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Is the PS3 indestructible?

To start with, we'd never recommend doing any of these to your PS3. We wouldn't do it to ours, even if these tests are, in fact, true. With that disclaimer, let's talk about the "108 hour" tests a set of PS3's went through to see how much the system could handle before failing. How much could they handle? Apparently, everything. PS3's were played for 108 hours straight, switching between games and Blu-ray movies. If you want a more detailed list of the test's parameters, they're here. Three scenarios all came with the same result: the PS3 freakin' rocks.
  • In a standard living room, the PS3 was perfectly fine except for a strange noise coming from the disc tray after 12 hours. Nothing surprising there!
  • The PS3 was put in the back of a freezer van for the second test, where the temperature gradually went from 50 degrees to 0 degrees (Fahrenheit). When the temperature reached zero, the PS3 started to become sluggish and eventually, the screen blacked out. However, this was due to a power cord getting a bit too moist -- the PS3 still worked fine.
  • Placing the PS3 in a hot sauna seems like a terrible idea -- where the temperature went from 100 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit over time. After 64 hours, there was a slight burning smell and after 108 hours, the console was extremely hot (no, really?) but the console still worked fine after 108 hours.
Amazing stuff, really. Again, we would never try to play our PS3 for 108 hours straight in our living room, let alone a freezer or hot sauna. Nor would we recommend you doing so! We'll take this test and their results with a grain of salt, but we have to admit -- our PS3's haven't had any trouble despite how long we've played them. So either the PS3 is indestructible, or it has every disease known to man. Anyone on their second PS3?

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1. Well, mine has been on for about 2 months straight with no issues whatsoever... so I can believe this.

Posted at 3:11PM on Aug 13th 2007 by Shori

2. They forgot to test some areas that I enjoy playing my PS3

Underwater in a bathtub full of lava
On top of Mount Everest
Inside a giraffes stomach

If you are going to test a machine you might as well do it in places where people will actually play them.

Although it will be inevitable lets try and not make remarks at the Xbox 360 heating problems.

Posted at 3:11PM on Aug 13th 2007 by Andy

3. This is incredible. Really on the other end of the spectrum from the 360, which breaks down at the slightest hiccup.

Posted at 3:12PM on Aug 13th 2007 by Prashanth

4. To me it seems that the PS3 has been one of the most successful CE launches in history in terms of reliability. If I were Sony, I'd really start hammering home their reliability now, while MS is still recovering from the red rings of death fiasco.

Posted at 3:25PM on Aug 13th 2007 by Nav

5. I'd like to see a 360 do these same tests, and count the RRoD!!!

Seriously that would be the ulimate comparison.

I've never had my PS3 flinch at anything, my 360 on the other hand, died 3 times, before I got rid of it.

Posted at 3:29PM on Aug 13th 2007 by Zak360

6. they shoudv'e done the tests side by side with a 360...then the which system is truly better debacle would finally be over. i guess its not needed with xbox'es RRoD already well documented

Posted at 3:30PM on Aug 13th 2007 by money_mike_preme

7. Sony's 1 for 3 on console reliability, yay.

Seriously, it is really great they finally got their shit together on manufacturing.

Posted at 3:36PM on Aug 13th 2007 by Ghaleon

8. 100 to 120 fahrenheit. You call that a -hot- sauna? :)

Posted at 3:38PM on Aug 13th 2007 by Neptune

9. Well thats definately a good thing to know that our PS3's wont be going anywhere no matter what conditions we play them under (something the main competition(M$)cant say about themselves)... Now that we know PS3s are quality-built, bring us the games(they're coming) Sony and shut this competition out for a 2nd time... I dont care what you guys say, no game(Halo 3)is worth playing if you have to deal with constant hardware failures...

Read this and dont be fooled by the title 360 fans... this article pisses in your faces. It is cleverly calling you damn stupid... read it twice. People whose 360 broke down 3 times or more should get a free copy of Halo3...

NYT: Halo 3 takes the sting out of failing Xbox 360s:

Posted at 3:43PM on Aug 13th 2007 by never$$hort

10. "In a standard living room, the PS3 was perfectly fine except for a strange noise coming from the disc tray after 12 hours. Nothing surprising there!"

My 360 drive never makes sounds when played for 12 hours straight. :/

Posted at 3:50PM on Aug 13th 2007 by Killer

11. @10:

Killer: "My 360 drive never makes sounds when played for 12 hours straight. :/ but the fan is louder than a trainwreck before it overheats then produces a scratched disc when I eject my game... Wow what a trade-off, I love my 360!!!"

Me: LMAO!!!

Posted at 3:56PM on Aug 13th 2007 by never$$hort

12. I'm confused by the same thing as Killer, what is the "strange noise" that you speak of I've never head one? the PS3 doesnt even have a tray, its slot loaded.

granted I havent had a 12 hour playing I don't think yet with my PS3, pretty close maybe 9 hours, but never the long.

Posted at 3:59PM on Aug 13th 2007 by Draco

13. Great job, Sony. Money well spent.


Posted at 4:00PM on Aug 13th 2007 by snsr

14. @10
"My 360 drive never makes sounds when played for 12 hours straight"

thats because it should already be dead by the 4th hours "Corpses doesnt make sounds" =)

Posted at 4:02PM on Aug 13th 2007 by mamardilla69

15. =o here comes the bots...

Posted at 4:13PM on Aug 13th 2007 by Consolcwby

16. Zomg, I so attacked the ps3!!!!1111

You can stop protecting your balls! (Never$$hort and marmardilla) I'm just wanting to know why after 12 hours of use the drive makes a sound and that isn't strange?

It's funny I wasn't even making fun of the ps3. What a bunch of douschbags. I guess you two just need help. I can't ask a simple obivious question? Draco knew it was a question I guess you two are alittle slow. I'll try to make it easier for you.

Also, both of your comments, well lets just say are one: old jokes and 2: were so predictable that I won 15 bucks from a freind. Thanks for being predictable dumbasses.

Posted at 4:16PM on Aug 13th 2007 by Killer

17. These tests are kinda cool, point at the end of the day very pointless without doing a side by side with the 360 and Wii.

I know most people, including 360 owners would assume the 360 would burn up in the sauna test, but still one should never sauna anything....its always best to know for sure.

Posted at 4:19PM on Aug 13th 2007 by Neil

18. i usually sauna stuff i also hose my ps3 to keep it clean lol

Posted at 4:28PM on Aug 13th 2007 by mamardilla69

19. Try wording your questions differently than dumb-ass, instead of the PS3 does this compared to the 360 format, talk about old and predictable. By the way that wasn't a question, you put down a quote from the article and then followed that by your retarded comment... I think you are the slow one and enjoy your $15 retard, put it towards your 360 replacement fund...

Posted at 4:32PM on Aug 13th 2007 by never$$hort

20. Killer is Lying his Fool Head Off.

The 360 is Loud, Very Loud.
From the 1st Minute to the 12th Hour.
That is why I do DVDs/BluRay on my PS3, Quiet.

My PS3 is WAY more Silent compared to my 360.

Posted at 4:33PM on Aug 13th 2007 by Scott Krueger

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