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Heavenly Sword has 10GB of sound data alone

What's that about Blu-ray discs not being needed? According to Develop Magazine, Heavenly Sword has over 10 GB of sound FX, with three and a half hours of music, 4500 different lines of dialogue, and an hour and a half of cut scenes recorded in eleven (!) different languages. This means that without even counting the textures, art, models or anything else, the game couldn't fit on a normal DVD. It also means we're in for a hell of an aural treat when the game comes out next month.

Tom Covin, the audio lead for Ninja Theory, explains why they've put so much time and effort into their music and sound effects, "For me, sound is very 'immediate' to the player. Music has a well-established cultural language; sound is much less clearly delineated – but you can get straight to someone's emotional responses with it – there's little time for the brain to analyse. Sound is key in making this awesome weapon – the Heavenly Sword – come to life so you can sense its brooding power and almost hear it feeding off each kill."

The Develop article delves in deep into the sound theory and technology that was used in the development of Heavenly Sword and is a great read for those interested in some of the behind-the-scene machinations of one of the PS3's most anticipated titles. If only September would come a little quicker ...

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1. Well, xbox360 could always just compress it and reuse audio tracks for that "real next gen experience."


Posted at 8:12PM on Aug 14th 2007 by GL

2. Yep @ 1.

Posted at 8:14PM on Aug 14th 2007 by Magma

3. Haha... thats the first time I've seen that pic... I guess they know who their audience is. It's a little hard to look anywhere but the middle for some reason... can't quite nail down why. :P

Posted at 8:22PM on Aug 14th 2007 by miglaugh

4. miglaugh,

Nariko must work out?

Posted at 8:26PM on Aug 14th 2007 by GL

5. @3 miglaugh

I know! i cant stop looking at her cannon... hahha so freak'n huge =]

Posted at 8:33PM on Aug 14th 2007 by SkeetSkiLee

6. I'm very impressed so far with what these people are doing, they're obviously pouring a ton of quality creativity into this piece. I am curious how sound will be used other than music-- from what Covin said, I'm imagining, rather than JUST sounds of battle and sword slashes and all there is some ambient background tone, as the sword gains power, or something, something curved sounding, like a whale sound, but lower, more complex. Something like the monstrous sound they're using in the previews for that movie that doesn't say it's name but it has this humongous warped woven sound that is gritty and tonal, a very strange assemblage of timbres bringing to mind something powerful and hardly contained, if at all.
While I like the pic (nice butt) her stance is correct for showing her butt and the backs of her legs, not for holding a weapon, or just finishing using a weapon.
If Nariko is going to pose like that, it should be a pose, intended in the same vein as those of rock n roll stars. If she's just gotten through using a massive gun, it's more likely her feet would be spread and her weight distributed differently.

Posted at 8:38PM on Aug 14th 2007 by John

7. Magma,

Did you miss my sarcasm? Maybe I should be more upfront next time... :)

I just trying to beat all xbot comments to the punch. Here's another...


Posted at 8:48PM on Aug 14th 2007 by GL

8. Some of you sure mention the 360 a helluva a lot. Isnt this a PS3 site? Now I know most of the time all you have to talk about is a game coming some time in the future since God knows there are no games worth playing now. But keep your heads up. Someday I am sure there will be a game that you can actually call really good on the PS3. One where you dont get board of it too soon. I dont know when that will be but I am sure itll happen some time.
I have a PS3 and to be honest, I dont use it much. I have been very unsatisfied with the game content and the online content/capabilities. If I play any console, nearly all of the time is on the 360 which actually has a great line up out and better in the future. Instead of hating on a system because you are a fan boy, try it out. Especially if it's where the games are at.

Posted at 8:49PM on Aug 14th 2007 by KsE 79

9. That picture is awesome.

Posted at 8:49PM on Aug 14th 2007 by clavian

10. Did you miss what I actually meant? ;p

Posted at 8:50PM on Aug 14th 2007 by Magma

11. omg what a nice a$$

sorry couldnt help it have to said it XD

Posted at 9:09PM on Aug 14th 2007 by naruto007

12. KsE 79,

Are you new to this site? You sound like it. Any controversial PS3 story gets infested by xbots!

Live and learn...

Posted at 9:10PM on Aug 14th 2007 by GL

13. You can still play it on 360, 3 dvds #1- Part one of the game #2 Part 2 of the game #3 All the sounds and music that weren't on the other parts

Posted at 9:18PM on Aug 14th 2007 by Ruben

14. It's not that BluRay is really needed yet; it's just that it's really, really nice to have. There's a bit from Epic saying the same thing in relation to UT3.

Now, I'm pretty sure needed will arrive sometime in mid 2008... then we'll see what BluRay truly offers gaming.

Posted at 10:20PM on Aug 14th 2007 by mccomber

15. This and Lair may get me to buy 7.1 Surround. You never hear of gamers talking about sound. I mean yeah, get the TV first. But sound is the other level of immersion. I may have to invest soon.

*rubbing chin evilly*

Posted at 10:38PM on Aug 14th 2007 by Matt B

16. @14

I agree mccomber. "Needed" is subjective. Especially early on in the PS3's lifecycle. But it becomes more valuable the longer the PS3 is on the market.

Posted at 11:07PM on Aug 14th 2007 by GL

17. Agreed Matt B, sound seems to be overlooked by gamers too much. I miss my 7.1 setup. I think that was something I noticed not just about gaming this generation, but also about several BluRay movies; it just plain sounds much better, so much fuller.

Posted at 11:20PM on Aug 14th 2007 by mccomber

18. KsE 79

You are Full of it.
The 360 Drones Flood this Site because they have some insane need to discredit any console that does not have a 25%-30% Failure Rate.

If your PS3 is so Useless... Can I have it?

All joking aside, I also Have a 360 and I am the Opposite. I don't Buy for my 360 anymore because I am not going to let Microsoft Shaft me Next Gen with their Poor Excuse of Backwards Compatibility. I cannot afford to Throw away another Library of games and cannot keep 2 generation of consoles on my entertainment center.

Posted at 11:33PM on Aug 14th 2007 by Scott Krueger

19. Hey e-girl. Did you even read the article. Uncompress audio wasn't even mentioned in the article. Specialized and unique (proximity based) audio was mentioned. Uncompressed audio is just one factor.

As far as 2009. Remind me what disc format the 360 will be using in 2009? Hmmm?


Posted at 11:59PM on Aug 14th 2007 by GL

20. I don't care what gaming machine you own, denying that games will eventually (some have already started) require more space than a DVD is akin to arguing the world is flat. Since when is DVD going to be sufficient forever? People's ignorance on this matter is astonishing.

Posted at 12:20AM on Aug 15th 2007 by clavian

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