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PS3 first-party exclusives finally get EU release dates

It's been kind of hard getting Sony to nail down release dates for their upcoming stable of first-party exclusives, regardless of territory. Europe has really gotten the rawest deal though, with no confirmed release dates for any games period -- until now. Thanks to Gamer's Creed, Europeans finally know when they will be getting the first wave of mega-titles from Sony. Here's the list according to the scanned documents:
  • Warhawk with headset: September 19th
  • Heavenly Sword: September 19th
  • Folklore: October 10th
  • Lair: October 24th
  • Eye of Judgment: October 24th
  • Singstar: October
The release dates are kind of lame in general -- with Europe getting titles between two weeks and a month later than Americans get them. At least PS3s are region free, so impatient Euros can simply just order them from an American store like this one (as used by Jem, our resident foreigner). Still, the release list has got to be frustrating for Europeans wanting for the summer game drought to finally end.

[Via N4G]

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Reader Comments

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1. The delay probably comes from translating all of the English dialogue to British.

Posted at 2:05PM on Aug 16th 2007 by James

2. As a Canadian who doesn't live in Europe

Do the games come in any other languages than English or are you stuck playing games in English?

Posted at 2:10PM on Aug 16th 2007 by Andy

3. Wow.
It's possible Sony are ...releasing Feces unto European customers more than Microsoft.
In this regard, Sony am fail...

Posted at 2:31PM on Aug 16th 2007 by Zeouterlimits

4. It takes time to translate the different titles and then have them pass the local censorship so its not surprising. Ordering from the states can be dodgy as the package might get stopped by customs, some times is just as well to sit through the wait and buy locally.

Posted at 2:49PM on Aug 16th 2007 by KeVil

5. i think in France the games has to be translated in french, not the voice but the subtitles, menus, items
other than that i think its up to the games maker, i know Hayvenly Sword come in 11 (or 9 i forgot) languages

Posted at 3:03PM on Aug 16th 2007 by coplice

6. Hey Europe, PS3 is region free... learn how to import or use ebay.

Posted at 3:13PM on Aug 16th 2007 by Peter J

7. To the canadian, yeah they generally will translate/add all languages for major territories german,french, spanish, dutch and sometime change things to UK english. all those other languages mean gamers who dont care if colour is spelled with out the u have to wait. But sometimes it to make some games region friendly like the spactic in mario party 8. A think to note is that singstar is suppose to come out on the 24th of this month so my manager says and the singstar store to be opened at songs cost a £1 a song. I think singstar is a broken game seeing as you can just hum at the right pitch to get perfect.

Posted at 3:15PM on Aug 16th 2007 by AshStampede

8. remember you can also get them from and
If scee want to make us wait I say F**k'em. I'll import them hell the $ to £ is good at the moe.

Posted at 3:36PM on Aug 16th 2007 by Dante of smeg

9. wow... the proverbial european cup simply overflows with both quality downloads and prompt releases.

you would have thought i'd have gotten used to it by now... but it tastes as bitter as ever.

Posted at 3:41PM on Aug 16th 2007 by chaod

10. Those don't look like European release dates...well they kind of do. But apart from huge releases like Halo and GTA and stuff, since when do games in the UK NOT come out on a friday?
All those dates are at least two days out, the games are going to either come out five days earlier or two days later.

Posted at 3:46PM on Aug 16th 2007 by Aysir

11. Lol @ James.

I really don't think its a language issue. Lair and Warhawk have both gone gold and their STILL way delayed. I think its more of either:

- Distribution problems to the various different vendors in each location
- ... I'm not fluent in territory legal language, but some sort of, legal thing with each territory =P
- Could be ESRB ratings in each country (I think that's taken care of though o.0)

... some developer needs to come out on Playstation.Blog and talk about these territorial delays.

Posted at 3:57PM on Aug 16th 2007 by Dahk

12. Er what am I saying. Not developer. Some... VP of sales or marketing or something.

Posted at 3:57PM on Aug 16th 2007 by Dahk

13. they at least get singstar before we do.

Posted at 3:59PM on Aug 16th 2007 by jastyle521

14. WarHawk and Heavenly Sword on the same day?! That's soooooooooooooo awesome.

Posted at 4:03PM on Aug 16th 2007 by Hashbrown_Hunter

15. Just over a month to wait for Warhawk... Tiiiime iiiiis reallllllly draggggging nowwwwwwwwwwwww.

Posted at 5:20PM on Aug 16th 2007 by Ian

16. @peter j

why should we have to ? expensive shipping takes about a week then we get owned with import tax

Posted at 11:16AM on Aug 17th 2007 by fever84

17. lmao @ 1st post- change english into british!!! how uneducated a statement is that? MUPPET!

Posted at 9:46AM on Aug 29th 2007 by orgazzam

18. Sony i use to stick up for you and defined the PS3 but after seeing the Japanese and Hong Kong, USA PS Store its come down to me saying what everyone else is you do not care about people in the UK.

Japanese PS store has so meny PS1 games they have Tekken 2 FPS alot of Plat formers and RPG. they have alot of add ons to boot to like sonic blast factory. what do we have 3 PS1 games 3 addon packs for 3 games Motor storm Ridge Racer 7 and Genji.
What the hell gives you the right to put games on the Playstation Network that don’t work for one Spyro 2 it wont load a level and i’m stoped looking at a black screen.
I wont my Money back.
You say that you want the gamers to have a good experiences on the PS3 all the other the world the only country i see that the gamers ant complaneing is Japan because they get games that don’t get relised in europe games that i for would like to play and read it in English not Japanese.

We don’t want stupid trailers that we can see on the net or on TV of films coming out the Japanese site hardly has does they have the Game Movies which i think is Fantastic why the hell did you only bring out Boku no Natsu Yasumi 3 in Japan i was looking forward to that i was even going to buy a copy online when i find out that you can’t change the language to English and that it doesn’t have english sub titles in it get your act together.

And what happend to Supper Puzzle street fighter HD that was supposed to be a world wide relish why is Europe always last in line we still don’t even have Tekken 5 DR online.

Sony if i have to write a letter to you i will. And if things do not change i will take this as fare as i can just to see that u are trying to in prove things.
If i remember one of Your team members said that the People in Europe don’t mind delays because we don’t make a big fuse a about it. Will if u want a big Fuse i’ll give u one.

Posted at 8:58AM on Sep 2nd 2007 by Blackcanary

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