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More PixelJunk games coming this year

After the release of PixelJunk Racers, indie developer Q-games seems to have reloaded their casual game arsenal with at least two more titles up their sleeves. On the mildly confusing PixelJunk website, you can find a couple of teaser screen shots with release dates. An unnamed game that looks much like Tower Defense (screen shot above) is slated for November of this year.

Another nameless game that looks much stranger and much more difficult to describe has a date of December of this year. A screen shot of this curious game is after the jump.

[via GameSetWatch]

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Logitech's shiny Bluetooth keyboard and headset

Need more accessories that match your PS3's sexy piano black coat? Logitech has got your back. Coming soon are a Bluetooth gaming headset and a Bluetooth keyboard with touch pad, both in that shade of black that PS3 owners can't get enough of. The laptop runs on 2 AA batteries, but the headset comes with a rechargeable battery. The Cordless Vantage Headset and the Cordless MediaBoard Pro will retail for $79.99 each.

Just a guess, but maybe this Logitech headset is higher quality than the one bundled with Warhawk? Hardcore Warhawk fans (or those who bought the download version) might want to keep an eye out for this headset.

[via Pocket-lint]

Japanese PSN release for September 13th

A very small, very strange update for Japanese PSN users today. The following item is available for free:
  • FolksSoul new Folk "Gemaga editor-in-chief"
That probably doesn't make any sense to anyone at first, but let us explain. In FolksSoul (better known to non-Japanese as Folklore) there are monsters called "Folks", and you can capture these monsters' souls and use their powers against your foes. This update adds a new monster, who just happens to be the editor-in-chief of Japanese video game magazine Gemaga. He uses his narcissistic pose to unleash a barrage of flower petals to attack enemies... or something. Let's just say today's Japanese PSN release is like an inside joke that no one but the Japanese could understand, okay?

Japanese PSN releases for September 11

Japanese PS3 owners get a taste of the 992MB demo of Heavenly Sword as well as a couple movies in today's Japanese PSN update.
The Japanese PSN site lists the demo's name as "Heavenly Sword" Nariko Personal Experience version (or at least that's what it roughly translates to). Assuming it's the same demo that the US had, maybe "Nariko Personal Experience" is Japanese code-speak for 5 minute tease?

Rumor: New 40GB PS3 at $399.99 for the holidays

Ars Technica has their very own mole, who they say is very good at what he does. Looks like he dug up some interesting stuff on Sony's plan for the holiday season. The rumor is as follows: the 80GB PS3 falls to $499.99, and a brand new 40GB PS3 is offered at $399.99.

Analysts have predicted the 80GB price drop before. As for this 40GB model, we've had a few tip offs that it might be in the works. In addition, the mole adds that Spider-Man 3 Blu-ray may be packed in with one or both of the bundles, and the PS2 drops to $99.99. Of course, these are merely rumors, so don't hold your breath while waiting for lower priced PS3s. We expect to find out more at Tokyo Game Show.

[via Digg]

Madden 08 roster update makes Vick disappear

Just in time for the start of the first Sunday of NFL action, EA SPORTS has released a roster update for Madden 08 on next gen consoles, which includes the PS3. The update includes the latest rosters as well as ratings adjustments for some players.

The guys over at X360 Fanboy also note that Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick has been removed from the game. We'll spare you from the over-used dog fighting jokes, but instead we will give you a nice gameplay tip. Vick's departure makes cover boy Vince Young the fastest QB in the league, making him your best choice for running the "bootleg every down and hope to catch the defense sleeping" offense.

[via Game Stooge]

1.92 unlocks Cell processor's kitten spawner?

Remember that 1.92 update? The one that did nothing for Europe and may have messed up the connection to Warhawk servers?

All is forgiven! 1.92 means kittens for everyone! Yes, this truly is the power of Cell. Well, not really, but the guys over at Penny Arcade sure wish so. Lair fans may also be wishing that the comic would come true. People allergic to cat dander however, maybe not so much.

Lair Reviewer's Guide is dummy text, add headline here

Lair is not very good. Most people agree with that. To try and alleviate the reviewing experience and perhaps gain a few points on scores, Lair's handlers released a 'Lair Reviewer's Guide' to the gaming press. Some were insulted by this.

But what's really scary is that even the guide that Sony sent out is not very good either, or at least it was not proofread well. The image above is a clip from page 7 of the 'Lair Reviewer's Guide'. Yes, you read correctly, the Medium Dragon is described as "Dummy text, add new medium dragon txt here" several times over. Perhaps the "dragon-game curse" isn't done wreaking havoc on Factor 5 after all?

[Thanks, Stoo!]

Analyst predicts $399 PS3 in 2008

It's time once again to look into the future. That's right, Michael Pachter of Wedbush Morgan Securities, all the way to the year 2008! And what does he see? He says that we should "expect a price cut no later than April, likely to $399 for the 80Gb model" of the PS3.

This would be a $100 price drop on top of the already slashed $499 price he predicted for the holiday season. Pachter believes that Sony's recent IPO announcement, will enable Sony to drop prices even further for early next year. And hopefully, just in time for Metal Gear Solid 4.

[via Joystiq]

Lair cursed from start to finish

Sometimes when you combine things, they form something even greater than its parts, like peanut butter and jelly, or the five robot cats that form Voltron. Other times, like when you combine Factor 5 and ghosts, you get Lair. "I am not a believer in ghosts, but this one was haunted," Lair director Julian Eggebrecht explains to MTV's Stephen Totilo.

Factor 5's Eggebrecht and producer Brian Krueger even admit in Lair's in-game commentary that there was a "dragon-game curse". Ranging from contrast problems with the very first trailer, to power outages during the writing of the master disk, nothing would go Factor 5's way during the development of Lair.

Eggebrecht and his team's struggle with the creation of Lair may be the exception rather than the rule in the video game development business, but it does help people outside of the industry understand just how tough making a game can be. The Lair director explains that "every single time there was a crucial delivery, something bizarre went wrong", even sickness and deaths within employees' families.

Maybe Lair is not everything PS3 owners were hoping for, but maybe they deserve some credit too for completing a game under such trying circumstances. It's good to know that even with all that they had going against them, the Factor 5 team still had time to have a little fun and hot coffee.

Blu-ray has 8 year advantage over the Internet

Ah, Sony executives. They love saying things, and Don Eklund, executive vice president of advanced technologies for Sony Pictures, is no exception. On the topic of movies, Eklund claims that no one wants to download them from the World Wide Web and that "Blu-ray has a good 8 to 10 years before the Internet catches up". That is a lot of years. Of course, hyper-billionaire Bill Gates is famously known for saying that "No one will need more than 637K of memory for a personal computer", so who knows what exactly the future of computers or data transfer speeds will be.

When asked by Pocket-lint about Blu-ray consumers who want to watch HD-DVD exclusive titles, Rich Marty, vice president of new business development, answers briefly "buy it on DVD" and let the upscaling of the Blu-ray player handle the work. Good advice for anyone looking to watch Paramount films in the future.

Marty also praises the consumers and feels that they are "smart enough to realise the benefits and pay the extra accordingly" for Blu-ray over HD-DVD. Oh, and by the way, did you know that PS3s can play Blu-ray discs? Not many do, it seems.

Japanese PSN releases for September 6th

First of all, we're late with this update by a day. Actually, two days if you live in Japan. Secondly, we have been neglecting our Japanese PS3 account owning friends a bit. We apologize for all that, but we'll start righting that wrong, by listing these new items in the Japanese PlayStation Store:
Additionally, on the 5th of September, Japan also received:
If you do not have a Japanese credit card and would like to purchase from the Japanese PlayStation Store, may we suggest some Japanese PSN cards?

[Thanks, JimNasium!]

Rock the Rock Band truck for a chance to be on MTV

You know you're awesome at guitar games, and you want everyone to know it. Well here's your chance to rock out with your mock guitar out (or mic or drum kit, if you are so inclined) and maybe even appear on MTV.

Beginning September 9th and continuing until December 13th, be on the look out for the Rock Band big rig at various cities in the contiguous 48 states. You can try out the game on a real life stage with lights and sound systems. Not only that, participants will be video taped and possibly be cast for one of two bands to appear on MTV's TRL.

Let's just hope they hook up the PS3 with wireless guitars so wanna-be rockers can bust out some backflips while playing.

[via Joystiq]

Uncharted brunette has more fun as blonde

Elena Fisher, from Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, may look like your average Sara plain and tall, but she's got a wild side too. How do we know? Well, it seems as if she's up and gone on a shopping spree at the local hair salon and neighboring plastic surgeon! Just a little bit of bleaching and a little bit of chin work, and voila! The makeover is complete, and just in time too. Her friends at Naughty Dog say that they "just preferred her blonde". Hopefully she can handle all the blonde jokes that come with the territory.

[via Joystiq]

Infinity Ward on Call of Duty 4 and shaky relations with Sony

Next Generation got ahold of Infinity Ward president Grant Collier to talk about their upcoming release, Call of Duty 4. Some topics of discussion include an emphasis on fully fleshing out the multiplayer experience, the change of scenery from WWII to modern times, and the reworking of the flow of the game. But loyal CoD fans need not worry that the changes to the franchise have left the hardcore behind. Collier reassures that "for us it's all about opening doors and we're not taking anything away, we're just adding".

However, the Infinity Ward president does admit that opening doors to the Sony's inner workings has been a bit tougher. While Collier can claim a close relationship with the people at Microsoft, he cannot say the same about Sony. "I would really like to have that level of relationship with Sony. We're really pushing for that and it's a personal goal of mine to get there but I think there's very few companies that have that level of relationship with Sony. After we come out with CoD4 I hope that we'll be one of them"

Finally, when asked whether he was worried about competition from other first-person shooters, Collier welcomes the challenge. He also notes that because of the November 5th release date, "on PS3 we're number one"

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