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Amazon will not honour "incorrect prices" on Lair and Folklore orders

What started out as a simple deal of the day has turned into an ugly battle between Amazon and some of its customers. Lair and Folklore were listed for £14.95 each, an incredible deal by anyone's standards. Because of this, both games shot to the top of the Amazon bestseller's list for Video Games. Some of our more paranoid commenters emailed Amazon about whether the price was correct and whether they would honour it if it turned out to be an error. At least one person apparently got an email stating that the prices were correct and that they should expect no price change.

As the old saying goes, "just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you." Amazon yesterday started sending out emails stating that people's Lair and Folklore orders had been cancelled due to a pricing mistake. It seems weird to us that two games were priced wrongly for exactly the same amount of time and at exactly the same price. What are your thoughts?

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

Deal of Yesterday: Lair and Folklore back at full price at Amazon

Amazon's amazing deal on Lair and Folklore yesterday seems to have unceremoniously come to an end. The price for each game has risen to £34.99, more than double the "sale" price. Was it a sale though? We're not sure. It didn't take long for both games to hit the number 1 and number 2 spot on the bestsellers list for Video Games. We're sure Amazon themselves would have noticed the amount of attention the games were getting if it was a mistake.

We don't know whether yesterday's prices will be honoured for those that pre-ordered the games, but are looking into it. If you've been in contact with Amazon about it, please let us know.

PlayStation 3 sells out at Amazon, nothing until next week

While analysts and pundits (rightfully) debate the honesty and reasoning behind the whole PS3 pricing debacle, it's clear that consumers have just been focused on one thing: the price tag. Sony mentioned during their conference that sales at all their major resalers had doubled already and it looks like they weren't kidding -- Amazon just ran out of their entire stock of PlayStation 3s and aren't getting anything until next week. Normally, stocking issues is more of a Wii phenomenon but it looks like a lot of people were either waiting in baited anticipation for the price cut, or a lot of people are scared Sony is going to jack the price of the PS3 back up to 600 dollars later this year.

Interestingly, sales of the PlayStation 3 have been so strong that its pushed the Amazon special pack-in movie Resident Evil into the top 5 movie sellers across all formats, including DVDs. That's something that even top tier Blu-ray releases can rarely do for even a couple days, and Resident Evil has been holding there all week. Since it's pretty unlikely that an older Blu-ray disc would undergo such a resurrection in sales by itself, that alone indicates that the PS3 sales have been extremely good at Amazon. With great games finally coming out and a decent library starting to form, this is a good time to be a new PS3 owner -- but how long will the sales spike last? Until the only option is a $599 80GB PS3?

Looks like they got an early new shipment of PS3s and they're back in stock at Amazon. Go get your buy on!

Holy crap, they just ran out of stock again. People REALLY want their PS3s, don't they?

[Via N4G]

PS3 price drop causes a 2800% jump in sales at

It already looks like the price drop for the PlayStation 3 is having an effect on sales. After official confirmation of the price drop, sales at for the 60GB PS3 have spiked by 2800% and have overtaken the Wii and Guitar Hero: Rock the 80s as the best selling item in the Video Game category.

While it's hard to judge the success of the price cut in only one day, it's interesting to see how many people are snapping up the new $499 PS3. A price cut of $100 is not insignificant but the PS3 is still the most expensive console, and industry watchers were curious to see just how many people would be moved to purchase the console after a 'mere' 17% price drop.

Judging from the early evidence though, the answer is 'a lot.'

Deal of the Day: SIXAXIS for $40

Controllers don't come cheap these days. Sony's tilting PS3 controller usually retails for $50, but is having a special sale, knocking the price down to $40 (with free shipping to boot!). If you're not waiting for a controller that can rumble (and who knows when that'll arrive), this might be what you need to finally start playing some multiplayer PS3 games.

[Via CAG]

Amazon offers up to 43% off select Blu-ray titles

More good news for high-def fans. The discounts on Blu-ray titles just keep on coming. Amazon announced plans to offer up to 43% on select Blu-ray and HD-DVD titles, starting today. After discount, titles like The Terminator, Species and King Arthur: (Director's Cut) can be had for as little as $16.99. New entries to Blu-ray format are apparently also being sliced with deep discounts. Payback: Straight Up - The Director's Cut and Deja Vu were released on Blu-ray less than two months ago and are at $17.99 and $21.49 respectively, after discount. With savings like these, it'll be easier on the wallet to start rebuilding that high-def Blu-ray library.

Deal of the Day: Blu-Ray prices dropping fast thanks to web promotions

So we're in the midst of a game drought. No big deal. By a lucky coincidence the PS3 can also play Blu-Ray discs. Did you know that? Now, with a recently introduced "3 for 2" promotion at Amazon US and DVD Empire, getting your favourite films in High Definition has never been so cheap.

The list of films available in the promotion is limited to 34 of the less popular titles. Even so, there should still be some decent movies there worthy of your hard earned cash. Some of the more notable films include Casino Royale, Big Fish, Memento, Silent Hill and House of Flying Daggers. While it would have been nice to have seen Pirates of the Caribbean I & II in the mix, they seem to be selling well enough as it is.

Alternatively, you can save 20% on all Blu-Rays and DVDs over at by using the voucher code "USATODAY". With a combination of these two promotions, you'll never have to pay full price for a Blu-Ray disc again. Maybe.

[Update: Corrected wording. "3 for 2," not "2 for 1."] selling PS3s for (just) under £390 - this week only! seem to enjoy dropping Sony's prices, even after an official price cut. Well they've done it again. For this week only you can order a 60GB PS3 from for only £389.99. That's a saving of 35 quid. Very nice, indeed!

Does this price cut fall below your PFPT (Personal Financial Pain Threshold)? £390 does feel a lot less than £425. You've got to love Amazon for giving us a clear time limit before the deal ends. If that doesn't push the impulse buyers into parting with their cash, I don't know what will. Will you be taking advantage of the offer? Let us know.

[Via PS3 Forums]

PSM brings DMC4 preview; gets cheap

As many of you are already familiar, PSM has scored a huge 16-page exclusive on Devil May Cry 4 in their latest issue (in newsstands today). Their preview of the multi-platform action game has us yearning for more: "It's safe to say that the generational leap in hardware has not caused the series to lose sight of what it is: pure, all-out, unforgiving action ... Many mainstays from the series, including colored orbs, air juggling, and the Euro-gothic aesthetic remain intact- only everything is rendered in eye-blistering high-definition at a locked 60 frames per second."

While current subscribers are enjoying the dreamy pictures of Nero fighting demon hordes, the vigilant deal-watching group CAG has unearthed a fantastic deal for new subscriptions. 12 issues of PSM are now available for $5 at, after instant rebate. While new subscribers are unlikely to receive the latest DMC4 blowout, one Lincoln is still a great deal for something to read when you absolutely have no access to PS3 Fanboy.

PlayStation 3 shows up the Wii in Japan, according to...

Polls and surveys, in their ever-accurate representation of market share, can at least show how certain audiences are reacting to what companies are offering. Take this latest chart for example. Amazon of Japan has some numbers which show the next-gen Sony console climbing past the Nintendo Wii in popularity. To be specific, we're talking about the 60GB version as the 20GB PS3 was the least popular.

Yes, this does in fact contradict a Famitsu poll that showed quite the opposite (with the Wii taking 73% and the PS3 pulling out 17%). What readers need to understand is that this is coming from Amazon's vantage point and doesn't take into consideration the opinions of retailers or developers. It's a relative poll showing some positive feedback, which is always welcome, but it's not definitive (and as Sony fanboys, we know about over-reacting and how to avoid it).

In the end, this does show some good news for Amazon of Japan though. However we're still waiting on those scientifically proven surveys to come out (should be any minute now...).

[Via Joystiq]

Star Wars Galaxies coming to PS3, say Amazon and

Paperback strategy guide product page of Star Wars Galaxies for consoles
If this product page for a Star Wars Galaxies strategy guide from (and are to be believed, then one could reasonably deduce that the troubled MMO will be making its way to the PS3 sometime soon.

The evidence? First, that parenthetical platform designation of "Console" for the strat guide. As Galaxies was cancelled for the PS2 a long, long time ago, and there would be no reason to order up a guide for a non-existing game, it would stand to reason that Sony's main MMO not named EverQuest would be seeing some action on the next generation system.

And next, that pre-order release date of 4/30/2006. There's a chance that means Prima and the major e-tailers you see here forgot to update their product pages to reflect the delayed PS3 launch (from spring to early November of this year). Either that or they're actually referencing the cancelled PS2 version with a random future date to avoid any responsibility for the thing. Sometimes you just gotta read between the lines.

[Thanks, David A.]


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