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Square Enix to Sony: get it together, man!

Yoichi Wada, the President of Square Enix, stated publicly that Sony has to find and stick with a more solid marketing strategy for the PS3. Remember those "Play B3yond" commercials? Don't worry -- not a lot of us do, since they were practically nonexistent after launch. Anyway, Wada told reporters "Sony first unveiled the PS3 as a mighty home electronics product. Then, after some badgering from game companies, it shifted the position of the console closer to a game machine."

It is odd, but Wada has a point: Sony does need to get it together when it comes to marketing their product. It's more expensive than other game machines (compared to the Elite, not by much), but it can do so much more. As a game machine, it's struggling to get its namesake: games. Until November, when at least a dozen great titles will be released or will have been released. Do you think Sony will unleash a bevy of PS3 marketing ploys for this holiday season, or will they try to keep those costs at a minimum and do something else? Either way, Square Enix seems anxious about the system, especially with something like FFXIII on its way.

[also via Joystiq]

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1. Square-Enix didn't help the sitation. Maybe they need to get their act together and work on FFXIII. If I recall they were among the media badgering Sony. Everyone said the PS3 needed to be a game machine first, while Sony tried sticking with the home entertainment idea. Now they shift focus, and Square-Enix jumps on em again? They need to get off their high-horse.

Posted at 3:42PM on Sep 7th 2007 by mystical_304

2. they do need to market this beast better. not everyone knows the full functionality of it except hardcore tech dorks. i say market it as the beast that does all. have all the media pop up onto one of EU ads backgrounds with the DNA. blu-ray, upscaling DVD, PVR, CD, SACD, internet, PSN, free online, PS1, PS2, PS3 games. and then they all fly into the middle and the swirling black monolith sits. OR! nail the competition, sure it's dirty, but it works. how many people have we fanboys all converted into changing their minds about what console to buy?!

Posted at 3:45PM on Sep 7th 2007 by daniel.

3. by the way, i wonder if S-E will ever quit their double/triple dipping techniques and make their own console like they were talking about years ago. GEEZ LOUISE! make a new game and get on YOUR projects.

Posted at 3:47PM on Sep 7th 2007 by daniel.

4. I have, no joke, wrote Sony about five times now asking for more commercials on television. I live in the Pacific Northwest, and I never see anything on the TV anymore. I want Sony to be very successful, and to get mass market support (because then we might get some more great games), but unless they start to pump of the advertisement machine I don't see this happening.

Traditional ad's too - such as Nintendo has been using - not some weird put the puzzle together ads - just traditional, slick, superbowl worthy, ads. Sure, they may not be as much fun, but they seem to work.

Every response I've gotten from Sony, save one, was that they valued customer input, and would forward my email to the appropriate department.

I say that everybody should write them - then maybe they will get a clue and actually start up a good campaign. Here is the contact link:

Posted at 3:50PM on Sep 7th 2007 by Wonderflex

5. Considering that this guy probably only has visibility into SCEJapan marketing, he's actually only seen the best of the three primary regions' marketing. I'd almost be embarassed to show him our Play B3yond or This Is Living campaigns.

Posted at 3:50PM on Sep 7th 2007 by upz

6. To #2 -

The PS3 doesn't upconvert DVDs, dude.

Posted at 3:54PM on Sep 7th 2007 by Ithilis

7. True we need more Commercials! PS2 had them everywhere

Posted at 3:59PM on Sep 7th 2007 by sicklesdawg

8. To #6

Yes it does.

Posted at 4:01PM on Sep 7th 2007 by Mark

9. To #8 -

Sorry! I have only had mine for 2 weeks now. I just read about it in a firmware update now. I was looking at old release reports.

Posted at 4:04PM on Sep 7th 2007 by Ithilis

10. @ 6 yes it does dumbass!

Posted at 4:07PM on Sep 7th 2007 by SimplyB

11. To #8 -

Doh! Sorry! I have only had my PS3 for two weeks and haven't brushed up on the firmware updates.

Posted at 4:07PM on Sep 7th 2007 by Ithilis

12. #6: Welcome to firmware 1.8. We've been able to upscale DVDs and PS1+PS2 games for months now.

As for Square/Enix criticizing. Guys, please, stop making PS2 games. Until everyone stops making old games and focuses on the new hardware, the new hardware will continue to sell slowly. FFXII *should* have been a PS3 launch title but you guys don't look to the future I guess. And yeah, I know I said FF12, they should have made it one of the first PS3 games when the PS3 was announced.

Also Sony needs a decent marketing campaign. Forget fruity BS like 'This is Living' or 'mysterious PS3 floats in a room', just show the console, footage of a game, and the console again. The Resistance commercials were nicely done this way...why not make more commercials that way? Probably not expensive to make those shorts if you're just showing footage.

I guess they really did need a new PR guy. Sony should clean house when it comes to PS3 *and* PSP marketing. They totally miss their mark and confuse their demographic with cryptic commercials that don't show gameplay. Which is what the PS3 is all about.

Furthermore, Square/Enix should be releasing a ton of their RPGs to the PS Store. Why not resell FF7 to us for $5 or $10? Or any of your other brilliant games like Chrono Trigger or Chrono Cross? It's one thing to cry that Sony isn't doing much. It's another to do nothing to help them.

Posted at 4:07PM on Sep 7th 2007 by Popfrogs

13. ithilis you know what he meens unless you dont have a PS3. the PS3 has a dvd upscaler as well as a video game upscaler. the people behind it say that it only the begining and there trying to improve on the current upscaler thats out i think it came out in update 1.81.

Posted at 4:07PM on Sep 7th 2007 by MYPS3KilledMy360

14. Well, they certainly have a point. The marketing of PS3 so far has been horrible.


It does.

Posted at 4:11PM on Sep 7th 2007 by Ste

15. @12 there planning on it but for those who do homebrew and have custom firmware you have already played 7-9 crono cross and trigger. hahaha the other day they emulated a DS on the PS completely useless but it goes to show you the PSP can emulate anything. Playing final fantasy 8 and crono cross or even pokemon leaf green or even mario 64 on an PSP is sweet.

Posted at 4:14PM on Sep 7th 2007 by MYPS3KilledMy360

16. Ithilis - it does as of a few updates ago.

And I kinda like the whole, "playing dirty," idea. The regular mom's and dad's who go out and buy 360's for their kids may not know about the giant failure rate, and a well placed ad might make them think twice before they purchase one.

And I only say this because I get this weird feeling all the time, like Microsoft pays people to go online to bash the PS3, even if just in little ways.

Posted at 4:23PM on Sep 7th 2007 by Wonderflex

17. "Until November, when at least a dozen great titles will be released or will have been released."

This is not a complete sentence.

I'm on a grammar kick this afternoon.

Posted at 4:28PM on Sep 7th 2007 by Hirsbrunner

18. I don't watch much TV so I haven't seen the ads for PS3s, but I do believe Sony need to stick to a single SKU and selling point. Something like "More than a gaming system" or something. If they would just drop their 80GB to $499 and keep it that way instead of introducing all these bundles, different for each regions, I think people would be less confused.

Just to let Square know, FFXIII and another other FF RPG would be the only game(s) I would preorder and buy for full price. I've been a PC gamer for too long and had gotten used to downloading my games, so right now I've been on a spending spree for my PS3, I got over $300 worth of PS2 games. I'm just saying that if the PS3 can get someone like me who hasn't bought a game since Starcraft (that's a long long time ago), Sony and their supporting publishers will get a lot of revenue not just for PS3 games but their whole franchise.

Posted at 4:32PM on Sep 7th 2007 by ruibing

19. @Wonderflex

You are right, MS does pay people to post negative things about their competition and say great things about their products.

It was widely reported(about 6 months ago?) that MS was paying blogging sites and giving free merchandise to people who gave Vista, Zune, and the 360 a favorable review.

And please, don't ask for links cause I am too damn lazy to look it up but if in doubt, Google it.

Posted at 4:37PM on Sep 7th 2007 by AG23

20. AG23 - with all the reading I do online I thought I would have heard about that...but looks like I totally missed that (after googling though, you were telling the truth). I've always felt this weird negative slant on the media surrounding the PS3, such as little comments like on Joystiq yesterday:

"Hey, American PS3 owners ... tired of your Xbox 360-owning friends laughing in your face because they can play Stranglehold right now while you're stuck waiting until the end of the month for your interactive John Woo-inspired goodness. Well the mockery is over, because today you can play Stranglehold on your console of choice."

At the bottom they say, "via ps3fanboy," as if PS3fanboy would actually write their story like that. No, in reality it was more like,

"Sony have updated the PlayStation.Blog to show today's US PSN release list. The content isn't out yet, but should be up within the next few hours. It's a pretty big update so let's get started:"

It's just the random, little, put downs that seem like they are money inspired.

Posted at 5:01PM on Sep 7th 2007 by Wonderflex

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