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Don't wait for a Warhawk demo (it won't happen)

Sony's been really good about making downloadable demos for all of its first-party titles. However, both Warhawk and Lair have released, sans demo. Why is that? Considering Warhawk's incredible quality, we thought that Sony would want to give players a taste.

Well, it looks like a demo will never come out for this online-only game. SCEA responded to GameDaily BIZ: "Warhawk was designed to support up to 32-players online simultaneously. In a demo version of a multiplayer only game, there is little control over how many players will be on a dedicated server at a time, potentially leading to smaller online battles that do not fully do justice to the title's fast combat and frantic play. Additionally, Warhawk development underwent an extensive beta trial that included nearly 10,000 participants, which offered a wide audience ample opportunity to experience the game and provide valuable feedback to during Warhawk's development."

So, it looks like the beta was the only free chance you had at the game. You're just going to have to trust us: Warhawk is good, and you will like it (provided you can actually sign in on firmware 1.92 ... )

Stranglehold demo on PSN this week? Forum mod says "Yes"

Sony set a dangerous precedent with last week's PSN update (and also, a tragic mistake). We'll be expecting similar amounts of content for the US PSN and a much greater amount for the EU PSN (alright, alright -- enough moaning about the EU PSN, but honestly: we're bitter). So far this week is shaping up quite nicely now that we have confirmation of Motorstorm's Coyote Revenge update and, now, a Stranglehold demo. That's right. A demo for a game that doesn't involve balls or wheels. We're excited!

The announcement was made on the official Midway forums by the moderator "Echo77." Where do we recognise that name from? Oh yeah, he's the same fellow that started the Stranglehold region free nonsense a couple of months ago. Regardless, we're going to remain cautiously optimistic and hope for the best come Thursday.

GRAW 2 demo coming to the EU PSN this week

According to the French site Play3-Live, a Community Manager (aka Blog/Forum liason) at SCEE gave them a sneak peak at some of the upcoming updates to the EU PlayStation Store. Headlining the list is a demo for the heavily delayed PlayStation 3 version of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 as well as a couple of PSX titles. Here's the full list:

August 2nd:
  • Demo: GRAW 2
  • Video: Lair
  • Video: Ratchet and Clank: FToD
  • Video: Juiced 2: Hot Nights
August 9th:
  • PSX: Ridge Racer 1
  • PSX: Tekken 2
[Via N4G]


Changed title to point out the demo is coming out this week -- not next.

American PSN Store updates for July 26th

Mere minutes after the European PlayStation Store was updated with the Heavenly Sword demo, American users of the PlayStation Network will be able to download the hotly anticipated demo, along with a few additional goodies. Here's this week's line-up:

  • Heavenly Sword playable demo
  • Metal Gear Solid 4 gameplay demonstration
  • Resident Evil 5 game trailer
  • Haze "Origins" game trailer
  • "30 Days of Night" movie trailer
  • "Across the Universe" movie trailer
  • "August Rush" movie trailer
  • "Vacancy" Blu-Ray movie trailer
  • GripShift 2.0 full game - $9.99 {Update: "Previously available on the PLAYSTATION Store, this updated version includes faster load times and other minor fixes. If you've previously purchased GripShift from the PLAYSTATION Store, you can download this new version for free."]
This is quite possibly the most significant update the Store has ever received, providing a high profile game demo, hot game trailers, and a surprise new downloadable game. Log on to the Store now.

Ninja Gaiden: Sigma will reward you for playing the demo

As if PS3 owners didn't have enough reasons already to play the incredibly awesome Ninja Gaiden: Sigma demo, Team Ninja is giving us yet another. IGN writes that in the full version, you will be rewarded with an amount of in-game currency (Yellow Essence) depending on how far you've gotten in the demo, allowing you to purchase power-ups and items at the very beginning of the game. Did you unlock Rachel's level? Well you'll get a nice little bonus waiting for you when you start up the final version. Nothing jaw-dropping, but it's definitely a cool plus for those of you who have put in your time on the free demo and a handy leg-up for beginners.

It would be great to see other developers do things like this -- it's always kind of a bummer if you've spent a ton of time on the demo and have nothing to show for it in the full version of the game. Even if it's just pulling in your race times from the Motorstorm demo, that would be really cool. Do you guys know of any other games that have this kind of demo - full version integration?

New Folklore demo is great - let us tell you why

Those lucky Japanese will be getting their release of FolksSoul (FolkLore, to us English speakers) in three weeks. Because of this, the Japanese PlayStation store has been updated with a new demo of the game. We've played it. Twice. You should too. Click here if you need help setting up a Japanese PSN account. Got it all set up, and started downloading? Then read on after the jump to find out exactly what you'll be playing once that gigabyte demo lands on your PS3.

Continue reading New Folklore demo is great - let us tell you why

What's waiting in The Darkness? New multimedia info, that's what

Fancy some new details about The Darkness? Go on then, you've twisted my arm. If you've been keeping an eye on the Myspace page for the game then you'll probably already know this, but for those who haven't I'm here to relay Lord Sonatine's message. Here's the skinny:
  • Release date: Confirmed for the 25th of June
  • Demos: No cover discs. Expect to see a downloadable demo on the PLAYSTATION Store three weeks before release.
  • Videos: Three in the works. One is ready and is working on being approved. Apparently we'll LOVE it. Two other videos, showing off multiplayer and 'supernatural elements' of the game, have started being produced.
  • Pre-order: Doing so at EB or Gamestop will net you an in-game 2K Sports Darkling.
Sounds great to me. It should be a couple of months filled with The Darkness, all the way up to release. Give in. The Darkness is coming, and it's bringing friends.

[Thanks, Ben Furneaux]

LittleBigPlanet demo this fall?

Fresh from the German site comes news that Sony is planning on releasing a demo for LittleBigPlanet over the PlayStation Network this fall in the USA. The quirky platformer has captured the hearts and imagination of PlayStation fans all over since it was shown-off at this year's GDC, so this is good news indeed.

And if you've missed it, I highly recommend grabbing the HD trailer for LittleBigPlanet from the Playstation Store. It's a large download (450 MB), but it is well worth it. I still giggle in excitement every time I watch it.

Ninja Gaiden demo strikes the Store

Every Thursday, the PLAYSTATION Store updates with this or that. Ninja Gaiden, the butt-kickingly awesome game from Team Ninja, will be available for play in today's update. The demo will feature multiple weapons, visuals running at 1080p and 60fps, and some mad ninja action. The demo is also supposed to have some unlockable stuff -- that's nice. We recall there being some kind of ninja-esque scoreboard for the demo, so we'll cross our fingers for that. Make sure that when you play it, your PS3 doesn't start to puff out smoke.

Also included in today's update is a demo for Virtua Tennis, and various trailers.

PlayStation Store adds free MLB demo and more

A ton of new updates will hit the PLAYSTATION Store today. Trailers for the incredible PlayStation Home, online-only Warhawk, quirky Network title Super Rub'A'Dub, and various Paramout Pictures movies make up the latest video additions to the Store. More significant, though, is the addition of a playable demo of Major League Baseball 2K7. According to the press release, "Major League Baseball 2K7 redefines the pure baseball video game experience with true, next-gen details, all-new throwing mechanics and a revolutionary presentation system. Major League Baseball 2K7 features stunning, lifelike player models, Signature Style animations, Inside Edge data and more."

Sure thing. With the low price of admission (free), we're willing to try anything. And with the newly-added background downloading feature, we'll be able to watch a movie while we wait for the download to finish.

Def Jam Icon demo heads to the PlayStation Store

On Thursday (tomorrow), Sony will be updating the PlayStation Store with a new playable demo that (shock!) isn't a racing game: Def Jam Icon. EA's music-inspired fighter hasn't earned the greatest critical praise, but at a price of "free," it'll probably be worthwhile to check out the demo.

Also available on the store will be videos of the already-released Resistance: one trailer and three behind-the-scenes features that cover gameplay, concept art and level design.

[Via 1UP]

GDC 07: Warhawk's transition into a Network title

At the Sony blogger's event, Warhawk's Dylan Jobe admitted that the PlayStation Network game doesn't deserve "to be a full priced game." Unfortunately, he admits, it's not his job to set the pricing. The team wanted to make a good product, but there were a few employees frustrated that the game was becoming a Network-only game. There's a stigma, he noted, and one disgruntled employee left the team due to the misconception that downloadable games are somehow lesser experiences.

"Crap product will sell like crap, whether or not it's on a shelf or not," Dylan admitted. He thinks that the future of Sony's Network offerings is exciting, especially because it "transcends arcade rehashes." These are "high quality titles" that will allow the company to "earn the player's trust back."

Going forward, Sony admits that they're trying to get a "downloadable demo for every title." There is no Warhawk demo in the works now, but the possibility of offering a public beta for trial purpose is still being discussed.

Pressures to deliver Gran Turismo HD demo

Imagine you're in one of the most premier developing houses around, and you've suddenly been asked to ensure the showing of a historically impressive franchise at the biggest videogame gathering in the world. And you've got three weeks to do it.

This is what was going through Polyphony Digital's Kazunori Yamauchi when he was personally asked by Ken Kutaragi to have something ready for E3 concerning Gran Turismo. So with three weeks to go before the big event, the staff set to work. The magic happened thanks to hi-res car models from the Photo Mode in Gran Turismo 4.

Now if only every developer had that kind of work ethic (Duke Nukem Forever anyone?).


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