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PS3 Poll Police: FFXIII and MGS4 getting overkilled by media?

The Poll Police just finished munching on some donuts, then realized not much happened this week following the Tokyo Game Show. They did catch wind of a news story so absolutely ludicrous they had to investigate, but got hungry. So you see where they are and why they need your help. For ages, the exclusivity of Final Fantasy XIII and Metal Gear Solid 4 has come under constant scrutiny by sources ranging from a single forum member starting a flaming rumor to moderately respected websites reporting on obscure quotes or vague interpretations. Though both Square Enix and Konami/Kojima have stated multiple times these games are on the PS3 alone, these rumors simply will not die. Our poll is thus: once and for all, are these games exclusive?
Once and for all: FFXIII and MGS4, exclusive or not?
It's been said many times they are, so they must be. It's common sense.
Heck no! Everybody lies until the game is released, then it's multiplatform!
Honestly, I'm sick of these rumors and hope they die out. free polls
We shall see what you decide, though an extra decision was tossed in there because it's also a very important one. Speaking of important decisions, you must face another one right now: do you want to know the results of last week's poll? Check that out after the jump.
About three-fifths of you agreed: Tokyo Game Show didn't have a lot to offer us this year. The main hardware announcement was the DualShock 3, which we already knew about. The software announcements were practically zero: no surprising new games announced, but delays for ones we knew of. We did get a plethora of pleasing trailers, but their time in the sun is so ephemeral that they almost don't count. We'll see you next week and thanks for voting, as we always end up saying!

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Reader Comments

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1. Here is the long and short of it. These rumors keep popping up for two reasons:

1. People want these games to be multiplatform. They don't like PS3, they don't want to spend money on a PS3. Anyone other than Sony's marketing department particularly surprised?
2. No one has a PS3. "Not 'no one'" you say? Halo 3 just sold half the install base of PS3 in one day. That's my grounds for saying no one has a PS3.

Posted at 6:46PM on Sep 30th 2007 by Edge

2. and where is the maybe option?

Posted at 7:00PM on Sep 30th 2007 by xion

3. @1
No one has a ps3 huh. Sales numbers show that about 4 million PS3 have been sold world wide. Comparing to the 360 10 million install base thats not bad since the 360 got a 1 year head start. I for one would hate if these games go multiplatform because I think they will contribute to the PS3 hardware sales thus making the PS3 the preferred console.

Posted at 7:04PM on Sep 30th 2007 by Luke

4. I'm just sick of hearing about those games. I have no interest in either.

Posted at 7:19PM on Sep 30th 2007 by Virduk

5. @1
Do you realize that the 360 and PS3's first year sale are equal despite the high price of the PS3? The PS line appears to fan because you trust its quality and features. All 360 fans jumps on these rumours to brag about XBLA and Halo 3, then gets sour grapes when the rumours get shot down, and become hypocrites when another one comes up.

I hope the game comes out soon so all this quarrelling would die down. I miss real news.

Posted at 7:21PM on Sep 30th 2007 by ruibing

6. Those games have never interested me. I am more interested in Uncharted: Drakes Fortune and Ratchet and Clank.

Are you guys using this poll to ban IP's for people who choose the second option. That would make this site a whole lot less cluttered if we banned a select few. Is that even possible?

Posted at 7:32PM on Sep 30th 2007 by Andy

7. "Do you realize that the 360 and PS3's first year sale are equal despite the high price of the PS3?"

And you do realize that the 360 was very difficult to get for almost 5 months (became steadily available in about march/april), and the PS3 had a massive surplus of units sitting around?

Posted at 7:52PM on Sep 30th 2007 by Frank

8. I'm more interested in ff13 than i am metal gear solid, i doubt ff13 is gonna go mutliplatform, despite the dumb things sony has done, im sure they have the sense to pan out whatever amount of money it would need to keep that title exclusive as that title alone could triple sales of 360s in japan.

Posted at 7:53PM on Sep 30th 2007 by Neo Senku

9. It's been said to death: "FFXIII: Only on PS3", "MGS4: Only on PS3"... Now here's the kicker: The 'Botheads will still be mumbling "nah-ah" well into 2010. And why is that? Well, I'll steal a quote from Plan 9: "Because, they are all IDIOTS!!" Why are they idiots? Plan 9 again: "Because of their stupid minds. Stupid! STUPID!!" =P

(Actually, they are under the delusion that the 360 is the best selling console this generation, and therefore the base believes it's own hype. Especially when it comes to Sony's demise. According to 360 fanboys Sony has already collapsed under massive debt, and will be shutting down operations for good sometime in October...)

Posted at 8:17PM on Sep 30th 2007 by Consolcwby

10. @ 7
Do you realize that even if that was so, they should have at least had 5 million out. Those motherfuckers had a 2 million install base with some good titleson they're hand. The only reason Microsoft pushed adead becaude they hyped Gears of War up to be some trendsetting game and it wasn't. Personally I think Gears of War was a good game. But it just felt like a Resident Evil 4 with next-Gen Graphics and Multiplayer. That is why Microsoft is the "Supposedly" market leader right now, because all they do is hype up a game we are familiar with and make it seem like it is brand new, and that this game will change the gaming industry. Well it didn't, and the way I look at it the PS3 is selling better than the 360 if u compare the time period. The PS3 with hardly any AAA titles, no hyped games, bad media bagging on it, and a "old" 600 price tag with a Install base near 5 Million, thats not bad. Now with the 360 a great launch line-up, close to about 15 AAA titles, the media backing it up, with an install base of about 2 million( November 2005). The PS3 is outshining the 360 and it is not even trying yet.

Posted at 8:21PM on Sep 30th 2007 by TLBaby71291

11. @7
For 5 months means it still had 7 months of exclusive next gen market of surplus. No reason for that to account for a loss in total year end sale.

The same thing happened in reverse for Bioshock, so its understandable. But seriously, unless proof can be found instead of reasons of why they should, these rumours need to be nipped. The difference between would and could.

Posted at 8:24PM on Sep 30th 2007 by ruibing

12. Face it, It's going to be exclusive. They already said it, why cant you just take the developers word for it? People who keeps on trying to force these rumors are really stupid. They are degrading the human race for forcing these rumors.

If Bungie and Microsoft suddenly said that the Halo Trilogy will be coming to the PS3 in HD, and all 3 games will fit in one 50GB Blu-ray Disc. I bet 360 fans would get pissed off.

Posted at 8:37PM on Sep 30th 2007 by Carlo

13. Right now they are definite exclusives, but if they launch and don't sell millions of systems and even more copies of the game, they will be multiplatform before 08 is out.

Posted at 10:03PM on Sep 30th 2007 by SKI

14. @5.

You can't drag 360 back just to make it a fair fight (in your mind). PS3 waited until the next year to launch. 360 beat them to market. They both get their advantages AND disadvantages for that.

360 has hardware problems and is running on older tech compared to PS3, but 360 is first to market and reaps those rewards in market share and developer familiarity.

PS3 has better technology overall and I'm sure the extra time they took translated into a more reliable system as well. But everyone had already bought a 360 and wasn't ready to shell out that kind of money again. Also, devs are still not as comfortable with PS3 coding as they are with the 360.

I will thank you not to nitpick only the 360's positives and the PS3's negatives, like I would expect this site to do, and just take as granted that BOTH sides get something out of their respective launch strategies.

But NO, you absolutely cannot just time shift it and run the same stats. There are too many variables involved. That would be cooking the numbers in your favor and exactly the kind of spin we should be discouraging.

The race starts when the first player gets to the start line, and for this gen, that was 360. So, the stats are exactly where they should be, and anyone who tries to convince you that PS3 is doing great if you just line up the launches is trying to deceive you.

Remembers, figures don't lie, but lairs can figure...

Posted at 10:21PM on Sep 30th 2007 by Edge

15. Maybe they think if they create a big enough rumor about it, FFXIII + MGS4 will go multi.

Posted at 10:33PM on Sep 30th 2007 by drizzlelicious

16. The ps3 has sold half of what the 360 has and the 360 has been out for a year longer. Considering that the PS3 is 200 dollars more, and in the european markets its only been out for 6 months, they arent doing bad at all. Its only the second year of the generation (if you start with the 360 launch) and there is a long way to go before we can call this horse-race.

As for people saying they are tired of hearing about FFXIII and MGS4, I say get over it. If I have to see Master Chief on bags of chips, Drink bottles, ringing the bell at Nasdaq, sponsoring halo faux-documentaries on the Scifi channel, and plastered across every blog several months in advance, I think you can deal with a couple of stories about these two games.

I think the rumors are started by the 360 fanboys, partly because they believe saying it enough may make it true. Both games are too far along, and would cost too much and take too much time to go multiplatform. Also, there is a great deal of pride with both games and the playstation platform. The true final fantasy sequels have been on playstation hardware since VII. As for the games not selling well, there is no way they arent going to sell well, there are millions of people willing to buy a ps3 as soon as these games come out, and by then the PS3 will be cheaper.

Posted at 11:39PM on Sep 30th 2007 by Brandon

17. "I think the rumors are started by the 360 fanboys, partly because they believe saying it enough may make it true."

Sure, that is one perspective.

The other is that 360 fanboys are expressing how much they want these games on 360. Unfortunately, the nature of the internet is to spin any suggestion into a flaming rumor within seconds.

Posted at 11:55PM on Sep 30th 2007 by Edge

18. @16
There is a difference between being a 360 fan and a FF/MGS fan. FF/MGS fan got a PS3 for those franchises, I know I and a bunch of my friends did. A 360 fan bought a 360 for Halo 3 and the other franchises out for it. I mean how disappointed would you be in Halo, PGR, and other franchises if you bought a console for that franchise, yet it came to a different console.

Posted at 1:19AM on Oct 1st 2007 by ruibing

19. Final Fantasy and MGS are BOTH part of the Play Station legacy. You can't just port them to 360, sony's first competitor, and then say it's okay. Seriously, I owned an Xbox and played Halo 1 and 2 and, for the storyline, they sucked BOTH. I played FF 7 through 12 and the storyline of the four games made me cry from time to time. MGS 1,2 and 3 were masterpieces. Oh and the Xbox version of the second was a total flop (that's why you did not had the 3rd). YOU DON'T HAVE ANY CHOICES LEFT BUT TO ACCEPT THE TRUTH. FACE IT. Have a nice day! ;)

Posted at 1:36AM on Oct 1st 2007 by finalfan

20. It's a bit silly to talk about these two games as though they're indivisible. From the histories of the respective series and their publishers, I think FFXIII is virtually guaranteed to be exclusive at least until it hits remake age (and as with FF7-9, there's no guarantee of a remake even then), but I think there's a possibility of MGS4 following the model of MGS2, which was ported to Xbox for its enhanced re-release version. MGS3 wasn't ported, but Kojima said that it was because he wanted to focus on MGS4 and an Xbox port of MGS3 would take away too much time from that.

Posted at 9:25AM on Oct 1st 2007 by EngineerLackey

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