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E3, beware! We've arrived!

Things are revving up for this week's E3 summit. We've arrived in Los Angeles, ready to attack the Santa Monica hangar and all the games that will surely be held within.

Tell us what games you'd like for us to focus on, and we'll try our best to survive the crowd of thousands that will be in attendance. Make sure you stay tuned to both PS3 Fanboy, PSP Fanboy and Joystiq for the latest in E3 coverage. Here are some key points in our schedule (which is bound to change):

Killzone 2 event

Sony keynote - 10:30AM PST
Konami press conference - 5:45PM PST (More Metal Gear Solid 4?!)
Sony Online Entertainment meeting

Square Enix hands-on
SCEA interviews (Jack Tretton?!)
Folklore hands-on
SCEA hands-on

LittleBigPlanet hands-on

There's going to be a lot more to see ... tell us what you want, and we'll try our best to cover it for you!

EU price cut on the horizon? Big SCEE announcement on Thursday has received word directly from SCEE that they will have a large announcement to give at E3 this week. While seemingly keeping as tight lipped as possible, SCEE stated that it would be related to the just-announced price drop and introduction of the 80GB system in the US.

The announcement will occur on Thursday and so won't be part of the Sony keynote. We'll keep our ever-vigilant eyes open to make sure we get you the news as it breaks. A price drop in Europe would be very interesting, considering how well the system has been received already. In the UK most stores sell at around £400 (£25 off RRP), including bundle deals, so a further drop would have a large effect on those who are still straddling the fence. Even if they just want a decent priced Blu-Ray player.

PlayStation.Blog promises more news to come

After today's big announcement, the PlayStation.Blog has been updated with further clarification of the price drop and 80GB launch. As well as this, the blog gives us some more information about what we will be getting out of E3 as console owners, and when. The keynote speech, as well as being put up on the PSN for everyone to download, will have a live feed, starting half an hour before the speech, (11am pacific time) at the official US PlayStation website.

As well as this, at least some of the content we are expecting to see on the PSN in terms of trailers and videos will be put up shortly after the keynote address. No word of any demos, but we wouldn't be surprised if Sony pulled one or two out of their hats. Perhaps the subtly hinted imminent Heavenly Sword demo? Regardless, we're going to be inundated with content. Seybald states that there is far more to come this week that we currently aren't aware of, including more "Inside the Developer's Studio".

It looks like we're going to be glued to the PSN this week, what about you?

Sony reveal E3 plans for the PSN

We entertained the possibility earlier this week, but today we have confirmation that Sony will be offering up a smattering of downloadable content from E3 next week. PS3 owners will be able to download the entire Sony keynote speech to their consoles. Also available will be trailers of games that are shown at the show. No word on any demos yet, but hopefully Sony are keeping details about those back as a surprise. You never know.

We also hope that the EU PSN won't be neglected. At the moment the E3 banner is only up on the US PlayStation Store, so it's looking likely that anyone in Europe that wants to keep track of Sony's potential E3 massacre will have to get themselves a US account.

E3 teaser front and center on the PlayStation Store

For E3 this year, Microsoft is offering a ton of content related to the show for download over their XBL service. It's a great way for us mere mortals to taste a bit of the excitement of E3 and maybe even try out a couple of the games. Last year it was a lot of fun, and people were wondering if Sony was going to step up to the plate with their own E3 offering. Unlike Microsoft, they've been rather quiet about their plans -- leading a lot of people to speculate that it was going to be yet another sparce content showing from Sony. But things may not be as they look, as just earlier today Sony updated their PlayStation Store front with an interesting teaser image (seen above). Sony has never used the main Store Top frame to advertise anything that wasn't directly related to the PlayStation Store some how, so this is an interesting development.

Hopefully this isn't just a tease and actually leads to a solid E3 content push from Sony. Toss in a Lair demo and a Killzone 2 video and that would make a whole lotta people happy little campers.

PS3 Poll Police: What do you not expect at E3? [update 1]

[Update: Poll has changed, so please cast your votes again if you voted on the old version!]

It's already Sunday again? We suppose we have to put our voting uniforms back on and arrest a moment of your time to vote once more. This week marks the second part of our E3 interrogation. Our question this time is more of a large "what if ... " scenario, but we like to think about surprises. What would surprise you most at E3? What kind of announcement would drive you crazy? This week will be software and next week we'll focus on surprise hardware announcements. Yes, that's right, part two of the E3 questionnaire is two parts long, too.
What software would surprise you at E3?
God of War 3
A new game from Team ICO
Silent Hill 5
Resident Evil 5
Jak and Daxter
Sly Cooper 4
Soul Calibur 4
Rise of the Argonauts
Final Fantasy VII Remake
Zone of the Enders 3
Other (specify) free polls
There are an infinite number of games that simply should not be at E3, but those are some of the biggest ones we'd consider a surprise. Most of those aren't even slated for release, keeping a TBA 2008 stamp just for show.
If you want to see the results from last week's poll, check it out after the jump. As always, thanks for your vote!

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Killzone 2 will be shown at invite-only pre-E3 event

Supposedly, there's this big game called Killzone 2 coming out for PS3. We haven't heard of it. But, that will change come Tuesday, July 10th. Instead of going to the Microsoft keynote, we're going to head to this invite-only Sony event, which we're assuming will feature something Killzone-related (see invite, pictured above). Only 150 people have been invited to the event, so we're hoping that we can get some intimate alone-time with a playable Killzone 2. Stay tuned for more.

For a more detailed look at the invite, visit our Facebook page.

PS3 Poll Police: What do you expect at E3?

The Poll Police were on vacation last week, so you got a clean break from that pesky vote of yours. Did you miss us? We're back and we've got quite an ambitious agenda this week. Keeping with that, our poll question this week will be part one of a two-part question about the upcoming E3. This week, we ask you what you expect to be at E3 in regards to things that should be there. What we mean is: Killzone 2 has been in the works for a while, so it should be there. Will it roll or will it bounce? Perhaps a better explanation will be to check out the poll itself.

What software at E3 do you expect to blow you away?
Killzone better knock my socks off!
LittleBigPlanet will be cutesy fun!
A giant Home kiosk? Count me in!
More WarHawk, please!
Metal Gear Solid 4. Playable or trailer, it don't matter.
Final Fantasy XIII, playable or trailer, it's an RPG!
Heavenly Sword is always the bestest.
Lair, as dragons are sexy beasts.
Uncharted should be playable and play great!
Definitely Ratchet and Clank. free polls
Those are the heavy-hitters we'll let you choose from this week. We'll be back next week to give you the second part of the question -- you'll just have to guess what it is until next Sunday. In the meantime, check out the results from the last Poll Police after the jump.

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E3 confirmed for mid-July

As soon as one video-game related conference ends, it's time to get prepared for the next one. The next "big one" is the fabled E3 -- the one that's not cancelled, but downsized moderately. E3 has begun to send out invitations for their show, which is taking place from July 11-13.

The invitation spoken of in legend was last rumored to say E3 will give one "the opportunity to engage in one-on-one meetings with leading game company executives in an intimate setting, as well as network, socialize, and test pilot major company offerings...[in] an environment designed to ensure that you can get your business done efficiently and effectively." Amazing! We're assuming that last bit was added in to assure reporters/bloggers/journalists they will be able to work instead of be overwhelmed by millions of beautiful women demanding their employer's game be played.

E3, PS3Fanboy's inbox is open... will you do the right thing and let us come?

Behold the new E3: The Game Pro Expo

So, E3 is no longer the crab-attacking, massive damage-inducing, nerdgasm gamestravaganza it once was, but those of us who love gaming for gaming (and not gaming for... the industry of gaming? Development, mostly) shouldn't worry too much about the downsizing. Let it be known: the Game Pro Expo (pronounced "geh-peh" if you want to say it quickly) is taking over E3's old home, the LA Convention Center, from October 18-20th of 2007. This new expo promises loud music, crowded show floors, and best of all -- games. Lots of games. Spoke the IGN: "Members of the Bureau are being told to plan as if they were planning for E3, and that organizers are aiming to match E3 in size, scope, and impact on the Los Angeles economy."

In a Final Fantasy XII-esque twist of loyalties, the ESA (Entertainment Software Association) is backing this new convention up, even though they were the ones who decided that E3, in its current form, was unnecessary. A million gil to the man who can think up the same FFXII comparison that we are. Haven't played it? Well... there's a reason Nick Doerr hasn't been posting much since October 31 (behold his innocuous smile). But hey, the news of E3's semi-cancellation really hurt LA, so maybe they decided to make a whole new convention than apologize to the old. What do you guys think? Feel a little better knowing that all will be much the same, just under a different name?

E3 dates and location revealed -- but will anyone be there?

Yes. But you have to be invited (PS3Fanboy keeps its fingers crossed). The new E3 takes place on July 11-13 in Santa Monica, California in both hotel suites and conference rooms as well as the Barker Hangar. The former two locales feature presentations, speeches, and conferences. Not to mention luncheons with game executives (and analysts), evening parties, Serious Games showcase and "Into the Pixel" art exhibit. The boring half, some may say. The hangar is where there will be booths set up (ranging from 100 to 400 feet) for gaming, gaming, gaming.

ESA president Douglas Lowenstein had this to say about the new setup: "By combining suite-based meetings with the software showcase in a controlled and business-like environment, we believe we will successfully fulfill our primary objective of giving high-level media the best of all worlds -- the chance to engage in highly personal, one-on-one dialogue with leading game company executives, as well as the chance to demo games on their own time and to check out offerings from both the best known and emerging game publishers and developers...It will also provide an excellent opportunity for meetings with retailers, developers and other audiences." It sure will. What do you guys think? Is this a positive or negative change in regards to the former setup of E3, which can be argued as... well, enormous and crowded. We here support this change (because personally... smaller gatherings yield much more personal and intimate results).

New game convention by CEA to ease the loss of E3?

The Consumer Electronics Association has given thought to a new trade show due to E3's change. The Consumer Electronics Show, CES, was the biggest in the US prior to E3's 1994 birth. Now that things have altered slightly, the industry calendar shows a gap where a new show could be instigated. What's the purpose of this new show? Gary Shapiro, CEA's president and CEO, said: "Since ESA decided to eliminate the E3 event in its known format, we have been deluged with inquiries on whether we could fill the tradeshow needs of smaller video entertainment companies."

So the new show will be primarily for showing off electronics of a smaller company? Those extra gadgets and consoles that found their home in the bottom of the E3 barrel get their own show, now? Not that it's a bad thing... getting the word out on new, less-marketed goods can be life-changing. It would be great if the smaller game developers showcasing at the event get picked up by larger companies for distribution -- didn't Bungie go through a similar process? Practically all smaller companies do and this may be a great event to jumpstart some new innovative game developers. What about you? Support the new show or nah?

E3 cancelled? Don't jump the gun, guys

Seems the media has been jumping all over the rumors of E3 being cancelled, even our pals over at Joystiq had a small celebration. Come on, the gods of E3 would never let Sony's last show be remembered as sub-par, which may be an ulterior motive to a lot of the media spreading this rumor. How does that make sense? A skewed sense of logic, some may say. Bias is everywhere, after all.

However, check out this article. We at PS3fanboy may not be the first to report some news, but at least we can be spared the shame of making too many large mistakes. Jumping the gun isn't good. Basically, the show is being downsized. It used to be a little more private and it's going to become more closed-door again. Will we still be able to bring the public news, or are media outlets limited too? Limited, maybe, but not barred. Most of the change will be the cost of setting up E3. It will probably turn into a more humble beast instead of a glitter and candy show. Also, more attention is to be given to all exhibits, not just the three big names in video gaming -- Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft. There you have it. E3 is returning to its smaller roots, not getting canned. That just doesn't make sense, really. Why cancel something so big? This is a much more logical solution.

Japanese mag surveys development community on PS3

The webslingin' PS3 takes a hit from the hobgoblin's survey bombIn the latest issue of the Japanese magazine Ge-Maga, which is also the longest running magazine in Japan, an anonymous survey was held regarding developers takes on Sony's slammin' console. Since most of us can't read kanji very well, IGN did the honors of translating the stats and they are summarized below:

  • 90.29% -- think it's too pricey
  • 9.71% -- think it's juuuuuuust right
Two Hardware Models Approach:
  • 56.31% disagree with it
  • 39.32% agree with it
  • 4.37% have no opinion
Launch Titles?
  • 55.82% don't think they'll help sell PS3
  • 39.32% say they're fine and dandy like sour candy
  • 4.86% are unsure how the launch titles will help
E3 Impressions?
  • 48.54% unchanged
  • 32.52% are less confident
  • 3.39% felt relieved
  • 15.55% have no impression to give
Sales Goal of 6M units by March '07?
  • 62.13% say no way
  • 35.43% say yes way
  • 2.44% say maybe
    This may seem dismal news to the PS3 fan, but remember -- there's still the Tokyo Game Show in September. Hopefully PS3 can pull out a few surprises like Devil May Cry 4 or Resident Evil 5. Those would help on its launch, but in Japan at least, Sony's main competition will be the Wii.

    Pressures to deliver Gran Turismo HD demo

    Imagine you're in one of the most premier developing houses around, and you've suddenly been asked to ensure the showing of a historically impressive franchise at the biggest videogame gathering in the world. And you've got three weeks to do it.

    This is what was going through Polyphony Digital's Kazunori Yamauchi when he was personally asked by Ken Kutaragi to have something ready for E3 concerning Gran Turismo. So with three weeks to go before the big event, the staff set to work. The magic happened thanks to hi-res car models from the Photo Mode in Gran Turismo 4.

    Now if only every developer had that kind of work ethic (Duke Nukem Forever anyone?).

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