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Stranglehold demo on PSN this week? Forum mod says "Yes"

Sony set a dangerous precedent with last week's PSN update (and also, a tragic mistake). We'll be expecting similar amounts of content for the US PSN and a much greater amount for the EU PSN (alright, alright -- enough moaning about the EU PSN, but honestly: we're bitter). So far this week is shaping up quite nicely now that we have confirmation of Motorstorm's Coyote Revenge update and, now, a Stranglehold demo. That's right. A demo for a game that doesn't involve balls or wheels. We're excited!

The announcement was made on the official Midway forums by the moderator "Echo77." Where do we recognise that name from? Oh yeah, he's the same fellow that started the Stranglehold region free nonsense a couple of months ago. Regardless, we're going to remain cautiously optimistic and hope for the best come Thursday.

Stranglehold delayed until late September for PS3

This is coming from a long line of "is it, is it not" scenarios for John Woo's action title Stranglehold. First it was held back, then region locked, then region free, then delayed for the PS3 indefinitely (but not really). So forgive us if another delay announcement doesn't exactly spark a very violent reaction with us -- we've run this course before. This time, though, both the PC and PS3 versions of the game get held back.

While the 360 gets their white dove action on September 5th (in Europe, 14th), the PS3 has to wait until the end of September, slated now for the 25th with a vague October listing for Europe. Still, we should be getting a demo of the title over the PS Store soon, right? With all these delays, it'd be silly not to have that demo up before the game hits. Otherwise, we just might lose interest. Probably not, though, since this game looks pretty slick.

[via Joystiq]

New Stranglehold vids show off unseen levels

Midway has been showing off a bunch more of their Tequila-infused shooter, Stranglehold, and GameVideos has three of the videos showing previously unseen levels. Embedded above is a video of the Garden level, showing off more wide-open environment than we've seen in previous vids. The gameplay doesn't seem to work as well in the open area as it does in the more closed off places, but still looks pretty solid. Just a little too reminiscent of Max Payne.

Hit the jump for two more videos showing off the Restaurant and Garage levels.

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Stranglehold NOT delayed indefinitely for PS3 [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] 1Up is now reporting that Midway goofed. Someone forgot to add the PS3 release date to the press release. The game is not delayed. Anywhere. Look for it on shelves on September 17th.
No, not the sort of "delayed indefinitely" that really means it's been cancelled. The PC and Xbox 360 versions are still due out for the 27th of August but a PS3 release date was suspiciously absent from the press release. Dutch site contacted Midway for a statement. They replied saying that Stranglehold is "definitely out this year" but it has "no confirmed street date as yet."

We're a bit confused about why this would happen, but we're not as disheartened as you might expect. The estimated release date before the delay was September 17th. We'll still be incredibly busy with Lair and Heavenly Sword at that point. Still, it's not a good precedent to set. This sort of thing had better not become a trend.

[Via N4G]

Stranglehold becomes region-free (as it should be)

With its $30 million budget, Stranglehold may be one of the most expensive games ever made. Ever since we played the game at E3, we've been somewhat enamored by this John Woo-inspired effort. The PS3 Collector's Edition, which includes a Blu-ray version of "Hard Boiled," is what we're keeping our eye on.

After upsetting some of its fan base by announcing the game would be region protected, Midway has listened to the consumer and has removed region protection from the PS3 version of the game -- even the version with the movie on it! "Please be clear that the Collector's Edition with the movie is only available in North America, so if you live elsewhere, you'll have to buy it as an import. I guess the higher ups do listen to you guys on the forums!"

[Via NeoGAF]

Midway says they're not the only ones "concerned" over PS3

As if Sony needed any other publisher's concern, Midway spoke out the other day about the up-take (or up-doc, if you want some tomfoolery) of the PS3. Midway's CEO David Zucker did the talking, but his words strike home and we're concerned about the same things he is: we want the good PS3 titles to sell very well. He's also concerned about console sales, feeling the price cut will deliver a nice, temporary boost to sales, but it might not be enough.

If you're wondering why Midway is so concerned, it's because for once, they're not trying to sell a Mortal Kombat title. They've got the special edition of Stranglehold and Unreal Tournament 3 coming out over the next few months and those are pretty important titles to get sales for. Midway wonders if another price cut will come in the future, if it's enough, and if their big titles will make a splash on the PS3, or bellyflop. Everybody knows that getting a pink belly is not a very fun way to start your day at the lake.

N'Gai talks with Midway about Stranglehold and Hard Boiled

As we've mentioned before, the Collector's Edition of Stranglehold on the PS3 will ship with a remastered 1080p version of Hard Boiled on the same disc. While having the first ever HD version of Hard Boiled is a fantastic addition to an already hot looking game, it's easy to overlook the real significance of this addition. No game has ever come packaged with the movie it was based on, let alone putting them both on the same disk. To find out Midway's reasoning behind this precedent setting move - Newsweek's videogame guru N'Gai sat down to chat with Midway's vice-president of marketing, Steve Allison.

During the interview, Steve said that the Weinstein Brothers (one of the few HD-DVD exclusive companies) were willing to agree to let the movie come out for the PS3 because they're not currently releasing an HD version of it and the movie can only be played on the PS3 -- not a standalone Blu-ray player. This helps protect the Weinstein Brothers from cannibalizing their own normal DVD release that just came out last week (which is also why the X360 version will not come with a DVD version of the movie). Midway and the Weinsteins are also doing cross promotions for the DVD on the X360 version, and for Strangehold on the just released DVD of Hard Boiled, creating a business deal that allows them to offer a full HD version of the movie on the PS3 for only 10 dollars more. It's a win-win-win all around.

Also, during the interview he really emphasized the freedom that Blu-ray gives to developers and publishers when it comes to including additional content. He explained that, "It's really the storage capacity of Blu-Ray that makes this pairing possible, and it's still a compelling product." Hopefully more companies will follow Midway's example of really utilizing the storage of Blu-ray discs, since right now it's rare for people to even use 50% of the available capacity. Bring on more HD-movie packins!

Stranglehold on PS3 to be region locked

A moderator on the official Midway forums has confirmed that Stranglehold will not be region free for the PS3. This is understandable for the collector's edition, as it also includes a copy of the film Hardboiled on the disc. There are licensing issues that are far more strict and complicated when it comes to movies, rather than games. Which is why Blu-Ray discs aren't region free either.

However, the standard edition, which does not include Hardboiled on the disc, will also be region locked. There is no explanation for this as of yet. This whole issue does bring up an interesting point for discussion, though. With the capacity of Blu-Ray discs allowing for extra content. Would you rather sacrifice the region free nature of games for more movie pack-ins? We expect to hear a resounding "no" from the European gaming community.

[Via PS3Forums]

PS3 version of Stranglehold is strangle-held-back

(Sorry for the cheesy headline pun.)

Tiger Hill's impressive Stranglehold appears to have caught a few snags on PS3. Although the Xbox 360 and PC versions will ship on August 27th, the PS3 version has been delayed three weeks. Reasons for the new September 17th release date are unclear -- could it be Unreal Engine issues?

We'll tolerate the wait, if only because Stranglehold was one of the best action games we've played at E3. The over-the-top action will certainly bring a smile to any hardcore gamer. And, we''d rather get the PS3 version, if only because the Collector's Edition will include an HD version of "Hard Boiled" on the same disc, making it the clear choice for consumers looking for the best value.

[Via Joystiq]

Confirmed: Hardboiled will be in full HD for the PS3 Stranglehold SE

Following months of confusion, Evil Avatar has received confirmation that the PS3 version of the Stranglehold Special Edition will be getting a fully remastered HD version of the John Woo classic, Hardboiled. When it was originally announced, Midway didn't actually clarify whether the movie would be in standard DVD definition or if it would be in full sexy 1080p. Things were compounded when a trailer for the Stranglehold SE edition came out on the PSN and showcased some video clips of Hardboiled -- looking decidely low-rez (like VHS low-rez).

Luckily, Midway has clarified that we will indeed be getting a remastered HD version of the movie, which puts the Special Edition of the title right back in the 'MUST OWN' category for any Action movie fans. And for the X-bots out there, there is no reason to pout. You will also be getting a Special Edition version of Stranglehold. It's true... you won't get the movie. But you WILL get behind the scenes footage of the game! Woot!

[Via Ars Technica]

John Woo reminds you -- there's more than just shooting in Stranglehold

The environment is your weapon. While shooting, slow motion, white doves, and plenty of destructible cover riddle the previews for Stranglehold, there hasn't been much mention of the environment itself and how it can also be a weapon. Over at IGN, senior game designer Patrick Curry wrote up a new entry on the Stranglehold blog regarding exactly that, describing the new environmental destruction gags as very "Woo-esque."

After the showing at last year's E3, work began on other levels that had a much stronger emphasis on destructible environments to be used as weaponry -- dropping air conditioning units on enemy's unsuspecting noggins, big electric lights spraying sparks down on your opponents (how unfortunate if they were standing in a puddle of gasoline ... you know it's a good idea, guys), among other things. Since the game already looks great, making stuff fall is a fun improvement. But wait, there's more! You can swing a sign around to take out multiple enemies and we can only imagine the use of gigantic steel beams or other such swing-able objects. It's not much of an update on the game itself, but we can't wait to screw around with the dozens of ways to play through a level with these options at our fingertips!

North American PSN releases for June 7th

Sorry, but nothing playable hits the Store in today's update. Not even a demo of The Darkness. What we do have are tons of videos. So get the microwave ready, pop up some popcorn and get ready to watch:
  • Heavenly Sword Gamer's Day trailer. With this trailer on your PS3, at least you can pretend to be playing it.
  • MLB 07 The Show trailer. Just in case watching last week's videos wasn't sufficient.
  • Stranglehold trailer. John Woo's Hard Boiled sequel-turned-to-game gets another visit to the Store.
  • Transformers movie trailer. In full HD, you'll get more than meets the eye.
  • Bruce Springsteen with the Sessions Band: Live in Dublin trailer.
Hey ... where's our old 1080p Midway remake for this week?

Stranglehold cover system is all about being temporary

Not only is John Woo's Stranglehold making headlines due to its clever inclusion of Hard Boiled (the prequel film to the game from the early 90's), but the cover system has been described as akin to the super-classic classic Space Invaders. We'd like to call it a better Gears of War cover system -- you know, where those pillars and whatnot will actually get shot away in a matter of seconds.

Not only will couches, pillars and other such objects used as cover get shot to bits while Inspector Tequila sits behind them, but he will automatically crouch down to use whatever cover is left. That's pretty cool. Many times we've wondered how we can hide behind something and avoid enemy fire when we can clearly see that our head and leg are sticking out. Along with the inclusion of Blu-ray movies, nifty cover mechanics, and famous action heroes, we wonder: will this game surprise a lot of us, or prove mediocre?

[via Joystiq]

SGD '07: Stranglehold gallery will grab hold of you

And the embargo has been lifted on Sony's Gamer's Day and the screenshots have been pouring in! Following my previous Stranglehold post, you know of my newfound interest in the shooter-up action title and these newest shots definitely help. Check out the Tequila action in the gallery below!

Gallery: Stranglehold

Best Special Edition ever? Stranglehold SE exclusive to the PS3

Wow. After years of videogame special editions including nothing more than a making-of DVD or a lame in-game item, Midway Games has decided to up the ante considerably. Included with the exclusive PS3 special edition of Stranglehold is a full-length high-def remastering of John Woo's greatest movie (and Stranglehold prequel), Hard Boiled.

A stunning example of 90's Hong Kong cinema, Hard Boiled pretty much put John Woo on the map. Starring Chow Yun Fat as the hardened Hong Kong cop Tequila, the violent action movie has some of the most memorable shoot-outs in the genre. The finale, a 30 minute gun fight in a crowded hospital remains one of the most intense scenes in an action movie to this very day. A classic in every sense of the word, the movie has had a bumpy release history in the US. The DVD has been out of print for many years, and the Criterion Edition will command prices upwards of 100 dollars on eBay.

But now, thanks to Midway, for just 10 extra dollars ($70US total), you can get the special edition of Stranglehold with the first ever HD remastering of Hard Boiled. Suddenly, my interest in this game just went from moderate to INSANE.


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