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Debate! Uncharted: lost in a wave, or system mover?

There's an interesting little quibble over at Ars Technica about the relevance of Uncharted to the holiday performance of the PS3. There are two sides: Frank and Ben. Frank thinks the game will be a surprise hit in November, worthy of praise and front-page reviews, etc. Ben thinks it'll get lost in the tidal wave of excellent games due out in November. Did somebody say sitcom?

Seeing as how most of the other games due out are multiplatform titles, it would be foolish to think Uncharted isn't on most PS3 owner's radars. Naughty Dog is a huge Sony-supportive company and the game itself, well, built from the ground up on PS3, it looks damn nice. So is a high volume of titles (a lot of shooters, it seems) really all it takes to bury this hyped up game? Ben thinks so. Frank, however, is smart. We kid, we kid. Both make valid arguments. How do you guys feel about Uncharted? Is it going to make a splash on the PS3, or bellyflop into oblivion in the wake of stuff like Haze, Call of Duty 4, and Unreal Tournament 3 (despite the delay)?

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1. If I was to only buy ONE game this year, it'd definitely be Uncharted. There's no way it's getting "lost", it's one of only a few truly unique and new IPs, and it looks extremely promising.

Posted at 6:41PM on Oct 23rd 2007 by Stef Geiger

2. I honestly feel its a system seller. If Sony actually advertises this game then it will move systems.

There are lots of great games coming out, but this one will easily reach the 1 million mark.

I cannot wait till I get my hands on R&C.

Posted at 6:41PM on Oct 23rd 2007 by Andy

3. I think Uncharted will be one of the best selling games this Holiday season. That's a total guess, but it has a lot going for it. If I'm not mistaken, every Naughty Dog game has gone to greatest hits, so there is definitely a fanbase for ND, and the gameplay is tried-and-true enough to attract any gamer, while presenting enough "new" to stand out. At least, that's why I plan to buy it over Unreal, Assassin's Creed, and Army of Two. But I do plan to buy AC and AoT as well,I just have a priority for the order of purchases.

Posted at 6:45PM on Oct 23rd 2007 by Zombie Huggles

4. I am slowly narrowing my game list down this holiday season. The only games I have to have are Uncharted, R&C , Haze and Assasins Creed.

Posted at 6:46PM on Oct 23rd 2007 by Andy

5. remember how bioshock had game of the year written all over it but then portal came out and broke through the clutter because it was totally awesome .. well this is going to be more the bioshock thing.

Posted at 6:46PM on Oct 23rd 2007 by sectionz

6. To be perfectly honest......I am a huge ps3 supporter and I have already paid for a copy of Uncharted, however, I simply don't know how this game will ultimately turn out. Heavenly sword looked amazing all the way up through release, however, the game was good, not great. This game looks great....but for some strange reason it feels like it will only be good. Don't know if its the cheezy acting or the new genere....IMHO it simply does not have the appeal that...lets say....Assasins Creed has.

Posted at 6:47PM on Oct 23rd 2007 by frankym

7. I say it will be a hit. Lots of people will buy it. But it wont move a lot of Systems. But who knows, with the 40GB Coming, its still a possibility.

Posted at 6:54PM on Oct 23rd 2007 by Carl

8. To me bioshock was great, but definitely not GoTY material. I felt they could've done more to it, otherwise I think SS2 was better than Bioshock. This game is a definite buy for me, but many view it as a TR-clone w/o the boobs. In a public sense though, I think Uncharted's going to get swamped by other big names such as Mass Effect and CoD4, both of which are also definite-buys.

Posted at 6:54PM on Oct 23rd 2007 by leiwei

9. Uncharted is Definitly on my TO BUY this year list.

Posted at 6:57PM on Oct 23rd 2007 by RazielDune

10. I dont think this game by itself is a system seller. But I think it is a system justifier and one more game that will tip the scales of value for the PS3.

But lets be fair there are only a couple of games for each system that ever become true system sellers and they are generally estabished brands that have a following. For instance MGS4 or FFXIII I have no doubt will move systems. For 360 it was Halo3 for Wii SSBB probably will. There are others too and occationally a new franchise can rock the boat all franchises gotta start somewhere :)

Posted at 7:00PM on Oct 23rd 2007 by Konchu

11. This is a game that a lot of ps3 owners will buy, that's for sure. Whether it makes a big impact this season depends on how Sony advertises this title, and the ps3 as a whole. It certainly needs to have the spotlight placed on it, preferably before it releases.

Posted at 7:06PM on Oct 23rd 2007 by mccomber

12. I think it'll sell reasonably well, but won't move systems.

Posted at 7:26PM on Oct 23rd 2007 by Frank

13. Uncharted and R&C are going to be for it for the holiday season for me.

Posted at 7:26PM on Oct 23rd 2007 by ruibing

14. The only game I'm looking forward to more than Uncharted is Mario Galaxy. Lucky for me there's two weeks between the two.
But yes, I think Uncharted looks different enough (see: less brown) that people could see it as something different and intriguing.
You know they're already planning Uncharted 2: Drake's Revenge either way.

Posted at 7:28PM on Oct 23rd 2007 by boxmyth

15. wtf? this is one of those hits that ive been waiting for since i first saw it... lost under what tidal wave? Uncharted is a major part of said tidal wave... who the hell mentioned UTIII? its not even out till next year... R&C seems smaller than this as well.... army of two... next year...
so we got Assassins Creed (but its multi plat game), HAZE, CoD4 (another Multiplat game) so as far as ACTUAL PS3 EXCLUSIVES.... Uncharted is on the top...

Posted at 7:36PM on Oct 23rd 2007 by KiraXD

16. I have this and Assasins Creed reserved. Can't wait for both titles.

Posted at 7:38PM on Oct 23rd 2007 by Luke

17. I may be surprised, but without anyone knowing Drake, I think it's more something to appeal to people who already have the system, hopefully it pushes the PS3 further. Front page reviews and amazing quality could make it a big hit, though.

Posted at 7:42PM on Oct 23rd 2007 by Starfire

18. This game is definitely a system seller and I am definitely going to buy it without a doubt.

Posted at 7:58PM on Oct 23rd 2007 by Joe DelFranco

19. If they advertise the hell out of it, put it in every PS3 kiosk in the country, etc. it will be a system seller. I bet alot of people bought the PS3 for Motorstorm when they made a little push with that game. This game, however, stands to be much, much better.

Posted at 8:06PM on Oct 23rd 2007 by Popfrogs

20. I think it has the potential to move systems, but hardly anyone really seems to know about it other than us internerds.

Posted at 8:14PM on Oct 23rd 2007 by OrganicShadow

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