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European PSN updates for September 6th

It's that time of the week again. No real surprises here, ThreeSpeech pretty much hit the nail on the head a few days ago and called out almost exactly what was coming out on the PSN Store today. The only things they missed were the Gran Turismo 5 and Invasion trailers. Here's the full release list:
  • Motorstorm Coyote Revenge VIP Pass (£3.99)
  • Gran Turismo 5 Prologue trailer (Free)
  • Lair Launch trailer (Free)
  • Heavenly Sword Making-of episode 4 (Free)
  • Heavenly Sword Anime episode 4 (Free)
The Coyote Revenge Pass gamepack includes:
  • Coyote Revenge - mauled into a completely new experience; more technical, new routes and more skillful rivals to battle against
  • New Tickets - to get the most out of Coyote Revenge try to master these Revenge Weekend tickets; they cover all difficulty stages and completion will earn a nice surprise.
  • 2 New Vehicles - a pair of special Revenge Weekend machines, chosen for your delectation.
  • Eliminator Mode - played online yet? In this brand new online multiplayer mode being last is a REALLY bad idea; if you can't hack the pace, the consequences can be quite explosive ...

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Reader Comments

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1. Im just gonna say it


This is ridiculous,having just read what the US got from their update Im pretty pissed off.They got about 5 times more stuff this update than we did.

Someone really should be fired for the state of the european store....

Posted at 5:08PM on Sep 6th 2007 by Samuraidino

2. Wow, that's... Below average...

Posted at 5:09PM on Sep 6th 2007 by DownwardMonkey

3. Have been playing some motorstorm again in anticipation of the DLC. Still immensely fun. Also clearly show Dirt should have stuck to rally stages instead of dirt races because it feels soulless compared to motorstorm.

Posted at 5:09PM on Sep 6th 2007 by Egster

4. http://blog.us.playstation.com/

Sorry guys, looks like it's time to finally make that US account.

Posted at 5:09PM on Sep 6th 2007 by upz

5. Hahahah, very funny PS3Fanboy. Now where's the real EU update? You know the one with Super Puzzle Fighter and Tekken Online.

When I bought my PS3 I didn't think I was paying to have the piss taken out of me by SCEE. If I'd have known I wouldn't have bothered.

Posted at 5:12PM on Sep 6th 2007 by Charles

6. Does the european update work with the japanese Version of the Game ?

Posted at 5:18PM on Sep 6th 2007 by amin

7. Blame that cunt Reeves who heads up the EU division. He's always talking shiite like "EU customers don't need a price cut" and now these measly updates. Sony is huge in Europe and their fans deserve better.

That said, while we don't have it as good as Japan, I'm glad to be a US gamer.

Posted at 5:19PM on Sep 6th 2007 by gullum

8. Anyone care to explain how I can set up a US account so i can actually get some REAL FUCKING CONTENT. This is getting absolutely ridiculous. I've said this before, but Sony's whole "The PAL territories are going as planned" is simply their way of saying "We dont have to try with these assholes, they'll buy the shit anyway."

How hard is it to honestly put up the same stuff on both stores? Even a day later I could understand, but its fucked up.

Posted at 5:21PM on Sep 6th 2007 by Joe

9. Why are you people so pissed off? You are getting the same Motorstorm goodness as North America. And both Super Puzzle Fighter and Tekken Online are not made by Sony so they don't have as much control over them.

This is a good update. Just have fun with your PatienceStation 3.

Posted at 5:28PM on Sep 6th 2007 by Andy

10. Now we are one week behind the states on the Heavenly Sword making of and animation? How the feck did that happen?

Posted at 5:31PM on Sep 6th 2007 by Yaster

11. So the US store gets all of this.........

The new demos include:
• Stranglehold
• NBA Live 08

• MotorStorm Revenge Weekend Add-on Pack (New track, vehicles, races and race mode) — $5.99
• MotorStorm Add-on Vehicle 1 (Wakazashi Razor bike) — $0.99
• MotorStorm Add-on Vehicle 2 (Wombat Mudslide ATV) — $0.99
• MotorStorm Add-on Vehicle 3 (Atlas Varjack mudplugger) — $0.99
• MotorStorm Add-on Vehicle 4 (Atlas Arizona big rig) — $0.99
• Ninja Gaiden Sigma Weapons Master Add-on (5 survival modes) — $2.99

• Turok “Quiet Kills” Trailer
• PixelJunk Racers Trailer
• Heavenly Sword “Making Of” No. 5
• Heavenly Sword Anime No. 5
• Lair “World in Chaos” Video
• MotorStorm “Coyote Revenge” Video
• Drillbit Tailer Trailer
• Resident Evil: Extinction Trailer
• Heavenly Sword Anime No. 5 Wallpaper

Its getting embarasing owning this console, why is the UK getting screwed constantly. This is digital content there are no excuses for this other than laziness and lack of commitment.

SCEE should give Europe more, we all paid more for this dusty box. All we're getting is delays and excuses.

Posted at 5:33PM on Sep 6th 2007 by Dave

12. @ Andy

The US store got a lot more Motorstorm too.

• MotorStorm Add-on Vehicle 1 (Wakazashi Razor bike) — $0.99
• MotorStorm Add-on Vehicle 2 (Wombat Mudslide ATV) — $0.99
• MotorStorm Add-on Vehicle 3 (Atlas Varjack mudplugger) — $0.99
• MotorStorm Add-on Vehicle 4 (Atlas Arizona big rig) — $0.99
• Ninja Gaiden Sigma Weapons Master Add-on (5 survival modes) — $2.99

Posted at 5:34PM on Sep 6th 2007 by Dave


when i read on threespeech about the motorstorm release dates i thought all well and good that they would be spread out and will be the same as the US store


You just wait until threespeech update there website with about the update im am seriously going to spam that until they do something about the eu store getting jack shit.

I am finally know the answer of why the ps3 isnt doing well in some contries in the EU because THEY DONT GIVE US ANY FUCKING DECENT UPDATES!

Posted at 5:35PM on Sep 6th 2007 by White_hell

14. How old are you guys? Start acting a bit more mature. It's just a videogame console.

If you want to enjoy everything than just create multiple accounts. Quit being lazy.

Posted at 5:43PM on Sep 6th 2007 by Egster

15. Those vehicles are included in the Coyote Revenge VIP Pass.

I didn't know the US store was getting 2 demos. There are so many demos I can't even download them all! (is this the wrong place to say that?)

Posted at 5:47PM on Sep 6th 2007 by Andy

16. @14 You're missing the point. It's not "just" a videogame console, it's the most expensive console out of the 3, and in the region where it costs the most, it gets the least content. Of course there's more mature means to discuss the rapeage of EU PS3 fans than writing FUCK YOU SCEE!!!111 but more often than not that pretty much summarises it. SCEE are so ham-fisted themselves that they wouldn't understand a rational argument anyway.

And it's not as simple as setting up multiple accounts, you can only get the free stuff that way. You need a credit card with a US billing address to get anything of substance. Plus, any of the demos from the US store are 60hz, EU TVs are 50hz.

@7 Correct, Reeves is a bastard. I remember all the promises when he took over from Deering, that the EU was going to be the leader rather than the follower. We've been screwed worse than ever, since that.

Posted at 6:06PM on Sep 6th 2007 by ClarkyCat

17. Egster you've missed the point as to why people are angry. Totally in fact.
People are starting to feel like not only did the UK get lesser PS3 hardware while we paid the same high price as everyone else but we're also getting very very shafted on PSN updates. It has nothing to do with being lazy and making a US account, why the hell should we have to in the first place? There is no way in the world you can tell me that things like the HS videos needed to be delayed for licensing or localisation issues.

Posted at 6:11PM on Sep 6th 2007 by DownwardMonkey

18. Egster, it is not case of "being lazy" the problem is that you need a credit card registered at a US address to purchase content in the US store.
Creating multiple accounts will not let you "enjoy everything" since you still won't be able to buy the games.

Of all the comments in this thread yours is the least accurate and least productive so perhaps you should check your facts before attacking other people.

Posted at 6:13PM on Sep 6th 2007 by Charles

19. Bizarrely I have checked my USA account (I'm UK based) and can't find the published updates so can't download the Stranglehold demo anyway. I've looked through all the sections, not just the top screen - What's the score, what am I doing wrong?

Posted at 6:34PM on Sep 6th 2007 by Ian

20. It's just how the world works. Movies get released earlier in the US, they have videomarketplace, they pay less for practically everything.

Really some of the tirades that are posted here are disconcerting.

Posted at 6:35PM on Sep 6th 2007 by Egster

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