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Bioshock PC demo config file hints strongly at a PS3 version

A member of the GameTrailers forum has found the best evidence so far that the critically acclaimed Bioshock will be coming to the PS3. While poking around in some of the config files for the demo, an interesting entry was stumbled upon:

;; Console (XBox360, PS3) specific settings

;; StreamingDynamicFloatingLimit:
;; If this is a positive number, then instead of using the fixed per-level
;; limits, the StreamingDynamic resource will use as much memory as is
;; available as long as the total memory allocated by the game is less than
;; the specified number. In other words, StreamingDynamic will grow and
;; shrink to fit to the available memory instead of being locked to a fixed
;; budget

The file is locate at C:\Program Files\2K Games\BioShock Demo\Content and is called ConfigINI.IBF for anybody who wants to verify this on their own computers (we've verified it on ours). It will be interesting to see when 2k Games comes out and finally admits that Bioshock is coming to the PlayStation 3. Hopefully it will turn out to be a Q1 2008 release so we don't have to wait that long.

[Via PSU]

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1. That doesn't confirm anything. It could be the standard code they use in all their games for the next gen.

2k has already made games for both platforms. I don't see this as proof to anything.

Posted at 6:34PM on Aug 21st 2007 by dontlikeitmodit

2. good cuz this is a game everyone should enjoy

Posted at 6:34PM on Aug 21st 2007 by doug

3. That isn't proof at all, that is probably just part of the code they use in everything. That doesn't mean it isn't coming, it's not proof at all that it is. Doesn't really bother me to be honest.

Posted at 6:38PM on Aug 21st 2007 by DownwardMonkey

4. I take that back. It is proof that gaming blog sites will post just about anything for hits.

Posted at 6:39PM on Aug 21st 2007 by dontlikeitmodit

5. Normally I wouldn't care because it would be silly port, but they might be able to use Playstation Edge to actually make it look on par.

Posted at 6:41PM on Aug 21st 2007 by Andy

6. I've heard that this game was coming to the Ps3 eventually too and it was only a timed exclusive for 360... I'm not saying this is proof but I think there is a strong possibility that we could see this game in the future especially if the PS3 continues its positive incline both in sales & games.

Posted at 6:44PM on Aug 21st 2007 by never$$hort

7. "Bioshock PC demo config file confirms a PS3 version"

You might want to change that to something that isn't so confident.

I think this is much more realistic

"Giant pandas attack local man who ate his own hat, Bioshock could be coming to PS3"

Posted at 6:45PM on Aug 21st 2007 by Andy

8. I thought it was well known that Bioshock was a timed exclusive. Has something changed, why all the non-ps3-owning doubters?

Posted at 6:57PM on Aug 21st 2007 by Popfrogs

9. "Giant pandas attack local man who ate his own hat, Bioshock could be coming to PS3"


But hey, I guess you gotta find someting to kill time while waiting for a game to come out. Even if it's dreaming about other consoles games.

Posted at 6:59PM on Aug 21st 2007 by x silence x

10. Just so you know, the 360 BioShock cover has the "Only on Xbox 360" stamp. They only put that on games that are only going to be on the Xbox. They have used that stamp since the original Xbox. I think maybe the only game that broke that is Ninja Gaiden, but that came to the next generation PS console. So, I guess you can look forward to BioShock on the PS4.

Posted at 7:00PM on Aug 21st 2007 by hoffer

11. Yay...I just got accepted to GAP...what does this mean?

Posted at 7:01PM on Aug 21st 2007 by Andy

12. I love it,

PS3fanboy(s): MGS4, FF13 will never come to the 360 despite mounting evidence, But hey look we have this piece of code that doesn't mean anything, BIOSHOCK FOR PS3 CONFIMED!!!111!1!1shift!11

Posted at 7:08PM on Aug 21st 2007 by Emerald

13. I searched for this and i cant find it but was it on here where i saw that resistance may be going to the 360 when the 2nd comes out on the PS3!?! Just want to check i havent imagined it.

Posted at 7:08PM on Aug 21st 2007 by PauLo

14. Everybody's aware that this is going happen, it's only a matter of time before 2K makes an official announcement. It's funny to hear all the xbox fans flip out over this discovery, and then end their comments with a, "This doens't really bother me though". Yeah it does, stop trying to kid yourself, you wouldn't have been the first to post on this if you weren't bothered by it.

Posted at 7:09PM on Aug 21st 2007 by Don

15. I hope that wasn't aimed at me Don and it sounds like it was and you're way off base, I'm not bothered if it doesn't come to the PS3 simply because I'm not bothered by the game. I've had enough of FPS games and I'm excited about Ratchet and HS, I'm not sure what someone posting first has to do with anything, I just happen to log on just after the headline was posted. I don't own a 360 I own a PS3.

Posted at 7:21PM on Aug 21st 2007 by DownwardMonkey

16. I own all three consoles.

Fanboy exclusivity battles seriously make me laugh.

In fact they'd make me laugh if i didn't own any of the consoles.

Gamers are idiots these days. Its all about brands and loyalty(aka fanboyism). Its getting stupid.

Posted at 7:23PM on Aug 21st 2007 by Sam

17. Uhh this is a proof that the UNREAL ENGINE runs on both PS3 and 360... this proves nothing.

Posted at 7:24PM on Aug 21st 2007 by EternityInBlack

18. I just have to comment again... I mean really

Whenever i read a fanboy comment about exclusivity it just sounds like this in my head:


...except owners of consoles other than the console i own. They dont deserve to enjoy this game like i do because they're inferior consumers to me and didn't make a wise enough purchase."

Seriously. Get a grip gamers.

Who cares if other consoles get to play your game?

Be happy that more people are buying it, therefore the developer is making more profits and you've got more chance of a sequel.

Seriously. Gamers disgust me sometimes


Posted at 7:30PM on Aug 21st 2007 by Sam

19. This doesn't mean anything. Bioshock is on the Unreal engine. It's probably just a config file for the engine, not for Bioshock specifically.

Posted at 7:34PM on Aug 21st 2007 by TheDragon

20. My bad Monkey, I appologize. I've been reading this PS3fanboy blog for awhile and the tendency of xbox fanboys is to do just that when ever there is news of the PS3 getting something they don't want it to get. I misunderstood your comment totally. I'm actually in the same boat as you, I'm not as excited as some that this game will come to the PS3, I'm so much more excited about Heavenly Sword, that's more my kind of game. Once again, my bad.

Posted at 7:43PM on Aug 21st 2007 by Don

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