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Cobbled together PSN expectations: Issue 1

Now that Sony are releasing a lot more stuff on the US PSN Store news is coming from all different angles regarding what will be up next. We've cobbled together a list of content that we expect to see up on the store today, along with a link to the corresponding source. Until the official list is released, this will have to be enough to get you excited for today's update.
  • PixelJunk Racers
  • High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition
  • Fifa 08 demo
  • Tony Hawks Proving Ground demo
That's all we know so far. No doubt the full list will be longer, but we wouldn't expect any more games or demos. We're already getting two of each, so we've nothing to complain about there. In fact, we should be very hapy about that. If Sony keeps this up then the PSN could actually go from "passable" to "good." As for the European Store, we'll probably be getting a video or two and a photo of a half eaten pie.

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1. I think that FIFA08 will be on EU store...........

Posted at 6:44AM on Sep 13th 2007 by Carletto87

2. mmm pie

Posted at 7:20AM on Sep 13th 2007 by Egster

3. Well now I'm assuming that you guys are going to get something that we won't here in America: FIFA 08. It's half of the reason I bought a PS3 to begin with. Although maybe we'll get lucky, but I think Sony America wouldn't think it worth the bandwidth for us. Here's to hoping I'm wrong.

Posted at 7:21AM on Sep 13th 2007 by Brian Spence

4. I wonder when we'll get a demo for something interesting on the PSN.

My favourite part about xbox live is the constant stream of interesting demo's there is. I swear i play more demo's than i play my actual games on my xbox. (thats mostly because i'm cheap). Theres just so many and they're so readily available.

The next PSN demo i can see slated for a PS3 exclusive is ratchet and clank, a month away.

I'm not pulling any solid numbers or facts here.

I've owned both systems for about the same amount of time and it feels like theres LOADS more demo's per week on the 360.

Ah. PSN sucks anyhoo. We all know.

I'd seriously be happy to pay for PSN monthly...if it meant that it didn't suck so much.

Posted at 7:24AM on Sep 13th 2007 by Sam

5. New on the EU Store today:

Why Sony Hates Europe (video, free)
Lair Trailer #334 (video, free)
Heavenly Sword Anime Episode 6 (video free)

Posted at 7:48AM on Sep 13th 2007 by Beano

6. Wouldn't hurt them (in Canada) to put up the NHL demos already...big week for hockey on the PS3 this week, but you wouldn't know it on PSN. XBox Live had the NHL 08 demo for 3 weeks now. :/

Posted at 8:20AM on Sep 13th 2007 by OddyOh

7. Sony doesn't give the Euro PSN pictures though!! =(

Posted at 8:27AM on Sep 13th 2007 by Peter

8. Unfortunaltle the Eruo store wont be getting FIFA today.

from the fifa forums

We’re sorry to have to tell everyone that the FIFA 08 NG demo won’t be launching in Europe today as was expected. Although the demo is being released in North America there were a couple of issues which we couldn’t get ironed out in time to release today despite working through out the night to get these sorted.

We understand how disappointing this will be to everyone and we’re absolutely gutted this has happened.

VancouverBlade is currently over in the UK right now, attending a Community Day for FIFA and I was unfortunate enough to be with him as the news broke. It really was a massive downer for what was set to be a great day.

Posted at 8:38AM on Sep 13th 2007 by Carl

9. While I have a US account, I don't understand what could possibly hold back demos for EU. I'm in the actual US though so I'm not sure if they have to add extra voice overs/subtitles/captions for the different languages for each demo (even though I'm sure it's released in English for the demo) or what?

Really makes no sense that different regions get different updates with such a HUGE time gap.

Maybe they're trying to evenly space out the lack of content over a few weeks? Maybe it's some sort of legality that needs to be taken care of (trademarks, etc.)? No idea what it could be.

Also, the fact that Xbox 360 content identical to PS3 content (i.e., NHL 08 demo) gets released weeks prior to us is infuriating. Hopefully within the next few months this will all be solved.

AS FOR ME??? I'm waiting for Fifa 08! :-)

Posted at 8:44AM on Sep 13th 2007 by Tony

10. @3 - I'm with you Brian. Fifa 08 was the biggest deciding factor in my buying a PS3 (or Xbox 360). Besides the fact that there's no more Fifa for the first Xbox, I'm tired seeing the gorgeous Fifa 07 (and now 08) on his 360.

I'm guessing SCEA would actually try to push Fifa a little more since it's becoming more popular. Even before Beckham's arrival it was gaining ground. But especially of his arrival it should be promoted more.

Posted at 8:51AM on Sep 13th 2007 by Tony

11. Quit talking out of your ass Sam. Stick to xbox fanboy, you belong there.

Posted at 9:01AM on Sep 13th 2007 by Egster

12. I've heard people say "why are you moaning, you don't all speak English" given as an excuse for why the EU PSN gets updated so badly but it just doesn't cut it. There is plenty of stuff we miss out on that has nothing to do with language, such as wallpapers. Unless I'm missing something we don't even get wallpapers. I also don't buy into the "you're lazy, just make a US account" idea of thinking, why the hell should we have to make a US account? It should be there in the first place.

Posted at 9:10AM on Sep 13th 2007 by DownwardMonkey

13. It's nice to see we may be getting a good number of Demos, and while it's nice to see a new Tony Hawk demo, I still want to know why we don't have the Skate demo yet. I am dying for that one!

Posted at 9:20AM on Sep 13th 2007 by bootiemon

14. I hope that Tony Hawk game doesn't become "Tony Hawk's framerate killing, multiplayer lacking crapfest" like Project 8 was. I know, it was an early title, but still.

Anyway go watch this for lols.

Posted at 9:30AM on Sep 13th 2007 by Popfrogs

15. EU? US? JAPAN? who cares?

you can download demos from any of them anyway.

everyone's spent all of their console owning life moaning about having to wait for import games to be released in their home country, a console comes along which doesn't care where on this planet you live and everyone is moaning.

create 3 accounts and chill.

if sony wanted to stop you from downloading other continents' content it could. be thankful of that.

Posted at 9:32AM on Sep 13th 2007 by dp

16. "create 3 accounts and chill."

Yes, but you STILL can't buy stuff from the US store with a credit card registered in Europe.

So PSN games released on the EU Store can't be bought by EU PS3 owners... no matter how many PSN accounts you have.

Get with the program, SCEE !!!

Posted at 9:39AM on Sep 13th 2007 by Beano

17. @15 - dp,

I think your missing the point.

While I personally don't care about the Japan/EU content since everything I need comes to the US account anyway, there's no need for others to create multiple accounts for something content that should be distributed evenly in the first place.

It's the equivalent of having a separate email address for every one of your contacts. It's stupid and inefficient, it should all be sent to the one account.

Posted at 9:41AM on Sep 13th 2007 by Tony

18. There are so many demos I don't even have enough time to download them.

When it comes to game demos coming weeks later than the Xbox versions its because of the company who made that game not Sony.

Posted at 9:54AM on Sep 13th 2007 by Andy

19. I don't understand why they have to translate a demos. For example the HS demo in Danish, sounded so funny, nearly like a comdey show. And why says the FIFA man that he is SO sorry. It's no big deal, when every one in Europe just can download from the US Store..I hope they in TGS announce a complete PS Store design + world wide store, with currency difference off course, until Denmark, UK and Sweden switch to Euro (if we ever do - I hope!)But it's very nice to see 2 weekly demos, and for all demos there had been released I think the DiRT demo was the coolest :D

Posted at 9:58AM on Sep 13th 2007 by Jakob

20. Danmark hersker!

Posted at 10:01AM on Sep 13th 2007 by Beano

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