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Capcom has three things to say at TGS, but what?

Capcom news has been relatively subdued for a while. They didn't say much at E3, they didn't do much at Leipzig, but they're promising the Tokyo Game Show will be their big event, showing off more than that same damn Devil May Cry 4 demo. They have three large announcements, apparently, but won't even hint at any of them. Below are our guesses.
  • PS3 ports of Dead Rising and Lost Planet to appease angered/confused ex-Capcom fans.
  • Announcement of Dead Rising 2 or some other sequel ... like MegaMan Legends 3.
  • A new Capcom vs [insert competing company here] fighting game, in high-res 2D sprite glory.
Our guesses are just that -- guesses. If you've got any you'd like to contribute, by all means, drop a comment and let everyone judge your ideas against their own. Needless to say, we'll be on top of things when Capcom makes the official unveiling of their announcements next week.

Devil May Cry 4 gets some boxart

Boxart lately has been going downhill. They tend to be mishmashed, garbled pieces of last-minute marketing, with way too much happening on one little box to elicit anything but "this is cheesy". There are other boxarts like Warhawk that get the point across: title, clouds, airplane. Simple, direct, excellent.

The past boxarts for Devil May Cry have also been simple: generally it's Dante in a sweet pose with the title somewhere around him. That's why we're kind of disappointed at the supposed final boxart for Devil May Cry 4. It's got Nero in a cool pose and we're fine with that. But what's with the giant Dante in the background? It makes the entire thing seem a bit crowded, honestly. Not that it matters -- the game inside the case is what counts. Thoughts?

[Thanks, Cagalli!]

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix busts jewels on August 30th

Capcom has posted on their official message boards that greatest-puzzle-game-ever, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix has been finished and will hit the PlayStation Store in just over a week on August 30th. The game will run you 10 dollars; a great deal considering it was a full priced game when it was released on the PlayStation 1, the Saturn, and the GBA.

SPFIITHDR sports a shiny 1080p make-over, full online play with leaderboards, and tweaked gameplay balance -- all things fans of the game should greatly appreciate. Anybody else going to get their jeweled Hadouken on?

[Via GameStooge]

Next-gen Onimusha, MegaMan Legends, and RE5 discussed

Keiji Inafune is a brilliant mastermind. Not only did he create MegaMan, but he's mulling over the possibility of making a next-gen Onimusha title, reviving the amazing MegaMan Legends franchise, and goes on to talk a bit about the changes made in Resident Evil 5. While every single one of those games deserves their own time in the sun, we're going to squash them together in bullet list form and let you decide who to dote over.
  • Inafune wants to make MegaMan Legends 3 awfully bad -- moreso than Onimusha and perhaps RE5, but since management won't give him funding, he has to wait until he climbs the ladder a little more.
  • If an Onimusha sequel is created, Inafune wants to go back to actor-based characters instead of the fictional characters from Dawn of Dreams.
  • In the same vein, Inafune wants to make an Onimusha with a female lead character, but he's told it would not sell, so it has been denied him these many years! We are sad at hearing this.
  • As for Resident Evil 5, light is the new source of fear instead of dark. Inafune and gang (including a good number of people from the defunct Clover studios) want to find ways to utilize light to scare people. How realistically it can be used, etc. It seems like it could work. It's hard to see in a house if you've been out in the blazing desert sun for a few hours. Who knows what lurks within!
We hope Inafune gets more sway in Capcom's happenings, because we want to see some amazing games that we know developers are willing to work on. The above three are probably the ones we're looking forward to the most from Capcom, partially because we don't fully believe they'll be happening anytime soon. It's sad, but true. Which of these three would you love to have fall into your hands tomorrow morning?

New Devil May Cry 4 screenshots showcase new characters

Set aside your hatred, fanatics! Devil May Cry 4 is still awesome, still showcased on PS3 hardware, and still coming our way ... at some point. While we wait, however, we've come across some new screenshots that show off some new characters that will undoubtedly 1) get in the main character's way, 2) say cheesy one-liners, and 3) turn into really ugly creatures for some reason. We can't wait! There are guys with monocles, girls with really white hair, some other guy who looks like the guy with the monocle but without said monocle ... the possibilities are endless. No matter how you feel about Capcom's treatment of the PS3 and Sony, if you've had experience with prior Devil May Cry titles, you know your fingers are burning for some cheesy action.

Update: Capcom has provided us with images and descriptions of the new characters:

"Credo – Kyrie's older brother and the leader of the Magic Sword Cult, an organization that worships Sparda and whose mission is to destroy all demons

Agnus – the Cult's chief researcher, responsible for developing new weapons to defeat demons

Gloria – the only female executive member of the Cult

The cut-scene reveals Dante bursting in on a ceremony conducted by the Magic Sword Cult. Credo and his fellow knights, including Nero, draw their swords ready to kill Dante, who they believe must be a demon."

Gallery: Devil May Cry 4

Super Puzzle Fighter II HD is almost here

1up is reporting that Capcom has almost finished up Super Puzzle Fighter II HD and that we should have it in our grubby little hands before the end of the month. The remake of the popular and wildly addictive puzzler from the mid-90s is getting a massive upgrade in graphics, with 1080p support, new artwork and some fancy new gem effects (seriously -- they're hot). While the graphical updates aren't as amazing as the Super Street Fighter II HD treatment, they're still fantastic looking and are nothing to scoff at.

While we wait for the actual game to get released on the PlayStation Store, take a gander at the hot puzzle action in the gallery below. And remember, if you aren't excited for this game, you have no soul.

Looks like it is coming out in August.

It's official: Chris Redfield locked, loaded for Resident Evil 5

It's not like we're surprised. Anyone even remotely familiar with the Resident Evil franchise could have picked Chris Redfield's dashing looks from afar, but it's still nice to get confirmation from Jun Takeuchi, the game's producer. But Chris isn't working for the Special Tactics And Rescue Squad this time. He's working for BSAA -- we can't even think of a good phrase to match that one. We can't blame him, he's been out of work for 10 years, apparently. Ever since the end of the Mansion Incident.

Jun tempts us with questions, asking us what happened to Chris over the last ten years, if he's fighting for good or evil, what kind of creatures is he up against? We don't know, Jun! We honestly don't know! He was sparse in mentioning game details, but he assures us there are some gameplay mechanics in the works he can't talk about yet. Light and darkness will play a major role -- if you enter a dark room from outside, it'll take a little while to adjust and vice-versa. C'mon, Chris, wear an eyepatch. That's what they're for, after all.

Some Devil May Cry 4 action, since it's been a while

Turn your volume down, now! Unless you want to hear the incredibly loud sounds of E3 sprinkled with some DMC4 music, we're just warning you. Of course, there are more than one new trailer for Devil May Cry 4 up at Gametrailers, but we're just giving you a small taste of what the latest build of Capcom's title looks like. It looks very smooth, but still lacking that signature difficulty. By all means, the guy playing the demo should be getting his bum handed to him, since he's not playing that expertly. On the other hand, the enemies are all very simple and basic too, so perhaps Capcom is saving the more extreme enemies for the more extreme crowd -- those who buy the game.

Capcom unveiling new 2D fighter soon

Two dimensional fighting games are pretty rare these days, but rewind time a decade or so and you'll find Capcom's name everywhere. This is mainly because of their Street Fighter franchise. Now, a new teaser site has emerged and it beckons us to wonder: what new 2D fighter is Capcom going to announce soon?

While rumors abound that it could be the next Street Fighter, we wouldn't want to jump on that wagon too quickly. There's nothing on the teaser site that remotely reminds us of the classic fighter. If we read Japanese, perhaps we could provide some more proof. But we can't. Our guess? A new IP. Yep, we're taking the road less traveled and hypothesizing Capcom is making a completely new cast of characters for a completely new 2D fighting game. Doubtful, but it'd be exciting!

[via CVG]

Guile goes HD in the latest SFII HD screenshots

Capcom has released another batch of images from the upcoming SFII HD remake and this time they're featuring hair-enthusiast Guile. Like the other images these ones look absolutely fantastic; it's really going to be incredible to see them in motion and with the backgrounds.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
(also known as SSFIITHDR) will be available later this year for download from the PlayStation store. Until then, check out the gallery below!

Gallery: Guile SFII HD Sprites

Akuma's Street Fighter II HD makeover

Last week we got our first look at Ken from the upcoming 1080p remake of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and today Udon Comics has given us a look at SFII badass, Akuma. Just like Ken before him, Akuma's HD treatment looks absolutely amazing and sports an incredible amount of detail. The artists at Udon have really done an awesome job at updating the geriatric sprites -- these new shots look almost too good to be true. According to the post on the Capcom blog site though, the images are straight from the game with the backgrounds removed, which bodes fantastically for the final product. Luckily, SSFIITHDR is coming out later this year so we don't have long to wait until we get our high-def Hyduken on.

Gallery: Super Street Fighter II HD - Akuma

[Via High-Score]

Resident Evil 5 before April 2008 seems very unlikely

You read the subject line -- Capcom isn't rushing their latest Resident Evil title to make some quick bucks. They are taking their sweet time (and probably relying on the attractive Devil May Cry 4 to boost sales a bit) to make sure we're getting the best product starring Chris Redfield we can get. In fact, Capcom must really love that poster boy -- he's been in the most games. The original (which we'll count as the fantastic GameCube remake), Code: Veronica and now this. However, poster boy #2, Leon Kennedy, stars in the best games of the series -- the second and fourth. Debate all you like.

Capcom released some financial reports and guess what game isn't listed on this fiscal calendar's release schedule? Yep, Resident Evil 5. This means we can expect to do the business with the zombies and whatnot around April of next year. At the earliest. Every single game just seems to get farther and farther from release! Eventually, developers might just shrug their shoulders and say "well, we just don't want to release games anymore." We kid, of course, but the waiting game is so boring.

Devil May Cry producer may cry if system wars continue

Famitsu Xbox 360, an obviously 360-centric publication of the Japanese Famitsu magazine, recently got a short interview with Devil May Cry 4 producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi. They finally got the answer everyone has been arguing over: why did DMC4 go multiplatform? We're satisfied with the answer, so we'll outline that along with other queries asked below.

  • About the move toward multiple platforms, Kobayashi said "We're using an engine called Framework for development, and it's extremely easy to have a multiplatform strategy including the PC. You can say that Devil May Cry 4 is the first such offering. With the increase in platforms, we have the chance of more people being able to play the game, so we're also happy as developers." The strong name of the game overseas help, too, he said.
  • The game is definitely built originally on the PS3 and ported to other systems (which will yield better ports to other systems and easier for the developers). Kobayashi said that "we've just started with the Xbox 360 version following the announcement, so there's still a ways to go." If the PS3 version is nearly complete, can't we just get it now? We wanna play.
  • The content, as we've said before, will be the same across platforms. Minor graphical differences may exist, plus the PS3 can install the game onto the hard drive, but the game will play the same regardless. Kobayashi laments, "We wanted to avoid arguments about which one is better."
  • The game will indeed run at 60fps. Kobayashi actually claimed keeping to that goal has proven to be one of the biggest challenges in developing for next-gen consoles so far.

Finally, we've been told to expect an advanced build of the game at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show in September. It wasn't made clear if it will be any specific console build, but we'd anticipate a booth for both the PS3 and 360 versions of the game. Not for comparison purposes, but just to show how they're progressing. So they say.

Mega Man Legends 3 may exist, if Inafune finds tons of zenny

Here's a story that hits a personal note. Mega Man has always held a very, very precious spot in the gaming world for us (read: me). Following the franchise from MM 1 - 6, jumping to the SNES 7 the three Mega Man X series of games, even the Mega Man Soccer game, to the PS One release of Mega Man 8, Mega Man X 4 - 8, it's a staple. Oh, let's not forget the ninth installment with Mega Man and Bass. That one was tough. What a lot of people didn't follow, however, were the incredibly entertaining and highly enjoyable Mega Man Legends titles. There were only two, but well worth your time. And no, the game boy games don't count. There are too darn many to care about. Maybe the ZX series.

Anyway, in a surprise interview with the creator of Mega Man, 1UP asked if there were any plans to bring next-gen treatment the blue bomber's way. Keiji Inafune said that he'd like to, but worried that it would be impossible to recoup the costs of making such a game on next-gen platforms. So, when told to ignore the whole monetary part of it, he replied thus: "I think it probably would be Mega Man Legends 3. And that's not just me -- a lot of the original team members would also love to make a sequel. They talk about it. I talk about it sometimes. I know they love that series and so do I. If I were to say right now, I have a tiny, tiny, tiny dream that I wish I could realize, but I don't know if it's possible, it would be to do a sequel in the Legends series."

Hell. Yes. It's great to actually hear that -- it's Capcom's most promising Mega Man series, really. Promising, not lucrative. Inafune said that the engine to build that game on would probably be the same as that used in Dead Rising or Lost Planet, which makes sense. Especially if you compare the movement mechanics in the latter to the Legends games. We hope this happens -- if you're rich, Inafune is asking you to pelt him with change until he's got the cash. We'll pitch in.

Udon Comics redraws Street Fighter II for the HD era

Click image for higher resolution.
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (please Capcom, can you make this title longer?) is shaping up to be the single best retro revival ... ever. Their upcoming downloadable title puts Sony Online Entertainment's 1080p envisionings of Midway classics look downright lazy, to say the least. Capcom is showing PS3 gamers what real high definition is all about: instead of simply reusing and resampling the same assets from the original title, SSFIITHDR will feature brand-new high-resolution sprites hand-drawn by the amazing folks at Udon Comics.

The new HD sprites, as found on Capcom's forums, make the originals look as antiquated as they truly are. These sprites dwarf their nearest competitor, Guilty Gear, as shown in this "confidential" Capcom presentation slide. We thoroughly applaud Capcom's endeavor in avoiding a lazy re-release of this title -- now if only all retro games on the PlayStation Store would feature the same kind of effort.

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