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GT 5: Prologue demo available Oct. 20

Now this could be the first time a demo for a demo has ever been released as GT Channel is reporting Sony will offer the Gran Turismo 5: Prologue demo free directly from the PlayStation Store beginning Oct. 20.

The demo will likely be the same as the one shown at Tokyo Game Show, which featured 16 vehicles and three tracks. You might remember Sony removed Gran Turismo HD from the PS Store in late September, paving the way for GT 5: Prologue.

Unless something else swoops down to unseat it, GT5: Prologue will be the most expensive demo ever at about $43 for the disc version and about $39 from the PS Store.

[Thanks for the tip, Shoaib!]

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1. I'm still angry about having to pay for a demo. If this demo does indeed have 16 cars and a couple of tracks then I will just skip Prologue all together.

Posted at 11:04AM on Oct 14th 2007 by Cory

2. So wait, is it free or not I think I'm misunderstanding something here...

Posted at 11:05AM on Oct 14th 2007 by DownwardMonkey

3. "Gran Turismo 5: Prologue demo free directly from the PlayStation Store"...

Am I misunderstanding what you're saying here?

Posted at 11:08AM on Oct 14th 2007 by DownwardMonkey

4. Demo for the Demo is free. GT5 : Prologue which IMO is a demo for the full version of GT5 is not free. I'm not going to pay for a demo and I'll wait for the full version of GT5.

Posted at 11:13AM on Oct 14th 2007 by Truckondo

5. no you arent. this si how it goes

GT 5 Prologue demo (free) is the demo to ---> GT 5 Prologue ($43 bucks) which is the demo to the official Game ---> GT 5 (price unknown)

so basically there are two demos to the official game

Posted at 11:14AM on Oct 14th 2007 by Steven

6. 0_o wow.

Posted at 11:19AM on Oct 14th 2007 by Ruben

7. Hmm we've had the demo (HD concept) for the demo (prologue demo) of the demo (prologue) of the final game (GT5). Confusing as it is, I think I'll stick to free demos- the idea of paying that much for one seems a little crazy, even if it is the best thing since sliced bread. On another note, I'm pleased to hear this (free) demo is coming and hoping they release one for MGS soon, too.

Posted at 11:31AM on Oct 14th 2007 by Starfire

8. well Gran Turismo 4: Prologue was £20 which is about $40! so what is the big deal if you want to play it first pay if you dont dont

Posted at 11:32AM on Oct 14th 2007 by jeffmasson

9. i think the game will have 40 cars and 13 tracks.....i dont know where i heard it from..

Posted at 11:46AM on Oct 14th 2007 by xavier

10. GT 5 Prologue DEMO (free) > GT 5 Prologue ($40+) > GT 5 ($59.99)

Posted at 11:54AM on Oct 14th 2007 by Justin

11. Wow Starfire
GTHD demo of GT5 Prologue demo, which is the demo of GT5 prologue, which is the demo of the real game? Damn! Remember the old days where company's would release the game. Good times, good times.

Posted at 11:55AM on Oct 14th 2007 by Ruben

12. Ah now it all becomes clear, thanks all.

Posted at 12:06PM on Oct 14th 2007 by DownwardMonkey

13. Is there for NA store or JAP?

Posted at 12:06PM on Oct 14th 2007 by S56

14. who says that GT5 will be ONLY $60 considering the amount of production going into it? If Prologue is $40, it seems to me GT5 will be without a doubt higher than $40.

Posted at 12:56PM on Oct 14th 2007 by SuperGayParade

15. *than $60

Posted at 12:58PM on Oct 14th 2007 by SuperGayParade

16. Makes me glad i'm not interested in GT series

Posted at 1:10PM on Oct 14th 2007 by Tim Parsons

17. Reading its wiki, it seems that only release dapes for Japan and Europe has been confirmed. And also, it seems that the Blu Ray version includes damage while the PS Store version does not.

Posted at 1:13PM on Oct 14th 2007 by ruibing

18. @Cory, “I'm still angry about having to pay for a demo. If this demo does indeed have 16 cars and a couple of tracks then I will just skip Prologue all together.”

Erm, if I understand the article above correctly, those 16 cars and a couple of tracks will be FREE.

I don’t understand all the fuss, there was also a GT4: Prologue. Never played it, because I could care less for GT, but really nothing new is happening here.

You say that it’s ridiculous to pay money for GT5: Prologue, even though you don’t know how big it is and whether it is worth the price (PS Fanboy consistently keeps referring to it as a ‘demo’, but I think they’re just bitter), just that later on there will be another GT game that is more or less a sequel to the prologue.

Well hey, if you’re not going to pay for games that get a sequel that’s bigger and better, then you shouldn’t have bought GTA, Tekken, Need for Speed, Ridge Racer, FIFA, or any other franchise that doesn’t restrict itself to 1 title. Because they’re all essentially the same games, many of them re-use content from previous games, and there’s always a ‘bigger and better’ version coming.


Posted at 1:27PM on Oct 14th 2007 by Laurens Holst

19. jeffmasson:
Dont confuse people by making sense ;)
Sense goes out the window when a perfectly good oppertunity arrises for a rant, so whats your problem? ;)

I've bought the Prologue/Concept versions when they've come out, i know its not a full version, and for the £20 they cost (think i paid £18 from Play) they're prefect for filling that long gap that only ever seems to grow longer as time passes by.
Still, that said, if they're actually daft enough to release a Prologue demo with reportedly half the tracks and half the cars for free, rather than £20ish for the full prologue i have to say im leaning towards being a tight sod. If its single player only (which i'd bet it is) then the money is coming out, i'd have no problem with that. I dont mind paying £20 for something i know i'll get my moneys worth from, even when i know in 6 months time the full thing will be available i'd have my moneys worth from it.
I really cant understand what all the fuss and whining is all about, first people moan about having to pay for a demo (Prologue - dont get me started!) and now they're spitting out their dummy because theres going to be a free demo for Prologue for the cheapskates who whined before.

Whats the problem here, one minute people moan about lack of games, and lack of worthwhile PSN content, now its moaning about a free demo everyone previously thought they'd have to pay to try! Poly-D cant please anyone it seems.

Posted at 2:06PM on Oct 14th 2007 by P

20. For god's sake chill out. Every version of Prologue has cost money, and people have always bought it. If you don't like GT enough to pay for Prologue, then don't buy it. There's a stripped-down free version for you lightweights.

It's pretty simple and it doesn't require whining on the internet.

Posted at 2:33PM on Oct 14th 2007 by ck

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