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PS3 add-on allows full HD resolution for Blu-ray on DVI

For those gaming on popular computer monitors with non-HDCP DVI inputs, a gadget has been released that allows a workaround of HDCP protocols, allowing Blu-ray movies to play at full resolution on these displays. If you're a bit confused about the protocols of HDCP and how it all works, you are not alone. High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) allows content providers to prevent the full resolution of products (Blu-ray or HD-DVD) by crippling the resolution on displays where the HDCP handshake fails. Technically, all parts of the chain need to be HDCP-compliant in order for the full resolution to process. For an HDMI connection, HDCP would spring to life when an HDMI-DVI adaptor is introduced to a non-HDCP compliant DVI port, forcing the resolution to 540p at best.

The introduction of such a gadget is a welcome addition, allowing users to view the content they paid for, even though the mere fact consumers have to revert to such methods is downright infuriating. Thankfully, with ICT not being an issue until 2010, PS3 owners can enjoy Blu-ray content via HDMI, analog (component) and now, all forms of DVI. Lets hope the ICT mess gets figured out sooner rather than later, so we can get back to awaiting the latest Blu-ray releases without the fear of having high-def viewing pulled out from under us.

[Update: Edited post to point out this gadget is most useful for non-HDCP compliant DVI inputs. HDCP DVI inputs will not limit the resolution to 540p as suggested. Thanks!]

[Via Kotaku]

Sony responds to rumors of the PlayStation 3's audio limitations

Yesterday, sister site Engadget HD posted a link to a site that claimed the PlayStation 3 wasn't capable of outputting Dolby TrueHD or DTS HD, even though the PS3's HDMI 1.3 support should guarantee that. Dolby TrueHD and DTS HD are considered two of the highest-end audio formats on the market and since the PlayStation 3 is advertised as being able to support both of them, this caused a bit of an uproar amongst the more hardcore technophile PS3 owners.

Sony responded later in the day though, stating that the PS3 DID indeed support both formats - but that you have to use the PS3 to decode the signals, not a separate AV receiver. A minor bummer, but not a huge deal. Now, I just need $1600 to buy a receiver that actually supports HDMI 1.3.

[Via Engadget HD]

Do your PS2 games look too jaggy on the PS3? Here's a semi-fix... [update 1]

We're calling this a semi-fix because not everybody has their television set up like I do (in Athens, not at home... this one rocks out with HDMI and such). A while back, we did a short investigation on the YouTube video claiming PS2 games look a lot worse on the PS3 -- in my particular case, it appears to be true. Kind of. Yes, there are a lot more jaggies and oh, goodness, the text is atrocious. There is, however, light at the end of this tunnel. I'll tell you how my TV's set up to quickly repair the damaged graphics.

All right, so currently my PS3 is connected to my TV via the HDMI and those cruddy composite cables -- the yellow, white, and red. Why both? Because my TV has channels dedicated to both. When I run a PS2 game on the HDMI channel, yeah, it looks bad. So what do I do? Go to my Display Settings and swap the PS3 back onto the 480i channel -- the channel most PS2 games were probably meant to be seen in. I think that's the problem -- PS2 games didn't plan on getting their resolutions increased so drastically. Anyway... so I swap it back to 480i and re-load the PS2 game and guess what? The text is gorgeous and the graphics look fine. I think. They don't look perfect, but it's a lot better than the HDMI shows.

You guys can go ahead and test this if your TV is prepared for the journey of multiple wires. Or computer monitor, which I know a lot of you swear by (and rightly so, it seems)! Let us know if this works for you. In all seriousness, though, it doesn't bother me that much. If I can still enjoy the gameplay, I don't mind having a jaggy sword, or funny-looking handrails. Perhaps Sony will strive to fix this in the future, but for now, keep your PS2 hooked up if it gets too unbearable.

[update: As I continue to screw around with different games, if you crack out any 2D-centric titles (Atelier Iris 2 in my case), the graphics actually look better with HDMI. The backgrounds have a few splotchy points, but the sprites are much, much sharper.]

Monster Cable scares your wallet with PS3 cable prices!

Yeah, yeah... we know we did a post asking for all of your best advice when it comes to getting those extra cables for the PS3 that Sony cleverly (read: foolishly) neglected to include in the box, but Monster Cables have upped a page that's... well, it's all PS3 cables. One stop shopping, if you will. But the prices aren't as user friendly. Now, let's look at this from an ignorant buyer perspective: these cables specifically say they are for the Playstation 3... many other HDMI cables are guesstimation, at best. So, these "ignorant" shoppers will go for these, hypothetically... until they see the cost. We'll map it out for you.

  1. Playstation 3 HDMI cable -- $100
  2. Playstation 3 Fiber Optic Digital Audio Cable -- $30
  3. Component Video A/V Cable -- $60
  4. Component Video and Fiber Optic Digital Audio A/V Kit -- $70

Now, clearly, you don't have to get all of these, but it's more the case of "pick your poison" than "pick your wine". Then again, the true peripheral aficionado may want to grab whatever is specifically being toted for the Playstation 3... and that's fine. What's your take on this? Any specific route you'd prefer to getting what you absolutely, positively know will be PS3 compatible? There was a little debate about the cheap HDMI cables. Something about 1.3 and such. Anyway, the point is: buyer beware. What was that in Latin? Caveat Emptor? Maybe.

Fanboys unite! Let's find cheaper HDMI cables than this!

Now, we know that every so often in our comments, you guys will talk about the good deals you got on your HDMI cables from eBay or other sources. This post is mostly to warn all of you out there who have poo-pooed those people's luck/skill/foresight. What we mean to say is, do you really want to plunk down $69.95 for the special super-duper Sony PS3 Monster HDMI Cable? We didn't think so.

Sure, it has a lot of pretty features and it's more or less a top-of-the-line cable, but now we get to the point of this post. Everyone, give us your comments on where to go to get good deals! Let's beat the system on this one. Help each other out, give some ideas/experiences on where and how to get a good deal on this (not quite) necessary cable. Let's put all those scattered comments right here so everyone knows where to look!

PS3? That's so outdated! Who needs wires anymore?

Wireless HDMI? Are we insane? Apparently not, according to T3, who recently brought to our attention a creation by Tzero Technologies and Analog Devices. What do you need? One box at your video source, another behind the fancy television, and ta-da! Cable free. For all you safety and protocol nuts, yes, this device does make the quality standard required by most major television manufacturers. How about error rate? We all know wireless stuff messes up more often than something with a hard line. The reliability is an estimated 95%, with an error rate less than one in one-hundred million.

The kit goes on sale in November, but no pricing estimate yet. The question is -- will the PS3 be compatible with this technology? Sure, the HDMI cables aren't included even in the 60GB model, but we're okay with that, especially now with this technology on the horizon. So, let's go ahead and discuss: would you shell out the extra dough for this technology if it were PS3 compatible (we're not saying it isn't, we just aren't sure)? Less wires are good, right?

Lack of HDMI cable in 60GB PS3? Sounds good

We've all heard the news by now. If not, here: Sony isn't shipping high-end PS3's with the HDMI cables. Now, reminiscing back to the days worked in Office Max, we always warned customers buying a printer that they did not come with a USB cable. This is relevant because the ever-intelligent GameStop employee's need to know to enlighten buyers to this issue (if they care about the upgrade from 1080i to 1080p). As this intrepid blogger realized as he purchased a used copy of Grandia III from his local game store, the employee's neglected to put the actual game discs in the case. A major annoyance and a word of warning to shoppers: don't forget the HDMI cable (if you care).

Now then -- does this lack of inclusion matter? No. An HDMI cable is indeed an accessory, increasing the ability of the PS3. While some may argue that it should be included because they're already throwing down $600, you must remember that few games will operate at 1080p right at launch. Krazy Kaz Hirai even said, "to my eyes anyway, there's not a discernible difference between what you get between HDMI and other forms of high definition." That's cool. Besides, HDMI support isn't exactly a necessity to everyday gamers (hardcore or not), more of a plus. A fantastic article over at Joystiq talks further about this subject and should be thoroughly studied and reported on back here! We really have to get the people's opinion on the matter, but PS3fanboy says: HDMI cable exclusion isn't that big of a deal.

The Playstation 3 - a bargain explained

A few days ago at GameDaily, the latest in a series of articles about the PS3's price was posted. This one centers around the 2 different SKU models and how the $500 and $600 models are indeed warranted, if not a bargain. To summarize their points:

$500 SKU
  • No HDMI support outta the box -- Sony will offer some AV device to get you your HD fix or you won't need HDMI to view Blu-Ray's 720p or 1080i resolutions.
  • No wireless internet connectivity -- move your router closer to the TV to give your game machine a wired connection. Recall for XBox360 owners who bought the $400 machine, the wireless adaptor was $100, so arguing price is a moot point if we can simply move a router around.
  • No card reader support -- if you're using it as a game machine, there's not much point to moving pictures from a camera or saving games onto cards with the 20GB hard drive.

Conclusion: $500 PS3 is for those of us who just want to game. We don't care so much for HD, heck, a lot of us don't have an HD TV to play it on. Even if so, there's probably some component cables to boost the resolution.

$600 SKU

This is a Blu-Ray multimedia machine. Gaming is optional (but recommended). Standalone Blu-Ray players come in around $1000. So you're winning on $400 already, plus a 60GB hard drive, plus complete PSX and PS2 backwards compatibility. If that doesn't sound like a pretty good deal, what else do you need? The $600 PS3 is pretty much half the price of its separate pieces (Blu-Ray Player, 60GB drive, PSX and PS2).

[Many thanks to Marco for this tip]

Cheaper PS3 loses HDMI, slots, Wi-Fi, 40GB

As you can see above, there are a few things different between the two PS3 SKUs planned. (Hint: the obvious alterations concern high-def output and wireless connectivity -- though Bluetooth controllers should work just fine with both, with or without any chrome case highlighting.)

So what's HDMI, built-in multimedia card-reader slots, wireless internet connectivity, and an extra 40 gigabytes' hard disk space worth to you? $100? Now that Sony's gone with the 2-SKU approach with its next-gen hardware (a la the Xbox 360's premium and "Core" systems), we can expect some tough consumer choices after six months -- with console shortages possibly for another six months after that -- as $100 separates the base $499 and premium $599 versions of Sony's "Clear Black" hope.

HDMI is important to those who want to take full advantage of Blu-ray high def and have the new screens to use it; MemoryStick, SD, and CompactFlash slots would be nice for the PS3 memory-card users and those will run multimedia on the system; Wi-Fi's the only way to avoid stringing ethernet cables for online access; and 360 owners might appreciate the full 60GB available to potential buyers of the premium PS3 model. Neither model comes with a second HDMI port; thankfully, one should hopefully be all most users need. The details are laid out in a feature-comparison table at the end of Sony's official PS3 hardware press release, available in both Adobe Reader and Microsoft Word formats. Determine what's most important to your PS3 ambitions there.

[Image pieced together from the forums; thanks, Guru]

HDMI issues at GDC? Or simply no cable?

Rear view of a PS3 graphics demo unit
The PS3 dev kits on display at GDC apparently skipped the HDMI connection for some of their demos, casting doubt on how far along Sony's come with its hardware and digital standards compliance.

During GDC, Sony brought along a few PS3 demo units to show off audio and video, which TG Daily spied from a distance. As you can see above, the PS3 graphics demo unit used a standard AV Multi-Out connector while the "two HDMI ports right below the AV Multi-Out port were unused." TGD apparently offered to lend Sony officials an HDMI cable of their own to connect to the system, but they were turned down.

Of course, there's also a conflicting pic which Chris Grant took for us on Joystiq Central that seems to show that very HDMI connection being used, probably with another unit. (Scroll down to the second pic here to see it.) So what's the real story? Was Sony lacking enough updated HDMI 1.3 hardware and/or 1.3-compatible TVs to show off the HD goods, or were they simply short on cables? Maybe their budget was a bit tight for GDC (what with Phil's focused keynote and abundance of GDC sessions from Sony), so hopefully we'll see everything hooked up nice and tidy for E3.

[Thanks, Michael, Racky, pheen, and DocEvil; via TechSpot and CD Freaks]


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