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Amazon will not honour "incorrect prices" on Lair and Folklore orders

What started out as a simple deal of the day has turned into an ugly battle between Amazon and some of its customers. Lair and Folklore were listed for £14.95 each, an incredible deal by anyone's standards. Because of this, both games shot to the top of the Amazon bestseller's list for Video Games. Some of our more paranoid commenters emailed Amazon about whether the price was correct and whether they would honour it if it turned out to be an error. At least one person apparently got an email stating that the prices were correct and that they should expect no price change.

As the old saying goes, "just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you." Amazon yesterday started sending out emails stating that people's Lair and Folklore orders had been cancelled due to a pricing mistake. It seems weird to us that two games were priced wrongly for exactly the same amount of time and at exactly the same price. What are your thoughts?

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

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1. That's crap. The customer should get what's advertised, typo or not.

Posted at 12:35PM on Aug 30th 2007 by RPG

2. Dear Jem,

Why do you hate the Wii so much?


Why does ps3fanboy constantly delete comments?

Posted at 12:37PM on Aug 30th 2007 by BadBoy4Life

3. As an American, I feel better that the Brits won't get an unfair PS3 game advantage. However, it does piss me off that Amazon won't honor advertised prices. You get the feeling someone lost their job over this one.


WTF are you talking about? Maybe your comments get deleted because you don't discuss the topic at hand. If you're a Wii fanboy, go to their fanboy site.

Posted at 12:43PM on Aug 30th 2007 by Aaron

4. Dear Badboy,

Why are you on PS3Fanboy to begin with? You sound like a troll who should head over WiiFanboy and stay there.

Posted at 12:43PM on Aug 30th 2007 by James

5. @James

Jinx, buy me a coke.

Posted at 12:45PM on Aug 30th 2007 by Aaron

6. @3

You better believe heads rolled with that mistake!! And your right the customer should get what's advertised!

Posted at 12:46PM on Aug 30th 2007 by Byron517

7. This is my first time posting on this site. I've been reading it for a couple of months now. And i notice that unlike the other websites (360fanboy and wiifanboy) that ps3fanboy seems to get little traffic and that when people who make VALID statements regarding the ps3 or sony their comments are deleted.

Is it because they dono't go along with the propaganda that the writers want to churn out?

Also I'm only writing here because Jem wrote that stupid article about the Wii and how its station at some conference "confirmed" that Nintendo has "abandoned" hardcore games.

What a load of bull.

SO I thought I would ask him and see if he dares to respond as to why he hates the Wii and Nintendo SO MUCH.

Is it a jealously issue?

Posted at 12:57PM on Aug 30th 2007 by BadBoy4Life

8. Too bad it's Amazon. It's not like you can really say, "I'd like to speak to your manager." Oh wait, this is should be, "I'd like to speak to your manager, guvnah."

Posted at 1:02PM on Aug 30th 2007 by Aaron

9. No but it's called "responding On Topic"

Every moderator would del your comments because they have got nothing to do with the article. If you want to talk to Jem, just email. Nothing new. You can even do it on the Wii. So please stop bothering us.

Posted at 1:04PM on Aug 30th 2007 by maurice

10. @8...yes, because everyone in europe talks like a 70's inhabitant of east end london. God i hate people that make stupid assumptions about the way people speak.

Oh yes, I'm english, obviously I speak like the queen. Fuck off.

Anyway, Im pissed with Amazon, i got my email yesterday saying theyd cancelled the order.

Posted at 1:07PM on Aug 30th 2007 by Joe

11. @7

If it's your first time posting on this site, how do you know that "ps3fanboy constantly delete[s] comments"? I feel like I shouldn't write anything more than that, but I'm going to.

It's hard to argue that the Wii has NOT abandoned hardcore gamers. Even consider Variety's review of Metroid Prime 3:

Also note that this is PS3 Fanboy...the bloggers here are fanboys...of the PS3. Also note that there are a lot more Wii and 360 owners than PS3 owners, so this site will almost certainly get less site traffic than other console websites. Thankfully we have you and other Wii60 trolls to help pick up the slack.

Posted at 1:12PM on Aug 30th 2007 by Aaron

12. @3 - how can u say that, americans get games earlier and cheaper than eu EVERY TIME. we get two games cheap and we are the one's with the advantage ??

Posted at 1:16PM on Aug 30th 2007 by wh1ttle

13. @12

Hey dude, I meant no offense. I'm allowed to feel jealous aren't I? I did add that I thought it was lame that Amazon wouldn't honor their advertised price.

Posted at 1:20PM on Aug 30th 2007 by Aaron

14. In regards to Amazon...I have had numerous issues with purchases made. When I bought my PS3- the one I got had already been opened and the power cord was missing. It took over a month to get a new one sent to me. They never acknowledged my customer inconvenience or dissatisfaction. I am not surprised by their actions.

Posted at 1:28PM on Aug 30th 2007 by Tjack

15. PS3DF to the rescue. Badboy may be off topic here, however, his points are valid-and everyone knows it. Valid, on topic comments get deleted here all the time if you don't drink from the Sony Cooler. The other 2 fanboy sites are much more professional-and honest. Being a "fanboy" doesn't mean you have to deny problems with the console/corp, or deny where the competition has done better. It should simply mean it's your console of choice.

Now, on topic. So...people can make mistakes, but businesses can't? This type of mistake could conceivably cost Amazon a small fortune. Mistakes happen, why have folks been ingrained with the mentality that they can capitalize off someone elses mistake?

Posted at 1:32PM on Aug 30th 2007 by Knight Marquise

16. @15: Then why do even the bloggers here at PS3FB critical about some of the more stupid decisions sony has made?

No offense but in the last month there hasn't been quite a lot of new things to be angry about. We have got solid hardware, were getting lots of games in the coming months, Online features are getting better and the E3 was very nice. Have I missed some horrible news or something?

and btw how often hasn't it been said on THIS site that ps3 also needs online features like 360? Apart from that I really dont know what else we would want from the 360. (excluding games ;) )

Posted at 1:45PM on Aug 30th 2007 by Maurice

17. @badboy4life:

offtopic: I think you were talking about the following article right?

Have you actually read the article? Don't you think he raises any good arguments?

Posted at 1:48PM on Aug 30th 2007 by Maurice

18. One thing I like about this site is the lack of childish arguments in the comments over which console is better. I find such flame wars irritating and tend to avoid sites like Joystiq and Engadget because they actively encourage them in order to increase their hits. I think that deleting comments which are looking to start such arguments is a very positive thing as it keeps the discussion on topic and relevant to the PS3.

Comments looking to argue how the Wii or Xbox 360 is better than the PS3 have no place on this site and I think the moderators are doing a great job at keeping the comments civil and constructive. Keep up the good work.

Posted at 1:48PM on Aug 30th 2007 by Charles

19. @15

No...businesses can't make mistakes...because we want cheap PS3 games.

"fanboy" doesn't mean you have to deny problems with the console/corp, or deny where the competition has done better.

Actually that's exactly what a "fanboy" means. We're here to support the PS3 and talk #$%^ about the other consoles.

Posted at 1:54PM on Aug 30th 2007 by Aaron

20. I'm sure Amazon, like most smart e-tailers out there, has some sort of exemption clause allowing them to cancel an order that hasn't been processed. I've had it happen to me more times than I count - not with Amazon, but with other sites.

It would be good PR, but bad business to honor those orders. I know I wouldn't want to if I were them.

If they had already pulled money from credit cards, that's one thing. If the customer hasn't yet given anything in return, though, I don't see how they can expect Amazon to honor it.

I'd be ticked off if I were the customer, but I'd understand.

Posted at 2:21PM on Aug 30th 2007 by AlanS17

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