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Stranglehold NOT delayed indefinitely for PS3 [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] 1Up is now reporting that Midway goofed. Someone forgot to add the PS3 release date to the press release. The game is not delayed. Anywhere. Look for it on shelves on September 17th.
No, not the sort of "delayed indefinitely" that really means it's been cancelled. The PC and Xbox 360 versions are still due out for the 27th of August but a PS3 release date was suspiciously absent from the press release. Dutch site contacted Midway for a statement. They replied saying that Stranglehold is "definitely out this year" but it has "no confirmed street date as yet."

We're a bit confused about why this would happen, but we're not as disheartened as you might expect. The estimated release date before the delay was September 17th. We'll still be incredibly busy with Lair and Heavenly Sword at that point. Still, it's not a good precedent to set. This sort of thing had better not become a trend.

[Via N4G]

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1. Maybe MS will announce Stranglehold "exclusive" at leizberg?

Posted at 12:57PM on Aug 9th 2007 by shase

2. "This sort of thing had better not become a trend."

Isn't it already a trend?

Anyways I am off to get my new 120 GB hard drive...YAY

Posted at 1:10PM on Aug 9th 2007 by Andy

3. I have read some of the 360 people talking about the demo and they seemed a little disapointed with it. If they didnt like something about and the PS3 version is even worse (as seems to be the trend with cross platform developement lately), maybe is was bad enough to not release. Just a thought

Posted at 1:11PM on Aug 9th 2007 by wonway01

4. Is that Epic I see looking shifty in the corner!?


Posted at 1:14PM on Aug 9th 2007 by nailerr

5. well I was think about getting the collectors edition but if it got delayed I'll get the sweet warhawk and maybe heavenly sword or you no madden 08 but for 360 sry

Posted at 1:16PM on Aug 9th 2007 by bos6268

6. Being a big John Woo fan, I will be picking this up for my 360 when it comes out in a couple of weeks, since I really do desire to play this game as soon as possible. However, my preorder for the PS3 collector's edition will stay as well, since Hard Boiled on BD really is too good to pass up.

"I have read some of the 360 people talking about the demo and they seemed a little disapointed with it."
In all honesty, I was very happy with the demo. I was expecting a half-assed Max Payne clone (with Chow Yun Fat replacing Sam Lake), but it actually appears to be a game that deserves to stand next to Remedy's title, if not outright taking the throne of bullet-time shooters.

I haven't played a demo more than twice since Front Mission 4 on the PS2, but I probably did the first level of Stranglehold at least five times.

Posted at 1:20PM on Aug 9th 2007 by Strike Man

7. Wait, I thought we already knew this news... didn't I read here before that the PS3 version was coming out after the PC and 360 version?

Posted at 1:23PM on Aug 9th 2007 by GRT

8. As sucky as it is, in a way I'm quite relieved to see that developers are taking the time to bring the quality of the PS3 build up to the 360 (or at least try to, or surpass it). I'd much rather wait extra long for the game and have it be nicely polished and playable than get it the same time as 360 users and have it be a half-assed port.

Besides, so what if we have to wait a little longer? We're still going to get to play it. Hey, having it come out on another system gives us the chance to find out if it's any good before buying it.

Posted at 1:35PM on Aug 9th 2007 by Stef Geiger

9. I like the 360 demo of Stranglehold. I was not interested before but now I am. Unfortunately, there is the matter of Bioshock this month and Halo 3 next so I do not think I can squeeze this one. Way too many games coming out on my 360 this Fall with COD4 and Mass Effect. PS3 owners should snatch it up whenever it ships though.

Posted at 1:42PM on Aug 9th 2007 by RangerPrimeX

10. This is ridiculous. I was really looking forward to this game. So should I wait or just buy it for the 360? Decisions, decisions.

Posted at 1:44PM on Aug 9th 2007 by Kryptinite

11. I'm fed up. Epic better get their engine and licensee support up to speed. Fast.

Posted at 1:45PM on Aug 9th 2007 by upz

12. Yeah duders I thought we had covered this ground before. This game will suck, or at the very least disappoint.

Posted at 1:55PM on Aug 9th 2007 by RalphMuchachio

13. I think it'd be awesome if all our games were late and they were all better as a result (see Oblivion).

Posted at 2:08PM on Aug 9th 2007 by Popfrogs

14. GRT, it was always coming a few weeks after the PC/360 version, but before there WAS a date, and now there is not. Hence, 'delayed indefinitely'.

I MIGHT pick this up... not too sure. Looks interesting and I love the idea of pressing any button and lookin' whickedly awesome. But school's comin up and Warhawk/Lair/Heavenly Sword will already be my death =).

Also, who knows, it could be sticking Hard Boiled on thats the cause of all the delay - since they gotta deal with all the licensing issues and whatnot.

Posted at 2:21PM on Aug 9th 2007 by Dahk

15. LOL @ wonway01 Y tell Stories... Everyone on the 360 site loved it, well 97-1/2% lol

The Demo was Awesome!! Was very impressed, I thought it was gonna suck!
Wanted to pick up the ps3 version w/ HB, but I'm not waiting!!! So 360 version it is!! + I like the 360 controller for FPS/TPS.

Posted at 2:31PM on Aug 9th 2007 by Brucie B

16. Errr... that was regarding the EU version, which has always been a bit up in the air.

I have personally confirmed with Midway North America that the U.S. date is indeed set for "9/17 for PS3 here in the U.S."

Posted at 2:33PM on Aug 9th 2007 by Jim

17. this game is like some retarded chinese action movie but with ps2 graphics, id prefer it b cancelled.

Posted at 2:59PM on Aug 9th 2007 by Chase

18. I loved the 360 demo. I wasn't really all into this game but I think I'll be renting it after playing the demo... it had a very high fun factor.

Posted at 3:00PM on Aug 9th 2007 by Frosty

19. It already is a trend for PS3 games to be delayed... Reading all the posts here it looks like this will def hurt PS3 sales of this game meaning that people who own both systems will pick up the 360 version now... That sucks!!! I don't know how Sony expects to keep up the momentum they've had lately with delays like this constantly popping up, I know its not directly Sony's fault but sheeesh, something needs to be done about this shit!!

Posted at 3:28PM on Aug 9th 2007 by never$$hort

20. I played the X360 game and it was very cool. The graphics could be a little better but I am very picky. I am getting. I was trying to see if I wanted it for my X360 or Ps3 and he choice has been made for me.

Posted at 3:28PM on Aug 9th 2007 by The1

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