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Blu-ray movie releases for the week of August 27th

Thanks to Paramount's decision to drop Blu-ray support, we get no movies this week. We were going to get the Jon Heder / Will Ferrel comedy Blades of Glory, but now we don't get a single darn movie. Thanks Paramount! Here's the non-release list:
  • Nothing
Exciting isn't it? All is not lost though, we may not be getting any movies this week but we are getting a bunch of PlayStation 3 games this week. You do remember that the PlayStation 3 plays games as well, right?

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1. lol. time to hardcore game

Posted at 3:08PM on Aug 27th 2007 by Steven

2. meh, we're talking about the company here that told Fred Astaire he couldn't dance.

Posted at 3:26PM on Aug 27th 2007 by DownwardMonkey

3. As someone who does not watch Blu-Rays I could care less. I am actually thrilled that there are some key games coming out around the corner and not key movies.

Movies sell sell Playstation.

Posted at 3:44PM on Aug 27th 2007 by Andy

4. To be fair though Andy, BS and the PS3 are very much tied to each other now.

Posted at 3:46PM on Aug 27th 2007 by DownwardMonkey

5. Haha OH the X360 fans will love my last comment. I MEANT that BD and the PS3, not BS. Sorry about that.

Posted at 3:47PM on Aug 27th 2007 by DownwardMonkey

6. I realize this post isn't the best place to bring this up but not many places would be any better so whatever, flame me at will..

I've got this friend who bought a PS3. All my 360-owning friends and I tried to convince him the 360 was the way to go but for whatever reason he still went with the PS3. He got resistance and I've played it a few times and hate it. He insists he thinks it's the funnest shooter he's ever played and that he likes it better than Halo. I then think to myself "Is that even possible?", because I'm a rabid Halo fan, but I accept that some people have different tastes and that maybe he really does think Resistance is more fun.

But then he tells me one day how he bought The Departed, Casino Royale, and a few other Blu-rays and that they look amazing and he's so glad he bought the PS3. This is where I call bullshit. He's watching these Blu-rays over the included composite cables on a 20" tube tv from about 1990. There is not a chance in the world that anyone could look at the screen and see an improvement over regular dvd. So he's clearly lying about how great they look (im aware they look stunning on actual hdtv's)for some reason. maybe to convince me or himself that he doesnt regret buying the PS3. I dont know.

but this is why I decided to bring it up here.
I'm wondering how many PS3 users out there are buying blu-rays strictly out of brand loyalty, technolical ignorance, or something else. I mean, those movies aren't cheap. My friend must have payed nearly 200 bucks for the 5 movies he bought and theyre no better for his tv than standard dvd. So why'd he do it? I don't know. You guys probably don't know either.

I guess it comes down to me always reading comments from PS3 fans saying how much blu-ray kicks hd-dvd/360's ass and wondering if any of them know what the hell they're talking about. how much of Blu-ray's higher sales are because of people like my friend?

This isn't supposed to be an insult to the PS3 so please don't respond if you're gonna attack me/halo/360 in retalliation. thats why i brought it up in the weekly blu-ray release post and not some killzone 2 post.

Posted at 3:49PM on Aug 27th 2007 by footlong!

7. "but for whatever reason he still went with the PS3"

Watch this video. He probably saw this before he made his decision.

Posted at 3:54PM on Aug 27th 2007 by Andy

8. Your PS3 friend is an idiot! I wouldn't even buy Blu-Rays on a 20 inch HDTV!

Posted at 4:01PM on Aug 27th 2007 by Andy

9. footlong (yeah right) i went with PS3 cuz i have an HD projector.. i could project a 25 foot BLU porno onto the side of a church if i wanted.. and i just might.. but even on my tiny 82 inch screen i still see a HUGE diference between DVD and BLU.. your friend may be lying or maybe even standard def is sharper than DVD.. Resistance was a blast for me too and I def liked it more than Halo.. hell I liked a lot of games more than halo, first person shooter or not.. and the trickle down effect of games for SONY is happening now.. i made the right choice.. my 360 is a paper weight.. yay!

Posted at 4:05PM on Aug 27th 2007 by KillarClown

10. @6

The same can be said for uneducated 360 and HD DVD owners.

Posted at 4:06PM on Aug 27th 2007 by EDGE

11. When most Wii and xbox360 owners realize that all the movies are coming onto bluray, unless the 360 or the Wii adds a bluray player later on, they'll most likely be shopping for a bluray player. And if, they like video games too, they might find that the PS3 will be a valued choice for a bluray player, thus, having no choice but to buy a PS3, especially if they're one of the 11 millions xbox360 owners with the design flaws and red ring of death and don't want to go through that trouble and are pissed off at MS.

Of course, some will continue with the 360 and just buy a cheap quality bluray player standalone, but most likely, if they like games, they'll go for the PS3 and enjoy MGS4, too. And mostly, if they're one of the 11 million who got burned by the red ring of death and don't like MS anymore. To make thing's eaier for them to move to the ps3 from xboxe60, momst of the good 360 games are alrady porting to the PS3, and the ports get better and better over time. Look at GRAW2 and Oblivions and COD4 and even EA's FIFA for examples. And even the crappiest of current ports are better than anything seen on the xbox, PS2, or dreamcast. That should be good enough.

Why should I buy the 360 if it doesn't provide me what I want? Most of the games I want are already on the PS3 or will be. I can enjoy Spiderman 3, Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia when they come out on bluray all on the same machine. I don't have to throw away my DVD collection (it makes them look even better than my old dvd player). I'm currently having a heck of a time with GRAW2 and Ninja Gaiden Sigma and then taking a sip of some Casino Royale, Hellboy, and Bridge to Terabithia in between. This is bliss...really. We're not talking low quality malfunctioning machines here either. While watching movies, the thing is brooding silently in the dark night with a soft glow at the led. I can't even hear or see it. But damn, I know it's working well. The picture quality is awesome.

Nothing you can say will make me a buy or even think about buying a 360. Coupled with the fact that it's riksy and will bread down. And now, after seeing who the 360 owners are, I really don't want to join that group. That totally sealed the deal. I didn't value the console at first, but now because I know who the 360 people are, I hate it. MS must be shaking their head as their clean image gets stained by dirt from their 360 people. Smart move, promoting 360 by vandalising other people's neighborhoods. We'll truly like you then and lot look down on you, right.

You ever stopped to think that you're that person in the movie theater ruining other people's hard earned time and money that they worked their asses off to enjoy?

What do we call those kind of people? Do we respect them on the human level????? Have you earned my respect based on yoru character?

Go to a forum that's neutral - a general discussion board for all three consoles. This is forum for people to enjoy their purchases and celebrate and feel community, unless your only intent is to disturb that???

With your talk, all you've done if reinforced the fact that xbox360 and MS (by association with you) people are bad. I suggest you find other ways to build your ego or self-esteem. No wonder why xbox360 people like Gears of War and violent games. Do you think Hillary clinton would prefer those games or would a hispanic prison inmate? Answer honestly.

Posted at 4:11PM on Aug 27th 2007 by secret

12. secret, heh ,are you a novelist or something ? I find it a mission to read through all your posts.

Posted at 4:14PM on Aug 27th 2007 by EDGE

13. ill be honest before i bought my 1080p lcd samsung i actually did see an improvement on my 32inch sdtv with blu ray compared to standard and so did my friend who watched Kingdom of Heaven at my house(and whod seen it at least 5 times before on tv/dvd) and even he said wow blu ray does look better so it might not be too farfetched to think your friend sees a difference. What i saw was very minor though on my sdtv but he loved it and we just went out this weekend and he dropped some money on a tv and a ps3

Posted at 4:14PM on Aug 27th 2007 by doug

14. I am nothing like you and don't want to be like you, therefore, I will never buy a 360. Simple as that. I'm proud to NOT be an xbox360 owner. Simple as that. I don't want to be anything like you, understand? I stay away from you. We try to keep people like you out of our neighborhoods, we try to keep people like you away from your kids, we try to ban you from our schools...and if you keep on coming we move before the property value goes down and gangs crop up with iron bars and fences to uglify the neighborhood.

Do you understand how I view you now? There are good people who paid hard earned money to enjoy themselves, and what's your purpose??? There are children who begged their parents to buy this for them so that they can enjoy their summer vacations with their friends with their PS3 that they spend on their own money, NOT YOURS. And what's your intent? Do you see how selfish you are or at the very least how inconsiderate you are?

How do you think I view you now? I don't respect you. None the least. I don't go over the 360 webistes to make them feel bad about their purcahses (depsite my honest opinions about their systems) and I don't want to buy a 360. Do you know why? Because I'm nothing like you. I don't want to be like you. Hillary Clinton probably wouldn't approve of you and your lifestyle either and how you treat people. Understand? What would you prefer? Homework or Gears of War?

This is a fansite for people to share their experiences and love for the PS3. If you're not a fan, then you're here with malicious intent.

Posted at 4:20PM on Aug 27th 2007 by secret

15. Now do you see what kind of person you are?

Posted at 4:20PM on Aug 27th 2007 by secret

16. No WAY can someone who likes FPS HATE Resistance. I mean, prefer other games to it, sure. I mean I don't LIKE Half-Life 2. I just didn't LIKE the feel of it, and I found it to be extremely overrated. I didn't HATE it though, and maybe all the hype ruined my expectations of it. I mean, I prefer the multiplayer of RB6 to Resistance, but the single player is hands down in Resistance's favor. Hate resistance? As benign as you may have drafted your post to be, here all I (and probably others) see is that you HATE Resistance and Halo is better. Cool. Now go back to playing your Xbox. Hopefully its still working...

Posted at 4:27PM on Aug 27th 2007 by Titty Pink

17. How do you view inconsiderate people? Some kid just opened his PS3 gift and mr. xbox breaks in by the open window at midnight and whispers to the kid, "your PS3 sucks little kid." The kid starts feeling hurt and the parents wonder what happened to him, who did this to him. "Try these drugs instead." Mr. xbox says. You like violence right? "And I promise you, it won't break down all the times like your PS3. Trust me, It won't break and it's very quite. And it doesn't play every single movie you could want. Trust me" mr. xbox hisses.

Next morning, the kid has bags under his eyes, wears a bandana, has tattoos all over his body and is a drug addict and flunking out in and out of school.

Mr. xbox smiles in the distance.

The end.

Posted at 4:28PM on Aug 27th 2007 by secret

18. If your friend is a movie fanatic (like myself) who notices edge halos, soft colors, and compression artifacts on standard DVDs then he would definitely see a big improvement with Blu-ray, even on a standard definition television. The screen may not be able to display the full resolution, but the uncompressed video does make one hell of a big difference depending on the title.

As for there being no movies released on Blu-ray this week, well it could be worse, you could be getting "Blades of Glory."

Posted at 4:30PM on Aug 27th 2007 by exolstice

19. @7: yah, my 360 has died twice but I still love it and continue to by games. In fact, a lot of people bitch about it breaking, like I did when it happened, but 10 days later it was replaced for free by Microsoft and I got over it. Same deal the 2nd time it broke. To this day I worry about it breaking down before this big Fall lineup but the truth is that if it does break MS will replace it for free again. Even if they didn't, I thruthfully would go out and buy another one. It may not be the most reliable hardware but it has the best/most(/my favorite) games.

@9 "even on my tiny 82 inch screen" note: 82 inches is not tiny. not by a longshot. and i wasn't bashing Resistance when I said I hated it. I only brought it up as an example to compare his (suspected by me because of the blu-ray hting) brand loyalty over actual satisfaction with his PS3.

@10 It COULD be said but it would be a lot less effective. I mean, 360/Hd-dvd aren't really the same as Blu-ray/PS3. Xbox owners won't be as likely to jump to Hd-dvd's defense, or even know what the hell it is, like PS3 and Blu-ray funs. I don't own an hd-dvd drive and neither do any of my friends. but like I said, I'm a rabid xbox fan, yet I haven't bought the hd-dvd drive because I don't feel like spending the money. That's the difference between my friend and I and the whole point of my post. If the 360 owners all pulled what that kid did than hd-dvd would be smoking blu-ray right now. but they arent doing that. and i think (some/a fair amount) of Sony fans are.

@11: the wii add a blu-ray player? I laughed out loud at that. and it's a little too early to say all movies are coming to Blu-ray. especially thanks to Paramounts jump.

@13: there's a big difference between 20" and 32" geometrically the 20" is like less than half the size of the 32". and like is said hes running it on composite cables.

@14 .... I don't know what to say to that. I didn't come here with malicious intent though, ill tell you that much. If i wanted to rag on you guys i'd do it in a 360 forum. or id come here and say ps3 sucks. but i made a strong effort to make clear that everything was my opinion and even still didnt insult. in fact, don't tell anyone at 360 fanboy but i said Blu-ray looked stunning. yah, a compliment. you need to calm down.

Posted at 4:31PM on Aug 27th 2007 by footlong!

20. oh paramount .. not to worry .. eventually the payoff will run out ;)

Posted at 4:31PM on Aug 27th 2007 by sectionz

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