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David Hinkle
York, PA -

David Hinkle first got his start in the gaming industry as a reviewer for a small time website. After getting tired of little pay and the lack of creativity in reviewing games, David sought employment elsewhere, eventually landing a job with Weblogs Inc. He is still trying to convince friends and family that he actually has a job and doesn't just sit around the house all day in his underwear. David can be reached through his email at david [at] weblogsinc [dot] com.

Blogging on the PS3

Joystiq's Kyle Orland has completed a feat comparable to such American precedent setters as Neil Armstrong and George Washington. He is the first blogger on the internet to post from the PS3. That's right, his entire post was written on a PS3 with a USB keyboard and mouse. Still, as Kyle stated, it isn't a perfect way to get some blogging done.

Kyle notes that the PS3's web browser is a lot like the PSP's and after having used it myself, I cannot agree more. The browser does support tab browsing, so having multiple pages up at once is a snap. The browser also supports Flash, which is nice, although we would've liked to have some Java support as well. Still, it's a great feature for the system and works surprisingly well.

Who needs a Wii when you can play Nintendo games on your PS3?

Who needs Wii and its Virtual Console library when we can take our PS3 online via its kickass browser and check out any number of free flash games totally free?! Only problem: no Java support.

PS3 manual shows us how to replace HDD and battery

[click image to enlarge]

The above picture comes from Sony's "Safety and Support" manual and details replacement of the system's HDD and SIXAXIS controller's battery. Sony has said that when the battery is dead, they'll hook us up with a new one, but the manual shows one how to remove the battery before disposing of the dead controller. Reverse those directions and you have yourself a SIXAXIS that's ready to get back into the trenches.

Even better though, is the directions on how to replace your HDD without voiding warranty! So, if the 60GB HDD isn't cutting the mustard for you, follow the steps in the pictures below and slap a 200GB behemoth into that sucker!

Continue reading PS3 manual shows us how to replace HDD and battery

Hot Shots producer developing Afrika

Much like a dog when you say "radiooooooooo," many gamers tilted their head ever-so-slightly to the side, puzzled, during the unveiling of Afrika for the PS3. What exactly is the point? What experience is this game even offering?

Well, since then, we've heard just about no information on the game, until now. While not exactly a bombshell, we have found out that Daisaku Ikejiri, the producer behind the most recent Hot Shots titles, will have a large role in the development of the title.

So...yeah, does this change anything?

Confirmed: Call of Duty 3 a launch title

Hot on the heels of the recent videos and screenshots for Call of Duty 3 comes news that the game will be available on launch day for the PS3. I'll give that a second to sink in...

OK, done? Good. So, in being available on November 17, 2006, Call of Duty 3 might be able to push sales in much the same way that Call of Duty 2 did for Satan's Microsoft's Xbox 360 console. Regardless, Call of Duty has been just about the only WWII shooter worth playing for quite some time, so hopefully this turns out to be a big plus for Sony and their PS3 console come release this November.

Call of Duty 3 trailers and screens

IGN has posted a few different trailers showing the new Close Quarters Combat feature as well as some extra gameplay footage for Call of Duty 3. With the new Close Combat feature, you can do more than just bash a Nazi or two, allowing you to disarm traps such as mines, even going so far as to plant your own. Also, the game is to incorporate more destructible environments, causing the days of wood being able to block grenades without so much as denting to become a thing of the past.

Considering that Treyarch, who was responsible for Call of Duty: Finest Hour and Call of Duty 2: Big Red One, which were a bit less enjoyable than the original Call of Duty and its expansion pack in United Offensive, along with the sequel on the PC, should we expect Call of Duty 3 to have the same problems as their past efforts on consoles? We sure hope not as the Call of Duty franchise has been the only enjoyable WWII shooter for quite some time.

UK Blu-ray launch delayed

You could count this as a small win for HD-DVD, I suppose, as manufacturers say they're not ready to bring Blu-ray over to Europeans just yet. This could come off as very troubling news for Sony as it's going to already be difficult enough to get Europeans buying their console due to an even more expensive price tag than in Japan and the US. While the Blu-ray supporters are having issues, Toshiba has stated that they'll be on time with their release of the HD-DVD medium in Europe when the Berlin show opens.

Sega's Scott Steinberg cheers on Sony

In an interview with Game, Sega of America's VP of Marketing recently spoke on the company's next-gen approach, and more importantly to you fine readers, just how awesome the PS3 is going to be. Of course they talked about the price, but more interesting were Scott's views on Sony's success depending on both the company's ability to market their console to gamers, but also to get the Blu-ray player to non-gamers alike, driving up appeal to consumers who are interested in electronics, yet may not be the biggest game-lovers around. Scott also goes on to discuss his company's recent acquisitions of Creative Assembly and Sports Interactive.

Need for Speed: Carbon race modes revealed

On the official forums for Electronic Arts, an EA employee with the forum handle of eacomsmoothie has revealed a long list of race modes that will be available in the upcoming Need for Speed: Carbon. While it took us until the third of July to catch his post, he had left his reply as to give us all something to think about over the holiday weekend. Of these modes, returning favorites Drift, Sprint, Circuit, and Speedtrap will help maintain the same flavor of past NFS titles, while new modes in Canyon Race, Canyon Duel, and Canyon Drift will help add some variety to the mix. While more modes are hinted at, the poster did not mention anything beyond implying that the police will be a bit tougher this time around.

[Thanks Aaron!]

Sony's manufacturing method to change next year

Ken Kutaragi recently revealed that the process for making the Cell chip will go from a 90nm process down to 65nm. This will help cut the costs of manufacturing. The chip is currently being manufactured at IBM's Fishkill and Sony's Nagasaki factories. With the decrease in cost, it's possible that devices utilizing the chip could also see a lower price point when arriving to retail, to which Kutaragi hinted at devices other than the company's next-gen console as possible recipients. However in the case of the PS3, this drop in cost is unlikely to be seen.

[Via IGN]

Darwinia and Uplink coming to the PS3?

If you've played either Uplink or Darwinia, then you're familiar with, and more than likely love, UK-based developer Introversion. It seems the indie studio has been in talks recently with both Microsoft and Sony to bring its content to each respective company's online arena.

"I'm afraid I can't really give you any concrete details at the moment - suffice it is to say that we are currently discussing a number of deal negotiations with Sony and Microsoft," said Introversion's Vicky Arundel while talking with UK-based games site Eurogamer.

Given that the company has experience with digital distribution, having released their beloved game Darwinia via Valve's Steam service, the company is a natural fit for each company's service. The question is, will Microsoft try and throw money at the guys to gain exclusivity for their games on the Xbox Live service?

Screenshot roundup: Assassin's Creed

One of the most anticipated titles for the PS3, Assassin's Creed blew away E3 attendees little over a month ago. Well, it seems that Game Reactor has gotten their hands on more screens for the game and the title coming from Ubisoft's Montreal studio is shaping up to be another stellar offering. We knew it was going to be a game you should keep your eye on when we reported of its announcement a little before the show and things haven't changed since.

Motorstorm footage hot from the oven

Just like grandma's delectable apple pie, News 4 Gamers has served up a piping hot video of the upcoming PS3 title Motorstorm. Combining an intro movie with a rather long gameplay segment, the video shows some of the collisions possible and furious action the title is sure to bring to the table upon release. The game even has slow-motion, Burnout-like crashes that show pieces you never even knew were in a dune buggy go flying through the air in stunning detail. Follow the link below to check out the video.

Sony: We want PS3 to be like the ipod

Ken Kutaragi recently held a very long interview with Japanese web site PC Impress Watch where he spoke about the PS3's current presence and that for Sony, their goal is to have their next-generation console have the kind of market pull that the Apple brand does.

"Steve Jobs could slap an Apple logo on the PS3 and sell them for $2,000 each. We couldn't do that. That's the difference between the PlayStation brand and a computer brand, like Apple."

Kutaragi emphasized that he wished to make the term "PS3" synonymous with "entertainment computer." The company's goals seem to be in establishing an electronics "ecosystem" in the consumer's household, where the name Sony means enjoyment. However, where Apple has achieved this through stylish, trendy gadgets at affordable pricing, will this goal be achievable for Sony given the hefty price tag of the unit?

[Via Gamespot]

Confirmed: PS3 motion-sensing controller will work with FFXIII

In an interview with Shinji Hashimoto, Yoshinori Kitase and Tetsuya Nomura about the Final Fantasy XIII project, EGM's Executive Editor Shane Bettenhausen attempts to pry loose rich, succulent information on what is possibly the most desired PS3 title of 2007. Arguments involving the superiority of gears comprised of mainly metal aside, the interview focuses on the background and universe that will encompass Final Fantasy XIII, along with the decisions to go with a tough female lead character. Most interesting in this interview, however, is the confirmation that the PS3's new controller features will be implemented into the final game.

EGM: Will the FFXIII PS3 games use the PS3's motion-sensing controller functionality?
TN: Yeah, we already have some ideas about how to use it.

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