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Dark Sector demo hitting the PSN this fall

In some ways, PlayStation 3 owners are like Tantalus. Forever desiring demos of upcoming titles and yet eternally denied by the cruel Sony gods. Sure, a GRAW 2 demo is nice, but what about Ratchet and Clank, Lair, Warhawk or a Heavenly Sword demo longer than 3.4 minutes? Well, if Sony isn't listening at the very least D3 Publishing and Digital Extremes are.

1Up is reporting that they received confirmation that both the PS3 and 360 will be getting a Dark Sector demo prior to launch, sometime between October and November. It's refreshing to hear that we'll be getting a demo around the same time as the 360 does, now if only more games would follow suit!

Dark Sector details reveal: no health or ammo bars, just you

We promised you before we had some more news about Dark Sector coming, so here we are dishing out the information fed to us through an official press release. Instead of narrating the darn thing, we thought we'd give you a fun summary of the information in our patented, copyrighted, unique list form. We're kidding! Lists are used in like, three other places.
  • It's a new IP! Not many games can say that. It's also boasting a great, cinematic story.
  • There is no HUD -- that is, a health bar or ammo count. No little menus on the screen to distract you from looking at the actual game. From the press release: "As the character takes damage he will begin to physically show it, ammunition levels will be displayed on guns, available weapons and inventory will be displayed on the character – all serving to keep the player focused on the character and the gameplay." We personally think this is a great move.
  • The controls are guaranteed to be simple and intuitive so you can master any skills fairly easily. If you tried to play Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes on the GameCube, you know how pesky an awkward controller setup can be.
  • The camera, as previously mentioned, is over-the-shoulder so you can not only make better movements, but will be "showing full visual of Hayden allowing for the player to make a connection with the character." A connection? Right.
  • Upgradeable weapons, stupendous AI, and a main character slightly reminiscent of Kratos in so much that he's cold-blooded and ruthless, gives no excuse for his actions, but as the story progresses, we start to understand him and see how the events of the game change him. Or something.
What's more, below, we've got a gallery of screenshots for you to check out. They're magically delicious and want your attention. We'll keep updating you on this game until it arrives early in 2008. Hopefully, Digital Extremes will have the foresight to give people a demo to play over the PSN before then!

Gallery: Dark Sector

Dark Sector may be the mutiplatform Gears of War

We've taken our jabs at Dark Sector before, but when it all comes down to it, we've gotten the impression from other people's hands-on with the game that it's actually something to look out for. In fact, it's been likened to Gears of War, which was apparently some game for the 360. We kid, we know what it is. IGN had a hands-on of the game and said "Digital Extremes, really, really likes Gears of War. Dark Sector plays and feels almost exactly like it -- right down to its cinematic storytelling, control scheme and visual style." There's even a context-sensitive action that controls the cover mechanics, as well as a shaky-cam when you bust into a sprint. Another major influence, both PSU and IGN report, is the similarity to Resident Evil 4's over-the-shoulder camera and aiming system.

While you get a small arsenal of weaponry, the Glaive is what sets the game apart from the ones it draws influence from. Not only can it destroy enemies in quick, painful stylings, not only can it get powered up by a bevy of elements, not only does it have a built-in light source and solve puzzles, but it can ... wait, that's about it. It's awesome, though. Every other weapon you pick up can be upgraded, a la Resident Evil 4. Your main character can also be powered up, a la KOTOR, with new abilities and powers.

Enemy AI? Brilliant, says IGN and brilliant at times says PSU. Graphics? Well, the game is being built on the PS3 as the primary platform and ported elsewhere, so we know we'll be getting the best game we can get as far as multiplatform titles go. What's more, is we've got some more info about this game coming to us later tonight. Stay tuned, as we'll give you some more details you might just find intriguing.

[Thanks, Justin!]

Is Dark Sector something to keep our eyes on?

When you first read any hands-on material, you generally groan in disappointment because all you hear is fluffy statements about this or that. People who are given hands-on time typically won't say anything negative about a game, as that would be rude. However, sometimes you can pick out choice phrases or words that connote whether or not a game, to put it bluntly, blows. So when Games Radar posted their hands-on, we were surprised to see none of that in their hands-on of Dark Sector, recently rescheduled for next year due to a busy Fall lineup (but Summer is still completely empty).

The game is a melting pot of ideas. If we were to blurt out the influences, we'd probably scream a list similar to this: Rygar, Resident Evil 4, Gears of War, Zelda, and Metroid. You've got your spinning disc thingy that cuts people up, your third person shooting style from RE4 and the cover system from GoW and you learn new skills and solve puzzles with said skills/items like in Zelda and Metroid.

What Games Radar said about the game graphically is pleasing -- it used to be fairly ugly, but they've complimented how it has turned out. Sure, it doesn't look the killer app for the PS3 and 360, but if your level of fun slows down after the holidays, this might just give you the shot of excitement you need.

Dark Sector slices calendar up, forgets about 2007 release

Thank goodness! You may be wondering why we've got our arms raised high in elation as we praise the heavens at the news of the anticipated Dark Sector getting pushed back to early 2008. It isn't that the game has hit a roadblock during production. It isn't that they don't feel the game is ready for people to play. The real reason is fairly obvious: every game known to man is trying to get pushed out the door during the holiday season of 2007. Dark Sector doesn't want to be yet another hit in your wallet or something that simply gets forgotten about. D3 wants their title to get noticed and so do we. Thanks for taking one for the consumer team, Dark Sector, and we'll see you in 2008.

SGD '07: Dark Sector screenshots eviscerate you

One of the first next-gen titles to ever be announced has a new batch of screenshots via Sony's Gamer's Day 2007. While there are only three pictures of Dark Sector, they look incredible and are well worth checking out. The futuristic third-person shooter puts you in the shoes of Hayden Tenno, a black-ops agent investigating post Cold War secrets.

Gallery: Dark Sector

Dark Sector: gameplay + commentary video

Are you itching to slice off some bad guy's ligaments? You should be, especially after seeing this Dark Sector trailer, complete with developer commentary! Honestly, I'm still on the fence about this game. One day I'll think it looks good, another day I won't be so impressed. After checking this out, you guys can decide where you currently stand. Obviously, this video is brought to you by IGN.

New Dark Sector screenshots to make your stomach squirm

We're still completely up in the air about the game Dark Sector. One minute we'll be looking forward to it, the next we're not so sure. Every next-gen game can't be great, y'know? So we're going to remain cautiously optimistic, but not expect to be blown away. With that out of the way, what say you to some new screenshots? We say you say you so ready! Should've been a troubadour... got a rhythm in my head. Spoony bards.

Some of the screenshots show the throwing blade in action, but most don't. Apparently, you can use the environment to "charge" your boomerang thing -- throw it through fire and it'll burn up enemies, through an electric fence and... well, you can probably fill in the gaps. You will, of course, be using this to solve puzzles in the game as well as to defeat your enemies in whatever manner you see fit. Oh, one last interesting thing before you're free to scope out the screenshots: this game was inspired by Resident Evil 4 and Zelda. If it holds true to those sources, it should be a great game, right? Either way, we'll find out this fall.

Dark Sector trailer makes heads roll

There is a part of me that wants to be excited for this game, but another part that's hesitant. With all the indirect parallels to the PS2 game Rygar, mostly with discs of death, there's cause for concern. I enjoyed Rygar, especially the gorgeous soundtrack. But a lot of people thought it fell short of anything great. In any case, may we present you with the newest Dark Sector trailer? Just hit the "Launch Player" button to the right of the article. The game's due out by the end of the year, possibly sooner. Tell us what you think!

Dark Sector gameplay footage

All right, the Doerrman will admit (you know, that's a pretty common nickname given to me actually), he wasn't too excited about this game initially. It looked like a pseudo-Rygar meets Splinter Cell, and it still does. But this gameplay footage of Dark Sector really got him pumped. Decapitations, beautiful graphics, sneaking, slaughtering... and that Resident Evil 4 camera-style that seems to get adopted a lot more recently. Nick is pleased. Watch the video. Enjoy it. Expect a closer watch on this game... it might just turn out pretty good. Third person voice, out.

Dark Sector screens -- is it a sword or a glaive?

The sword or glaive joke might not make sense, but if you check out the translation of the Jeux-France webpage, the subject line will read either "Dark Sector leaves its glaive" or "Dark Sector leaves its sword". Sorry. Thought it was funny. Babelfish can't quite decide, so lady luck takes charge of that translation. So, we're just giving you a dozen or so screenshots of the upcoming Dark Sector, the game that likes to change faces. It doesn't really matter so long as the final product is good -- and at least visually, it delivers on that. Sure, the guy getting gutted in the picture appears pretty content with that fact, but let's assume he was spiked while daydreaming about some lovely lady. Not much else to report on this title right now, but it's moving along. Expect it for the PS3, PC, and 360 sometime in 2007.

A Dark Sector trailer for you to chew on

Don't actually chew your computer screen. That doesn't work out very well. But you can chew on a giant turkey leg and download the Dark Sector teaser trailer whenever you want. You may recall, this is the game that has changed itself many times over. Originally a futuristic sci-fi epic, it shifted to a casual American FBI agent assassinating foreign people. It had a third shift where the main character is no longer an FBI agent, rather an assassin hired by the American government (low profile, probably). Bah, just check out our earlier post to see the deal with the story. There isn't a lot of fighting mechanics explained in the trailer, but you can check out how pretty the game looks.

Dark Sector information update! It's changing shapes again...

This is a follow-up to our coverage on the new info about Dark Sector a while back. Hmm, it seems that isn't new info anymore. Steve Sinclair, the game's designer, offered up this info about the new new changes: "The essence of what we wanted to do hasn't changed, in terms that the character is still Haden Tenno, and he's still following this sort of messianic journey, but the setting has definitly changed considerably...The thing that we kept hearing from people was realism...realism, and natural enviroments, and plausibilty." Gone is the sci-fi/futuristic attributes and the main character is no longer rumored to be an FBI Agent. Now he's an assassin employed by the American government to investigate strange happenings in... Lasria.

Now, we'd like to type up everything about the story, but you can just as easily read it over at the original article. What's interesting to note is the nod towards the classic Rygar games -- you have a bladed throwing disc from the start of the game, used to attack enemies, grab objects, etc. You've also got guns and other powers at your disposal (much unlike Rygar -- save those fairly useless summons from the PS2 version). No word on multiplayer yet, but it should be rockin', just like this game is starting to look and sound. Keep an eye open for more info later on.

After two years, info on Dark Sector emerges from the shadows

Digital Extremes released news of the next-gen title Dark Sector way back in 2004 and since then, we've heard very, very little except for the fact it will be on the PS3 and the XBox 360. Something wicked this way comes! What is it? Why, it's news! Seems a bit of the game has been changed on a conceptual level, even. Initially a futuristic setting, now it appears the game will be in contemporary (maybe slightly futuristic) Russia, behind the eyes of an American FBI agent. In a kinda-sorta similar vein to Farcry, our FBI agent is assaulted and wakes up with a sort of parasite giving him super-duper powers and a bionic arm. Does this sound like Bionic Commando 2?! No, no... it's Dark Sector. Is it Nero from Devil May Cry 4, with a crazy death-dealing arm parasite thingy? No, no... it's Dark Sector, and you know what? Forget the comparisons, this sounds pretty cool.

So what else is new about this game otherwise? This is about the actual gameplay -- it takes the third-person view, a la Resident Evil 4 or Gears of War. This makes it more of an action game, not an FPS, which is extremely relieving. The game is scheduled for a Fall 2007 launch and at this rate... we'll get a giant truck of info right before launch. Keep your eyes and ears open!


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