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Ask PS3 Fanboy: Volume 4

Welcome to this week's addition of Ask PS3 Fanboy. This week we look at cooling options, Linux install locations and more. Have additional questions that you don't see answered here? !

Hi guys, just a quick question. My PS3 is in a cabinet among other devices and not long after playing it becomes really hot. I leave the cabinet door open to allow some airflow but i was wondering what is/are the best cooling systems available for the PS3.

There are a couple solutions, including the Pelican Air Flo and the Nyko Intercooler. IGN gave the Pelican a 7.9 and gave the Nyko a 8.3. Both seemed to work well, and only cost about 30 dollars. If possible though, it's best to move the PS3 someplace more open. It's not always possible with everybody's setups, but overall thats the best way to ensure the health of your PS3.

I've been trying to find the files for PS3 that lets you boot Linux and it seems that the Sony's links are all down and was wondering if you knew where to get the files I need?

For Terrasoft's Yellow Dog Linux, go here. For 5.0.2 on PS3, download yellowdog-5.0.2-20070711.iso. For 5.0.1 on PS3, download yellowdog-5.0.1-phoenix-20070511-PS3.iso. For Ubuntu Linux, check out the installation guide located here for download locations and tips.

I've been noticing add-ons for games such as Motostorm and Ninja Gaiden. I was just wondering if there would be extra levels for Lair or dare I ask a "control patch" to help steer this dragon better?

With Sony viewing the control issues as the fault of the person trying to play the game, it's unlikely they'll patch it up unfortunately. They could theoretically cave and add an analog mode, but that seems pretty unlikely as well. And considering the horrible reviews, unless Lair sells fantastically well -- Sony is unlikely to release any additional content for it.

Last year I had troubles getting online with NHL 2K7. Does NHL 2K8 have a more compatible online experience or should I go with NHL 08 to get online?

The issues with getting online with NHL 2K7 seem to have been more the result of it being a launch title than anything else. The online modes for NHL 2K8 and NHL 08 both sound pretty robust, and any issues that plagued last years title should be resolved by now. So the choice really just depends on which title's gameplay you like more.

That's it for this week! As usual, send in your questions and quandaries and we'll do our best to answer them in our next column.

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Reader Comments

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1. I have a question, until 1.92 Warhawk played fine now I get freezes every single time I play. Heat isn't a problem and nothing has changed. Anyone else getting that after 1.92?

Posted at 5:28PM on Sep 8th 2007 by DownwardMonkey


Posted at 5:59PM on Sep 8th 2007 by PS3 SUCKS

3. WTF!!! Ok, I'm fairly new to the PS3 world, and didn't know that you can load another operating system on to this thing. Can you load Windows or is it just Linux!! What is it running off of now (factory). Sorry for sounding like a dumb***, but I'm lost. Help!!!

Posted at 6:01PM on Sep 8th 2007 by damienanderson228

4. @1 Firmware 1.92 caused a lot of network issues wit people... not being able to access the internet browser, server issues etc.. sony are apparently trying to resolve the issue..... some people believe its a plan by sony to reduce peoples network access to give them a chance to fix the wrahawk sevrvers cos there wud be less people online@2 i know who u are, i know where u live, and if i ever see another comment of urs on this site i will personally kick the shit out of u..... why dont u go off and stick that "console" u call an xbox up ur ass... thats all its good for... is that some red lights i see?

Posted at 6:35PM on Sep 8th 2007 by Nonhippyhippy

5. @3 I am no specialist about the subject but i am almost 100% sure that linux is the only other OS you can install on the PS3. The current OS that the PS3 is running is an OS made by Sony for the PS3 as far as i know any more tec issues i guess you'll have to wait for someone to answer, thats what i know.

Posted at 7:33PM on Sep 8th 2007 by Atlas83

6. You couldn't install Windows on the PS3... Well... Not without a lot of work... A LOT of work.

Linux will install on just about anything given enough messing with it, Sony just make it a little easier for us with the PS3 which is jolly nice of them.

Posted at 8:04PM on Sep 8th 2007 by DownwardMonkey

7. To be accurate, the ps3 allows you to run unsigned code without voiding the warranty or even risking any real damage. The downside is the unsigned code doesn't get much access to the 3D chip (RSX), but everything else works more or less. The reason it runs linux is the ps3 uses a CPU that Windows doesn't support, Windows really only runs on intel-compatible cpus. As mentioned above, linux runs on practically everything.

After you've loaded linux, the factory system is still there, you just switch between them when you reboot... no, you can't run games from linux. But the good news is it's pretty much impossible to mess up the games side of the ps3 when you're in linux.

Posted at 8:57PM on Sep 8th 2007 by apease

8. Can you network your ps3 with your home computers so I can access my music and what not which are stored on my home computer from my PS3? if not... can someone tell Sony to hook that up, with access to the XMB during gaming to!

Posted at 2:37AM on Sep 9th 2007 by ally

9. I could live without XMB access (for now) if I don't have to press the PS button every time I enter/exit a PS2 game...

Posted at 4:15AM on Sep 9th 2007 by Phil

10. Stubby Boardman.......... just in case u didnt realise its ALWAYS the xbox 360 fanboys (or girls) who are here..... i dont think iv ever seen any ps3 bashing people here that say "wii forever" of "pc rocks"... i dont think the xbots realise that this ISNT their site... and actually i really couldnt care less which platform he/she uses cos if they say "ps3 sucks" wat the fuck he/she is doing on this site.... its shitheads like them that ruin gaming for everyone

Posted at 8:58AM on Sep 9th 2007 by Nonhippyhippy

11. #11. Its not "shitheads like them that ruin gaming" Xbots on the ps3 website ruin the ps3 website. they dont however stop the gaming experiance in any way.

They are here due to ps3's 3rd place standing. When xbox 1 was out and ps2 kick the ever love'n crap out of it and the gamecube sonyfanboys were all over xbox's forums and spoutting how terrible xbox 1 was. "Xbots" now seek revenge for this... its acctually a fairly common human reaction.

I feel that ps3fanboys whom get offended by the Xbots are basically just disappointed in the situation they have with sony. Its not the "xbots" fault there are no games on ps3. Its not their fault in january ps3 was on shelves. Its not their fault only 2 ps3 games are million sellers. (360 had 6 in its first year and one went to be a 4 million seller)

To me, and i can say this sence i have all 3 systems and play them all religously, the problem is with sony's l33t attitude. They have come miles from the horrid "youll need to work harder to buy one" speach, but the system is in 3rd place and humble pie doesnt taste good.

BTW the Wii does rule. Its in first place this generation. More people worldwide own a Wii than do a 360 or a ps3. As of july 20th PS3 has sold 4.4 million units. Xbox as of june 2007 has 11.6 million units out there. The wii just recently surpassed the xbox 360 in sales reaching about 12 million (11.9 if i remember correctly)

That all being said Wii is #1, if you look at system sales or money made the Wii wins. If you look at Games its the 360. Its hard to accept that if you just own a Ps3 and you road the wave that was ps2 in to this mess.

But blamming Xbots for "ruining gaming for everyone" is just about as far away from what is ruining gaming for everyone as you can get. I ask you this last question, When was the last time an Xbot came to your house and ruined a game for you?

Posted at 10:42AM on Sep 9th 2007 by ShaggyB

12. Hey Guys I have A Question ,I just Bought Yesterday Need For Speed Carbon and I tried to play it Online
and a message says " Cannot Connect To EA Nation "
and I dont Know Is it a EA Servers issues or what ?

so Please Help me Pleeaaaaazzzzzz

Posted at 1:21PM on Sep 9th 2007 by raed-kha

13. @ ShaggyB 12,

What the Nonhippyhippy means is that when we're reading things like this, and we go to see what people think about it to see a real persons view of it all we get is flaming wars its pretty depressing that on a site dedicated to PS3 games/news/etc we have a bunch of comments, including this one, that are off topic and about people who post comments like "PS3 sucks".

As far as them stopping gaming experiences... before I start this I would like to point out I have a Wii and a DS (and of the last gen, the xbox, and the PS2)... If you take rainbow six vegas for example, great game, amazing online.. kinda... the game was very badly ported to the PS3, and ran much much better on the Xbox 360, why... because theres 11.6 million of them in the world... to be fair to ubisoft they did a good job on GRAW2, but... the PS3 is a far superior platform compared to the xbox, just compare FMS to the GT videos... now I know I'm just becoming one of them saying all this "bullshit" about how much the PS3 is better and all that crap, but in pure gaming power it is, the only problem is people are lazy, and if you look at it, the first games that came out for the Xbox360 hadn't got that big of a jump over games on the PS2... and now we're seeing the same with the PS3 and Xbox360, but games like Uncharted, MGS4 and Killzone can't be done on the xbox for optical space reasons and output power reasons.

The Wii is number one in sales, and I love my Wii.., and as soon as we get Metroid Prime in Europe I doubt I'll be on my PS3 for a while. But sales don't mean anything.. Just look at BetaMax and VHS... VHS won because it was cheap and ready to go quicker than BetaMax.. does that make it better.. did we have better viewing experience because VHS won.. no.. we had a much worse one for years.. then the DVD came out and we were all saved.. Again its teh same now, theres too many Xboxs and Wiis in the world, and I doubt we'll see the Wii disappear because of its controllers, the xbox on the other hand I thought was always doomed to fail, a software company making a games console... I got the Xbox, and the only thing it did well was scratch my DVDs... but in graphics power it was better than the PS2 so outright it should have been the better console, and it would have been fun to go that route, but Microsoft shunned their own console and built a new one, and were the first on the scene of the 7th generation, with... nothing new... just enhanced features of the old one... all built using your standard PC parts, and a non revolutionary cpu, to be fair it has got its 3 threads, but when it comes down to it, it really isn't anything amazing, a quad core would have been mind blowing... The PS3 and Wii came along then, the Wii offers amazing controls.. but little graphics power... the PS3 offers amazing graphics, but little in the catalog...

Now.. You're just saying that I've wasted all this time typing this basically to say "XBOX SUCKS!", I haven't, the xbox doesn't suck, it just doesn't offer anything new compared to the PS3 or Wii... I hope that clears everything up... and doesn't get sidetracked to much...


YDL is the complete wrong way to go when you're installing Linux on the PS3, you're MUCH better of installing Fedora Core 5 on it, its pretty amazing, and much better than YDL, even though YDL is built upon a version of Fedora, Fedora just offers more in terms of support and "freeness.." so

Posted at 3:04PM on Sep 9th 2007 by Sim and Sim

14. About cooling the PS3: I've found that it stays cooler when it is standing up on its side, as opposed to flat. Remember that heat rises. If the PS3 is standing on its side, vents are then at the "top" of the PS3 enabling heat an easier exit that doesn't rely on fans.

@9: You can stream music, videos and photos from your desktop or laptop. I only know how to do this for windows: You need Media Player 11, go to the "library" tab, then select "media sharing." Follow the instructions. Be sure to have any media you want to share added to the library. There are other software options that will help you share media to your PS3 (or any other DLNA device), a little searching should net quick results.

Posted at 4:26PM on Sep 9th 2007 by Afsheen

15. Thanks for answering my question. As a Canadian I just love my hockey.

FYI: People who say out of place comments on blogs/forums only want attention. So don't give it to them and they will go away. Humans naturally crave some recognition so by ignoring them your denying him/her of what they want.

Posted at 5:32PM on Sep 10th 2007 by Andy

16. @9.
"Can you network your ps3 with your home computers so I can access my music and what not which are stored on my home computer from my PS3?"

Yes, you can. I use a computer just for hosting music and shared files for me and the wife to access on our respective PC's. And the PS3 can play music from it too, which is nice to play music through the stereo without messing with physical CDs. I've been thinking of boxing up my CD collection and shoving it in the garage because they're just clutter collecting dust right now. The only tricky part is that you have to set up the host as a media server. Setting that up varies by OS, but just google it and you'll find some info easy enough.

Posted at 6:48PM on Sep 10th 2007 by Larz

17. To share music, picture, movies just use nero media home version nero ultra 7.

If you are an x-shitty fan boy and saying things about ps3 is suck here I will come to your site and post over x=box fan boy site and saying x-box suck or ring of death so if u wamt to post something and saying ps3 is suck u better regret cause i will piss all of your x-box fan boy sites

Posted at 11:34AM on Sep 15th 2007 by Mr.X

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