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David Jaffe's Eat Sleep Play logo revealed

David Jaffe's new game development company, Eat Sleep Play, has had its logo revealed on the Level-Up blog. While we were in two minds about the company name (Jaffe Cakes is still up for grabs!), we're even less sure about this logo. Jaffe explains it to the Level-Up crew, drawing parallels between the games he plans on making and ... soda.

This is where the confusion begins. This logo makes us think of beer more than soda. Also, where's the drink? Having Eat Sleep Play on the bottle cap of a drink doesn't make much sense to us. But what do we know? We're no sales gurus. It looks pretty though, right?

David Jaffe is 100% Sony, despite new office

While rumors abounded about David Jaffe leaving his position at Sony to open a new studio with some buddies at Incognito Entertainment, we held back until we got more information. Good thing we did, because the rest of the internet buzzed with headlines along the lines of "Jaffe leaves SCEA, world doomed!" We remained optimistic and Jaffe answered our uncertainty on the NeoGAF forums.

Jaffe replied to the rumors of a Utah office and leaving Sony by saying "I can promise you guys I am still part of SCEA...I just got a paycheck from them! I am still 100% a Sony employee and unless I got fired today and they didn't tell me, I'm still working for them ... I sure as s**t ain't moving to Utah...nice as it is, I don't think I could live there long term and I don't think the good people of Utah would want me to." However, Jaffe is working with Incognito and has a Utah-based office in the works. So, he's still a Sony guy and isn't moving to Utah, but will have a new office to crank out those super-fun PSN titles. As the new studio progresses, we'll keep you up to date with our favorite developer.

[via GameDaily]

David Jaffe takes pictures of potential new studio

Remember that David Jaffe fellow? You must do. He's that guy that makes those games you love. Games like God of War and Calling All Cars. You must remember him. He had a blog, once upon a time, but it went dark about a month and a half ago. Made a rather scathing post after a certain website commented on him pulling Calling All Cars back just before launch to fix some bugs. Ah, now you remember. Good.

Well it seems that the darkness that once shrouded his blog has been banished after a new post was made today. Jaffe clearly believes in the old cliche "a picture speaks a thousand words," so he's given us two of them. Words? No, pictures.

The pictures show the insides of an empty building. Empty apart from one thing - potential. Could these be images of his new "small games" studio? Especially considering the title of the post is "coming soon." With a dedicated work space for Jaffe and his casual-games making cohorts, we could be seeing more games being produced by him at a much higher pace. We're intrigued to see how this turns out and will definitely be keeping an eye on his, hopefully frequent, blog posts from now on.

[Via 1Up]

David Jaffe interview, more downloadable games coming

David Jaffe, the revered designer of God of War and the more recent, Calling All Cars, delivers some interesting banter via an interview with Three Speech. He says the difficulty of developing a title like Calling All Cars was the inability to rely "on old tricks" to alleviate the obviousness in areas with weaker game play. In regards to arcade titles, he says "if [the] core gaming isn't working, you have nowhere to hide." Near the tail-end of the interview, when asked if he has any more ideas planned for more downloadable games, Jaffe says his team is "in the design phase with two and three." Hmmm ... Calling All Cars 2 and 3? Or maybe a redesigned remake of the original Twisted Metal? Hey, we'd buy it.

Jaffe unhappy at the internet - quits blogging

Yesterday, David Jaffe announced on the NeoGaf forums that Calling all Cars! was delayed (again). The general reaction on the Internet to the announcement was disappointment mingled with acknowledgment that fixing bugs is a worthy reason for a delay. Some people took it better than others though and when our parent site Joystiq compared Jaffe to "a little girl struggling to keep her favorite doll out of the garage sale bin," they clearly hit a nerve on the outspoken developer.

Though he didn't specifically call out the Joystiq post as the one that pushed him over the edge, Jaffe posted another one of his infamous rants in which he expressed his ... strong dissatisfaction with a certain 'unnamed' website and declared that he is going to stop blogging:

"I'm going to go dark. My stylings have upset some folks within the biz I care very much about and that I can not live with"

Personally, I'll miss his blog but he's such a volatile guy that maybe some time out of the limelight will be good for him. According to Jaffe, we can expect to hear from him next in July when he announces details on his next PSN title - or until somebody gets him drunk on camera.

Initial Review Roundup - Calling All Cars!

After delay after delay, Calling all Cars! has finally gone gold and the initial rounds of reviews have started to trickle in. Gamespot, 1up, and IGN have all weighed in on David Jaffe's 'casual' follow-up to God of War, and the response has been... interesting.
  • IGN gave it an 8.5, stating that "Calling All Cars is Sony's first truly original, must-have title on the PlayStation Network, and it bests just about everything there is to be found on Microsoft's online arcade center."
  • 1up gave it an 8.0, calling it "a chaotic successor to the likes of R.C. Pro-Am and Super Off Road that's easy on the wallet, and it's also among the best examples of how the concept of downloadable content should be used."
And then there's Gamespot.
  • Gamespot gave it a 6.7. They said it was a "frantic good time that's cut short by a serious lack of content." They dinged the gameplay for being too random and luck based, and practically rioted over the inclusion of only four maps, saying "that it feels more like a demo than a full game."
As you can see, there is some interesting contrast in reviews between the 'big three' gaming sites. Unfortunately, we cannot really give a rebuttal at this point, since us mere mortals will not be able to get our grubby little hands onto it until next Thursday.

Conveniently though, David Jaffe has posted a rebuttal for us! It is a surprisingly thoughtful critique of the Gamespot review and game reviewers in general. Check it out, I highly recommend it:

(P.S.: First post!)

David Jaffe wants independent studio, hates capitalism?

David Jaffe is the closest thing to a mascot Sony has right now (we've actually got a nice feature detailing that coming up -- so long as this weekend allows Nick the time to research and write it up), so naturally whatever he says will be taken with a grin, nod, and written down to report on later. GameDaily had another interview with the guy, and we'll take the honor of posting some of his fabulous quotes.

What would you change about the PS3?
  • "I probably would have taken the Blu-ray out and sold it for less money." Fair enough. Is this the first time someone affiliated with Sony said something like this?
Any plans to start up an independent studio or anything?
  • "I think it's a great idea and it's an idea that I've explored and will continue to explore." He talks about how he's not sure whether the studio would be within or outside of Sony, but he plans to continue contributing to Sony either way. However, he's not sure about the idea.
Are bigger games better than smaller titles? How do you feel about being driven to create blockbuster titles one after the other?
  • "It's like, 'F**k you capitalist society that says all I need to do is work and contribute to the bottom line. F**k you up your a**.' I want a life." Now that's what we're talking about! It was strange how Jaffe's attitude was absent from the rest of the interview. Heh, capitalism.

He's certainly entertaining. His games are, too. Even if he decides to shy away from those "bigger" titles permanently, he'll definitely become a force to be reckoned with once those downloadable games start rolling out. His latest, Calling All Cars, should be out next week. Probably Thursday, since the PS-Store loves updating on Thursday. Just like Phantasy Star Universe... speaking of, there's a huge update in that game today.

Why was Calling All Cars delayed so much?

The Full Moon Show, an Insomniac podcast, recently released "Episode 2" where they interviewed some guy who called himself David Jaffe or something like that. Ever heard of this lout? He thought he could explain why Calling All Cars, made by this other guy named... hmm... well, shoot, we completely forgot! Was it something like Javid Daffe? Either way, here's the explanation from the man himself.

During their extensive playtesting, there were instances where one player would just blow away the other players, creating a gap in score that kept growing to silly amounts. Sensing that it would draw away from the fun, Jaffe retreated to some devs who worked on older, arcade-style games for some coding help. Enter the image of Jaffe conversing with a Council of Elders in Developerland. Jaffe and crew are currently testing out some of the strategies for fixing the issue as given by these other developers. At least he's trying to make it fair for everyone, right?

God of War to go beyond a trilogy?

Holy crap. Having just finished reading this interview (it's about noon, not that it matters), I've got to keep myself from laughing out loud (LOLing, if we may) because I'm in a study... area. Anyway, David Jaffe was interviewed way back during GDC about a number of things, but we're going to concentrate on his talk about God of War and where that franchise will go. But we're also going to make a quick list of our favorite quotes from the interview. Because it's hilarious.

  • Jaffe on Nintendo and the Wii: "I love Nintendo. I can't get my hands on a f***ing Wii."
  • Jaffe on asking Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime for a Wii: "I don't know, it's not like he's carrying them around like Santa Claus..."
  • Jaffe on Microsoft responding to HOME: "I think it's a good attempt at spin. Good for them for trying to spin their way out of a pretty bad situation."
  • Jaffe about missing the rumble feature: "No one would say, "Yeah rumble sucks, nobody cares about it." It's a nice feature... but let's put it this way: when I heard we weren't going to have rumble I wasn't like, "Oh my god we're f***ed."

All right, whatever. The meat of the God of War stuff is on the third page of the interview. To summarize, Jaffe explains that he knows exactly where the story of Kratos is going and where it will end, but he thinks it may take two or three more games to tell the tale completely (sales dependent, sure). Also, Sony will probably release some mini-stories to tie up other loose ends. The third title is rumored to be coming to the PS3 (duh), will support 1080p and some nifty SIXAXIS ideas. Good stuff, funny guy. Curses like a sailor. We at PS3Fanboy always respect men of the sea, because they're like pirates and pirates are pleasant and cordial.

GDC 07: Calling All Cars impressions

Calling All Cars, David Jaffe's upcoming PlayStation Store-exclusive game, was available for play on the GDC show floor. The game, which has you competing against up to three other players, has you controlling wacky cop cars trying to catch criminals. The game is easy to pick up, fast, and most importantly, totally fun.

Playing with three other players resulted in a game of total chaos and mayhem. The cars were incredibly responsive, and the various weapons created constant clashes. The levels were highly destructible, encouraging players to enter total rampages.

Be sure to check out Calling All Cars when it hits the PlayStation Store later this week.

Calling All Cars preview overview... that works, right?

Well, we last spoke of David Jaffe's Calling All Cars game sometime last week. He was going to show the build to 1UP and like someone who keeps his word, he did just that. What did they think? What did they learn? We're going to talk about just that. But we'll say this: they had fun and that's a good sign.

The premise of the game is fairly simple: choose a car, knock other cars out of your way (either bumping or weaponry works -- more on that in a bit), nab the criminal and port him off to the nearest prison drop-off. Bam! You receive points. There are other ways to get points, like nailing a helicopter or a paddy wagon instead of the regular prison drop-off point. Most points at the end of the game wins, just like golf! I always win at golf.

Weaponry is a good assist when it comes to knocking your rivals out of commission. They're one-time use items, but they get the job done. First up is the Hammer: it's short-range and you can imagine what it does. If the car subject to your attack has a criminal inside, he'll pop right out. Next is the Magnet: it's medium-range and seems to suck the criminal right out of a car nearby. Handy. Lastly is the Missile: you can figure it out. Jaffe claims each weapon has defensive abilities too, but the 1UP staff didn't understand his hints. Like we said earlier: there's probably a rock-paper-scissors effect (magnet attracts missile, missile stops hammer, hammer crushes magnet is what this clever blogger is assuming).

There's a bit more coverage about the game, but it's just the control scheme and their final impressions -- all positive. We're looking forward to this one!


David Jaffe, God of War 3, and other stuff too

Someone decided to interrupt David Jaffe, man behind classics like Twisted Metal and a little game called God of War, at the Playboy Mansion. They had the balls (pun definitely intended) to ask him about God of War 3, which is funny since the second game isn't even out yet. Expectedly, Jaffe said that he started scribbling down design notes four days ago -- no development, no decision to even create the game. All focus is still on number 2.

Jaffe also takes a moment to call out EGM, who named Jaffe the "God of Bulls...tuff" because they thought his PSP game was a giant publicity rumor. Jaffe says he just fudged it up and cancelled it -- there was no rumor, it just ended up sucking. That's cool.

A few more highlights before we tell you to watch the video yourself: narrative will be laced between all three games (if they decide to make it). Also, Jaffe would love to make this game on the PS3 -- he just needs the go-ahead from Sony and some cash money money. As for the SIXAXIS, he has some ideas for implementation but he doesn't go into too much detail. It's a very cool, informative, honest interview. Check it out.

Details on David Jaffe's "casual" game

God of War's David Jaffe had dropped hints on his blog a long time ago about not wanting to make just epic titles, expressing also his desire to make more casual games. What he meant, nobody knew. Initially, he had a game titled HL in work for the PSP, but it got shelved for now. Jaffe expertly drops a few hints on the new casual title he's working on: "It's totally NOT a game like HL was going to be, or God of War for that matter. It has stuff in common with Twisted Metal, Bomberman, and...well, a few other things that I ain't gonna talk about yet!" So... it's like a destructive party game?

The game wasn't at TGS, but it's supposed to be floating around the "air waves" in the next couple of months. Let's piece this together. It's a smaller, casual title. It's like Bomberman and Twisted Metal meets "other things". It'll be floating around the "air waves" this holiday season. Jaffe is a Sony employee. The game runs in 1080i. Can you say: launch title for Sony's e-distribution? Let's hope so, since we've seen very little on the online experience from Sony.

David Jaffe despises action/adventure, Kratos cries

God of War director David Jaffe recently posted on his blog and covered the important points for us. An interesting pair of quotes are where Jaffe says "I find myself enjoying single player action adventure games more than I have since I was a kid," but also says that after designing an action/adventure game with an epic story he has "lost interest in the genre of single player action/adventure games." He likes playin' 'em, but doesn't like makin' 'em. He doesn't want to tell stories with his games anymore?

Jaffe believes, apparently, that most games today don't really feed on the raw emotions that a game could, and should, evoke from the player. What, then, will Project HL be? If he doesn't want to make a story, what could it be? A very hard, annoying puzzle game that makes us cry because it's so ridiculous? What about God of War 2, or God of War 3? Will the story taper off and the third try to evoke raw emotions from us with nothing other than blood and mayhem? This may worry some, but as concluded, it does appear he is suffering from burnout due to rough development schedules. Buck up, Jaffe! We believe in you.


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