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Rumour: EU PSN updates roadmapped for the next month

If are to be believed, the upcoming month could be looking pretty shiny for the European PSN store. Apparently SCEE have revealed a list of full titles that will be released on the EU PlayStation Network store. The full list is as follows:

October 11th
  • Ratchet and Clank demo
October 18th
  • Feel Ski full game
  • Pixel Junk Racers full game
  • Blast Factor: Advanced Research add on
  • Folklore "Kidnapped Folk" add on
October 25th
  • EyeCreate full application
  • Trials of Topoq full game
  • Operation: Creature Feature full game
  • Aqua Vita full game
  • Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection online add on
November 8th
  • Toy Home full game
PS1 games due out during October
  • Crash Bandicoot 2
  • Crash Bandicoot 3
  • Everybody's Golf 2
  • Crash Team Racing
  • Bust a Groove
  • Syphon Filter 3
  • Cool Boaders
  • Spyro 2
  • Spyro: Year of the Dragon
If this list is correct, then we're in for a great month. We know that the Ratchet and Clank demo is due out this Thursday in America, but there is no word on whether we can expect it in the European territories as well. As for the games being released on October the 25th - this corresponds with the release of Eye of Judgment and, therefore, the PlayStation Eye which is required to play all of the games listed under that date.

Presumably there will be more demos available within the next four weeks than just Ratchet and Clank. Having said that when it comes to Sony you never know. We'll let you know more as soon as we find out ourselves.

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Reader Comments

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1. Damn, impressive, I can't wait for the Ratchet & Clank demo, I don't buy games of the PS Store though, so everything else is a bit meh

Posted at 4:13AM on Oct 10th 2007 by afr

2. good to see the EU store finally get *something*

I'm still seriously underwhelmed with the whole PS1 on PSP/PS3 thing. Back when they announced it, I thougt its a great idea. I guess everyone could think of a titel he/she always wnated to play but never got. But having 5 or maybe 10 games available just doesn't do the trick. At this rate they might as well stuff it and I'mm scour the used games shelfs again. There's virtually no chance they'll bring out the few games you'd like to play in the next couple of years. I think this went serioulsy wrong.

Posted at 5:12AM on Oct 10th 2007 by adorna

3. Does anyone know when/if the Lair demo is coming, and when the demo for Uncharted is going to hit the store?

Posted at 5:58AM on Oct 10th 2007 by sam-evans

4. when is resident evil 1 (psx) coming to the psn? i mean japan got it ages ago

Posted at 6:00AM on Oct 10th 2007 by peter

5. clever....

i was still sitting on the fence regarding the camera purchase but all that content makes it seem much tastier.

Posted at 7:12AM on Oct 10th 2007 by dp

6. @peter
when are we going to get the original ridge racer that was showed off at e3?

Posted at 7:15AM on Oct 10th 2007 by Paul

7. for the love of humanity, lets hope the pro evo demo will be finally put online :|
this is starting to get silly.

Posted at 7:24AM on Oct 10th 2007 by franky

8. Yes where is PES 2008? surely that will be there 11th or the 18th? Cant see it being 25th ot later seeing as its out 26th.

Posted at 7:46AM on Oct 10th 2007 by RickiB

9. Luckily I kept all my Favorite games and didn't trade them in for $0.12/each.
Backwards Comp. has been good to me but oddly enough, its mostly been PS1 games. Although MGS3 run through before 4 seems likely.
With the google of games coming out in NOV i expect a lot more demos. Especially because of the many PS3 Exclusives.
Most looking foward to? Uncharted then Assassins Creed then Orange Box, Haze, Kayne & Lynch.(Some are bound to come, Uncharted has a lot of preview work going on and they're in Beta)

Posted at 9:24AM on Oct 10th 2007 by Eric E

10. Are this demos coming to the UK PSN or to every Country in Europe.

Many previsous Demos are still missing in non-UK Countrys


Posted at 9:30AM on Oct 10th 2007 by Luxracer

11. oh man bust a groove...

Posted at 9:54AM on Oct 10th 2007 by D-Guy

12. @3 - From what I've heard, a demo for Lair was scrapped after the (totally undeserved, in my opinion) crap reviews. I guess the decision was made that, in order for the demo to be well-received, the entire tutorial stage would need to be included, which would make it like a 4 gig download, so the demo was canned. As for Uncharted, no date has been given, but Naughty Dog has said that it will be before the Nov. 20th release date.

Posted at 11:20AM on Oct 10th 2007 by Zampano

13. Bust a groove? Yaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!

Posted at 3:45PM on Oct 10th 2007 by Ruben

14. awesome! bust a groove kicks ass!

Posted at 5:34PM on Oct 10th 2007 by Anthony Pittarelli

15. Yeah, so, about those PS1 games, I really wonder what will happen to them. I mean, given that the 40GB PS3 won’t have the ability to play them. Will 40GB PS3’s not get the option to buy them in the store? Or will Sony stop putting PS1 titles on the store and will they eventually disappear from it, as the backwards-compatible PS3s are phased out?

IMHO, it would be nicest if they made a surprise announcement in a couple of months that they ported a PS1 and PS2 emulator to the PS3. I’ve never tried a PS2 emulator, but the PS1 emulators used to work pretty well last I tried them. Anyway, a man can dream, can’t I!?

Posted at 6:02PM on Oct 10th 2007 by Laurens Holst

16. SCEE have confirmed that this list is not all true - full story here...

Posted at 6:19PM on Oct 10th 2007 by DolphGB

17. @15

I can't say for sure, but I think the 40 GB PS3's issue with backward compatibility only affects the PlayStation 2 games, and that PlayStation games will still play well. Again, I can't say for sure.

Posted at 6:53PM on Oct 10th 2007 by linebeginstoblur

18. Finally some more PS1 games, if they would hurry up and release some Final Fantasy PS1 games then I would no longer need to have a Hacked PSP. If Sony by chance reads this... Get Final Fantasy VII first.

Posted at 12:24AM on Oct 11th 2007 by Blair Thiessen

19. Keep in mind that PSN-purchased PS1 games are emulated, and therefore aren't running on the chips.

Posted at 4:04AM on Oct 11th 2007 by Dari

20. Erm does anyone know the release date for tekken DR online in europe. They are saying 25October is that definete or is Sony still delaying..?

Posted at 8:46AM on Oct 11th 2007 by Hotsauce

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