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Worldwide PS3 releases for the week of September 10th

This week's release list can only be described as ... heavenly. We've been waiting for a long time for this. Heavenly Sword is finally available to the masses this week and we can't wait to get our hands on it. Here's the full release list:

US Games
  • Heavenly Sword
  • DiRT
  • NHL 08
  • NHL 2K8
European Games
  • Heavenly Sword
  • DiRT
Asian Games
  • Megazone 23: Aoi Garland
  • Megazone 23: Aoi Garland Limited Edition
Check it out. Two potentially great games being released simultaneously throughout America and Europe. This is what we really love to see. As for Megazone 23: Aoi Garland, we've never heard of it. If you're intrigued and want to try it out then go right ahead, your PS3 will play games from any region. Release dates are constantly subject to change, so always keep that in mind.

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1. Dirt is a good game but i'll stick to Mud

Posted at 6:05PM on Sep 9th 2007 by Kxpuc

2. As for Megazone 23, here's the most detailed review I've been able to find: http://www.next-gen.biz/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=7083&Itemid=2&limit=1&limitstart=2

It's after the story on Star Ocean 4 being ps3 exclusive. ;) Pretty sure that's unconfirmed though.

Posted at 6:11PM on Sep 9th 2007 by apease

3. Heavenly sword is one of thoes reasons i want a PS3 sooo bad, its like GOW (God of war Not Gears of war) with a chick!

i need a job, too much to buy not enough money to buy it.

Posted at 6:31PM on Sep 9th 2007 by Young Capwn

4. I'll need to play this in monochrome...red heads make me throw up a little.

Posted at 6:53PM on Sep 9th 2007 by Kspraydad

5. I'm just going to say this once more, for the record, before people can accuse me of being on the inevitable bandwagon.
Heavenly Sword will not be an outstanding game.

It will be "good", but not the killer app people have been waiting for on the PS3. Another damp squib like Lair.

Posted at 6:59PM on Sep 9th 2007 by ClarkyCat

6. i just rented lair.

its okay.

but the initial battle lasted too long because there's no indicator as to where your remaining enemies are or how many there are.

its a FANTASTIC looking game, but if they don't patch up the controls slightly, offer analog support, and the option to skip those hour long CGI scenes...i won't be buying it.

anyways, Heavenly Sword is probably gonna be short as shit, but it should be fun. I'm coppin'.

Posted at 7:15PM on Sep 9th 2007 by Justin

7. @ClarkyCat:

Metacritic scores are +25% higher for HS than Lair AND it is a much more accessible fighting game than Ninja Gaiden, more in the God of War / Shadow of the Colossus vein...it will sell just fine. It also has pre orders that are more than Lair and Warhawk combined.

Go back to waiting for Halo 2.1 and let PS3 owners enjoy their games...mkay.

Posted at 7:25PM on Sep 9th 2007 by Kspraydad

8. @Justin...

Plug in a wired USB controller on LAIR..voila, analog controls.

Posted at 7:29PM on Sep 9th 2007 by Kspraydad

9. Let's play twing twang. =D

Posted at 7:59PM on Sep 9th 2007 by F-Man

10. word? @ ksraydad?

damn. when was that discovered?

gotta go get one now.

Posted at 8:13PM on Sep 9th 2007 by Justin

11. word? @ kspraydad?

damn. when was that discovered?

gotta go get one now.

**name fixed**

Posted at 8:14PM on Sep 9th 2007 by Justin

12. @ Kspraydad

I am a proud owner of my PSwii60 and I have to say, my wii and ps3 will be collecting dust while I play Halo 3. Why don't you stop hating on a series you've probably never played before. That or you just suck at it. Either way. As I see it, Heavenly sword will be a rental, ill pass on lair (panzor dragon is probably more fun than it).

Posted at 8:18PM on Sep 9th 2007 by Darko

13. Bah! You should have said "Lets play twing twang!" in the pic. Oh well nm.

Posted at 9:00PM on Sep 9th 2007 by Rogue Soul

14. @ Kspraydad

What's 25% higher than a disappointing - average game? Good - very good. Not outstanding. That's the point I was making. PS3 fanboys get all up in a lather when an above average game comes along because there's been such a decidedly average fare so far. I note that Play Magazine gave it 100%, whilst citing Motorstorm as racing perfection. That quote alone should throw their reputation (if any) out the window. And yet Official PS Magazine only gave it 70%, which is odd considering they generally rate titles 10% higher than everywhere else. I know it will sell just fine, the PR guys have seen to that. I'm not talking about sales, I'm talking about quality.
I would prefer more games like Ninja Gaiden to be honest, it's the only PS3 game I actually play at length any more. Everyone seems to want dumbed down button bashers and complain about difficulty when a title that requires skill comes along. Typical EA-garbage fed gaming sheep.

And FYI I don't own a 360 or original Xbox for that matter, and don't like Halo. But I love how anyone not verbally making love to each and every PS3 release on this blog is labelled an M$ fanboy. Based on your preorders argument Halo 3 has more than every PS3 game yet sold put together, regardless of how much it may (and will) suck. Like I said, sales =/= good games.

Posted at 9:01PM on Sep 9th 2007 by ClarkyCat

15. Xbox fanboys get so offended easily...at least the PS3 will finally have something interesting this week and before Halo 2.5.

Posted at 9:20PM on Sep 9th 2007 by heh

16. Meh, im gonna pass on Heavenly Sword.. I wasnt impressed with the demo; NGS has a much better fighting mechanic (let me jump damn it)...

I suck at sports and racing games, so, the other 3 releases are out too.

Posted at 9:37PM on Sep 9th 2007 by phattie

17. Um... 82% on gamerankings for Heavenly Sword is far from bad.

Posted at 10:13PM on Sep 9th 2007 by Cagalli

18. and God of War 2 wasn't GOW 1.5?! where does this Halo 2.5 bull come frome?

And yes Ninja Gaiden Sigma is awesome (it was awesome back 3 years ago) Ninja Gaiden 2 will be even better.
(Itagaki won't go Multiplatform so as of yet it's still only for the 360)

Halo 3 is Nuts! I'm not sure how people can hate on it what with the load of content and customizations involved. i'm sure if it came on PS3 most people would change their attitude towards it.

Heavenly Sword, man i wish you were a bit meatier of a game or i'd buy a PS3 for you.

Posted at 10:18PM on Sep 9th 2007 by ryano

19. @ryano...

Do a Google Search:


Halo 2.5 was the name given to the next Halo by HALO FANS back when X360 was still an MS wet dream. Now...2 years (almost) after the X360 was launched they are finally getting their next Halo installment...thus the 2.5 reference.

Google is fun. PS3 is 'funner'.

Posted at 10:38PM on Sep 9th 2007 by Kspraydad

20. I really don't care for halo......I mean yeah its a great shooter, so was halo 1 and two....my point is that while halo will sell consoles and games it won't be this phenomenon everyone kept making it out to be....why?...well simple because halo 3 is targeting the same people 1 and 2 did....I highly doubt halo 3 is going to pull in new players...just the same ones from 1 and 2....yeah halo is really good and all...but to make it out to be this all to be all game is ridiculous.....I was at my friend house once and he had halo 2 on his 360....I played it and for about 15 mins I got bored...so I might pick halo 3 up later in 2008

and another thing, I plan on picking up HS anyway...why?..well if you followed the gaming press as much as I have you relies how much of a weird anti-sony vibe these people have...I mean its so uber-cool to bash the ps3 people might be just rating the game low anyway just for fun...I know how fanboy that just sounded but whatever

Posted at 10:50PM on Sep 9th 2007 by Time

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