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SingStar goes into "further testing" limbo

November 13th was the release date for SingStar. Not anymore! In fact, forget about release dates for a while, especially in regards to SingStar. The PS3 version supposedly needs further testing and as a result, a release date has been removed from the title. As discussed in our upcoming podcast, we believe the SingStore is at fault -- that, and the planned Home integration.

Sony said they want to make the PlayStation Network experience "as rich, simple and accessible a SingStar experience as possible." With that idea, it's implied that the problem does lie with the SingStore as well as licensing issues with music. We'll report more on the delay and let you know when a release date is given as soon as we're given the information. Until then, just slap on a CD and sing in the mirror.

[Via Joystiq]

PS3 first-party exclusives finally get EU release dates

It's been kind of hard getting Sony to nail down release dates for their upcoming stable of first-party exclusives, regardless of territory. Europe has really gotten the rawest deal though, with no confirmed release dates for any games period -- until now. Thanks to Gamer's Creed, Europeans finally know when they will be getting the first wave of mega-titles from Sony. Here's the list according to the scanned documents:
  • Warhawk with headset: September 19th
  • Heavenly Sword: September 19th
  • Folklore: October 10th
  • Lair: October 24th
  • Eye of Judgment: October 24th
  • Singstar: October
The release dates are kind of lame in general -- with Europe getting titles between two weeks and a month later than Americans get them. At least PS3s are region free, so impatient Euros can simply just order them from an American store like this one (as used by Jem, our resident foreigner). Still, the release list has got to be frustrating for Europeans wanting for the summer game drought to finally end.

[Via N4G]

Devs hint at stand-alone SingStar application

In a recent interview with Joystiq at E3 the Senior Vice President of SCEA, Phil Rosenburg, made an interesting comment regarding the expandability of SingStar. When approached about a possible stand-alone downloadable application, like the Folding@Home client, Rosenburg said that they "showed a sneak peak of that really cool interface using the SingStore. And there's more coming. You might not be too far off."

Whether this indicates the SingStore itself will be downloadable, or that further pieces of software are being released in the future for the SingStar platform, or even just a separate music download service, we're intrigued. We'll let you know as soon as we find out more.

SingStar: providing unique PlayStation media

Why is there no video download service yet for PSP and PS3? In a recent interview with Joystiq, Engadget and PS Fanboy, Kaz Hirai noted that they need to provide a unique experience for PlayStation fans to interact with media. "I want to make sure that we are able to put a unique, PlayStation-esque way of presenting the music content, for example, to the PlayStation 3 users. Otherwise, we're just one of them," he commented.

"But its a part of the overall SingStar experience that you're downloading the music that so that is a kind of different experience than you would have for downloading music that's specific to the PS3 experience that you can't get anywhere else. That's the kind of thing i'm talking about, and therefore, in conjunction with Singstar, there is going to be music download obviously because we find something that's very PlayStation-esque. So I want to try to come up with something that has the same kind of different PlayStation experience for music downloads, if we're going to expand it to the PlayStation Network Store and also for video downloads as well."

Sony is waiting for a "unique" way of providing video downloads, but we adamantly believe that consumers will love to have standard video service, akin to the one available on Xbox Live Marketplace. Isn't providing downloadable 1080p video differentiating enough? We think so. Read our complete interview at Joystiq.

Gallery: Singstar

Developer's Studio: Sarah Stocker and Singstar

The PlayStation.Blog's "Inside the Developer's Studio" feature continues in its run up to E3. On the 3rd of July Seth Luisi showed off SOCOM: Confrontation and yesterday Sarah Stocker hyped up the soon-to-be-released karaoke sim, Singstar.

Sarah discusses the Game 3.0 aspects of the game, including how the online catalogue is the first of its kind. She also mentions the myspace-esque My Singstar page, which all users will be able to upload video footage of their performances to. This game is going to be a great party experience once it's released next month and we're looking forward to seeing what more there is to see at E3.

Read the full interview over at PlayStation.Blog and keep an eye on the ever expanding Flickr account.

The full track list for SingStar PS3 has been revealed!

Our parent-site Joystiq has posted that Sony Europe has finally confirmed the complete track list for SingStar PS3, due out in Europe later this Summer. The list is the usual mix of pop music commonly found on the SingStar releases, though the quality seems skewed a little higher than normal. As usual there's a sad lack of rap songs, but that's not a huge surprise considering past versions. Luckily, Sony is aiming to have over 300 songs available for download on day one, so there's always the hope that people with more specific genre tastes can find something to caterwaul to.

Here are a couple of the highlights from the track list:
  • Blink 182 - All The Small Things
  • Britney Spears - Toxic
  • Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.
  • OutKast - Hey Ya
  • Radiohead - No Surprises
  • REM - Losing My Religion
  • The Killers - Mr Brightside
  • Weezer - Buddy Holly
Check out the full list after the jump!

Continue reading The full track list for SingStar PS3 has been revealed!

Has Sony failed to understand the casual gamer?

In a recent interview with, Nintendo VP of marketing, George Harrison, said that Sony and Microsoft have both attempted to woo the casual gamer but both failed due to a lack of understanding of the casual gamer. Specifically, Harrison mentioned the Sixaxis as Sony's failure:

"We can already see some of the things they've tried. For last year's E3, at the last minute, Sony rushed out their Sixaxis controller as an effort to respond to the Wii remote. We saw Microsoft roll out Viva Piñata as their killer app for the Pokemon set. And neither of those worked really well.

It's true that Nintendo knows how to dominate a certain kind of casual gamer market, but it seems a bit disingenuous to be writing off the Sixaxis as a failed attempt to capture Nintendo's market share. Sony has never particularly positioned that motion-sensitivity of the Sixaxis as a lure to the casual gamer. They've marketed it as a feature that adds to existing games and allows you to do things you've never done before (see LAIR and Warhawk). It's true that they have utilized the motion sensitivity aspect of the controller to create more easily accessible games like Blast Factor, flOw and Super Rub-a-Dub, but unlike Nintendo, thats that's clearly not their whole focus.

Continue reading Has Sony failed to understand the casual gamer?

SGD '07: New SingStar gallery shows off features, menus

While you can't expect a whole lot from a gallery for a game like SingStar, it does show how the game will present itself and the features available. From what we see in this gallery, the game looks like it will be very simple to navigate and have a lot of great features to take advantage of (let alone a huge library of music to download). What we noticed was the "rate the performance" feature, denoted by a ranking from one to five stars. It's interesting, but we'd like to see if once the PlayStation Eye hits, you can sing and upload your own little video as well. That'd be keen. Look for this game in October in North America, but a few months sooner in Europe.

Gallery: Singstar

Customer choice important to Singstar dev - 350 songs at launch

This morning Paulina Bozek, executive producer of the Singstar series of games, gave a speech at the Nordic game conference about the upcoming Singstar title for the PlayStation 3. have a full summary of the presentation but, as usual, I'm going to boil it down to what I think are the most interesting points.

Firstly, some numbers. 350 songs at launch, with 100 new ones every month. That should be enough to cover every song from each PS2 Singstar game, plus 100 new ones on day one. Give or take. This fits with the crux of Bozek's speech, that users want a massive amount of choice. As yet, there's no word on how much songs will cost to download.

She goes on to discuss how interactive media is changing - that players are becoming creators and sites like Facebook and YouTube are great indicators of how consumer participation is evolving. Sounds very similar to a certain Mr. Harrison's Game 3.0 speech, don't you think? 'My Singstar Online' will mix all of these sites together to create a communal creative experience.

SingStar harmonizes a few details

We danced around this piece of news for the better part of the week, but we're finally sitting down and cranking it out. After I get a sandwich. And look for a used copy of Stella Deus. And watch this Mythbusters re-run. All right, let's do this.

First up, as we've previously said, SingStar will come with a standard 30 tracks by artists like Gwen Stefani, OutKast, Coldplay, Pussycat Dolls, Razorlight and Wolfmother, but upon its release there will be over 300 tracks available for download, many of which are from previous SingStar games. Songs will be added monthly when the game launches in June -- for Europe and Australia. The US is still lacking a clear release date.

In addition to having a strangely MySpace-ish setup (profile, pictures, song lists, etc available to other online users), there will be new mics released for the game. If you've got a PS2 SingStar mic, fear not! It will still work with the PS3... but if you want to keep your PS3 sporting zero controller wires, you might want to snag a new PS3 wireless one. My opinion. Don't forget to request a song or artist!

SingStar gets ready for its PS3 debut, taking requests

With the PS3 SingStar on its way in June (for Europe), we've heard very little about what specific tracks would make their way onto the disc. Turns out it doesn't really matter since we can download nearly anything we want. Why? Here's a quote from Game Director Paulina Bozek:

"The SingStore is up and running here in the studio, and we've got hundreds of songs to download, at our fingertips. Finally we can browse through hundreds of songs and download exactly the tunes we want – it's fantastic to have the variety and choice. We're also starting to think about all the less known songs that we want to put up there. It's all digital now, so space is no longer at a premium. We no longer have to agonize over the perfect 30 songs on the disc and we're looking forward to having some fun with it. I recently had a request for the band The Pixies from a journalist and it would be great to know what everybody out there wants, so if you have any special requests, let us know in the comments to this blog."

So the game is done, but they're taking requests? Everyone, leave them a comment on their blog requesting your favorite song or artist. Since I love music beyond belief, I've got a few ideas myself. Go!

[Via 1UP]

May is the month for games... in the UK!

The US PlayStation site doesn't have these listed in a very easy-to-find place, if at all, but the UK PlayStation website has updated its release schedule for some hotly anticipated titles. April doesn't hold much for you guys, but May is your month -- you'll probably be getting these games earlier than everyone else (expected, since at least one is coming from a European studio). We are, of course, talking about Lair and Heavenly Sword, both slated for a May release.

You've also got SingStar coming your way in June, which implies there may be a huge revamping of the PS-Store sometime before that. Don't quote us, we're not sure, but it would make sense and be nice, what with Sony being a gigantic music distributor and all. Good stuff, that. We didn't expect Heavenly Sword until much later in the year. If the UK gobbles it up in May, we in the US may get it around July, right? Hopefully.

Sony denies the SingStore pricing rumor

Yesterday we posted about the SingStore, a part of the PS3 SingStar title, where you can download more music tracks and videos for the game itself. Pricing was said to be set around 1.49 GBP. A Sony spokesperson responded: "The SingStore prices on the site are wrong. We haven't announced anything on the prices yet." Thus Sony spokesperson (if you read any classical mythology, there's usually a "Thus Heracles" or whatever after someone talks... so, no, we didn't write a strange fragment. But if we wanted to).

Sony didn't dismiss anything else, though. The 30 tracks and HD videos seem to be accurate, in that case. We'll get this game in the fall, but Europeans will have access to it in June.

SingStar PS3 comes with 30 totally radical tracks

Don't worry, these aren't the only 30 songs you can choose from, you SingStar addicts! Sony will let you add any song you like to the game via download/upload/something... we're not entirely sure yet but you'll be able to. In addition to these 30 as-of-yet-unnamed tracks, which we're assuming are totally radical, you will be graced with an HD video for every song.

Via your "My SingStar" page, you will be given the option to upload videos and photos of your performance. It's like American Idol, except without judges.

What we're unsure of is if you have to pay for these 30 songs. From our source article: "Thanks to a heads-up from forum member Maikii we can also confirm that the pamphlet reveals one of the songs costs ₤1.49 (AUD $3.64 / EURO 2.17)." Huh? If you paid for the game, the songs on the disc should be free. Unless they're talking about future downloadable songs, we think this is pretty misleading. What do you guys make of it?


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