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PS3 displays hit Best Buy

While they may not be the sky piercing monoliths that are appearing in Japan, US based PS3 displays are certainly looking pretty snazzy. Taking up quite a bit of shelf space, this PS3 "kiosk" is presumably a teaser and will be replaced by PS3 games and accessories come launch day.

We're really liking the clean, powerful look to Sony's in-store PS3 marketing. Let us know if you see an actual PS3 paired with any of these displays. Many Bothans died to bring you this information.

[Thanks Skippy]

The PS3 lives!

The glare from its polished black sheen is almost blinding, but the first fully-functional PS3 to be seen, held and heavy-petted outside of Sony is now in the hands of Playstation 3 Magazine. Their initial impressions?

"The pads lighter than we anticipated and we were pleasantly surprised by the top-notch feel when controlling the vehicles with the pads motion rather than the sticks. We also got to grips with Resistance: Fall of Man too. The jury's still out on this one but it looks amazing; like proper next-gen."

Today is a big one for PS3 fanboys everywhere. It's not the TGSs, the press releases or the game trailers that get me pumped for a big console launch. That's all manufactured, artificially polished. What's real, and what's really exciting, is seeing the final game cases, seeing the final demo kiosks in stores and seeing the actual console out in the wild... running actual games and being played by actual gamers who are now in the process of reviewing the entire experince.

As of today, the PS3 is no longer something powered only by PR and marketing. Today, for better or worse, the PS3 is real.

PS3 demo kiosk caught in the wild

Demo Kiosk

One of the 15,000 Playstation 3 demo kiosks has escaped and is now loose in Japan. Looking much like the black monolith form 2001: A Space Odyssey, the demo unit is already drawing crowds of pensive onlookers who are apparently too afraid to get wihin 5 feet of the actual console. I must say that this set-up looks very clean and polished. And Sony is sparing no expense, pairing the PS3 with their top-of-the line Bravia XBR2 LCD flat-panels. The PS3 demos on this thing will look amazing!

[Via IGN]

PS3 box art round-up

PS3 caseYou know we love our PS3 box arts! This time we stumbled upon a mother lode of official, and apparently final PS3 game cases. Among the trove are previously unseen boxes for Unknown Realms, F1 Championship and Japanese Golf 5. What I found most interesting about these box shots versus all the early "artist-renditions" and the initial batch of fuzzy TGS shots is that these ARE exactly like the existing Blu-Ray movie cases. The only difference seems to be that the plastic used for PS3 games is clear, while the plastic of a movie is blue.

Head on over to PS3 Portal to see all seven cases.

Spiderman 3 PS3 sneak peek

Spiderman 3 on the PS3 is inevitable. Whizzedout debuts their sneak peek in the video above via this introduction:

"A video of the next gen spiderman, on PS3. They used some amazing render to make him look this damn real."

'Nuff said (Spidey comic fans will get the reference).

TGS footage frenzy: Lair

Of all of the PS3 games that we know about, Lair may be the one that I'm looking forward to the most. This gameplay footage does nothing to tame my excitement. I want his one now. Dragons, castle sieges, magic. Awesome.

Resistance site opens to the masses

Fall of Man

The PS3's upcoming Halo Killer launch game, Resistance: Fall of Man, finally has an official site up and running over at the Playstation mega-site. There's not too much to get excited about yet as the site is barely more than a timeline spanning 40 years. The significance of the events depicted during this timeframe is not clear, but the history-lesson ends with the mystery of the discovery of several demonic Russian ghost-towns in 1938. Undoubtedly, many more dates/clues will be added to the timeline as the game gets closer to release. Creepy.

When dragons attack!

Not much is known about the elusive PS3 game known as Lair. But, really, how much more do you need to know than that Lair is all about hot dragon vs. dragon action (not to mention steamy dragon versus infantry combat too)? Some of the first screens depicting Lair in action hit the Interweb today... and all we have to say is that those dragons sure are pretty. We're keeping our fingers crossed that these aren't just cut-scenes.

Look for Lair sometime in 2007.

[Via Fragland]

PS3 and Wii engage in lively debate

The PS3 seems to be the console that everyone loves to hate on right now. Even the standard-barer for broadcast journalism, G4TV, has joined the fray with a bit of low-brow (and low-blow) humor. While I think people's attitudes about the PS3 are going to start changing right after it launches, I couldn't help but laugh at this parody of an Apple commercial, pitting the PS3 against the Wii. Funny stuff, but we think that Sony may have the last laugh yet.

PS3 gets first commercial

It has been a busy weekend for the PS3. First, it gets its own Halo Killer. Now, it get its first commercial. This ad, apparently created for Europe (irony alert!), is very much in the same vein as the Blu-Ray "commercial" that was recently released. Clocking in at 3 mintues and 10 seconds, the promo takes a very, very long time to tell you about how the PS3's artificial intelligence will kick your butt. The torture ends with a short and enjoyable montage of actual gameplay.

[Thanks ElChibo]

The PS3 has its Halo killer

Fall of Man

According to the boys over at 1UP, the upcoming PS3 shooter, Resistance: Fall of Man, is a bona fide Halo killer. Of course, we've heard the call of the Halo Killer before (aka Killzone), but it's nice to hear it coming from true videogame fans and not from Sony's marketing department. Here's a summary of the evidence that 1UP presents in their latest video podcast:

"In our exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the s***-hot PS3 shooter, Resistance: Fall of Man, we talk with Insomniac's main man himself, Ted Price, about the creation of Sony's most-talked about launch title. Multiplayer, single-player, co-op play -- we reveal it all, including tons of new footage you won't see anywhere else."

The podcast lives up to its promise, but can the game live up to being a Halo Killer? That's a subjective question, but based on the beautiful gameplay, we're saying that it's a definite possibility! But, it's your opinion that actually counts... do you think we have a Halo Killer on our hands?

[Via 1UP]

"This is Living" commercial induces yawns, nods

All right, so the big bad Blu-ray ad has gone live in the UK, toting the "This is Living" slogan. What's it like? Watch for yourself, or read on. Essentially, we get to hear a woman talking about Blu-ray to an implied group of people who (like the man wandering around his home) are stuck in the "past", technology-wise (even though a quick glance around this apartment reveals a bookshelf worth of VHS anime). It's a fairly clever commercial, but the fact remains -- it's kind of boring. It's sort of like the first five minutes of a drama, except nothing dramatic ever happens. They get the point across, but is this living? There are probably a few people left in the world who live like the poor old chum in the commercial, sporting bookcases of VHS tapes and sugar cubes. The commercial definitely appeals more towards everyman and not the techno-junkie. What do you think? Good move? Our money is on yeah, but future commercials should try something a bit more exciting.

[Thanks to Andrew Yoon for this tip as well!]

A comic making fun of Sony? What's the world coming to?

Thanks to Andrew Yoon, resident blogger over at PSPfanboy, we have been alerted to a certain "Cubetoon" from IGN's Wii pages. This comic is against everything we here at PS3fanboy stand for and you know what? It's pretty darn funny. These comics will be added regularly to IGN's site as IGN Toons, since the GameCube and Wii-centric front clearly is not enough for these artists. You can also check out other of the comics at the official Cubetoons website. We've always wondered what the work ethic behind Kutaragi and Hirai was like... apparently, it's "meh".

PS3 Europe slogan not "This is lame"

It's actually "This is living." The commercial, which you can see via the Kikizo site, is sort of like a PS3 explosion, turning into the slogan, and beating like a heart. Enthralling, really. This is the final edition of the launch slogan -- at least in Europe. While the slogans in Japan and the United States will most likely be different (an SCE rep will give Kikizo further territory-specific details later), we've got to think to ourselves: is this a good slogan?

"Live in your world, play in ours" was a pretty popular one for the PS2. Despite the Dreamcast's untimely demise, "It's thinking" was a decent attempt at a slogan, too. Fun commercials, at least. Remember them? Inside the Dreamcast, people dancing and whatnot... a lot of fun. Anyway, what think you all of "This is living"? Is it really living? Referring to the PS3 being a sentient beast or that playing the PS3 is the high point of our lives? Give up your thoughts and when the US and Japan slogans are revealed, we'll have a face-off of marketing proportions! Which is fairly large.

Check it: WarHawk footage for the flyboys

Some of you might have seen this before, but for everyone else, here is a nice and quick video of what you may be able to expect from WarHawk. Sorry, no controller action for you to see, but just use your imagination!

Overall, the video is too short to critique, but the graphics don't seem that bad (given the quality of the footage and all). It'll be interesting to see how it changes between what we see here and the release date. I wonder if they will try and incorporate their new Eye Toy and the potential motion-sensing apparatus into it.

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