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Sony buys a PS3 for the kid who saved his father

Remember that 9-year-old boy who saved his father's life and felt that he deserved a PlayStation 3 for it? Well Gaming Target is reporting that Sony has come through for the family and have given the kid his very own PS3 with a bunch of games as well as a reward. It's great seeing Sony take some time out from their normal world domination plans and kick down some love to the (very) little man.

So there you go, if any of you out there cannot afford a PS3, you now know how to get one for free from Sony. Simply save your father from imminent and painful death, score a TV interview saying that you want a PS3, and then bam -- free loot. Easy, no?

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1. Microsoft Xboxes kills babies

While Sony gives rewards kids with systems.

Posted at 7:44PM on Sep 6th 2007 by Mark Perkins

2. Sony couldn't throw in an extra SIXAXIS so dad could play too?

The daughter in the background in plotting their next 'rescue' of dad to get a PSP.

Posted at 7:51PM on Sep 6th 2007 by Kspraydad

3. Sony gave the kid a bunch of games?
I don't think Sony is capable of doing that.
Since when does 3 games add up to a bunch, oh wait they never said they were good games. =P

Sorry guys it was tooo tempting.
just a joke =P

Posted at 7:54PM on Sep 6th 2007 by Who Flang Poo

4. Awesome, even in a thread like this we've got console bashing.

Posted at 8:04PM on Sep 6th 2007 by mccomber

5. Great news for the little guy :p

Posted at 8:11PM on Sep 6th 2007 by Darkdrium777

6. Does this leave a bitter taste in anyone else's mouth?

The kid saves his father, and wants a reward for it.
Sony goes ahead and gives him what he wanted.
Therefore, Sony just gave the kid a huge reward for doing something anyone else would have done blindly, and theoretically because the kid is so young he might grow up thinking that it's okay to do the right thing, as long as you're rewarded for it.
I mean, I only do the right thing when I get something in return, right?

Either way, maybe I'm just bummed because I spent 600 dollars on my console. Shoulda tried to get one for free!
Either way I bet the dad is stoked. His life was saved and Sony saved him 600+ dollars. Fuckin' rad.

Posted at 8:21PM on Sep 6th 2007 by dancingtosirens

certainly not something M$ would ever do!

Posted at 8:28PM on Sep 6th 2007 by Tim Parsons

8. Sony did the right thing in being generous. The kid did the right thing, and I'm sure he didn't save his dad for the PS3, it was just an innocent request he had. This is a lot better than reading about consoles dying, causing fires, burning down a house, killing a baby in the house, and refusing to recognize that it was all due to a faulty power adapter. Can anyone guess which console this was?

I don't know why people are bummed at the cost of the PS3. I got it and have been getting all the PS2 games I've been dying to play (since the PS3 is my first console since N64). I've now bought two dozen (from ebay, newberry comics used, and amazon) and they easily cost $300+ together. I never buy games unless they are good and cost $20 or less, hence if I bought the 360 I would play xbox games, which didn't have any good RPGs.

Posted at 8:34PM on Sep 6th 2007 by ruibing

9. #7 - Microsoft actually caused the whole "imminent and painful death" situation, it was a lethal combination. The family had bought a Zune, 360 and Vista for their home computers, and these Diabolic devices teamed up and tried to kill the father, the little boy, being a True Sony Believer, used his mystical SIXAXIS powers to RROD, BSOD and smash the zune before they could kill his Pa...

Posted at 8:36PM on Sep 6th 2007 by stirlo

10. wow this is gay who would want that system i dont even play mine anymore he could have had mine ;)

Posted at 8:54PM on Sep 6th 2007 by halojames1

11. The kid saves his cheapskate dad's life and Sony buys him a PS3 instead.

Sorry about your dad, kid. Hopefully, if you change your haircut, you can grow up to be better than him some day.

Posted at 8:55PM on Sep 6th 2007 by Popfrogs

12. Pretty good PR, I'd say.

Posted at 9:19PM on Sep 6th 2007 by John

13. #6

As opposed to giving the kid jack shit? So the next
time he has to do the right thing he'll hesitate and say "Why should I put myself at risk if all I get is jack shit, a TV interview, and a warm fuzzy feeling?"

You'd think something like that wouldn't happen, but I'm sure it's possible and probably not this kid, but some one else perhaps...

Posted at 9:55PM on Sep 6th 2007 by muppetmeth

14. The kid deserves. Now shut up and play your games.

Posted at 9:55PM on Sep 6th 2007 by Plaguespitter12

15. That kid's a douche. Having his father live isn't enough, he has to go on every morning show and beg for a PS3. I can only hope that in the near future both of his parents are eaten by a school of hammerhead sharks and the boy is left on the street to rot.

Posted at 10:15PM on Sep 6th 2007 by BlackBeltJones

16. he should of asked for something more valuable like a car er a nice house on a hilltop.

if i could get things for free if i saved people i would try and do it as much as possible. maybe make a living off of it.

Posted at 10:25PM on Sep 6th 2007 by nick

17. @BlackBelt...

That actually sounds like a cool game for PSP or PSN!

Posted at 10:47PM on Sep 6th 2007 by Kspraydad

18. actually the father offered to give the kid a reward

yeah the kid never asked for anything or a reward until the father offered one after he saved his life

but oh, no never-mind logic and researching let just continue dwelling in ignorance, you people seem to be great at that

Posted at 11:03PM on Sep 6th 2007 by Time

19. Sony not having any games? ARe you kidding me. 360 has about 3 good exclusives planed. While sony has like 10 awsome exclusives!

Posted at 11:38PM on Sep 6th 2007 by joey2joey

20. for you @7....

MS does in fact do charity just like this. Did you not hear of them giving an entire platoon's worth of Zune's to US soldiers that were shipping out to IRAQ?

Don't bash another company just because Sony dropped a 600 dollar item in a kids lap

Posted at 12:30AM on Sep 7th 2007 by illiniguy

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