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How to set up and play The Eye of Judgment

Up until recently, details have been sparse in regards to how you'll actually be playing The Eye of Judgment, but just in case you still have some questions, this video should spell everything out for you.

While the game seems to live up to its billing, we could have used some battle music when the game transitions to combat mode. The lovely music is nice for a lonely walk in the woods, but when a flock of dwarves is battling a winged demon astride a three-headed beast, we expect to be blasted with some metal ... or even country music at the very least.

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1. I reject my SONY overlords. Judgement has an E in it.

(But I'll still buy it)

Posted at 1:02PM on Sep 28th 2007 by Kspraydad

2. Maybe its just me, but that game dosen't really look like much fun at all. The voice will get annoying, and the gameplay is slow at best. I'm not sure they can bring a card game to the console and make it catch on. I think part of the fun of card games is the part where you are physically with your friends, hanging out. I will give them some credit for trying a new form of gameplay, but I'm not convinced that it was executed correctly.

Posted at 1:04PM on Sep 28th 2007 by Josh

3. I'll be buying this. I love gimmicks, even if they're not that fun--after all, I did buy a Wii.

Posted at 1:20PM on Sep 28th 2007 by Larz

4. - Kspraydad
Sony doesn't believe in the letter 'E'. Get over it.

in fact going forward I will not use that consonant.

Posted at 1:24PM on Sep 28th 2007 by Draco

5. I agree with the battle music. Some metal or even orchestrated battle music a la star wars/ Lair would be good.

I'll still get it. Looks like a card game meets a console RPG with a dash of win for good measure.

Posted at 1:27PM on Sep 28th 2007 by Akamaru

6. "...but when a flock of dwarves is battling a winged demon astride a three-headed beast, we expect to be blasted with some metal ... or even country music at the very least."

Because when demons strike, nothing says says, "bring it on," like some good old Merle Haggard. :p

Posted at 1:40PM on Sep 28th 2007 by Wonderflex

7. @2

To each his own, I'm getting the game if only because its coming packaged with a PSEye :D

Posted at 1:41PM on Sep 28th 2007 by Hito

8. I'll probably pick this up too, it looks uber nerdy but I bet it's alot of fun. Interacting with the onscreen characters by poking at them should be a laugh also.

The real highlight here is the technology though. There's alot of potential in having physical cards/objects with barcodes mapped on them and a game+camera that recognizes them. I can picture a strategy game like Final Fantasy Tactics or Tactics Ogre where you move your little guys around a grid on your table top and throw down command cards to make them take action.

Posted at 1:54PM on Sep 28th 2007 by Popfrogs

9. "Up until recently, details have been sparse in regards to how you'll actually be playing The Eye of Judgment"

...but that hasn't stopped the irrationally exuberant Sony fanboys from slobbering all over their cards.

I'm still skeptical, more so now because I'm seeing how mediocre the graphics are. If this game's draw is that it makes cool displays of a fairly simple card game, it had better look good.

Posted at 2:00PM on Sep 28th 2007 by Edge

10. Looked kinda boring to me, I'm not really into card battle games, but if it looked more like the Yugioh cartoon then I'd maybe be willing to try it out. As is the game looks kinda low budget....and sounds it too.

Posted at 2:02PM on Sep 28th 2007 by Neil

11. I'll be buying it for the camera.

Edge, I hope you are not basing the graphics on a crappy GT vid resolution.

Posted at 2:21PM on Sep 28th 2007 by Matt B

12. "Looked kinda boring"

Time will tell. Chess "looks" pretty boring too and there's only 6 types of pieces, yet it is very engaging.

Posted at 2:21PM on Sep 28th 2007 by Larz


Judgment is the American spelling Kspraydad. This game does look boring. Now I don't know if I will buy it :(

Posted at 3:54PM on Sep 28th 2007 by Tremada

14. this game is dorky, at best...

Posted at 6:11PM on Sep 28th 2007 by marklar

15. Mate they should make a yu-gi-oh card game....that would be mint!!It was the only card game that actually made sense and wasnt that bad to play with a few mates .Nerdy i know but i reckon it would do quite well and i would buy it

Posted at 8:06AM on Sep 29th 2007 by Daniel Szanto

16. @#2- Acually, regular card games play out slowly anyway... so this is no different from that. If anything, the animaions that are brought to life liven up the slow gameplay. Card based games are like a more complicated type of Chess match... it's a game for thinkers & strategists. And for those type of gamers, I'm sure they'll love this game... I know I will. I plan on building a killer deck & dominating online!

Posted at 10:17AM on Sep 29th 2007 by Nigel

17. This game is going to so own.

Posted at 5:03PM on Sep 29th 2007 by Overgauss

18. You have to like card battle games, if you dont, you might as well not bother posting. It may be a good entry point for those who want to find a card battle game that makes things accessible. And as new decks are released, it will only get better.

Posted at 10:20AM on Sep 30th 2007 by Brandon

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