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TGS07: new Devil May Cry 4 gameplay footage [update]

Update: In last night's frenzied blast of news posts and inundation of press releases, we grabbed the wrong Devil May Cry 4 trailer and, on top of that, made some extremely noob-ish observations. Here is the correct one, embedded above, showing new gameplay footage.

Devil May Cry 4 gets some boxart

Boxart lately has been going downhill. They tend to be mishmashed, garbled pieces of last-minute marketing, with way too much happening on one little box to elicit anything but "this is cheesy". There are other boxarts like Warhawk that get the point across: title, clouds, airplane. Simple, direct, excellent.

The past boxarts for Devil May Cry have also been simple: generally it's Dante in a sweet pose with the title somewhere around him. That's why we're kind of disappointed at the supposed final boxart for Devil May Cry 4. It's got Nero in a cool pose and we're fine with that. But what's with the giant Dante in the background? It makes the entire thing seem a bit crowded, honestly. Not that it matters -- the game inside the case is what counts. Thoughts?

[Thanks, Cagalli!]

Devil May Cry 4: new trailer, new gameplay

We're jealous of Jem. At this very moment, he's drowning in a sea of new and upcoming games that we can only dream of playing. Devil May Cry 4, we're certain, is one of those games. Capcom released a new trailer to the German masses, as if gamers around the world weren't excited quite enough. Watch it here, squeal, and then download it in HD for more fun.

To see more mayhem and destruction, check out some new gameplay footage after the cut.

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Devil May Cry 4 being shown off at Leipzig

Capcom are announcing that the PlayStation 3 version of Devil May Cry 4 will be playable at the Leipzig Game Conference next week. Visitors will be able to play as Nero, a new character to the series, and experience his "Devil Bringer arm and the immensely powerful attacks and non-stop combo techniques it delivers." The game is scheduled for a winter release this year, along with 90% of all yet to be released console games. We've said it before and we'll say it again; this is going to be an expensive Christmas.

We'll be there to give your our impressions of the game direct from the Leipzig Game Conference.

Gallery: Devil May Cry 4

New Devil May Cry 4 screenshots showcase new characters

Set aside your hatred, fanatics! Devil May Cry 4 is still awesome, still showcased on PS3 hardware, and still coming our way ... at some point. While we wait, however, we've come across some new screenshots that show off some new characters that will undoubtedly 1) get in the main character's way, 2) say cheesy one-liners, and 3) turn into really ugly creatures for some reason. We can't wait! There are guys with monocles, girls with really white hair, some other guy who looks like the guy with the monocle but without said monocle ... the possibilities are endless. No matter how you feel about Capcom's treatment of the PS3 and Sony, if you've had experience with prior Devil May Cry titles, you know your fingers are burning for some cheesy action.

Update: Capcom has provided us with images and descriptions of the new characters:

"Credo – Kyrie's older brother and the leader of the Magic Sword Cult, an organization that worships Sparda and whose mission is to destroy all demons

Agnus – the Cult's chief researcher, responsible for developing new weapons to defeat demons

Gloria – the only female executive member of the Cult

The cut-scene reveals Dante bursting in on a ceremony conducted by the Magic Sword Cult. Credo and his fellow knights, including Nero, draw their swords ready to kill Dante, who they believe must be a demon."

Gallery: Devil May Cry 4

Some Devil May Cry 4 action, since it's been a while

Turn your volume down, now! Unless you want to hear the incredibly loud sounds of E3 sprinkled with some DMC4 music, we're just warning you. Of course, there are more than one new trailer for Devil May Cry 4 up at Gametrailers, but we're just giving you a small taste of what the latest build of Capcom's title looks like. It looks very smooth, but still lacking that signature difficulty. By all means, the guy playing the demo should be getting his bum handed to him, since he's not playing that expertly. On the other hand, the enemies are all very simple and basic too, so perhaps Capcom is saving the more extreme enemies for the more extreme crowd -- those who buy the game.

Devil May Cry producer may cry if system wars continue

Famitsu Xbox 360, an obviously 360-centric publication of the Japanese Famitsu magazine, recently got a short interview with Devil May Cry 4 producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi. They finally got the answer everyone has been arguing over: why did DMC4 go multiplatform? We're satisfied with the answer, so we'll outline that along with other queries asked below.

  • About the move toward multiple platforms, Kobayashi said "We're using an engine called Framework for development, and it's extremely easy to have a multiplatform strategy including the PC. You can say that Devil May Cry 4 is the first such offering. With the increase in platforms, we have the chance of more people being able to play the game, so we're also happy as developers." The strong name of the game overseas help, too, he said.
  • The game is definitely built originally on the PS3 and ported to other systems (which will yield better ports to other systems and easier for the developers). Kobayashi said that "we've just started with the Xbox 360 version following the announcement, so there's still a ways to go." If the PS3 version is nearly complete, can't we just get it now? We wanna play.
  • The content, as we've said before, will be the same across platforms. Minor graphical differences may exist, plus the PS3 can install the game onto the hard drive, but the game will play the same regardless. Kobayashi laments, "We wanted to avoid arguments about which one is better."
  • The game will indeed run at 60fps. Kobayashi actually claimed keeping to that goal has proven to be one of the biggest challenges in developing for next-gen consoles so far.

Finally, we've been told to expect an advanced build of the game at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show in September. It wasn't made clear if it will be any specific console build, but we'd anticipate a booth for both the PS3 and 360 versions of the game. Not for comparison purposes, but just to show how they're progressing. So they say.

Tired of Nero? How about some Dante DMC4 action?

A brand new trailer made available by Capcom gives the new hero, Nero, some rest while franchise poster boy Dante flexes his muscles and busts out some cool moves in the upcoming Devil May Cry 4. While I've recently been lost in the insanely difficult DS title Etrian Odyssey, my mind has often wondered as to whether this title will retain the difficulty set by the third entry. If you don't like tough games, you shouldn't climb into the ring. Hopefully this game will be tough, but not so hard as to turn people off of getting into the fight. If for some reason you can't see the video above, please check it out at its hosted site.

Also of note is that Peter Dille, Senior Marketing VP for Sony, announced that DMC4 was built for the PlayStation 3 hardware then ported down to other systems. Someone else said that if games were started on the PS3 and ported elsewhere, quality would not drop and the PS3 version would look spectacular. Good news for us, then!

[Thanks a lot, Cagalli!]

SGD '07: Devil May Cry 4 gallery

Well, the big hush-hush sign over Sony's Gamer's Day has been lifted and we've got a plethora of galleries for you to check out. Dubbed Gamer's Day Galleries, you'll know exactly what you're getting into. This first gallery has a few gorgeous high-res shots from Devil May Cry 4 -- nothing surprisingly new, but they're great to look at. Smooth, gigantic bosses, fast-paced action ... this game's got it all, if you like that sort of thing. Everyone that has read this site for more than a day know my feelings about the DMC franchise, so of course I think these screens look great. Look for the game by the end of the year, probably October.

Gallery: Devil May Cry 4

No difference noted between Devil May Cry 4 versions

Comparisons, comparisons, why always with the comparisons? Because they matter. As a child may persist in asking, why? The answer... they don't. If enjoyment is gleaned from a game, does it really matter that the wall textures aren't quite as smooth, or the characters aren't as freakishly shiny? Nick says, "not really". But then again, Nick doesn't own any other next-gen consoles besides the PS3 (he has his reasons, it actually has nothing to do with "fanboyism" or "loyalty").

Third-person rants aside, Devil May Cry 4 is inevitably going to get compared between the 360 and PS3 versions. Capcom ensures their rabid/adoring fans that the two builds will be "pretty much" identical. An anonymous dev said: "As far as the Xbox [360] and the PS3 are concerned, the capabilities and the features in the game, we expect will be the same. Our plan is to pretty much make them identical. You may be able to use some of the functionality in the PS3 as like a switch, but nothing spectacular." Let's see what the game is like by the end of the year, hmmkay?

Devil May Cry 4 media blow-out

A huge amount of tasty Devil May Cry 4 media has hit the intertubes today, and we got it right here for all the Nero lovers out there. First up is an absolutely huge gallery of screenshots and artwork from the increasingly S-S-Stylish action game:

Joystiq Gallery: Devil May Cry 4

Next, we got three awesome video clips that were just released as well. Click the jump to check them out!

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Devil May Cry 4 -- an inclusive hands-on preview

Well, we feel included by hearing about an exclusive hands-on of Devil May Cry 4. After the week long stint of DMC4 news, what else could be discussed other than some hands-on impressions? Well, they've got a lot to say, but we'll keep it as short as possible just because we know you've got a lot to do on a Sunday.

  • The gameplay has gotten so finely tuned and sharp that it was instantly gripping while remaining challenging.
  • Some things don't feel next-gen about the game (at least, this early demo): the whole "kill all the enemies in the room to magically unlock the seal on the door" is a little worn-out.
  • The most important aspect of the game, at least with Nero, is the Devil Bringer. It completely changes the shoot/slice formula... being extremely responsive and refined doesn't hurt. And charging up your sword by throttling it like a motorcycle is neat, too.
  • The artificial intelligence is supposed to be top-notch, but not in the demo they played, apparently. Although it was more of a tutorial level, making the enemies dumb, they didn't exhibit much advanced AI.
  • Boss battles? Still intense and difficult. Failing only makes you want to defeat the monster more!
  • Crossing levels swiftly via the Hell Bound teleport move may portend a more engrossing exploration element in the final build.
  • Dante is ready to fight -- he's got his skills from Devil May Cry 3 as well as instant weapon-swapping. But only the developers got to show him off.
  • But what makes the game fresh? "This is a game made by a man who cut his teeth on fighting games, and combat is the number one priority here. Throwing an enemy up into the air, slashing it with a sword, following that with a few quick shots and yanking and slamming it back into the ground is extremely addictive. The Devil Bringer is fully integrated - essential - to the combat, and is the key to what makes DMC4 feel fresh. The graphics, of course, are packed with detail and flash"

That's it for the week of Devil May Cry 4. We stretched it out a little longer, but whatever. Now, we'd love to hear about the trophies they have planned for Home. Who wouldn't want a life-sized statue of Dante for beating the game with all S-ranks? I'd take that over some worthless line of text telling me I "achieved" something anyday.

Devil May Cry 4 -- video interview with Hideaki Itsuno

Thursday's update in Games Radar's all-week-long Devil May Cry 4 coverage held a video interview with director Hideaki Itsuno. He talked about his vision of the game and also a few other details we'll give you below. But watch the video. You get to see, pretty much, the entire first stage of the game.

  • All the animation, battle options, whatever... couldn't be done for the PS2.
  • They are fully taking advantage of the space available on Blu-ray as well as the PS3's standard hard drive. Installing the entire game on the hard drive will be possible and they'll compact the game as best they can to make that install as quick as possible.
  • 60fps is the chosen option because the characters are so quick. While it makes the graphics nicer, the speed of gameplay is key. Having only 4 frames to choose an action is a much better choice with 60fps. So he says.
  • Itsuno says the only game similar to Devil May Cry is Ghosts N' Goblins. The difficulty, twitch timing reactions... sounds about right.
  • The Catch-22 of Japanese game development, as told by Itsuno, is that to get the budget to make a great game, it needs to appeal to a worldwide audience. This is probably why we don't see a lot of Shadow of the Colossus games, or artsy/niche games in general.

Along with Hideaki Itsuno, they interviewed Matoko Tanaka, the level designer as well as the artist who thought up Nero, Tatsuya Yoshikawa. Both of those are also very entertaining -- give them your time. If we tried to sum their interviews up, too, this would be way too long. So we'll leave those two to you!

[thanks for the reminder, Cagalli!]

DMC4 week, Wednesday: a boss and hero gala!

Nero actually loves going to a gala. All badasses do. Thus, on Wednesday, we are introduced to the specialties of Devil May Cry 4's main character as well as some of the bosses he'll be testing his skills against. Let's go!

So... they pretty much go over the controls for Nero. It's good to know, so we can imagine how the actual fighting will play out in our minds (for those who prefer playing games in their mind). Besides the general attack buttons, you have a gauge to power up that's separate from the standard "devil trigger", the ability to launch yourself long distances by using your crazy arm to snag blue spheres (in addition to grabbing enemies and throwing them all sorts of ways). It really sounds like the dev team has been trying very hard to make the new method of attacking flow with the established attacks. We're interested.

The other bit added to Wednesday's update is a run-through of all the main bosses you encounter in the previous Devil May Cry games. They did all right -- Nelo Angelo, Vergil, etc... but they missed one boss that was pretty important and just would not die. That crazy lava spider from the first game! It wouldn't leave you alone. Ever. Why was he important? No real reason, it's just what I think of when I try to recall how difficult some bosses can be.

Devil May Cry 4 week continues with an interview from Tuesday

Tuesday held an interview with Devil May Cry 4's director, Hideaki Itsuno and its producer, Hiroyuki Kobayashi. They talked about this and that, those and these, them and they. We'll summarize the interviews because that's what's so darn fun about video games.

What's up with the Devil Bringer?
Itsuno: It's a new way to fight. Can't shoot 'em or slice 'em? Throw them around a bit. It adds a third way to deal out destruction! (I'm paraphrasing, clearly) Also, there's a lot more to it than we've seen. It can stop attacks, deflect, etc. A super awesome shield, of sorts.

Is there anything specific that you were able to do with the PS3? Anything... stylish?
Itsuno: There's stuff we thought we'd be able to do, but the time element kind of got in the way. There was a lot that we could do with the PS3 -- it's not the hardware's fault, but... we just don't have the time to implement everything we wanted. But don't worry... the gameplay is still pretty much the same. (I don't mind getting a new fix of the familiars)

Devil May Cry 2 sucked. Did anything that you learned from the other games carry over?
Itsuno: Sure. We want to fit in more enemies, better AI. But as far as games go, we're proud of Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition, so we'll probably use that as a frame of reference. Because it was freakin' awesome.

So what's the relationship between Nero and Dante? Will we be seeing any sexy slash in the future?
Kobayashi: "Dante is an enemy of Nero as he comes in and fights, but Nero doesn't know that Dante is actually a devil hunter."

The trailer yesterday wasn't true to the final product -- Dante will be in different places. So where will he be? Will he show up often?
Kobayashi: "...As the story progresses and there's a need for you to use Dante, you will be able to use him and it's pretty much well interlaced into the progression, the switch, between Nero and Dante. So you will be able to use Dante." Awesome!

Will you talk about the philosophy behind choosing Nero as lead instead of Dante?
Basically, Kobayashi said that Dante was so powerful at the end of the PS2 titles it wouldn't be enough to just play as him again. Enter Nero. Nero also serves as a new face for a new generation and audience -- so people can grow with him. But the veterans still get their Dante fix!

So, will this game do well on the PS3?
Kobayashi: "DMC4 will be at the top of the charts for a long time - at least two years, we expect. There won't be a game in two years to come along and be better than this game." Wow! Big words!

What do you feel about the PlayStation 3 as a platform?
Kobayashi: "Personally I like the look of the PS3 over the Xbox 360 - the external look and the sleekness of it - but that's just my personal preference." Hmm... sort of a dodgy answer, but we'll accept it. Our PS3's are very, very sexy.

Wednesday's news was released, so we'll type that up lickety-split. What a gross saying. Anyway, there's a ton we didn't cover, but seriously. Two gigantic interview summaries? You can look around and see if there's anything that interests you!

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