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PS3 labeled "best media center" by EISA

Seems Sony can jam another feather in its cap and cluck about another award today. The winners were announced for this year's EISA awards (European Imaging and Sounds Association) and the PlayStation 3 walked off with the award for best multimedia device. From the official announcement on the EISA site, "Sony's PS3 is a wonderful example of a powerful media centre, thanks to its inclusion of an audio-video-photo player as well as a web browser to navigate, download, play and chat on the Internet. In addition there's a 60GB hard disk for content storage, plus Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and four USB interfaces allowing connection of external hard-disk storage and USB accessories such as keyboards."

They continue to gush about the importance of Blu-ray and how, above all else, the system is a "worthy heir to the grand PlayStation heritage." We're glad that, for once, the PS3 isn't rated an over-priced piece of hardware or a product that has already failed. We'd like to think that the opinion of the EISA is the least biased and a lot more convincing than one Japanese author, or a single journalist. We're happy for you, Sony, just don't forget that you've got to make the PS3 a gaming console above all that other useful stuff!

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1. HA FIRST!!!

Hmmm could we be seeing the beginning of the shift in tide??? hmmmmmm LoL maybe to early to talk but nice one SONY!

Posted at 11:07AM on Sep 11th 2007 by Byron517

2. Gamespot has a heavenly sword review up. It got an 8. They said it was short-like Gears of War short :(

Posted at 11:10AM on Sep 11th 2007 by JL

3. "just don't forget that you've got to make the PS3 a gaming console above all that other useful stuff!"

Since when wasn't it a gaming console? I've been using it for gaming quite nicely.

Posted at 11:13AM on Sep 11th 2007 by Andir3.0

4. The review on gamespot isn't bad it's just saying it's short but there's still really good games that were short but still worth playing like ICO, Shadow of the Colosos and even Gears was kinda short I finished it in one night but it's ok There's nothing negative bout the game itself cept that it's short which I think is lame but ok whatever I'm still getting it!

Posted at 11:25AM on Sep 11th 2007 by papichulo18_2000

5. I use my ps3 to watch movies that I have streamed or downloaded on my laptop so i can watch em on my tv.

Tome the PS3 is more than just a games console.

Posted at 11:38AM on Sep 11th 2007 by Zim

6. Too bad these awards haven't translated into sales yet.

Posted at 11:42AM on Sep 11th 2007 by Knight Marquise

7. Yeah JL. HS was reportedly pretty short, but after the way God of War dragged it's ass through the whole Hades/Pandora's Temple section, I don't consider that bad. Games, like skirts, should be short enough to stay interesting Given how many times I played the three minute HS /demo/ without it getting old--it still hasn't and I'm probably near triple digits--a short and impeccably made game doesn't sounds great. GS seemed pretty harsh in the score given all the praise and lack of flaws, but I'd rather have that than relaxed scores. I guess, 9s are for games that are as good as they could possibly be (which is confusing, because I found plenty of flaws with Bioshock, though it was still really good) and 10s are impossible to give, except for Shadow of the Colossus. Only time I've had a half dozen people gasp simultaneously from watching a videogame being played is in Shadow.

Holy off topic, Batman!

Props to the PS3 for being a great media center. Once I repaired my ailing desktop and ran TVersity, I found it was great, especially with the BR remote control. Whole collection of music and videos that I can control from basically anywhere, including lacking line of sight and without constantly draining a sixaxis battery. XMB is easy to use even if you've never touched a PS3 or PSP. Native support for more formats would be good but Divx and Xvid are piracy's favorite format; you can't blame a company that makes movies for not making a player that will play movies stolen off them. I'm sure there's legit content but... seriously, who are you kidding?

Wall of text is a wall of text, sorry folks.

Posted at 11:43AM on Sep 11th 2007 by Trev

8. "Doesn't sounds great" = "sounds great"

I fail.

Posted at 11:44AM on Sep 11th 2007 by Trev

9. i FINALLY found out how to rip my DVD collection and save it to my ps3 hdd for viewing in the correct format....all those other converters never worked for me including ps3video 9 or w/e and xilisoft's fact, i tried about 4 or 5 converters and nothing worked...but HANDBRAKE...easy as pie.. AND had a ps3 preset.

so now, i'm enjoying my ps3 even more. Renting movies (for free cuz i was a manager there for 2 years), ripping them to my computer for copying later, AND playable on my ps3 on my 160GB hdd...

i'm happy.

Posted at 11:51AM on Sep 11th 2007 by Justin

10. Too bad that Xbox 360 still has much better in-game media options (yes I won both). Bluray really means nothing to gaming at this point as none of the developers have yet made use of it. I didn't buy the system for a bluray player either.

Posted at 11:59AM on Sep 11th 2007 by gamingeek

11. I am still buying Heavenly Sword and @ 8 your so right Shadow of the Colossus is still one of my all time fav games for the PS2 I would love to see a sequal or a remake on the ps3 that would be amazing!! And as far as the HS review they had nothing bad to say bout the game itself other then the fact that it was short and they are a bit harsh on their scores depending no whose reviewing it.. They have some writers who are more lax then others but still I will be picking it up and playing it because it has that artistic flow to it that Shadow had! Hey @8 you own ICO?

Posted at 12:01PM on Sep 11th 2007 by papichulo18_2000

12. @gamingeek

Wasn't Heavenly Sword well over the 4.7GB DVD limit

Posted at 12:44PM on Sep 11th 2007 by JimNasium

13. I own both a 360 and a PS3 as well, and I originally bought my 360 for gaming and because it could double as a media center. I then bought the PS3 and as far as I'm concerned it blows the 360 out of the water when it comes to handling video and other media. I rarely use my 360 anymore for that purpose because the PS3 just does it so much better. It handles 1080p video that the 360 does not. Even the 720p movies and TV I've downloaded from Xbox live stutter when it the action pans across the screen. and the fact that I can transfer videos to and from the internal hard drive on my PS3 is great. And to top it off the video interface on the ps3 is much better too. The 360 is way too clunky.

I like my 360 for games and my PS3 for that as well but the PS3 is way beyond the 360 when it comes to digital media. It's nice to see someone else say that for a change.

Posted at 1:12PM on Sep 11th 2007 by Bish

14. @8

Shawdow of the Colossus is still one of my all time fav for the PS2 I hope that the devs *which also created ICO* make a next gen game! I would even love to see a remake but something new from them is going to be well recieved!! The gamespot review of HS was a bit harsh, they didn't say anything negative bout the game itself other then its short.. I'm still going to buy HS because I can appriciate the artistic direction that game has..

Posted at 1:12PM on Sep 11th 2007 by Byron517

15. @11
Both Lair and Heavenly Sword went over the DVD limit. Not sure whether they went over the DVD-9 size limit, but its not hard to imagine given how much texture is in each game.

I haven't gotten a chance to use my PS3 for much besides gaming, folding, watching moves on DVD and Blu Ray. I think the PS3 is best described as a "Gaming Media Center", but since there is no such category yet, meaning PS3 is the first, I think "Best Media Center" fits the profile nicely. It goes right under my HDTV and looks real nice next to my DVD (don't use it anymore) and Karaoke players (replaceable by Singstar) with the Chrome finish. No need to plug anything I don't want to like add-on DVD drives or wireless adapters.

Keep it up, sony!

Posted at 1:23PM on Sep 11th 2007 by ruibing

16. I too use the media abilities of the PS3. I watched almost all of season 1 and 2 of LOST on my Pea Ehs Three. I keep a 4GB SD and 4GB CF card in it at all times for other media/photos and backing up my save games.

The PS3 continues to get a lot of bad press and I have never been 100 percent sure why. It started slow just like the PS2 and XB360 did and look at them now. Look at how long the PS3 has come not to mention a great fall/winter/spring lineup. Keep it up Sony, and PLEASE DONT REPLACE THE XMB WITH HOME... EVAR.

- Kiteless

Posted at 1:34PM on Sep 11th 2007 by Kiteless

17. @13 But why is it that the Xbox 360 seems to have a much better upscaler for games? Every game I run on it is upscaled to full 1080p (and I own a 1080i set)Whereas the PS3 WILL NOT upscale 720p games to 1080p at all? Sony always boasted that their games would be in 1080p. WTF is up with that?

Posted at 1:41PM on Sep 11th 2007 by gamingeek

18. The PS3 does deserve this award.. but Sony still needs to get them into people's homes. This is a feature that people won't notice when they buy the console, rather after they've got it home and start to use the system. Sony needs to get people to want to have the system in their home.. get people excited about the system. PS3 needs to win the popularity war.

Posted at 1:59PM on Sep 11th 2007 by Thomas

19. @17 I have a Mitsubishi 1080i only CRT HDTV, and that was supposed to be an issue with my set, however the only game I have that says 720p only is Motorstorm and it upscales to 1080i fine. Also any demos I've downloaded that are at 720p upscale to 1080i as well, Not sure if thats because they patched the game or what but I haven't had any problems with the upscaling at all. Perhaps your settings are off or if it's because I'm using HDMI as my connection.

@18 I agree, and its one of the reasons it frustrates me when I see people saying that the 360 is better at handling video when once youve actually used a PS3 you see its not the case.

Posted at 2:17PM on Sep 11th 2007 by Bish

20. I use my Ps3 equally for both gaming and media... I really couldn't ask for much more out of it.

I come to realize that most people that trash the PS3 either hate all Sony products or have actually never had any hands on experience with the system or they dont understand its full capabilities and functions... Therefor, that means they are talkin outta thier ass!!

Posted at 2:43PM on Sep 11th 2007 by never$$hort

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