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ThreeSpeech sheds some light on European game release dates

We all know that the next couple of months include some major game releases but, for those of us in Europe, we're not entirely sure when exactly the big titles are coming. ThreeSpeech to the rescue! They have revealed all the confirmed release dates for the big Sony first party titles between now and the end of the year. Thankfully no games have been delayed into 2008, with most titles having gone gold already. Even Singstar gets a mention, along with confirmation that it will be out this year. Here's the full list:
  • The Eye of Judgment - October 26th
  • Lair - November 9th
  • Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction - November 9th
  • Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - December 7th
  • Singstar - December ??th
We know what gamers are like though - they always want more. If this list doesn't seem long enough to you then don't forget about all the third party titles that are out soon. With games like Guitar Hero III, Assassin's Creed, Haze and Call of Duty 4 along with the above list we're in for a busy Christmas.

Special deal on Eye of Judgment cards at GAME

If you're a UK gamer ready to get your Eye of Judgment on, then you know that you're probably due for a lot of card collecting. This can generally be quite a bother, especially with the packs selling anywhere between £3 and £8, depending if you're getting a booster or starter pack, respectively. Well, perhaps we can help quell the notion you'll dole out a lot of cash -- UK retailer GAME is offering a special deal on their cards if you buy more when you pick up the game. The price will get sliced almost in half, rendering the fee for added card excellence down to £1.50 and £5. It's a pretty good deal, so if you plan on getting into the game, might as well score a few extra card packs while the gettin' is good.

Top Gear coming to Gran Turismo TV in 2008

A partnership has been announced today between the BBC and Sony, in collaboration with Polyphony Digital. The partnership will allow Polyphony Digital to distribute forty episodes of the hit UK car show Top Gear as part of the Gran Turismo TV service. GT TV will launch on the PlayStation Network in 2008 as an online car television channel for motor enthusiasts.

Not only that, but a new level based on the Top Gear test track will also be included in Gran Turismo 5. Certainly, car enthusiasts should be excited by this announcement. Top Gear is a great piece of entertainment, even if you're not a huge fan of motoring. Having free downloadable episodes for the PS3 sounds great to us.

Gallery: Top Gear on GT TV

Debate! Uncharted: lost in a wave, or system mover?

There's an interesting little quibble over at Ars Technica about the relevance of Uncharted to the holiday performance of the PS3. There are two sides: Frank and Ben. Frank thinks the game will be a surprise hit in November, worthy of praise and front-page reviews, etc. Ben thinks it'll get lost in the tidal wave of excellent games due out in November. Did somebody say sitcom?

Seeing as how most of the other games due out are multiplatform titles, it would be foolish to think Uncharted isn't on most PS3 owner's radars. Naughty Dog is a huge Sony-supportive company and the game itself, well, built from the ground up on PS3, it looks damn nice. So is a high volume of titles (a lot of shooters, it seems) really all it takes to bury this hyped up game? Ben thinks so. Frank, however, is smart. We kid, we kid. Both make valid arguments. How do you guys feel about Uncharted? Is it going to make a splash on the PS3, or bellyflop into oblivion in the wake of stuff like Haze, Call of Duty 4, and Unreal Tournament 3 (despite the delay)?

Korn, while on Nectar, record song out of Haze love

Most American music listeners know of the band Korn. Some remember the highlights of their career, like appearing on South Park and the hilarious antics that ensued. Whether or not you like their music, Korn has made video game buzz today by recording a song they say was "inspired by" the upcoming shooter Haze. The song's launch is going to coincide with the game's release, so you know it's a little more than inspiration on the band's part. Conspiracy theorists, unite!

The song, entitled "Haze", will act as a "testament to the synergy possibilities between music and video games, which often share the same audience," says Ubisoft's Christian Salomon. Also speaking out is Korn's singer Jonathan Davis, who rehearsedly exclaimed "Gaming for me is a religion and Haze is the shit! I had to come up with a track that can hit up that kind of rush I get from the game and I think we really rocked it!!" The double exclamation marks are, of course, to emphasize how much the band "rocked it". Well, take it however you like, but it seems the marketing train for Haze is underway. But will it pay off?

Haze demo coming to the EU PSN Store November 16th

Can't speak Spanish? That's ok, neither can we. However, we've been reliably informed (by our mate babelfish) that the official Spanish PS3 website has been updated. A new article states that a Haze demo will be making its way to the European (or at least, Spanish) PSN Store soon. We would expect to see the same demo being released on the US store a week or two earlier, but who knows. Maybe Europe will get it early for once.

Alright, alright - once you're done laughing, we'll get to the meet of the issue. The demo will be from a jungle-based level and will feature up to four player co-operative play. There's no word on whether the Co-op mode will be online for the demo or not. We hope so, but won't be holding our breath. Even so, co-operative play in a demo is definitely something we're excited about - especially with it being such a huge selling point for the game itself.

[Via N4G]

Haze is commentary of game violence, of itself

The scriptwriter for Free Radical's upcoming shooter Haze, Rob Yescombe, sat down with the friendly Gamasutra to discuss the meaning behind the script he penned. In addition to the heavy political overtones found throughout the game, Yescombe admits part of the script is talking about violence in videogames. He said "As a [futuristic private military operator] Mantel guy, it makes sense that you play it like a game, because you're absolved from responsibility. It's weird that our entertainment is founded on shooting people in the face! The truth is that I enjoy it as much as anyone else, but I find myself weird for liking it so much. That's less than a big political statement; it's much more about, 'What are we, as people who are entertained by this?'" Good question, we guess. It's just entertaining to do stuff we can't do in real life, perhaps? No good answer, really.

Originally, Yescombe planned to pen a story akin to Apocalypse Now, which would make the game a lot more narrative-heavy, if Conrad's Heart of Darkness taught us anything. He claimed the story became a bit too overt and controversial for a new IP to push, so a lot of the heavier political stuff seems to have gone hidden in the depths of the game. You can still look for it, he says, as it's still there, but it's not the crux of the tale. After all, Yescombe says, if the game isn't fun to play, it doesn't matter what sort of political commentary you toss in. From the looks of it, Haze will be damn fun to play and the story seems like it's just going to grow if future installments are planned.

BlackSite online support limited on PS3

BlackSite: Area 51, Midway's upcoming Unreal Engine-powered shooter, is going to have a fairly robust online mode. According to IGN: "With the Xbox 360 version of the game, players will be able to play ranked and unranked matches, and voice support will have constant chatter for teammates while everyone will be able to hear each other if they're close enough, regardless of which team they're on."

Wait, but that's not the case for PS3! Most of these features are being cut for Sony's version. According to a Midway representative: "Basically, the PS3 supports the ability to host, search, and join - that's it. All of the other functionality did not make it to PS3: ranked / leader boards, match making, voice chat, private slots, etc." Essentially, expect a fairly bare-bones online mode for the PS3 version of BlackSite. This seems like a strange omission from Midway, especially considering the robust online features their upcoming Unreal Tournament will have.

[Thanks, Amphlett!]

European Guitar Hero 3 release date confirmed

Those of you with your eyes out on the retailer websites will probably have known this for a little while, but Activision have finally confirmed the EU release date for Guitar Hero 3. With a release on November the 23rd, Europeans will have almost an entire month of sitting around and twiddling their thumbs while their American cousins rock out to songs like One by Metallica and Weezer's My Name is Jonas.

Having said that, there's plenty to keep us busy what with the holiday season lineup. At least we're not waiting until next year like another game we won't mention. Those of you who are impatient can import the game, but we're not sure how the downloadable content will work in that case. We're currently trying to find out, so watch this space.

White Knight Story site gets an update

New characters, new system details, and some new concert art decorate the interwebs today as White Knight Story's official site has gotten an update. We'll bullet a list and give you the rundown of what you'll find below, if you don't feel like searching on your own quite yet.
  • Several new pieces of concept art, including some airships, castles, and what we assume is a dungeon etched into the side of a mountain, akin to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
  • Pretty much everything under the System menu is new -- character creation details we can't read (it is now touted that you can create female characters, too apparently), the battle/combo system is explained as well as your White Knight transformation ability.
  • Under the Character tab, you can see what seems to be the bad guys, led by the stereotypical long, white-haired badass. Lame, but we'll forgive Level 5 for now as we're basing this on assumption. There's a girl with a big ugly frog pet, A dude, and a Moogle-like creature. Oh, also a neat picture of some of the big Knights.
It's a quick update to run through, but if you're a fan of the game, nay, a fan of the idea of a truly next-gen RPG on your PS3, it should give you the grins to check out. If not, no worries. We'll keep you posted on any White Knight Story news we come across!

Devil May Cry 4 has "emo" hero, release date set

Capcom's press site has alerted us to some updated information regarding Devil May Cry 4 and, seeing how we're kind spirits and all, thought we'd forward the information to you. A lot of it is rehashed info, so we'll cut through that recycled garbage (oxymoron?) and deliver you the news you want to know.

Appearances by Trish, Lady, Dante, and pretty much the entire DMC cast ensemble are to be expected. Nero is described by Capcom as "cynical and prefers being a lone wolf, often labeled emo." That made us giggle a little bit. But probably the most important slice of information is a solid release date scheduled by Capcom -- a street date of February 2008 has been set. We'll have some more DMC4 news for you in a little bit, so don't worry, fans of the franchise, more news is coming.

Dylan Jobe discusses Warhawk 1.1 patch

If you've been keeping an eye on the PlayStation.Blog you will have noticed that Dylan Jobe has recently posted up a nice piece of news regarding Warhawk. Several pieces, actually. To begin with, Warhawk version 1.1 is on its way and will arrive sometime before the end of October (that's this month, by the way). The update doesn't add anything to the gameplay but, instead, is mostly focused on stability and glitch fixing and will work alongside recent stability fixes on the server side. This is great for those of us who still suffer from weird stats errors (we get rank increases almost every time we login) or who still can't make it onto ranked servers. The full patch list can be found after the jump.

The second big announcement involved new Warhawk police - called Arbiters - who will be overlooking the leaderboards and who will be joining games in order to maintain the Warhawk peace. With guns. They have a wide array of punishments at their disposal including kicking, banning and sending harshly worded emails to you and your parents. So if any of you are sneaky cheaters then you'd best watch out - the Arbiters are after you.

Finally, Jobe mentions an announcement regarding update v1.2 coming soon. This will probably be the December expansion we've been hearing so much little about. We'll keep you posted.

Continue reading Dylan Jobe discusses Warhawk 1.1 patch

Bidaux: Home won't sell PS3s, but has potential

Thomas Bidaux had some rather opinionated things to say about PlayStation 3's Home MMO during a recent interview with NCsoft's director of product development said that while Home is very interesting, it will need to offer something more significant than avatar customization, or it will remain quite limited.

We're not quite sure where Bidaux is getting his information from, but Home will offer gamers much more than changing their in-game character's appearance. However, some of Bidaux's comments did make a little sense. "I don't think you can say you will sell more PS3s because of Home, but if the PS3 had the right penetration in the market, then yes - Home will be very interesting," he said.

We don't believe anyone ever claimed Home to be a PS3 system seller, but if all promises are kept, it will certainly go a long way in helping the PS3 gain back its lost market share.

Capcom announces Commando 3 for PSN

Well, it seems Capcom enjoys tossing out game announcements this week. This time, we've gotten wind of the next installment of their Commando series, Commando 3. The title is going to be a downloadable game from the PSN and will be worked on by the same group who is responsible for Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix Extreme Title Ultimate Fighter Time Gaming Fun.

Up to three players can blast around and shoot stuff up at once in the game, choosing between the characters of Animal, Smoke and Boomer. That is, a former marine, a covert-op, and an old dude who seems likely to explode. There will be power-ups, the 80's style "screen cleaning" bombs, and co-op vehicles to coordinate your skills with. We look forward to hearing some more about the game in the near future.

Japanese PSN Store gets two new demos

The Japanese PSN store has been graced with two new demos. GI Jockey 4 2007 and Heavenly Sword have both had playable nuggets placed online for download. For those of you still interested in Heavenly Sword but not ready to actually pay money for it, this new demo may be for you. Featuring Kai, instead of Nariko, the second demo allows you to play through one of her arrow shooting missions - also allowing you a taste of using aftertouch to guide her arrows.

As for GI Jockey, we're fairly certain that if you're not into horse racing then this demo won't change your mind. Keep your eye out for the Gran Turismo Prologue demo - due to drop on the Japanese PSN Store later today.

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