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100,000 units in a week? Good job, Warhawk!

Even though we don't trust VGChartz as far as we can throw them (and seeing how they're an intangible object, that's not very far at all), it's still worth noting they've kept track of Warhawk sales since its release. The result is quite positive: 100,000 units had been bought or downloaded one week after the game launched. What's more, these numbers only correlate to America, not Japan or "Others", unless the graph is incorrect. We'd like to revisit these numbers in a month to see how the title has done worldwide. In any case, hats off, Warhawk, for making your game sales soar into the sky, or some other motivational statement!

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1. SO the moral of the story is that you only trust VGchartz swhen they report good sales figures for sony?

Yeah thats CLASSY! Almost as classy as Brittneys performance at the VMA's last night.

Posted at 8:07PM on Sep 10th 2007 by HaleysComet

2. How/where did they get psn sales stats? The only people who would know are Sony and Co... anything else are bad estimates.

Posted at 8:16PM on Sep 10th 2007 by phattie

3. I'm sorry, but 100,000 in a week is pathetic. Halo, GTA, Gears of War have demolished this. Halo 3 will sell MILLIONS of copies in less than 24 hours. Now that's news worthy! But, I guess when there aren't that many PS3s in the consumer's house, this is viewed as good news. Congratulations Sony! *Here's a pat on the back*

Posted at 8:24PM on Sep 10th 2007 by Dave

4. @Dave
considering that Halo and GTA are both franchise games, and the fact that Gears was given major advertising to the mass-market, i should hope they all sold more their first week.

considering that Warhawk is based on an old PSone game that noone really remembers, AND the fact that it's an online ONLY title, i'd say it's off to a great start. you want to compare apples-to-apples, put it up against Shadowrun. i'd say that at 100k it's first, it's lookin' to whomp M$'s barely 250k TOTAL game...

Posted at 8:47PM on Sep 10th 2007 by Solace

5. honestly Nick, I'm surprised you'd even post anything for VGChartz AKA numbers out of a teenagers a**. Plus I bet the number is even higher. He's just like "omg it has good press, i'll make teh # moderately high"

Posted at 8:48PM on Sep 10th 2007 by SuperGayParade

6. I gave up on vgcharts long ago. Not because of the sales numbers but because of the community. Its completly overrun by Wiiers. (not suprising considering how good the Wii sells)

If you look at the scores for games Wii games are always at the top of the list. Warhawk got a 6.13 which is way too low. About 8.1 is what I would give it.

Posted at 9:04PM on Sep 10th 2007 by Andy

7. I just found this lurking around vgcharts.


I know neither are comparible to the 360 at the moment but cmon. Thats pretty damn good for under a year.

Posted at 9:07PM on Sep 10th 2007 by Andy

8. @ Dave is well
elaborating on what solace said about halo/gears being franchises that is very true. but if you wanna use the first halo as an example, well, i don't know about first week sales for it, but it didn't reach 1 million copies until 4 MONTHS after release.

now no one can say for sure how warhawks pace will keep up over the next 4 months, but i say its defintely got a shot of surpassing those numbers. and it had no where near the amount of hype halo had. so leave your xbox fanboyism for elsewhere thanks

Posted at 9:08PM on Sep 10th 2007 by bigbluejohnson

9. --"honestly Nick, I'm surprised you'd even post anything for VGChartz AKA numbers out of a teenagers a**."--

Nexgenwars is the "numbers out of a teenager's ass" site. VGChartz collects data from hundreds of retailers worldwide. Don't let the terrible name fool you -- it's a reputable site.

Posted at 9:30PM on Sep 10th 2007 by Bluebrake

10. at No.1 (HaleysComet)

the fact that you even watched the VMA's last night, proves you and VGChartz lameness in the same sentence

Posted at 9:31PM on Sep 10th 2007 by eclipse_perfect_dark04

11. Bioshock just did over 1 million... not that anyone is counting.

Posted at 10:01PM on Sep 10th 2007 by x silence x

12. @Bluebrake...

Not really...it is just as poor as NGW but they go back and 'fix' their numbers as NPD comes out with theirs...

They don't have insider information anymore than you or I.


# Sales figures are determined through two important methods

1. Data Sampling – VG Chartz gathers random data from a sample of the total number of retailers.
2. Shipment information – VG Chartz has contacts with publishers who give their best estimates on number of products shipped.

# Because the number of retailers selling videogames is quite large, it is possible to attain statistically valid results from a small sample.

In other words they call their local GAME/Gamestop/EB and Target...

Posted at 10:02PM on Sep 10th 2007 by Kspraydad

13. @x silence x


Take 2 has only SHIPPED 'just over' 1.5 million units of Bioshock in TOTAL for both PC and Xbox (see their quarterly filing as of today) http://ir.take2games.com/ReleaseDetail.cfm?ReleaseID=263379 . It is IMPOSSIBLE that they could have sold 1 million in one week on the X

Bioshock is estimated to have sold approx 400,000 in its first week or 4 times what Warhawk is estimated to have sold. The US install base of X is 3.5 times that of the PS3.

Posted at 10:08PM on Sep 10th 2007 by Kspraydad

14. @8

If VGChartz only covers in store purchases, then does that mean it didn't even count the downloaded purchases? I think just as many bought the game in a store as they did online, so if they didn't count the downloads, then shouldn't it be like double that amount? But either way, its pretty good a new franchise that has not had very little publicity. I'll be adding my purchase in when I get back from school in December.

Posted at 10:46PM on Sep 10th 2007 by ruibing

15. 100 000 should be enough of a base to keep this game going for a while.

Posted at 10:53PM on Sep 10th 2007 by Andy

16. @Solace

please dont compare halo with..this game..or this game with shadowrun infact.

halo was a launch title, and we all know how well that went.

and shadowrun, lol, who the hell is gona buy that when they have already so many other games to get on the 360..

this game, for now, is the only thing worth while to get for the ps3, it better have huge sales.

Posted at 11:02PM on Sep 10th 2007 by Irwin

17. So you've finally thrown the intangible object card! Shameless... simply shameless... it's no excuse!

Posted at 11:18PM on Sep 10th 2007 by Tom

18. Lets see, 100,000 units sold, at least 3 game killing bugs per unit. that leaves 300,000 problems this game has caused in one week. Way to go Incognito in releasing a game with more bugs than its beta phase had.

Posted at 11:51PM on Sep 10th 2007 by Saranis

19. OHH you're right! Thanks bluebrake, sorry Nick. xoxo

Posted at 12:14AM on Sep 11th 2007 by SuperGayParade

20. "a game with more bugs than its beta phase had"
You obviously weren't in the beta. If you think the actual release is anywhere near as bad as that was when it was first made available, you weren't paying a damn bit of attention. Or you are talking out of your ass, one of the two.

I've heard several times that the 100,000 number is only for the BluRay edition since vgchartz can't even try to track PSN sales. We'll have to wait for Sony to provide some numbers for that before we know for sure. At the very least, based on the leaderboards, we know it's sold 105,112 at absolute minimum since that's how many people are currently ranked.

Posted at 12:25AM on Sep 11th 2007 by mccomber

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