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David Reeves says no more price cuts, more bundles

According to SCEE head, David Reeves, Sony has no plans to cut the price of the PS3 again anytime soon. Instead, he says, "...we'll probably put out more hard bundles than the Starter Pack ... We're not making any pricing announcements at Games Convention at all. There's none. And we don't have any plans in that regard. We're really happy with the way that things are going for the PAL business. We really are. It's on track." We're glad to hear that and we hope that the bundle packs come with a wide variety of choices, but wouldn't it be easier to let the consumer decide what game or games to get for free with their console? There ought to be a way to do that, too.

Sony didn't announce any new games at Leipzig and there's a reason for it, Reeves explained. Sony wants consumers focused on a few games at a time -- they don't want to pull everything out from behind the bushes at once, or else we'd have happy attacks and fall over in a state of euphoric shock, never to awaken. At least, that's what we think would happen. Besides, Reeves said, consumers "don't have huge wallets and they can't go out and buy five games at 59 Euros all the time. So we're trying to do pillar titles every month." That makes sense to us and our wallets thank you.

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1. someone needs to fire Reeves.

Posted at 1:04PM on Aug 23rd 2007 by paul

2. Woah! That makes total sense! If there is NO selection, than there will be NO money spent.

Genius! Genius! My money problems are over!

Posted at 1:15PM on Aug 23rd 2007 by ZombieOrgasm

3. I agree with Sony not saying any more about some of their games coming out. I mean I would go bananas if 8days or Afrika had a holiday release.

Anyone burn their fingers playing Forza yet?

Posted at 1:15PM on Aug 23rd 2007 by Andy

4. I call BS.

Oh they can justify the money spent to buy a $600+ console, but when it comes to games they want my wallet to take a "break"? Ummm hasn't everyone's wallet been on "break" since this console was launched? Fact of the matter is they probably dont have anything planned, thus nothing was announced. Please, NOW Sony is thinking about my money? This is SONY, they will think of any little thing to have me spend my money on it, dont patronize me Sony, just tell me straight up.

On a side note: I'm not for the 360, thus the reason why I'm here, but the 360 is looking better and better for some reason...

Posted at 1:31PM on Aug 23rd 2007 by Jose

5. "On a side note: I'm not for the 360, thus the reason why I'm here, but the 360 is looking better and better for some reason."

Fair enough, but I look at the release schedule and can pick out at least one game I want per month from September onward. I couldn't do that months ago. So badly phrased statements or no, I'm not worried about my purchase.

Posted at 1:36PM on Aug 23rd 2007 by borland502

6. It would be easier to say "great idea, I agree" if we actually had those games to choose to buy and break our wallets... I know, soon, soon... but it's been one hell of a wait on both sides of the pond.

Posted at 1:38PM on Aug 23rd 2007 by mccomber

7. yeah thanks for not putting any new games out. i spent 500 on this thing thank god i dont have to spend any money on games..............

no, nick, it doesn't make any sense. and our wallets don't thank us because it means we just wasted 5-600 bucks on the ps3 if we don't get some decent games to play on it. what a retarded thing for him to say.

oh yeah and if one more sony exec tells me that i should just be happy with motorstorm im going to buy a dune buggy and crash it into their house. FEELS LIKE NEXT GEN.

Posted at 1:51PM on Aug 23rd 2007 by GRANTED

8. Haha it seems like no one here has responsibilities, I am terrified that these games are all coming out pretty soon. Not just for monetary issues. But its pretty hard to balance 18 credit hours with video games, drinking, and girls. For real... if not having a game come out every week is that big of a deal pick up a hobby or something. Besides complaining about the same things over and over again.
As for all the price cut talks and whatever, i could care less, I already own one. Just keep games coming out whenever and get me that dvr stuff from europe. I would KILL for it right now. KILL I TELL YOU KILL!

Posted at 2:04PM on Aug 23rd 2007 by Nuge32

9. i'm beginning to wish i never bought a PS3. The heap of junk is sitting there with no good games. I don't own a 360 or Wii, but i'm seriously considering it right about now...

How can he possibly say that the PS3 'is on track' and not mention any new games at Liepzig. Sony, you've REALLY messed up this console war right now. You should be on top but instead you're not. Thanks, £425 WASTED. You know how long it took me to save for that? 1 MONTH without spending a penny on myself. 1 month of wanting and waiting. All for what? Some badly ported games from the 360 and 360 fanboys rubbing it in my face all the time. Plus, with no FF7 remake, the PS3 is officially crap.

Posted at 2:14PM on Aug 23rd 2007 by simplesimon

10. Boy Nuge, you said it. I wish I had some time to play games, but that pool of Cristal filled with beautiful women sure eats away at my free time!

Posted at 2:24PM on Aug 23rd 2007 by upz

11. haha nuge WOW 18 CREDIT HOURS!!!!!

you are in college and you think you have responsibilities lol. being out of college a little over a year, let me tell you that i have twice the responsibilities you do and am still very aware that i have no games to play.

i am healthier, have a better relationship with my girlfriend, and am getting more done at work. but still--i bought a 500 dollar gaming machine and i don't play it. so.. i am conflicted. should i thank sony because im NOT playing ps3?

whatever. ill probably see you in warhawk in about a week, at which point we can laugh, cry, reminisce, talk about HOW BLACKOUT WASTED YOU GOT LAST NIGHT and how that girl said she'd call you..
after which we will all be back to our loser selves again.

Posted at 2:41PM on Aug 23rd 2007 by GRANTED

12. @13

haha I also am working at a real time embedded company called Ardence...well really were Citrix now after we were bought, and also I am a 4th year computer engineering student at Northeastern University (5 year program with 1.5 years of CO-OP) with pretty much all 500 level courses, so I know what you mean man, I'm not just some frat boy going to a party school. NEU is a top 100 university now.
I just find other uses for my ps3, being a movie fan and all, blu-ray def helps justify my purchase. I'm just saying thats all.

Posted at 3:03PM on Aug 23rd 2007 by Nuge32

13. *real time embedded systems company*

Posted at 3:05PM on Aug 23rd 2007 by Nuge32

14. I sort of agree with Nuge in terms of time left in the day. I factor in my job, my girlfriend, my commute, sleep, cooking, eating, chores, and etc I have just about 1 or 2 hours left a day for myself.

There is a slew of games out there across all platforms that I rent and after 15-20 minutes or so I get bored. Games these days sort of suck.

On average we as gamers get maybe 2 or 3 good decent worth playing games every quarter. Q4/Q1 looks like all damn good games for the PS3.

So I'm happy.

And why is everyone starting to jump to conclusions? I ahven't seen any game info for 360/Wii/PC beyond Q1 of 08. I'm sure once Q1 rolls around we'll have more upcoming release.

At least I hope so.

Posted at 3:15PM on Aug 23rd 2007 by Railven

15. This guy is such a frickin' moron. He says bundles are better than price cuts, but then a little bit later says, "[consumers] don't have huge wallets and they can't go out and buy five games at 59 Euros all the time."


Seriously, this guy is that douchebag type that Sony appeared to be weeding out in order to make a comeback. What's the deal, why don't they get rid of him and get someone in that doesn't seem to hate the customer, and who doesn't act like they're in competition with SCEA?

Posted at 3:41PM on Aug 23rd 2007 by Travis

16. Well I guess I'm in a good boat then, I bought a PS3 two weeks ago (after selling my red-ringed 360) and have only bought one game for it, NCAA Football 08. I've spent some time playing that game, but the kicker for me is this, I only owned a PS2 for a very short time, so I missed out on a LOT of PS2 games, namely God of War, which I have been playing a lot lately. But then if you look at it, OH next week there's Warhawk, the week after that, Lair, the week after that, Heavenly Sword (In the US of course). So why is there so much whining about this right now? Just be patient for five more days, and the deluge begins. And let me tell you, I know there aren't many AAA games out for PS3 right now, and there are many coming out soon, and I'm okay with that. Just the fact that my PS3 WORKS is enough to make me giddy like a schoolgirl.

Posted at 4:02PM on Aug 23rd 2007 by gerg

17. This guy needs to be taken out and have his ass kicked-- seriously! The PS3 base has been screaming for the last 9 months for content! Customers don't have huge wallets and they can't go out and buy five games at a time? WTF? So what about all those Xbox people that seem to be snapping up the huge and growing game library on the 360 every month?

Posted at 4:30PM on Aug 23rd 2007 by gamingeek

18. If you need more time for games, stock up on 5 hour energy. It's awesome! Each day I spend 9 hours a day at work, 4 hours commuting, 3 hours gaming, 3 hours doing stuff around the house and yard, 3 hours being social, and 2 hours sleeping. I am dead tired when I wake up, but after a shot of 5 hour energy, I am good to go. Of course, I am not sure how this sleep deprivation will affect me in the long run.........

Posted at 4:45PM on Aug 23rd 2007 by James

19. The PS3 just came out in europe a few months back, so the lack of a price drop is understandable for the time being. I also expect we will hear about some new games at TGS, as well as some games that have dropped off the radar in the last few months. Seriously, can't the above posters realise that this article is about SCEE practices? You guys really don't understand he's talking about the PAL regions... and about announcing new games, how many games need to be announced before you can actually count higher than 0??? Troll much?

Posted at 4:59PM on Aug 23rd 2007 by Consolcwby

20. I understand that it takes a lot more effort to make beautiful games PS3 was meant for... he could've just said that instead of this excuse.

Anyways, regarding content: One could argue that all of the next-gen consoles have "no games" since apparently that definition is very flexible. To me, I haven't seen a single reason to buy an Xbox or 360. Halo? not my kind of console game... Same with Warhawk. I just see that as the PS3 answer to Halo.

I bought the PS3 on the promise of some good games and knowing that I can use it as a Blu-Ray player and a cheap-yet-awesome computer in the meantime. I loaded Linux and am working on getting WoW running.

And by the way, PS3 is $399+ not $499+... they did price-cut the 20GB model too ya know.

Wii? That's not 7th gen, more like 6.5 gen. I bought one, was disappointed in how easy Zelda was, and it just collects dust now waiting for Metriod... pretty much the same scenario as the GC.

I still get more use out of PS2 games than anything.

Posted at 5:04PM on Aug 23rd 2007 by Larz

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