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Sony denies Home release date

Although Kotaku is claiming that Home would be released on October 11th, Sony has a few things to say against that. A Sony spokesperson told that the list on Kotaku is "not an official release schedule. None of the dates on the list have been confirmed at this time."

"I don't know where Kotaku have taken them from or why they're claiming 'SCEE have clarified dates' as we haven't sent them anything, and neither have our Central office."

The popular gaming blog is famous for revealing Home to the masses, but has also misled readers with an inaccurate portrayal of what the PSP redesign would be. More details on Sony's PSN service will be forthcoming at TGS, but considering the fairly sparse support that the Home beta has received, we predict that the service will need a lot more time to develop into something truly worthwhile.

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1. Yeah, never take any news that you read online too seriously.. I dont

Posted at 12:38PM on Sep 7th 2007 by never$$hort

2. I remember back when Phil harrison revealed HOME at GDC he said that teh Beta would begin next month (from then) and the final version would be released in August. Here we are in September and Sony says that the Oct. 11th date is not official. So when the hell is it coming out. I remember about 2 weeks ago going to a friends house to see the HOME beta. It looked cool and promising (even though only 8 people were on). And now we have Warhawk released a week ago and hopefully some more online games by the end of the year. Currently Sony's online service is a piece of crap that should not even be mentioned in the same conversationa s LIVE. They BETTER release HOME and it BETTER be good or they will be forfeiting a very important aspect of this generation (online gaming) to a ferocius competitor.


Posted at 12:47PM on Sep 7th 2007 by TheSh0wstopper

3. I'm in the beta and really never log on anymore. There simply isn't anything worth while to do in Home. Unless some serious changes come about that aren't just cosmetic like the last updates, people are going to be really dissapointed with Home.

I know they have announced that they are going to do all of these different things but with the snails pace that the beta has been moving at, I doubt many of the touted features will make launch. Didn't Phil say that they would be rolling out most features over tiem anyway? I imagine he is trying to cover for just how dissapointed most people will be unless things get better.

I was excited for Home beta because the Warhawk beta was so great, which in turn produced a great game. Time will tell but I warn you all not to get your hopes up, because it is rather lame at this point in time and has stayed that way for months.

Posted at 1:34PM on Sep 7th 2007 by jtedesco33

4. Online gaming isn't so important if you have no friends.

Posted at 1:35PM on Sep 7th 2007 by Larz

5. Sony is becoming the new Nintendo of delays.. but without getting out the best product possible

Posted at 1:48PM on Sep 7th 2007 by Adam

6. The lack of information frm Sony about Home is a huge mistake. The should really be pushing this feature since they have NO online plans at this point. Just pop Warhawk in and see what I mean. Sure it's fun... when you can a server.

Posted at 2:06PM on Sep 7th 2007 by x silence x

7. I'd rather it was released when its worth releasing, theres nothing worse than having something hyped up for months on end only for it to be a huge let-down, so its another couple of months till its available, this isnt the first time something in the gaming industry has been delayed. You only get 1 chance to make a first impression, why make a crap impression just because impatient people must have it now, they'll only moan its not finished and missing this feature and that feature anyway.

Speedier progress would be nice, but a worthwhile product is the key. PS3 owners are the ones waiting for HOME, but potential PS3 owners could easily be swayed if HOME turns out to be a waste of space because it isnt really ready to go public. Why set yourself up for bad publicity just to please some people?

Posted at 2:08PM on Sep 7th 2007 by P

8. TheSh0wstopper you remember wrong. It was announced for a Fall release.

Fact of the matter is that these days the majority of the gaming community seems to exist of impatient teenagers who have nothing to do but whine and complain all day. They want everything right away and have no idea that creating something that works takes time.

Posted at 2:31PM on Sep 7th 2007 by Egster

9. "The popular gaming blog is famous for revealing Home to the masses, but has also misled readers with an inaccurate portrayal of what the PSP redesign would be. "

Misled readers? You make it sound so malicious,they reported on details they thought to be from a genuine source. Thats the thing with reporting on rumours.

Posted at 2:34PM on Sep 7th 2007 by KeVil

10. Yeah, nothing said from Sony in a while, BETA testers saying its not that great, I'd say November to January for release.

Posted at 3:20PM on Sep 7th 2007 by Kyle Peabody

11. I'm just ready for this thing to be released and that be the end of it. We've waited too long.

Posted at 3:20PM on Sep 7th 2007 by Nicholas Gray

12. "I'm in the beta...Unless some serious changes come about that aren't just cosmetic like the last updates, people are going to be really dissapointed with Home."

If you were a European triallist you would be better informed sir!

Posted at 3:46PM on Sep 7th 2007 by Vince UK

13. I agree with some of your points fellas.. I do believe that HOME should ONLY come out when it's on par if not better then XBL and I'd rather it be a solid product to make a good impression rather then a faulty product that needs updates to bring it up to par.. Personally they also may be keeping it a secret which if true is stupid.. but hopefully and i'm praying that Sony doesn't fall flat on our ass with this.. They NEED HOME to take off and the initial take off needs to be great!! So here's hope'n!!

Posted at 12:24PM on Sep 8th 2007 by Byron517

14. I'm sorry guys I'm going to sound a bit ignorant, but is the open beta out yet? I was invited to the closed one, but I couldn't check my emails for the two days in may after I was invited, so I was too late. That is what really sucks. I could handle not being invited because I registered in December and was accepted into G.A.P. in January, but that just kills me. Is the open beta site Thanks.

Posted at 4:39PM on Sep 9th 2007 by Californian

15. just fuck u sony

Posted at 5:44PM on Sep 21st 2007 by chapon_14

16. I heard home is comming out in spring 08 i am so angry why cant sony stick to there release come when u go on YouTube people are on home????
who else thinks that home will be ace ??
well it should be if it is taking so long to come out.
by the way how do u get ur ps3 online???
Thanks plees reply

Posted at 3:49AM on Oct 3rd 2007 by HOMEisGREAT

17. "Online gaming isn't so important if you have no friends."

I would tend to highly agree with this gaming/networking is nice but I'm like the only guy who has a ps3/xbox360 between all my friends, so it's a bit hard to chat online.

As for the overall state of things, I'm disappointed a bit (b/c Home was supposed to roll out in September at the same time as Warhawk, roughly), but judging on how ambitious this project is, I'm not surprised that it's delayed at all. This is a massive undertaking, and I can only hope that it will turn out well and that *maybe* they've been working on it even during the ps2's time.

But whatever the case, they can't afford to screw this up, especially after developing such large backlash against the console and the brand name after the ps3's release.

Posted at 4:51AM on Oct 16th 2007 by kentuckyfried

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