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PS3 Poll Police: Are PS3 titles overshadowing one another?

The poll police make yet another triumphant return this week, despite the rainstorms plaguing their office. Even though they lost power and internet for most of the day, they worked by candlelight, researching files and folders of recent rumors and PS3-related gatherings until once more, the poll police call upon you for help. This week, the poll regards three upcoming titles that have all been hyped up since before the launch of the PlayStation 3: Warhawk, Lair, and Heavenly Sword. These titles are all coming out with little time between them, so now we ask: which one of these games is getting eclipsed by the others?
What upcoming PS3 title is getting eclipsed?
Heavenly Sword
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Don't read too much into the poll, rather, listen to the poll police's logic (good or not). Since Warhawk is coming out first, some may pass it by since they plan to purchase the latter two anyway and can't stomach the investment for two or all three. Some might pass on Lair because they're still playing Warhawk, but will pick up Heavenly Sword since it comes out a bit later. Even still, Heavenly Sword may get ignored because it comes out last in the trilogy of releases. Some people might not want to buy it, as they're still enjoying the other two. This is all assuming more than one of these games interests you, but if not, just think abstractly about which of these titles is most likely to get overshadowed. Last week's poll results are after the jump.
Once again, we're proud to have a result that shows just how much our readers love Insomniac. When asked how important Ratchet and Clank was to you, a little under half of you firmly stated it was a day one purchase. That's fantastic to hear! While an approximate 35% of you aren't enticed by the game, we hope you'll at least give it a shot. If a demo is released, why not, right? As always, thank you guys for voting and we'll see you next week!

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Reader Comments

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1. For me its not so much eclipsed as less awesome. When I see trailers for LBP, Warhawk and Uncharted I am always amazed and excited. When I watch Lair vids I am not.

Posted at 6:39PM on Aug 26th 2007 by Andy

2. too many good games is a welcome problem for ps3 users

Posted at 6:50PM on Aug 26th 2007 by xrich

3. Since all three games are being released so close to each other, I am assuming that Warhawk will be the title of choice for multiplayer gamers, Heavenly Sword for those who like a good beatem up or story, and Lair for those who like experimental/flying games. The fact that all three games have gotten lackluster reviews, tell me that they are pretty much equal in most people's eyes. So, therefore I picked Lair as the game that will be looked over, since it is the "middle child" of the group, and since I predicted that it would one day become one of those niche (read "cult") titles. I like to try to be consistent as much as possible. =D

On another note, I am going to bypass both Lair AND Warhawk, since I have just got into Persona 3 (thanks, Nick!) and am drooling over playing Heavenly Sword. So, hopefully, I'll finish out Persona in time for HS, and if I've got time, I'll look into the one of the other titles!

PS2 + PS3 = Too much gaming! =DD

Posted at 7:03PM on Aug 26th 2007 by Consolcwby

4. There's no "I don't think any of the them will be eclipsed" option so no vote for me.

I'll skip Warhawk because I'm not into MP gaming with strangers and none of my friends has taken the PS3 plunge yet.

Lair looks meh.

Heavenly Sword is the one I'm lusting for. None of the lukewarm reviews have put me off it yet.

Posted at 7:16PM on Aug 26th 2007 by GRT

5. Personally, I'm let down by all three games in one way or another.

I've never been interested in Lair, but was hoping it would be so awesome, I'd have to try it. Reviews have shown me I was right with my first impression.

I saw Heavenly Sword as a GoW type game, but with a hot chick and in HD. I'm still buying the game, but the recent IGN reviews were a letdown.

Warhawk just disappoints me because a download only game shouldn't cost $40. I guess we'll find out from reviews and such if it's even that good a game. If I do get it, I'll wait for a used retail copy.

Posted at 7:24PM on Aug 26th 2007 by hoffer

6. I"ll be getting all 3 at their launches. I may be spreading myself too thin at first, but I don't care.

I'm most excited about Lair though I'm a little disappointed that some of the gore was taken out to get a Teen rating. Peoples issues with the control scheme won't bother me since I had to train myself how to play Resistance being it was the first console FPS I've ever played. The PS3 is the first console I've owned since the N64 because I am a big PC gamer.

Posted at 7:42PM on Aug 26th 2007 by Matt B

7. 1. MGS4 / COD4 / Ratchet & Clank. These seem to hold my attention the most. Unless these games surprisingly get bashed in reviews, I'd like to buy these for sure. But because these games really do look promising, I highly doubt that there would be negative reviews. Good games can speak for themselves though, and any journalists writing negative reviews will be suspect of lying and putting their credibility and career at risk. But, who knows, if the pay-off is large enough, a journalist might just decide to retire and take a vacation.

Posted at 7:52PM on Aug 26th 2007 by secret

8. i think lair will get overshadowed because Warhawk will be the greatest multiplayer and Flying game and heavenly sword will be an amazing offline game with a great story but lair will have a bit of both but not specialize in either one. and since i think most people will buy 2 of the three they will get the two games that are great in their own ways.

the release dates being so close together will most likely turn out to be really bad timing for both ps3 users and the game creators or whoever profits off of the games because if the launches were spaced apart most people would buy all three instead of 1 or 2.

Posted at 7:52PM on Aug 26th 2007 by nick

9. warhawk looks terrible. its a perfect example of how low-quality playstation's multiplayer games are. graphics suck, controls look weak, no interesting mechanics or features. just bland overall

heavely sword looks graphically impressive. but the gameplay looks about as good as god of war (not a compliment) if youre into hack n' slash stuff go for it though

Lair. no thanks

Posted at 8:09PM on Aug 26th 2007 by footlong!

10. I think Lair is the one that's going to be most affected by it's date; if it had come out weeks ago like it was originally going to, I would have picked it up that day, no questions asked. Now, right in the middle of Warhawk and Heavenly Sword, both titles that have received several good reviews (along with a couple disappointing ones) as well as titles I've sampled and enjoyed... it's harder to say "yeah, I need that immediately." I'm still 100% excited to play it, but I'm not sure if it's one I'll need the day it releases.

Posted at 8:09PM on Aug 26th 2007 by mccomber

11. Warhawk saddens me because I really wanted to play the single-player game that was featured in their early trailers... that's the kind of game I like. I'm not big on multiplayer games at all, but I'm half-tempted to pick up the retail copy just for the bluetooth headset (I wonder if I can use it with my cell phone).

Lair is nearly a must-buy due to it being a dragon game... I loves me some dragons. So do all my friends. That and it looks like it could be a good game.

Heavenly Sword looks like God of War. I'm not too worried about the IGN review, since it complained about the same things that bugged me about God of War 1 and 2, such as arena fights where you're locked in a room with a bunch of baddies, massive re-use of the same monster models (spanning both games even), and so on. I still loved those games though, and I'm sure I'll love Heavenly Sword too.

Posted at 8:09PM on Aug 26th 2007 by apease

12. i think heavenly sword is eclipsing the others to a degree, its getting so much hype with all the wallpapers, making of videos, animes and all the hype on sites like this, and i thought the demo for it sucked. im not big on online multiplayer so i think ill skip on warhawk (i was in the beta and barely played). i plan on getting lair though, im kinda skeptical but i hope it pulls through

Posted at 8:12PM on Aug 26th 2007 by Michael K.

13. Lair never held my interest from day one.

Heavenly sword looked promising, until I noticed that there were some design issues that really bothered me. For one, they focused very little on her. That wouldn't be a problem except that they clearly made that her signature, trademark feature. When we think of Nariko, we think of her red hair. And we should remember a realistic flowing hair, not twigs while everything else looks so good. Doesn't make me feel good at all. Secondly, the idea of blocking while pressing absolutely nothing runs against my intuition to press or do something in order to block. If someone wants to punch me in real life, I wouldn't just stand still. At the very least, I'd flinch. So when I play a game, I'd like to do anything, something to initiate a block animation. Who the hell came up with this design decision of pressing nothing to block? And third, not being able to jump. I'm irritated by that alone if nothing else. I rarely jump in games, but without that ability, I'm disgusted.

But the storyline might be enough. Looking at the trailers alone, I care about the characters more so that I've found in any other game. I want to know more about their pasts, present, and future. I want to know who they are and what they've been through. And I think Nariko has been giving a great personality from what I've been able to see. And her stepdaughter is so adorable. These are high quality people in the games. That alone might be worth the admissions fee. But I'll have to do some research before buying the game. I might or might not buy it. It's in the middle leaning more towards the buy section. MGS4 / COD4 / Ratchet & Clank are already in my buy list. Warhawk is in my do not buy list because I don't play online yet. Though I will someday. I want to, but I'm not sure on how to do it.

Posted at 8:13PM on Aug 26th 2007 by secret

14. Where's my "They aren't overshadowing each other" option?

From my point of view, if a title was overshadowed it'd mean that it would be a hit if it had gotten more press (i.e. Viva Piñata). All of 'em are going to be big hits.

Posted at 8:21PM on Aug 26th 2007 by Skyfire360

15. the one thing that got me in the Heaven Sword review was the low enemy types, the boring Arrow sequences and the total lack of replay ability.

When you have all the content unlocked via download, what's the incentive to replay?

Posted at 8:25PM on Aug 26th 2007 by ryano

16. don't really care about any of them.. i'm (im)patiently waiting to play Folklore

Posted at 8:56PM on Aug 26th 2007 by PuniPuniSakura

17. As of now it seems like Folklore and Ratchet and Clank are the only two good Playstation 3 games coming out. I may try out Uncharted or the Gundam Dynasty Warriors, but other than that, Heavenly Sword, Warhawk, and Lair all look retarded.

Seriously, I'm upset in the direction most of these games are heading. At least I can still play just about every other Psx/Ps2 game on the Ps3, so I'm really not complaining too much. Wild Arms 5 should hold me off for a few weeks.

Posted at 9:41PM on Aug 26th 2007 by Todd

18. i keep forgetting not everyone can buy every freaking game that is coming out.

i think its important to point out that im going to be BROKE this xmas .. all of these games coming out at once .. so scary!

anyhow i didnt vote because there no .. NONE option .. i dont think anything is getting eclipsed the noise right now is for warhawk. but thats it.

Posted at 9:55PM on Aug 26th 2007 by sectionz

19. I'm just going to keep playing Resistance (I'm on my 4th tour of duty) and the few games I've downloaded until Killzone 2 comes out. And, in my case, the latest barrage of info on Killzone 2 has eclipsed everything else. If I can, I'll probably rent Lair and Heavenly Sword just to see what all the hype is about. But I'm just an FPS kinda guy, what can I say?

Posted at 12:43AM on Aug 27th 2007 by Afsheen

20. @11

The headset is BT, its intended to be used with anything that has BT also, including phones.

Posted at 1:46AM on Aug 27th 2007 by Toby

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