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Blu-ray has 8 year advantage over the Internet

Ah, Sony executives. They love saying things, and Don Eklund, executive vice president of advanced technologies for Sony Pictures, is no exception. On the topic of movies, Eklund claims that no one wants to download them from the World Wide Web and that "Blu-ray has a good 8 to 10 years before the Internet catches up". That is a lot of years. Of course, hyper-billionaire Bill Gates is famously known for saying that "No one will need more than 637K of memory for a personal computer", so who knows what exactly the future of computers or data transfer speeds will be.

When asked by Pocket-lint about Blu-ray consumers who want to watch HD-DVD exclusive titles, Rich Marty, vice president of new business development, answers briefly "buy it on DVD" and let the upscaling of the Blu-ray player handle the work. Good advice for anyone looking to watch Paramount films in the future.

Marty also praises the consumers and feels that they are "smart enough to realise the benefits and pay the extra accordingly" for Blu-ray over HD-DVD. Oh, and by the way, did you know that PS3s can play Blu-ray discs? Not many do, it seems.

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1. Yes, curse ye Blades of Glory! Thou shall me to buy my first regular DVD in ages.

Posted at 4:48PM on Sep 7th 2007 by Wonderflex

2. Jeez this is worse than a government lying to us (Sorry Im not trying to offend anyone over this comment, just that I hate Crappy PR)

Posted at 4:48PM on Sep 7th 2007 by lenny0487

3. I don't think that's BS, I think its pretty accurate, if you're talking about the general public. Sure, for gamers who've already got internet connections in their living rooms, d/ling movies is something in the here and now. But for most people...I think 8-10 years is a pretty good guess before digital downloads become as 'normal' as buying a movie at Best Buy.

Look at it another way. Right now most movie downloads are effectively rentals, right? You download it, watch it once and you're done. So essentially, that's Pay-Per-View which has been around for quite a while and is fairly ubiquitous, but it hasn't seemed to hurt DVD sales much...

Until you can *buy* (not rent) downloadable movies and store them easily and securely (say everyone has a couple terabytes of hard drive space in their home server), physical media doesn't have to worry much about digital distribution of movies.

Gamers hardcore enough to read PS3Fanboy are the exception, not the rule.

Posted at 5:02PM on Sep 7th 2007 by GRT

4. i 100% agree. itunes still makes up for significantly less than half of all music sales, and that has been hyped and loved by the media and tech savvy consumers for years already. it's only a minor ding.

i fall into the crowd that wants a physical product, not an exploding media file on my desktop that disappears after X days. yuck.

as for HD-DVD... dear lord. those dirty fighters. paying trusted corporations to lie and back something. microsoft and toshiba. below the belt hitters.

Posted at 5:05PM on Sep 7th 2007 by daniel.

5. Until I can watch live tv over the internet...I don't care. I like having a hard copy because its easier to use. Put it works. Take it to a friends works.

Posted at 5:07PM on Sep 7th 2007 by Andy

6. The biggest advantage physical media has is lack of DRM.

Posted at 5:08PM on Sep 7th 2007 by phattie

7. If I want a high ranking job at Sony do I just show up at the interview with my foot already in my mouth?
Just buy the DVD and let the player handle the upscaling? I know he cant very well say go buy a HD-DVD player but he is implying upscaled DVD is as good as a Hi Def disc, and as a DVD is about a half to a third the price of a Blu Ray at the moment he really isnt convincing the customer the extra money is worth the extra outlay despite saying the consumer is "smart" enough to spend the extra on the difference between HD-DVD and Blu Ray.

As for the internet catching up thing, unless there was a vast difference in the cost I will always want something in my hand for my money e.g. Warhawk Im waiting for the hard copy as I dont see the £10 difference enough to warrant the Download. For me to take a movie via download as opposed to the disc it would have to be around the price of a cinema ticket and there is no way the industry will allow that to happen. Take iTunes as an example of the industries greed


Posted at 5:20PM on Sep 7th 2007 by Gareth Burleigh

8. Until the technology is advanced enough to have the "regular folk" - not people like us to manage downloadables very easily then Blu-ray will survive. For me, right now the "video on demand" as my cable company calls it is more or less a ripoff. You view the movie at convenience of home which is a plus, but you get 24 hours unlimited viewing for the same price (if not more) than a regular dvd rental! That's what ticks me off, I am convenienced by the fact that i dont need to go to the video store but incovenienced by having to watch it within 24 hours for the same price, while many video stores now does 7 days rental. I would totally do it if it is cheaper than rental though. Also for me and some others I love "physical material" not "bits n bytes". The harddrives are still not 100% corruption proof and it would suck if the dvd library goes down with it, while physical library wont all go down the hose, plus it may impress some people by showing off what movies you got.
I probably never going to get the downloadable version of anything - games, movies, etc. if given choice of owning a physical counterpart - unless the download is considerably cheaper (it should be).

Posted at 5:21PM on Sep 7th 2007 by shase

9. "Buy it on DVD"? Who is he kidding?

I'll be boycotting Paramount and other retarded studios until I can buy Blu-Ray discs from them. They don't deserve my cash until then.

Posted at 5:32PM on Sep 7th 2007 by Popfrogs

10. I'm not going to buy anymore DVDs when I have a PS3. Then again, I have not bought any except those from Nova and Discovery Channel. Action and adventure movies are really awesome on Blu Ray. For those who haven't try, go check out Planet Earth in HD. I got it in Blu Ray and it was an epic experience. My only answer to HD-DVD is that I'm not gonna buy them because I don't need two HD players.

Posted at 5:44PM on Sep 7th 2007 by ruibing

11. Why hasn't anyone brought up the issue of bandwidth? Blu-ray discs hold a lot of data. By the time the average bandwidth in most countries (keep in mind Japan is a small country so it's easier and cheaper to upgrade its networks) is enough to download a video of that quality (about 54mbps) there will probably be a new physical media that has a much higher disc capacity and transfer rate. So the internet may never catch up to physical media in terms of quality.

Posted at 5:50PM on Sep 7th 2007 by Gunegune

12. Gates never said that BTW.

"I've said some stupid things and some wrong things, but not that. No one involved in computers would ever say that a certain amount of memory is enough for all time... I keep bumping into that silly quotation attributed to me that says 640K of memory is enough. There's never a citation; the quotation just floats like a rumor, repeated again and again."

Posted at 6:56PM on Sep 7th 2007 by Snootch

13. Snootch.

Unless ofcourse we weren't old enough at the time... Do you remember Bill Clinton?

"I did not, have sexual relations... with that woman"

Haha. Hey he didn't. Because he said he didn't.

/Rolls eyes

Posted at 9:05PM on Sep 7th 2007 by JaseH

14. @ Papfrogs

So becuase they dont support BluRay at this time, you will boycott them? Why?
Maybe other people should boycott Disney and the other studios who are BluRay only.

It is just funny to me how some of you act when a studio says they are for HD-DVD and not BluRay. You get all bent out of shape and pissed off crying boycott. Yet I have never heard any of you say how much BS it is that Disney and others are Blu-Ray only. It is hypocritical and childish.

Posted at 10:59AM on Sep 8th 2007 by KsE 79

15. GRT said it.

Posted at 6:15PM on Sep 8th 2007 by John

16. Man, for video gamers you people take your over priced second rate formats seriously,

All you need to know is

DVD >>> HD-DVD >>>>> Blue-ray

Posted at 4:25AM on Sep 9th 2007 by Emerald

17. With the adoption rate of HD players being so low and slow, I think its a very real possibility that the winner of this "format war" will be the DVD. My prediction is that Blu ray and HD dvd have maybe 3 more years on their life before they offically become a niche market that requires owners to special order HD disc.

However, when you couple the increasing popularity of portable media, with the giant amount of wireless space that will open up when tv stations switch to an all digital signal in 2009, digital downloads anywhere could very well become common place. And if that happens, how long will it be before a company releases a "movie box" that allows you to purchase, store and share movies between your TVs, PCs, and other portable devices(cell phone?) via the internet?

Posted at 12:38PM on Sep 9th 2007 by Bangbang...

18. Emerald, either you got the arrows going the wrong way or you just haven't done any research. Blu-ray is a very good format to program for and good for consumers. The spec allows more than the simple, laggy interface which we see on DVD and HD-DVD. Granted it's not a huge deal when you just want to watch a movie, but it allows more than just movie watching to be done on a standard player.

I personally don't care too much what type of disc I'm watching a movie on, but I want Blu-ray to win because I want the format to get cheaper for other reasons... COMPUTER use. Blu-ray is already widely available for PC's but the burners and blank media are still expensive. Just imagine being able to burn 150GB to a cheap Blu-ray disc!

Posted at 3:05PM on Sep 10th 2007 by Larz

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