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GameStop honchos ponder PS3 potential

While a lot of gamers question the ability of many GameStop employees, fact of the matter is they're really our only option (especially if you play RPG's ... good luck finding a Suikoden title at Target or Best Buy) and generally, they're nice people working there. The bigwigs of GameStop had a discussion recently about the next-gen now-gen consoles, and their prospects for the upcoming holiday season. Vice President Bob McKenzie said this regarding the PS3's second Christmas: "It's really the higher end. It's the core consumer that wants the latest and the greatest."

Sounds about right. Does he feel the PS3 has lived up to its promises and displayed its potential? Not quite. "I think they've done some moves recently, with the mark-down on the sixty-gig that will help to show that they are reacting. That they see the opportunity, and they know that they need to continue to stimulate that. The eighty-gig is coming out now, and having a game packed in, they see that they have a little catching up to do." Hopefully, Sony will steal the show at TGS and prove they've got not only a solid game lineup this holiday season, but have been actively listening to consumers and will do everything in their power to get their system into more homes. We'll see!

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1. Yes its true, could it be

Posted at 7:46PM on Sep 19th 2007 by ekbigpimping

2. The fact that Sony is fighting a two-side front sort of sucks for us.

Sony has to make BluRay win as well as the PS3. With that mixed hat it is easy to lose one front due to transfering resources.

With that in mind; I doubt, actually pray to God, Sony won't let a $200-250 HD-DVD player role out without some competition.

Come on $400 40GB SKU!!! I know tons of people in my social rings that will jump on that for the holidays.

Posted at 7:52PM on Sep 19th 2007 by railven

3. sounds fare (fair?). I think sony won't have any major announcements (besides rumble) at TGS but will just confirm some rumours and announce release dates

Posted at 7:52PM on Sep 19th 2007 by Random1448

4. They'd sale more PS3's if the pimple faced morons that they call managers at Gamestop would keep new games in the display PS3, and open up the case more so they wouldn't overheat and freeze....

Hey idiots, no one can demo the damn thing if its froze, and people are really tired of the Motorstorm Demo.

Posted at 7:58PM on Sep 19th 2007 by derrickgott007

5. @2 Blueray has pretty much already won. In fact some of the companies are being paid for hd-dvd exclusivity.

Posted at 8:03PM on Sep 19th 2007 by ????????

6. I give a damn at what Rapestop thinks.. Those guy 1st of all dont know at thing.. The other day I was thinking that I would like to trade that #1 selling PS3 game Resistance.. Even though I new that those bandits(Gamestop) we're only going to give me not even $20.. But of course they'll happily sell it to you used for $55..The guy at first couldnt find it..All confident "Its not in the system".. You know why.. He was looking for it under PS2!!!! Way to go!! Incerdible knowledge..

Posted at 8:13PM on Sep 19th 2007 by jae29one

7. If only I lived in NW, then I would buy all my games from Gamestop instead of amazon with its 2-3 weeks super (slow) free shipping.

Can't wait for Sony's news. I hope it is good.

Posted at 8:35PM on Sep 19th 2007 by ruibing

8. How much of a role do you guys think Guitar Heroes 3 will play on the PS3 holiday sales? I know a lot of PS2 owners that havent made the switch because they're still playing GH2.

It's easy to forget about the millions and millions of PS2 owners that are waiting to make the switch to PS3.

Posted at 8:36PM on Sep 19th 2007 by BrokenFern

9. Considering Guitar Hero 3's gonna be out for every system under the sun, including the PS2, not much I would guess.

Posted at 8:46PM on Sep 19th 2007 by Dopple Boppler

10. I have a PS3 and a PSP, I might just buy a PS2 silver just for the collection.

Posted at 9:08PM on Sep 19th 2007 by ruibing

11. "They'd sale more PS3's if the pimple faced morons that they call managers at Gamestop would keep new games in the display PS3, and open up the case more so they wouldn't overheat and freeze....

Hey idiots, no one can demo the damn thing if its froze, and people are really tired of the Motorstorm Demo."

First off, the interactive models in the stores are not regular ps3s. They are special demo units. Sony determines what and WHEN they put new content in them, not the stores. Trust me, as a former employee of EB, we've tried putting games into the interactives. They give you a 10-15 minute window and then the system restarts. They only allow the SONY discs to play for lengths of time. Sony reps come in on average of once a month, 80% of the time without an update disc. They do actual update discs with new demos and content every 4 or 5 months.

Secondly, how is it the company's problem to go and "open them up" so they wont overheat and freeze? Even with all the 360 reliability issues, overheating in the interactive was never an issue.

Thirdly, the ps3 you see sitting behind the plastic case in the interactives is a big chunk of plastic. Underneath in the steel casing is the real ps3. It's well ventilated. Go look for wires in the visible one, it's pretty obvious.

To sum it up, you're the idiot derrickgott007

Posted at 9:25PM on Sep 19th 2007 by Frank

12. Frank, I have seen tons of Xbox360's freeze in their cases. All you have to do is put a used PS3 out in the case to demo the new games. I have a friend that is not a pimple faced geek but is a manager at gamestop, and he kicks ass with his store....Why?? Because he keeps his store tight and his equipment working. He is not a corporate sheep.

And I know that the PS3 that is behind the plastic display is fake, everyone knows that..... And I also know that if you open the WHOLE DAMN DISPLAY it wont overheat...How do I know this?? BECAUSE my friend that manager showed me.

Posted at 9:57PM on Sep 19th 2007 by derrickgott007

13. "Sony determines what and WHEN they put new content in them, not the stores."

Did you know that they have to wait for two AAs from Nintendo when the Wiimotes die too? This stuff is just dumb, let the stores do what they want.

Posted at 10:01PM on Sep 19th 2007 by SKI

14. I never denied that 360's froze in their cases, but it's not a very widespread problem, nor is freezing ps3s in interactives.

"All you have to do is put a used PS3 out in the case to demo the new games."

Your "manager friend" isn't very bright then, considering they'll get in trouble
-with Sony for not having their demo disc in
-with gamestop/eb corporate if they find out they aren't following the interactive guidelines
-and potentially lose a sale of a used ps3 since they dont have it available for sale.

Posted at 10:05PM on Sep 19th 2007 by Frank

15. "Sony determines what and WHEN they put new content in them, not the stores"

I don't believe you. The Futureshop (its Canadian) by me has demos the day or day after they get released on the PSN.

Posted at 10:13PM on Sep 19th 2007 by Andy

16. Refuse to believe me all you want. I worked for Gamestop/Eb for 2 years until like 2 months ago. The Sony reps come in maybe once a month. Every store has a binder for every console company, the reps give you new sheets to put in, and sign off that they were they. They check to see the system is working, do any random updates to it, make sure its clean, check controllers, then leave. You might have a different model in your store, but all our companies interactives are password locked to prevent being able to play normal games for more than 10-15 minutes. Is your interactive online? Might explain how they are getting the demos on there, we were never online so I don't know how that works with demo systems.

Posted at 10:17PM on Sep 19th 2007 by Frank

17. He describes the Wii the same way I do


Posted at 10:17PM on Sep 19th 2007 by Andy

18. @16

I am assuming so but I am not sure. My observations are from the consumers perspective.

Posted at 10:19PM on Sep 19th 2007 by Andy

19. Dualshock 3 confirmed...

and thats the name: DualShock 3


and HOME delayed.

what a drag.

even though MGS4 and Drake are confirmed to have RUMBLE

Posted at 11:03PM on Sep 19th 2007 by Justin

20. I worked at Ebgames one beautiful summer.

Frank isn't lying. Those Reps are total asshats! They think they are God or something. You don't follow their Marketing Agenda you can kiss sweet kiosk upgrades goodbye.

HOWEVER! As my manager did, we swapped out the PS2 at the time with a used PS2. Since used systems didn't sell much we never took a hit. On top of that, Rep Agents scheduled their visits (not sure if they still do) so our boss would swap it.

I only saw this go down for 3 months but after I quit I kept cool with the guy, great way to get games a few days ahead of release.

It is doable, but get caught and they might even take away your demo unit.

I miss Funcoland. They had used systems out and running. You could sample used games before you buy em. Those where the good ol days.

Posted at 11:08PM on Sep 19th 2007 by railven

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