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TGS07: DualShock 3 unveiled, PS3 learns to shake, rattle and roll

At their Tokyo Game Show press conference today, Sony finally revealed how the PS3 got its groove back. Kaz Hirai announced that the DualShock 3 -- a Sixaxis controller with rumble -- will be out this November in Japan and Spring 2008 everywhere else.

Future games, such as Metal Gear Solid 4, will incorporate rumble technology, while older titles can enable rumble through software updates. No price has been given, nor was there any discussion on whether the Sixaxis would be phased out.

TGS07: Behold, the return of Rumble ... unofficially?

It seems rumble is definitely making an appearance at the Tokyo Game Show. While playing the latest build of Burnout Paradise, IGN's staff noticed that the game was giving them some good vibrations -- through a controller. It was a PS3 controller that was a bit heavier than the SIXAXIS and had a funky "Rumble" sticker attached to it. It's believed to only be a prototype, as the rumble technology seemed fairly similar to the PS2 technology. With this bit of news, we expect the formal unveiling of the official, new, rumbling Sixaxis during Kaz Hirai's keynote speech tomorrow.

Namco considering motion control in Soul Calibur IV

While the chances of us getting platform-specific characters, like Spawn, aren't very likely in Soul Calibur IV, Namco is hard at work at offering other bonuses. In an interview with 1up, Katsutoshi Sasaki, the game's director, said his team at Project Soul is looking into the possibility of including Sixaxis motion control. He said it's "something that we're considering, but we'll have to come up with some good ideas for it first."

But that's not all. In the same interview, lead programmer Masaaki Hoshino said they're also hoping to give gamers the ability to save their custom characters to the PS3's memory card and take it to a friend's house to do battle.

Although it seems like it would be difficult for the developers to include any sort of motion control that would make sense, toting your custom characters on a memory card would be pretty handy. All we care about, though, are Ivy's friends and finally some Soul Calibur online action!

Sony insists they haven't added rumble to controllers

Dave Karraker from SCEA recently responded to the mostly confirmed rumors of a rumbling Sixaxis controller by stating, basically, no such controller exists. He did confirm that better motion-sensing controllers were in the works, but downplayed it as more of a controller update than a new controller. He said that "[Sony] recently sent out to the development community some new prototypes that have a slightly enhanced sensitivity for the analog sticks and the motion sensing within the Sixaxis controller ... This is not a new controller, but is part of the normal development and evolution of controllers."

While this may seem disheartening, this may be a PR tactic utilizing semantics. Rumble, as far as controllers are concerned, involve rotating hammer weights, causing the controller to shake. That feature is not coming to the PS3. But Karraker might have been dancing around the word rumble, when the proper term is TouchSense technology. Know what we're saying? Of course, maybe we're wrong. But we like dancing, too, Sony!

[via Digg]

Dress up your Sixaxis, keep grease away

If you're looking for some strange accessories to accent your PS3 in ways you think immature or silly, turn your attention elsewhere! We've got some very serious add-ons to your Sixaxis to present to you today and they demand only serious gamers consider their purchase. We're being sarcastic, if you couldn't tell, but we do have some peripherals that you may find interesting.

What we're talking about today are not unlike those plastic/rubber covers you can put on CDs to prevent them from scratching (we refer to them as Disc Condoms). We're talking about skins for your Sixaxis -- not just skins, but skins that change color with body heat! They retail for a little over $10 and come in a variety of colors, so if you're really OCD about keeping grubby hands off your precious Bluetooth controller, invest in one of these. The strangest part: these Sixaxis skins are officially licensed by Sony. What do you guys think? Worth it, or pass?

[Thanks for the pics, Dustin!]

Rumbling SIXAXIS already in the hands of developers claims Innerbits, a blog run by "a few guys working in the games industry" who "want to address rumors, and a give a voice to game developers who would be otherwise afraid to speak up," claims that rumbling SIXAXIS controllers are now in the hands of a select few developers. The information on these prototype controllers is still kept very tight to Sony's chest. Apparently the details will be revealed over the next two or three months, with Leipzig the obvious venue of choice. We'll be there to let you know if that's the case.

Innerbits also reports that controllers bundled with consoles are quietly being swapped out with newer versions. Nothing too exciting, just improved motion sensing. We're reminded that hardware updates occur all the time without us being told. Remember the removal of the Emotion Engine?

Finally, we're told not to get too excited about the patent for PSP/Dual Analogue controller connectivity. Companies patent hundreds of things that never see the light of day. We're going to remain hopeful, but not hold our breath.

[Via N4G]

Rumor: Even more features for the new Sixaxis?

Let the speculation begin! Kaz Hirai has tempted us yet again with his fancy words and vague confirmations. He has let slip the new Sixaxis will contain a few more features in addition to the TouchSense rumble capabilities. In fact, he said, "a variety of other things." Unless he means the TouchSense. In that case, boring! Otherwise, we could see anything from a new set of buttons (L4 and R4, really?) or a remote volume control for game music. Maybe a microphone? How about a magnifying glass? We'd really like to see your most inventive ideas to incorporate into the controller, so why don't you go nuts and give us your "features" to add?

Rumblaxis coming in September -- Tokyo Game Show

A lot of people were disappointed that Sony's little conference at E3 didn't talk about the upcoming Rumblaxis controller (it's pronounced Rum + Blaxis because that's really the coolest name we could think of), but PS3 Fanboy was not surprised. We've been informed that Immersion has filed for some patents and with it, indirectly filed for the release dates of their new Sony peripheral device that "will now bear Immersion's Feel The Game® TouchSense® Technology logo." When are these peripherals to be released? September.

If you're having trouble connecting the dots, the Tokyo Game Show is generally in September. Sony had to save some of its announcements so they could steal the show at TGS, much like we feel they did at E3. So, for those worried, the Rumblaxis is coming in September and you know what? We would expect the announcement at TGS to go something like "hey, we're releasing this Rumblaxis controller we're holding in our hands tomorrow at your favorite retailers. Enjoy!" We can't wait.

[Thanks, Dubbedinenglish!]

Blinky red lights to feature in new Sixaxis controller - will rumble join it? [UPDATE]

Dutch site has a section of a TV report about today's price cut. The interesting thing about this piece of footage is that it includes a couple of seconds close up on someone using a Sixaxis controller. Not particularly exciting normally, but in this instance there's something a bit new. A bit glowy. Check out the image above. We speculated about the glowing red PS button on the 80GB box this morning, but seeing the flashing red button in someone's hands makes us even more ... speculative.

It's clear, then, that another controller is on the cards and will be released before too long (if not for the 80GB launch, then before). The question is, does the upgrade just include a bit of extra illumination, or will we see rumble joining the party? It's probably a fair bet to say yes, but we're not going to say anything definite until confirmation happens at E3. Which it should. Mixed messages? We like to keep you guys on your toes.

The other question is whether that light is going to be blinking on and off constantly during gameplay. If so, that could get quite annoying. What do you think? Check out the video footage and let us know.

[UPDATE] Patrick Seybold has posted a comment on his post stating that the red light "is not a sign or indication of a new/different controller with the 80GB model." It is a feature of the debug model. This doesn't change the fact that we know that the rumbing Sixaxis is on its way at some point in the future. Just not necessarily bundled with the 80GB PS3.

[Thanks Tesley!]

Fun speculation: 80GB PS3 to come with rumble Sixaxis?

[Update: The SIXAXIS controller has featured a red light in promotional materials since launch. The red light is not indicative of a redesigned controller.]

Let's keep the wave of slightly related news going. With the announcement of the 80GB PS3 and the price drop of the current model, everybody looked over a detail that may be important. Then again, it may be nothing at all. Over at PSU, the writers thought it worthwhile to point out that on the box for the 80GB PS3, the included controller was lit up all red in the circle we know as either the Home button, PS button, or clear button where the "Analog" button used to be. Why is it red? They feel it's because the controller is actually the new Rumblaxis controller (though we just made up the name).

This doesn't sound too far-fetched. Why else would they delay the new SKU until August, if not to wait until they can toss the new controller into the box? While it was just a picture with a lit-up button, we're going to nod along with PSU on this one and say that yes, in fact, the 80GB PS3 launching in August will come with the new rumbling Sixaxis controller.

[Thanks, Justin!]

Rumor: Rumbling Sixaxis gains touch sensitivity, little added cost

Here's a news piece that will be a joy for your hands. You may use them to clap softly to yourself if you'd like, but we prefer shaking them violently as if they were holding a rumble controller with Sixaxis capabilities plus touch sensitivity. At the same price as current Sixaxis controllers. PSM France report that this so-called "Touchsense" ability gives a new sensation to the last-gen rumble we're used to. Random shaking caused by two twirling hammers or whatever. So lame! This new rumble allows your hands to grab a sensation from not only the handles, but through the "levers" as well. We're fairly sure that means the analog sticks. They're kind of levers.

The rumor spawning this information states that the cost to manufacture all this new technology is actually cheaper than previous rumble mechanisms, thus adding very little cost to the Sixaxis, if any at all. Along with this little tip, it seems PSM France found it prudent to claim an upcoming firmware update will enable rumble for backwards compatible titles. We'll see if these rumors are true at E3 next week!

[via Joystiq]

Deal of the Day: SIXAXIS for $40

Controllers don't come cheap these days. Sony's tilting PS3 controller usually retails for $50, but is having a special sale, knocking the price down to $40 (with free shipping to boot!). If you're not waiting for a controller that can rumble (and who knows when that'll arrive), this might be what you need to finally start playing some multiplayer PS3 games.

[Via CAG]

Battery life the main obstacle for rumbling Sixaxis?

Innerbits, the site that posted the awesome breakdown of XMB memory costs last month, has come through again with a great article about the upcoming rumble-capable Sixaxis. According to the site, they've gotten confirmation from two different sources at Sony that they have been working on a rumbling Sixaxis for several months now and are just trying to work out the last of the kinks.

Currently, the biggest issue is battery life -- or the lack thereof. Evidently between the rumble and the wireless support, the battery has been draining too fast to be considered acceptable. As it is now, Sony touts 30 hours of battery life per charge on the Sixaxis and while Innerbits didn't specify what the current battery life of a rumbling Sixaxis is, you can assume that anything less than 5-10 hours per charge will be considered unacceptable. Nobody wants to have to hook up their controller in the middle of a marathon game of Warhawk.

The article also talks about some of the PR problems that Sony will face with the release of a new controller. PS3 owners who have already bought the original Sixaxis will now have to either deal with the lack of rumble or go out and buy 2-4 new controllers, and that adds up to no small chunk of change. Also after Sony has maligned rumble-support as 'last-gen', will consumers be willing to embrace their sudden about-face? Relevant questions for sure, but considering how PS3 owners have been clammoring for rumble support it's likely that they will be willing to purchase additional controllers. What about you guys? Would you replace your original Sixaxis controllers for a more rumbly one?

Logitech: PS3 controller alternative, or shenanigans?

Calling Logitech's new wireless controller a "PS3 controller" is a bit of a stretch. We'd love to watch anyone with this controller play Folklore once it comes out. Yeah, having trouble capturing those souls? It's because the darn thing doesn't have any motion-sensing technology in it. They gave it rumble, though. This brings us back to our original point -- this controller is not a PlayStation 3 controller, rather, a wireless PlayStation 3 compatible controller to play your PS2 games with the rumble goodness you so dearly miss.

For $40 and the added joy of repeated AA battery purchases (50 hour battery life? Hats off, if possible), did Logitech really think this peripheral through before releasing it to the masses? If it's going to be a PlayStation 3 controller, it should include both rumble and motion. It's called forward-thinking. PS3 will have rumble eventually, but motion is an integral part of the system. Bottom line: if you want to play your PS2 games wirelessly on the PS3 with rumble, this is a decent option. Don't try to play Lair with it, though. Your dragon will never, ever, ever move.

[via Joystiq]

Do people play your PS3 without permission? Lock up that Sixaxis

You read correctly. Lock the Sixaxis. No, no, the controller itself doesn't have any sort of fancy locking feature, but a new, mostly worthless, peripheral has been showcased at Taiwan's Computex Taipei 2007 event for hardware and peripherals. This peripheral looks like a gigantic ... uh ... white leech and locks your Sixaxis or DualShock by its analog sticks. There's a three-digit code to unlock your controller, but since the thing appears to be plastic, there are always other ways to get to it.

Our question is this: who cares? The only people that should consider this are those with young siblings who either screw up your game or haphazardly delete your game saves. If you've got a lot of roommates (assuming you're in that college demographic) and they play your PS3 more than you can, it might be an all right investment. You'll definitely come off as a jerk, though. Regardless, we love our silly peripherals at PS3 Fanboy, so we thought we'd alert you to this one. Thoughts?

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