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New Haze video shows off rebel gameplay

Fresh on the heals of the Haze exclusivity announcement, GameVideos has a new developer walkthrough video showing off quite a bit of rebel gameplay. Wandering around a new level titled 'Abandoned Resort,' the graphics look fantastic and the gameplay looks interesting. Seeing the developer dip his knife in nectar and then throw it at Mantel Corp troopers to force a drug overdose is pretty crazy. Especially when one of the troopers opens fire on a buddy and then pulls out a grenade and stands there until it blows them both up. See kids? Drugs are bad, m'kay.

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1. I couldn't see a targetting reticle at all, but whoever was playing was ant's ass acurate with those knives. It looks "ok" to me, certainly not COD 4 or KZ 2. Hopefully it'll be decent. Online multiplayer???

Posted at 4:15PM on Aug 31st 2007 by Titty Pink

2. @TP: Online 4 player co-op even.

I think this game looks neat and I like the extra options the nectar gimmick adds. Not ground-breaking or genre-redefining, but it doesn't need to be to be to be worth playing. It just needs to be good.

Posted at 4:28PM on Aug 31st 2007 by Trev

3. Looks great. However, I dont understand why after they have overdosed that you can just run right in front of them and they dont shoot at you. I get that they shoot at eachother because they cant tell mantel corps troopers from rebel forces. But that doesnt explain to me why they wouldnt shoot at rebel forces. Does anyone have an explanation?

Posted at 4:35PM on Aug 31st 2007 by Jimmy

4. OMG! OMG! OMG!! I want this game so bad!

Can't wait to play it

Posted at 4:37PM on Aug 31st 2007 by Jettic

5. I believe it's 16 player online and 4 player co-op, and you can do co-op with any combo like:

1 person in the living room and 3 online
2 people in the living room and 2 online
3 people in the living room and 1 online

Basically any combo you want, and if someone come in to your game one of your comrades are simply replaced with the new player and vice-versa

Posted at 4:37PM on Aug 31st 2007 by Jettic

6. 4 player multi will hopefully become the standard. That level didn't really show off where that capability will be necessary, but it's only a demo build. It'll be pretty difficult to make HUGE changes to the genre. I mean with this generation of games graphics SHOULD be a gimme. I'd like something that was a mix of Return to Castle Woflenstein (diffrent roles for players, and the ability to change them at each spawn, grenades can be "charged" so that they explode in mid-air rather than hoping that the enemy runs over it in a close proximity fight), Rainbow 6 Vegas (cover system), Halo (communications system, how you can hear enemy conversations if you're close enough. weapons and grenade options. THAT would be a sweet ass game, and of course the balance and addictiveness of Warhawk...and don't forget vehicles...

Posted at 4:39PM on Aug 31st 2007 by Titty Pink

7. Record your own gameplay and Forge mode Titty Pink dont' forget to add those as a standard! =D

Posted at 5:28PM on Aug 31st 2007 by tommy

8. The look of this game is incredible. It was extremely smooth, with very little frame lag. The shadows and bloom are done to superior effect. Going outside, you feel like you're in a bright hot place in the middle of the day. Inside, the use of shadows and light borders on sublime. Also the trees, outside the wall openings/windows. I hope this game uses such skills to do a variety of different environments with different lighting (I won't ask for dynamic weather on this release, but maybe by the 2nd one????

I like the idea of the storyline, a lot. I got the impression that you play an introductory part of the game on one side and then you switch over to the other side? Is it 50/50, 30/70? etc. This was a great idea and could have been done back in the times of 2d platformers, but for some reason, never was. I mean, imagine a Mario where you get to play as the boss...

Posted at 9:22PM on Aug 31st 2007 by John

9. I like how there a two parts to the game, I wonder how they'll do multiplayer?

I hope they have these types of games
Rebels vs Mantel
Rebels vs Rebels
Mantel vs Mantel

Kind of like Resistance. I like how much you can do with you character beyond shooting and melee. You can make grenades, make killing daggers, steal weapons when there Dead or Alive, and more.

Posted at 9:59PM on Aug 31st 2007 by Andy

10. I trust this will have Keyboard+Mouse as UT3 for the PS3 will. If not, I will simply not purchase this game. A shooter without WASD is not an FPS IMO.

Posted at 1:40AM on Sep 1st 2007 by ssway

11. #10: It'd be nice to have kb/m support in all FPS games, but unfortunately most console FPS do not.

Posted at 10:28AM on Sep 1st 2007 by Popfrogs

12. See kids? Drugs are bad, m'kay. lmfao at that!

Posted at 11:50AM on Sep 1st 2007 by MentalGunner

13. Cant see anything special about HAZE.

Posted at 8:29PM on Sep 1st 2007 by kyuss74

14. Hmm, I would like to know why it feels easy killing Mantel troopers when fighting as a Rebellion... I mean Mantel is the strongest side during that time and secondly Nectar looks so fragile.. it's like if you shoot a couple of bullets, his Nectar source breaks and yellow smoke is everywhere.. if I ran Mantel, wouldn't it be the sensible thing to protect the source that makes my soldier stronger by enforcing strong armour or something to protect it instead of having a glass-like armour to it?

I don't know.. it doesn't feel right.. here we have Mantel acting like the strongest player in the game and the Rebellion side supposedly being the underdogs.. but after looking at this video it feels as if the Rebellions are the super power here while the Mantel trooper struggles.

Posted at 4:11PM on Sep 2nd 2007 by Desmond

15. Oh well.. I will still buy it though.

Posted at 4:12PM on Sep 2nd 2007 by Desmond

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