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New Folklore screens and video, new grabbing technique, new everything! [update 1]

Sure, the game launched in Japan to rather confusing reception (supposedly selling only 7,000 copies its first day, but proclaimed sold out in numerous locations), but we still love to see new information surface about the game. We don't know if it's a system-seller, but we do know the game is sporting some incredibly stylish art direction and positively stunning visuals. A third movie was released, detailing a new level, new summons, and a new way to grab the soul of boss monsters. If you just can't get enough of this game, feel free to look over the recently updated official website for some more art, screenshots, monsters, and game details. If you can read Japanese, of course.

[Update: fixed the first week supposition to first day. In that light, not all too shabby, really.]

Worldwide PS3 releases for the week of June 18th

It's that time again. Time to look over the coming week's offerings and either laugh or cry. Or both. The releases for this week are as follows.

US Games
  • No new releases
EU Games
Asian Games
  • FolksSoul
  • Def Jam Icon
Interesting stuff. The Japanese have had two potentially excellent games released in the last two weeks. While we know that Ninja Gaiden Sigma includes English text and voices, we're not yet certain about FolksSoul. We have our suspicions and will keep you informed as soon as we find out.

Don't forget, your PS3 just loves playing games from any country. Seriously. Loves it. So if there's something on the list you fancy, then don't be put off by its region. Release dates are in a constant flux, so be sure to call ahead before wasting a trip to the shops.

Would you like some Folklore art and such?

Also known as FolksSoul in Japan, Game Republic's PS3 exclusive title Folklore has been jamming the internet full of hype-cookies ever since an impressive demo was released on the Japanese PS Store. Following that path, Game Republic has updated its site to give you a glimpse of some game artwork, demons, and of course, Ellen's many different outfits.

Since the site is in Japanese, we'll help you out and guide you along. After you hit the main page, the brackets appearing under Ellen that say [6/07] are the new additions. The first link takes you to the character pages, where you can scope out some pretty neat outfits for the main heroine, or a couple demo shots of Keats. The second link takes you to some character and location art -- all of which is worth a gander. The third link sends you to demon artwork, showing you some of the things you'll encounter in your quest. We're very excited for this game and every piece of art just shows how much effort was put into this. They really want to erase Genji from our minds.

This week's crazy Japanese ads

The Japanese sure have crazy advertisements. Our favorite this week? The ad for FolksSoul (aka Folklore). The newly released demo highlights the title's unique SIXAXIS controls, where shaking your control can suck the soul out of a monster. But, what happens when that concept becomes too real? Check out this commercial, and a strange Ninja Gaiden Sigma ad, after the cut.

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New Folklore demo is great - let us tell you why

Those lucky Japanese will be getting their release of FolksSoul (FolkLore, to us English speakers) in three weeks. Because of this, the Japanese PlayStation store has been updated with a new demo of the game. We've played it. Twice. You should too. Click here if you need help setting up a Japanese PSN account. Got it all set up, and started downloading? Then read on after the jump to find out exactly what you'll be playing once that gigabyte demo lands on your PS3.

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FolksSoul demo coming this Friday

Make a Japanese PSN account. Now. If you haven't, you're going to continue missing out on all the free demos the Japanese gamer crowd get. It's not tough -- sign up for one in your own language, make notes about what information goes on each page, then make a Japanese one. Why are we insisting you do this? So you can test drive FolksSoul along with us this Friday when a demo hits the Japanese PS Store.

Also known as Folklore in the US, the game had kept a very low key until Gamer's Day, when a new trailer and multiple screens made an entrance and blew a lot of people away. Sure, it's absolutely a Japanese game -- lacking muscular men with big shiny guns, but it does look incredibly fun to play. So that's why we're telling you about the demo. It's rumored to be over an entire gigabyte, so make sure you've got something else to do. Try it out, then decide if it's for you or not!

SGD '07: Folklore gallery shows off colorful environments

This title has been the least talked about game coming out in the next few months. Folklore seems like a fantastic game and these screens show that it isn't afraid to show its muscle. Granted, the muscle comes in vibrant colors and lush surreal environments, but the gameplay seems to be intriguing enough to merit a rental. Following two main characters, you capture monsters and utilize their powers to reach your ultimate goal: we don't know. You'll have to play it to find out! This October ... noticing a trend? Check out a video, after the cut.

Gallery: Folklore

Continue reading SGD '07: Folklore gallery shows off colorful environments

New FolksSoul screenshots

Following last week's announcement that a FolksSoul demo would be released in June, Game Republic also sent out a new batch of screenshots. They look pretty good, but suffer from an unfortunate amount of JPEG compression issues and look a bit washed out. We do get a rare shot of the UI in the first screenshot though, giving a tantalizing peek at what it might be like to actually play the game.

We haven't really seen much about this game since TGS 2006, but with a Japanese release date of June 21st, we should start hearing more about this intriguing title soon.

Demo for FolksSoul due out in June

Thank goodness! After talking about this game for a while, saying how it's so colorful or featuring PSP connectivity or whatever, we finally have a demo coming out for the anticipated FolksSoul, now with a subtitle: The Lost Folklore. We say anticipated not because it's very high profile, but because this summer has only a handful of games to look into and this one has stayed in the shadows. The shadows of fall, as it's due out in the USA around October. Anyway, a demo is slated for early June, prior to the Japanese release near the end of June.

Apparently, a Japanese boy band is singing the theme to the game and Japan will be giving them a thumbs up by distributing their promotional music video or something a month before the game's release. Not our jurisdiction, so we'll not even touch that. But it seems that we'll be getting demos... in due time. Ahh, time. It's so slow.

Come get your Folks Soul boxart and release date on!

The game formerly known as Monster Kingdom: Unknown Realms which recently changed its name to Folks Soul for no real reason except that it's "way more awesomer" has been under wraps for a while now. We barely know the main characters, the plot, let alone the release date. We've got an idea of the gameplay, but it's vague at best. Still, today a few things change.

We've got boxart and a release date. The release date is June 21 -- maybe sooner (yeah, right). This applies to Japan and we can only cross our fingers to see it stateside relatively near that date. The boxart is pretty sweet. Maybe the game will echo Jewel Summoner if you really stretch your imagination. Maybe Atlus will bring this over here and distribute all six copies they make of any game ever. We're looking forward to this one!

Folks Soul will feature PSP-PS3 connectivity, folks!

All right, cheesiest subject line ever, we know... but it was worth it. You know what else was worth it? This awesome Engrish translation describing upcoming title Folks Soul: "The new feeling action where it pulls soul and pulls out and makes power of oneself!" Hell. Yes. If that isn't the perfect description to get you pumped, then practically nothing well. Unless you have a PSP and want to use it with your new console.

We don't know what exactly Folks Soul will support with the PSP connectivity, but it's got it. Along with 720p graphics (sorry guys, no 1080i support yet... let alone 1080p), there will also be support for the SIXAXIS controller during ground based combat. That's all we know. So, it's a good thing that core PSP is getting a price cut, in case you want to try this remote play stuff out!


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