo, Snake: Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer gets leaked early

A Korean game site broke embargo today -- which, although is bad for them, means we get to enjoy a new trailer for Metal Gear Solid 4 early! Use this handy script to follow along. We don't want to spoil anything, but keep an eye out for a man and his monkey; generally, men who keep company with primates are very important.

According to GameVideos, the "real" version (most likely a higher quality feed of the above video) will arrive 9 p.m. ET.

TGS07: Metal Gear Solid 4 to include Online Starter Pack

Metal Gear Solid 4 will include a small taste of the Metal Gear Online experience through an included "Starter Pack" mode, Hideo Kojima revealed at the Konami press conference today in Tokyo. A new trailer highlighted the game's sharp graphics, which nearly match the visual fidelity of its single-player counterpart. In addition, fun gameplay bits, such as the ability to roll down enemies in a barrel were shown. The trailer ended with a soldier launching himself helplessly into the air by using a massive cannon device (a Halo nod, perhaps?).

Both Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Online will be playable at TGS. Stay tuned for more.

TGS07: the new Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer (script)

We're at Tokyo Game Show right now at the Konami Press Conference. We can't show you the new Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer quite yet but we do have the script! Whilst reading this script, imagine giant robots fighting each other and monkeys dancing around (seriously). Oh, and add a fart joke at the end. At the very least, we're hoping the mech battles end up something like Zone of the Enders. Stay tuned for continued TGS coverage soon.

Naomi: That's why Liquid has me helping him hijack the System.
Naomi: Because I know FOXDIE works.
Naomi: Please, you must rescue me.
Naomi: Preparations for his insurrection are nearly complete.
Naomi: There's no time to waste.
Naomi: Snake, hurry!

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Metal Gear Solid 4 playable at Tokyo Games Show

We have been reliably informed (by Ryan Payton of Kojima Productions) in the latest Kojima Productions podcast that Metal Gear Solid 4 and Metal Gear Online will be playable at Tokyo Game Show. While not necessarily "news" in itself (not for those of you who won't be able to make it to TGS, at least), it means we'll be able to get you some hands on impressions while we're there. It will be interesting to see how the game plays when one of the game's producers isn't handling the controller.

There will also be a new trailer shown which promises to be a bit spoilerific, so those of you who are saving yourselves for the actual game will have to sit out for a few months while those that care less about the game will know more about the story than you do. How hellish that will be.

[Via Kotaku]

Boss characters invade new Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer

[Update: New video has been added!]
Wait ... haven't we seen this trailer before? Yes, the opening moments of this Leipzig-edition Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer starts exactly the same as the previous trailer. But just wait. Your patience will be rewarded ... with bosses. Giant metallic tentacled beasts roar as they take down opposing forces with ease. What's that chill we feel? Could it be fear ... or uncontrollable excitement?

Watch the trailer after the cut.

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Kojima talks Metal Gear Online, Xbox 360 and "The Rumble Guy"

After his Leipzig presentation, Hideo Kojima took some time to answer some questions from the audience. When asked if Metal Gear Online will be separate from the main MGS4 game, he answered: "When you play story mode you will be able to go online and it will have extra stuff at the end. Haven't decided whether it will be separate or not, but if you buy MGS4 you can play a portion of online at least."

When asked about rumble, Kojima-san told a tale of woe: "In Kojima Productions there is a man, we call him The Rumble Guy, and he has nothing to do right now. So every day I worry about him. I want to include Rumble so that he has something to do." Please Sony! Give The Rumble Guy something to do!

Finally, when asked about a 360 version, he reconfirmed what we knew all along: "Right now it's only being made for PS3. No plans for 360 for now." For the complete Q&A, visit Joystiq.

New Metal Gear trailer dies during Leipzig

The Konami press conference at Leipzig was supposed to feature a brand-new trailer for Metal Gear Solid 4. The crowd, jittery in anticipation, shivered as they saw the opening moments of Kojima's latest ... and were shocked to hear the audio start fading away -- and the video, gone. Konami pulled the plug due to "technical difficulties." Now, the trailer is being rescheduled for tomorrow, to satiate the bloodthirsty crowd.

At the very least, Europe knows that Kojima is aiming for a simultaneous release for its upcoming PS3-exclusive. "In the past, I felt bad that the European versions of Metal Gear were always last. I can confidently say that we aim to have a simultaneous worldwide release with Metal Gear Solid 4."

Konami to announce new MGS projects at Leipzig

According to Play, Hideo Kojima has some surprises lined up for us at this month's Leipzig Gaming Convention. Not only will there be a playable Metal Gear Solid 4 on-hand, Konami has mentioned that they will be also be announcing new Metal Gear Solid projects from Kojima Studio. It's interesting to see that the franchise is staying with Kojima Studio, considering Hideo Kojima has said he will no longer have a hand in Metal Gear Solid after MGS4. But it's cool to hear that he'll still at least have an eye on the series.

Also, Kojima said he will be bringing a 'mystery guest' with him to the show. No hints were given at who this person would be, but the mind runs rampant with possibilities. Suda 51? David Hayter? Who knows! It would be awesome to see him pull a Jack Tretton and come out with a 7 foot tall Wookie. Snake vs Chewbacca -- exclusive on the PS3. (Hey, we can dream right?)

MGS4 in March '08? We'll find out at TGS

Information from Konami's financial analyst meeting suggests that Metal Gear Solid 4 will "likely" be coming out in March of 2008 and that a specific date will be announced at TGS later this year. This is about in line with what we had previously guessed/assumed after the E3 announcement of a MGS4 delay, but the idea of a solid official release date is pretty exciting.

And since it wouldn't be a MGS4 article without stirring up the ridiculous 'OMGZ MGS4 360' hornets nest, the president of Konami also mentioned that they may take the Metal Gear Solid franchise multiplatform some point in the future. It's worth noting that he said FRANCHISE, and not Metal Gear Solid 4. And considering Konami has taken the MGS series to non-Sony platforms before, it's not a huge surprise. So yeah ... MGS4 still isn't coming to the 360, and PS3 owners will be very very happy come next March.

Metal Gear Solid 4 shows off Eva -- Snake didn't age alone

Eva, Eva ... where have we heard that character's name before? Ah, of course! She was the femme fatale of MGS3. We'll save the remainder of the spoilers of her character for you, but the one thing you should know is that she isn't young, as she fought alongside Solid Snake's predecessor in the third title (everybody now, who is Snake's predecessor? Yes, it's a pop quiz). With that in mind, Konami has released a few shots of Eva to let you know that she's still alive and doing fairly well. Just a bit wrinkly around the edges, which is just fine considering the, you know, marching of time.

Even so, she looks younger than Solid Snake. How did he age so greatly, leaving people like Meryl and Otacon to look almost childish in comparison? Questions to be answered in the game, we suppose. In any case, a bunch of Metal Gear news popped up today, so this is just a taste of everything that's been announced. More on the way, we're sure.

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